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Vast majestic spiritual energy entered Mu Chen's body and filled every part of him. The spiritual energy that Nine Nether had passed on to him was obviously more powerful than his.

Generally speaking, people abstained from directly infusing spiritual energy into another person's body. No matter how tough a person's physique was, internally, the body was fragile. If one started to falter when the spiritual energy entered the body, the energy could snap the body's meridians.

However, there were no barriers between Mu Chen and Nine Nether. They were bonded by bloodline and were bound together for good or ill. They had complete trust in each other.

When Nine Nether's majestic spiritual energy entered Mu Chen's body, he formed a seal with his hands without hesitation. Spiritual energy surged out from his body and flooded into the mandala flower.


The help that the mandala flower received was like a divine help. The flower expanded, and the mysterious petals became more beautiful. Under the dark purple light, it quickly turned bright. The cracks created by the Formless Lightning Python disappeared completely.

Dong! Dong!

The Formless Lightning Python struggled hard, but this time around, it was unable to have any impact on the dark purple beam that appeared seemingly weak. Its huge body slowly and steadily flew toward the mandala flower.

Mu Chen looked at the Formless Lightning Python moving closer to the mandala flower and heaved a sigh of relief. He changed the seal, and the Formless Lightning Python was completely engulfed in the pistil. The beautiful petals started to close up, and mysterious ancient runes shot forth and shone on the Formless Lightning Python.

Swish. Swish.

The runes seemed seared onto the body of the Formless Lightning Python, and it let out a cry. The body started to melt and ultimately, it turned into a formless lightning egg and rested quietly on the pistil.

A broken stone tablet stood beside the lightning egg.

"This thing is powerful." When Nine Nether saw it, she was shocked. After exchanging blows with the Formless Lightning Python, she was well aware of its power. However, it had been put back to its original form by the mandala flower.

"The mandala flower has the power to seal things up. Things can go on so smoothly because the Netherworld Thunder Heart does not have a real form, and it is afraid of the power of the mandala flower." Mu Chen smiled. As he waved his hand, the mandala flower flew down and hung before him. He took a look at the Netherworld Thunder Heart that had turned into a lightning egg before shifting his gaze to the broken stone tablet.

Nine Nether had mentioned before that the stone tablet had recorded the Supreme Heart Demon Chant. Although Mu Chen had not heard of this, if it could cause Nine Nether to be taken aback, it must be extraordinary.

Mu Chen waved his sleeve, and the broken stone tablet flew out and stood before him. The stone tablet looked run-down. Ancient text appeared indistinctly on the stone tablet and emitted a strange oppression.

Mu Chen looked at the top of the stone tablet that was covered with ancient text. It was the Supreme Heart Demon Chant… However, as the stone tablet was broken, it became incomplete.

"Is the Supreme Heart Demon Chant so powerful?" Mu Chen asked Nine Nether.

"Have you heard of Lightning God Palace?"

Mu Chen was shocked and nodded. He was no longer a greenhorn and had some knowledge about the Great Thousand World. Lightning God Palace was a well-known powerful force in the Great Thousand World.

"Lightning God Palace passed on from the Primordial Lightning Palace. In the Primordial Age, the Heart Demon Lightning Emperor was from the Primordial Lightning Palace. According to what I know, the Supreme Heart Demon Chant was Lightning God Palace's Super Power to quell the Palace," Nine Nether said.

"Quell the Palace? Super Power?" Mu Chen picked up the last two words. He was excited. If it was a Super Power, it was not a Divine Technique!

In the Great Thousand World, the mysterious Super Power was above Divine Technique. However, this level of skills was too powerful and way beyond the reach of an ordinary Sovereign.

Whenever a Super Power existed, many Sovereign masters would fight over it. The Supreme Demon Heart Chant was the Super Power to quell the Palace, thus it must be powerful and important.

"In the Lightning God Palace, only a handful of people are qualified to cultivate the Supreme Heart Demon Chant. It is a pity that it is incomplete. I think it can now only reach the level of Near Perfection Divine Art," Nine Nether said with disappointment.

"At the level of Near Perfection Divine Art?" Upon hearing this, Mu Chen smiled and said, "It is enough for me. This is what I need."

