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"Found it?"

Hearing Mu Chen's words, a surprised look burst out from Nine Nether's charming eyes, and then she felt some disbelief. After all, the Thunder Magic Sect had not managed to find the item for so many years, but Mu Chen had only taken four days to detect the fluctuation from the Netherworld Thunder Heart.

"Should be it." Mu Chen nodded in excitement. He lowered his head to look at his palm and said with a solemn look, "But the Netherworld Thunder Heart is really overbearing. Just its sound caused me to lose myself."

"The Netherworld Thunder Heart is a very weird lightning among the many types of lightning in the world. Its power is not fierce and violent like the other types of lightning. Furthermore, it does not attack through actual lightning but rather through a lightning roar," Nine Nether explained.

"Lightning roar?" Mu Chen squinted slightly.

"The Netherworld Thunder Heart can ignore most defenses. It is formed from the heart and appears directly in a person's soul. The lightning roar can cause a person to have many disturbing thoughts and feel like there is a demon in his heart. He may even lose control of his own spiritual energy and die from the backlash of his spiritual energy." Nine Nether's expression was serious. Clearly, she was quite afraid of the Netherworld Thunder Heart.

The attack was indeed impossible to effectively defend against.

Mu Chen's expression was filled with shock. In this way, no matter how strong a person's physical body was, he would still be unable to defend against the lightning roar from the Netherworld Thunder Heart. With such a unique ability, it was no wonder that the Netherworld Thunder Heart was comparable to the Unperishable Flame.

Thinking about this, he became increasingly interested in the Netherworld Thunder Heart.

"Let's go. I also want to see the legendary Netherworld Thunder Heart for myself." Nine Nether gave a charming smile. It was obvious that she was also very curious about the Netherworld Thunder Heart.

Mu Chen nodded, and then he extended his hand towards Nine Nether, who was about to set off.

Nine Nether looked over at him, puzzled. Then, a smile appeared on her elegant face, and she said, "What? Little Mu Chen, you want to take advantage of me?"

Mu Chen's lips twitched and he said resignedly, "The Earthly Demonic Lightning in that area was extremely violent. If you enter carelessly, you will definitely be attacked. On the other hand, I can avoid it by using the Lightning Controlling Technique."

"Really?" The corners of Nine Nether's rosy lips curled slightly as she reached out her hand. Putting her hand on Mu Chen's palm she said, "Then I will trust you for now. Anyway, you would not dare to do anything."

Mu Chen held onto the cold, delicate, and slim hand in his palm. Then, he brought the slender, soft lady into his arms. His arm held her tightly around her flexible waist. Immediately, a pleasant aroma gushed towards him, and his body came into full contact with her warm body.

Landing in Mu Chen's arms, Nine Nether seemed to be caught unprepared. However, before she could struggle by reflex, Mu Chen whispered in her ear, "Don't move."

Spiritual energy gushed out of his body and enveloped them. Then, his toes kicked out, and they turned into a beam of light, charging quickly towards the dark and bottomless depths of the lightning sea.

The violent Earthly Demonic Lightning rapidly swept past the two. Feeling the heat from their body contact, Nine Nether's face blushed slightly through her composure. Then, she stared at Mu Chen with her eyes wide open.

Feeling her embarrassed look, Mu Chen could only give a dry laugh and then speed up.

The streamer crossed the dark lightning sea. Where it passed, the violent Earthly Demonic Lightning automatically split apart and formed an unobstructed path. By relying on the uniqueness of the Lightning Controlling Technique, Mu Chen could obviously travel freely in the lightning sea.

However, even though his journey was unimpeded, he still spent more than half a day to slowly reach the region felt by his mind's power...


The streamer flew across the dark lightning sea, but its lightning-like speed started to gradually slow down. The spiritual energy vanished gently, and Mu Chen and Nine Nether appeared.

Nine Nether pressed her hand against Mu Chen's chest and pushed him back by a step, lightly freeing herself.

"How can you abandon me after making use of me?" Mu Chen said, looking indignant.

Nine Nether rolled her eyes at Mu Chen, feeling both annoyed and amused. She ignored him and looked ahead. Then, her face turned somewhat solemn.

Mu Chen also stopped joking and looked in that direction. In the dark region before them, there was actually a vacuum zone. There seemed to be nothing in the zone, but the Earthly Demonic Lightning did not dare to go near it.

The region of darkness was extremely terrifying, looking like a black hole that led to a place of death.

"The Netherworld Thunder Heart that I have sensed is right here," Mu Chen said in a low voice. Although it was totally silent, for some reason Mu Chen's body tightened uncontrollably. That was because his body felt danger and automatically entered a defensive stance.

Nine Nether nodded gently. The two looked at each other, and both nodded. Then, they stepped forward simultaneously and went out of the lightning sea, entering the dark vacuum zone directly.

