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The huge formless python laid quietly in the dark. Its merciless eyes made one shiver. This was different from the other brutal lightning skills. The Netherworld Thunder Heart was eccentric and petrifying.

Mu Chen and Nine Nether looked gravely at the Formless Lightning Python in fear. Even Nine Nether smelled danger.

"Its strength was comparable to a Grade Five Sovereign. Fortunately, it had the same look, but not the spiritual intelligence. We still stand a chance to win," Nine Nether said softly.

Mu Chen nodded. Although the Formless Lightning Python looked terrifying, its eyes did not reflect any spiritual movement. It only showed its ruthless instinct. However, it was even more dangerous than Qin Tiangang, the Leader of Thunder Magic Sect.


Mu Chen let out a breath to suppress the unsettled emotions that he had earlier. He had previously seen such miraculous things formed by lightning at the highest level of Northern Spiritual Academy. Its power was even more terrifying than the Formless Lightning Python. Back then, Northern Sea Dragon, who was at Grade Nine Sovereign level, had found it tough to handle as well.

Although the Formless Lightning Python was formed by the Netherworld Thunder Heart, it ranked above others in the Lightning Territory. However, due to a few reasons, it was not as powerful as it seemed. Otherwise, Mu Chen and Nine Nether would have run for their lives.

"We must break up its body to subdue it," Nine Nether slowly grasped her hand and said. "I will strike first. Take care of yourself!"

This level of fighting would require Nine Nether to step in. Mu Chen's power was only at Grade Two Sovereign level, which was next to nothing.

"Be careful." Mu Chen nodded. If he got himself involved in the fight, he might be a burden to Nine Nether.

Nine Nether simply nodded, not saying another word. She tapped her feet and dashed out. A powerful purple flame then surged out from her body. Then, the temperature in the sky instantly rose.


A pair of huge and beautiful black wings spread out on Nine Nether's back. She held multiple wing shards in her hand, which then turned into a long wing shard spear. Purple flames also surged on the spear.


As Nine Nether activated her spiritual energy, the Formless Lightning Python sensed danger. It started to hiss, as it stared at Nine Nether.

Nine Nether flapped the wings. Then, with a whoosh, she appeared on top of the Formless Lightning Python. As the spear shook, its ray was overwhelming, swirling downward. Every ray was deadly, and was accompanied by purple flames.


The Formless Lightning Python lifted up its head, then opened its ferocious mouth. The sound that it let out was not the hissing sound of a snake, but the sharp cry of thunder!

The thunder sound traveled outward. As the spear aurora crossed paths with the thunder sound, it disappeared.

Nine Nether's body shook. The thunder sound of the Nine Netherworld Thunder Heart had once again attacked her body. However, she had the protection of the unperishable flame, so she was able to withstand the attack.


A large tail suddenly appeared from above, then darted down like lightning toward Nine Nether. The huge wings behind Nine Nether speedily covered her body like a wing shield.


The tail of the snake flung on the wings. The thunder sound was extremely powerful. Nine Nether had been thrown back, but she managed to find her balance. She continued to flap the wings.


The Formless Lightning Python regarded Nine Nether as an offender. It attacked her ferociously. Sharp thunder sounds traveled out constantly from its terrifying mouth.

In the face of the endless attacks, Nine Nether could only remain on the defense. She seemed to be suppressed by the creature.

When Mu Chen, who was outside the battle range, saw this scene, he turned grave. The Formless Lightning Python was amazingly powerful. Even Nine Nether had been suppressed by it.

We must quickly finish it off. If this continues, Nine Nether will not be able to take it.

Mu Chen's eyes glittered. The Formless Lightning Python had been formed by the Netherworld Thunder Heart. Thus, it had endless power. Nine Nether would not be able to defeat it, if this continued as such.

However, he could not strike rashly, just in case the Formless Lightning Python would then turn to attack him. That would only make the situation worse!

Mu Chen frowned, then slowly moved toward the battlefield in order to sense the range of attack. After a while, he appeared somewhere in the sky and stepped forth.


As he stepped forth, a thunder sound resounded in his heart. Immediately, his body stiffened. The veins on his face moved and twitched, as if they were about to explode.

Purple flames surged in Mu Chen's eyes. The unperishable flame had been activated. It suppressed the thunder sound, and just as Mu Chen was about to relax a bit, the thunder sound began again.

He had entered into the Formless Lightning Python's range of attack, so he had been affected by its power. Mu Chen slowly closed his eyes, thinking hard about how he could deal with the Netherworld Thunder Heart. If he could not find some way, he would not be able to help Nine Nether!

Swish! Swish!

Thunder God Physique!