If the Supreme Heart Demon Chant was complete, he would not be able to cultivate it given his current strength. It was a good thing that it was incomplete.

Nine Nether stared at him, and found him annoying and amusing at the same time.

"The Supreme Heart Demon Chant is formidable because when one has successfully cultivated it, he can enter into the Heart Demon State." Nine Nether looked at the broken stone tablet and turned grave.

"Heart Demon State?" Mu Chen was stunned.

"This is a formidable state whereby one will not be disturbed by the outside world. The person will have total control, and every spiritual energy and power in his body will be activated to its optimum. To a certain extent, you can say that once one enters into the Heart Demon State, he becomes a fighting machine. His combat force increases tremendously as well," Nine Nether slowly said.

"The Prince of Lightning God Palace was halfway into the realm of Heavenly Sovereign. Once he enters completely into the Heart Demon State, he will be able to reach a powerful level comparable to the Heavenly Sovereign."

Mu Chen gasped upon hearing this. Although he was far from the realm, he could feel that there was a big gap in between. Since the Prince of Lightning God Palace was able to use it against a Heavenly Sovereign, it had proven its power. It was understandable why it could be the Super Power to quell the Palace.

"I am so lucky," Mu Chen said covetously. He had a good harvest. Not only had he gained the Netherworld Thunder Heart, he had gained an incomplete invincible Super Power.

"Before you cultivate the Supreme Heart Demon Chant, you must master the Netherworld Thunder Heart. It is better that you first merge with the Netherworld Thunder Heart."

Nine Nether threw a wet blanket on Mu Chen. "Don't think that it is easy to merge with the Netherworld Thunder Heart. When you merged with the Unperishable Flame previously, it did not show its power because we are bonded. However, the Netherworld Thunder Heart will not show you any mercy."

Mu Chen frowned and then said with a smile, "We have spent so much effort in obtaining the Netherworld Thunder Heart. No matter how tough it will be, I will definitely be able to tame it!"

Nine Nether held up her thumb and said, "You've got guts." Although she was smiling, she was looking forward more to seeing the terrible fix that Mu Chen would be in.

Mu Chen glanced at Nine Nether and became serious. He knew that it was not easy to refine the Netherworld Thunder Heart. However, that was not a good reason to give up.


Mu Chen took a deep breath and moved his body. He appeared in the pistil of the mandala flower and sat cross-legged in it. He waved his hand and the lightning egg, which was about the size of a head, fell into his hand.

The lightning egg remained formless. However, when Mu Chen held it in his hand, he could sense the sharp thunder sound roaring out from the seal. It caused the spiritual energy in his body to vibrate.

"It is still so violent after it has been sealed."

Mu Chen frowned and then nodded at Nine Nether with a smile.

Nine Nether moved back but she continued to fix her gaze on Mu Chen. She had planned to intervene should things get out of hand. She had no qualms about destroying the Netherworld Thunder Heart should there be a need.

"Be careful." Nine Nether warned him.

Mu Chen nodded and closed his eyes. He crossed his palms, with the formless lightning egg hanging quietly between them.

White smoke shot out of his mouth. He pressed his palms together and hit the lightning egg hard. A horrifying power raged out, and cracks appeared on the lightning egg.


The lightning egg exploded, and formless lightning swirled out. It then turned into a thunderstorm and engulfed Mu Chen within. The formless lightning flooded into his body.

The Sovereign Sea.

In the vast Sovereign Sea, dreadful waves were surging, and the spiritual energy was raging. Clusters of purple fire appeared on the sea's surface.

Mu Chen's spirit also appeared on the sea's surface, and he stepped on the waves. When he lifted his head, he saw that in the space above the Sovereign Sea, severe space warps started to form. The space warps broke out, and formless lightning covered the heaven and the earth. The lightning tore the Sovereign Sea apart as it landed on the sea's surface.

Crackle! Crackle!

The purple fire on the Sovereign Sea started to burn up as it sensed danger. Mu Chen's spirit was within the purple flame, and formless lightning reflected in his eyes.

He immediately held his palms closely together.

This is my territory. Whether you are a dragon or a tiger, you had better behave yourself!

The purple fire surged, and it seemed to go against the majestic lightning.

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