No sound could be heard as the two carefully moved forward step by step. After a few minutes, Nine Nether's eyes were suddenly filled with caution. However, before she could speak, a weird lightning roar that sounded like the howl of a ghost abruptly burst out in the hearts of Nine Nether and Mu Chen.


Their bodies stiffened instantly, especially Mu Chen's. Some veins actually started creeping on his face, and his originally handsome face appeared extremely ferocious.

The weird lightning roar had erupted directly in the deepest part of his soul. The lightning roar rippled and instantly caused the spiritual energy running in his body to be out of control. If he did not have such a strong foundation, his spiritual energy would have gone wild. Even so, he could not move at all and seemed to have lost control of his body.

While Mu Chen was trying his best to resist the lightning roar in his heart, beside him, Nine Nether's stiff body slowly relaxed. Purple flames quickly started burning and enveloped her.

Her hand, which was burning in the purple flames, grabbed Mu Chen's palm. The purple flames swept out and gushed into his body. The crackling sound of fire also started to cover the lightning roar.

Mu Chen's body recovered slowly.

Nine Nether turned her head slightly, displaying her pointy chin and white cheeks as she said, "Activate the Unperishable Flame to defend against the lightning roar."

Mu Chen nodded, and the Sovereign Sea in his body surged. As his spiritual energy rushed, traces of the Unperishable Flame seeped out. Even though his Unperishable Flame was not as vast as Nine Nether's, it was sufficient to protect his body.

The two walked forward again. During the next part of their journey, every time they took a step, a lightning roar would erupt in the depths of their hearts. However, they had now taken precautions, along with having the power of the Unperishable Flame. Their pace was slow, but they eventually managed to continue walking.

Mu Chen counted silently in his heart. When the lightning roar sounded for the thousandth time, he finally felt Nine Nether, who was in front of him, stop. He also halted and lifted his somewhat pale face to look ahead. Then, his eyes narrowed.

In front of them was an extremely dark region. In the darkness, there was, however, a peculiar light that was partially visible. It seemed to be a gray-colored light.

It seemed as if nothing existed in the gray light. However, Mu Chen felt a terrifying fluctuation from the region. There must be something there!

It was just that his eyes could not see it!

"The Netherworld Thunder Heart has no shape or form..." Nine Nether said softly. At the moment, her body had already tightened, and the Unperishable Flame started to burn wildly. She stared at the gray region, and her voice gradually became cold. "The Netherworld Thunder Heart is right in front of you!"

Mu Chen's eyes narrowed immediately. He stared attentively at the region, and purple flames also started to surge in his eyes. Then, the space in the gray region seemed to have distorted. Vaguely, he could see an invisible python 10,000 feet long coiled up there. Its emotionlessly gloomy eyes stared at him coldly.


It flicked its tongue slowly, and a weird sound resonated, as if it were the hypnosis song of Death itself.

Is this the Netherworld Thunder Heart?!

Mu Chen gasped. He did not expect the Netherworld Thunder Heart to have taken the form of a snake whose powers could not be underestimated. Mu Chen did not know if he could conquer the snake by working with Nine Nether.


Just as Mu Chen was staring at the invisible Netherworld Thunder Heart, something suddenly caught his eyes, and he looked at the back of the python. There, gray light was surging, and there was actually a broken stone tablet which was partially visible.

"What's that?" Mu Chen said softly to Nine Nether.

Nine Nether also looked in that direction. She frowned gently and focused her attention on the region. On the broken stone tablet, light was surging, and some ancient words gradually appeared.

"Supreme Heart Demon Chant?"

Nine Nether carefully identified the ancient words. After a while, her eyes suddenly sparkled, and she muttered in a shocked tone, "I think it's the... Supreme Heart Demon Chant?!"

"Supreme Heart Demon Chant?" Mu Chen was momentarily stunned. Its name sounds overbearing, but what exactly is it?

"In the ancient times, there was an extremely fierce demon, known to the people as the Heart Demon Lightning Emperor. During that time, he roamed the Great Thousand World freely and was very reputed. Later, during the apocalypse of the Great Thousand World, many powerful people from the Extraterritorial Race were killed by him. However, he also disappeared in the apocalypse. Today we actually found the Supreme Heart Demon Chant here," Nine Nether said in surprise.

"It's no wonder that the Netherworld Thunder Heart is here. During that time, the Heart Demon Lightning Emperor was very skilled at using the Netherworld Thunder Heart."

"Oh. Maybe this is where the Heart Demon Lightning Emperor passed away?" Mu Chen also said with surprise.

"I don't know about that." Nine Nether shook her head. Staring at the broken stone tablet, she could see that the Supreme Heart Demon Chant on it seemed to be incomplete.

"When we defeat the Netherworld Thunder Heart python, we will know everything." Nine Nether's fist slowly clenched.

Mu Chen also nodded gently. He stared at the invisible giant python, and his look also slowly became cold. He had spent so much effort to find the place and had to obtain the Netherworld Thunder Heart no matter what!

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