His body dazzled with lightning, but he instantly realized that the Thunder God Physique had no effect on the Netherworld Thunder Heart. He then activated the Lightning Controlling Technique, but it was of no use either.

The Netherworld Thunder Heart was unlike the Earthly Demonic Lightning. Thus, the force of this aggressive lightning could not be controlled by his Lightning Controlling Technique.

Mu Chen had used various means, but they were next to nothing in this fight. As the fight between Nine Nether and the Formless Lightning Python became more aggressive, Mu Chen was greatly affected by it.

He sat cross-legged in the vast space, and his face speedily turned pale. The thunder sound in his body became more frequent, to the point that he could barely take it.

No, I cannot give up! Mu Chen gritted his teeth. Nine Nether was fighting hard. If he gave up now, he would be letting Nine Nether down.

Mu Chen took a deep breath, channeling his spiritual energy. He activated the unperishable flame to fend off the assaulting power. His eyes were glittering crazily.

The Formless Lightning Python was extremely powerful. Judging from the situation, it would be difficult to break its form.

Since there was no way to break its form, there was only one way to deal with it...

Seal it.

Seal it?

The best option would be to use the Immortal Page in Mu Chen's body to seal it up. Even Mandela, who was extremely powerful, had to depend on the Immortal Page.

Mu Chen was very decisive. He put his palms together and speedily formed a strange seal.


A majestic spiritual energy shot forth from the Sovereign Sea. A space warp appeared in front of Mu Chen, which he immediately pointed at.

Dark mysterious lights spread out from the Immortal Page, rising to the sky. A beautiful mandala flower also slowly rose up.

Mu Chen took a deep breath. All of his spiritual energy surged out, then entered into the mandala flower.

Buzz. Buzz.

As Mu Chen injected the spiritual energy into the mandala flower, the petals started to bloom. Mysterious ancient runes then appeared on the petals.


As Mu Chen was activating the mysterious mandala flower, shrieking thunder sounds were heard. They were coming from the fierce battle in the distance. The thunder sounds raged even more than before.

Bang! Bang!

Space warps formed in the passing wake of the thunder sounds. The purple flame from Nine Nether's body had been pushed back, causing her to be thrown backward quite some distance.


Nine Nether gritted her teeth and bawled. She had never expected the Formless Lightning Python to be so powerful. Add to that the topographical advantage, and it was even more powerful.

After exchanging blows with it, Nine Nether knew that she would not be able to suppress the Netherworld Thunder Heart, at least not based on her strength alone.

It seems like I have to retreat and get myself a powerful helper in the Daluo Territory.

This thought flashed across Nine Nether's mind. However, she was only on good terms with a handful of the top powers in the Daluo Territory. The Condor King was busy with the Battle of Conquest, so he would not be able to help her. 

"Nine Nether, move back!"

As Nine Nether was getting anxious, she suddenly heard a shout from behind her. It was Mu Chen's voice.

Nine Nether was stunned. She did not know why Mu Chen had gotten himself involved in this level of fighting. But, as she trusted him, she immediately flapped the wings and retreated.

As she retreated, a huge mandala flower in a dark purple light flew past her. It then hung on top of the Formless Lightning Python.

The mandala flower slightly slanted itself. Its pistil was aimed directly at the Formless Lightning Python, which was beneath it.

Swish! Swish!

As the mandala flower slanted itself, the Formless Lightning Python that had been emotionless before, now suddenly shrieked out irritable thunder sounds. The roaring thunder sounds swirled toward the mandala flower.


As the thunder sounds reached the dark purple light of the mandala flower, they suddenly died down.


The beautiful petals bloomed, while dark purple lights shot down in a beam. They covered the Formless Lightning Python, causing a strange power to burst forth. The Formless Lightning Python then began to drift toward the mandala flower.

Boom! Boom!

The Formless Lightning Python, realizing that it was in danger, then began to struggle fiercely. A terrifying Netherworld Thunder Heart burst out and created a severe space warp.

Small cracks began to show on the dark purple lights that were covering the Formless Lightning Python. It struggled vigorously.

Seeing this scene, Mu Chen's face changed. This was his last resort. If the Immortal Page was unable to seal up the Netherworld Thunder Heart, he would have to give up. Given his current spiritual energy, he could only activate the mandala flower to this level.


Mu Chen gritted his teeth and bawled. However, just as he was at his wits end, a cold hand landed on the back of his hand. Nine Nether said, "Use my spiritual energy!"


Mu Chen's body shivered, as a powerful spiritual energy flooded into it. Then, as it spread, all of the limbs and bones in his body were filled with the spiritual energy!

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