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Chapter 72 – Heart Array State


A violent and dense Spiritual Energy trembled within the air like a wave. Everybody outside was staring nervously at the sky. At that location, 5 parts of the complex Spiritual Energy light array were beginning to gather slowly above Wen Ling and the other’s heads.


At this moment, the 5 complex light arrays were rapidly trembling. Then, a Spiritual Energy light beam exploded out and suddenly made contact with each other in the center point of the array.

The light beams intertwined with each other complicatedly and bursts of fluctuations emitted out. Wen Ling and the others’ faces were extremely serious. They did not dare to be distracted. At this moment, if even a single mistake were to occur when the light beams intertwined with each other, it would lead to serious consequences.

Chi Chi.

The light beams quietly connected with each other. Then, Mu Feng and the others were able to see that the five separated Spiritual Energy light array were showing faint signs of merging together.

However, they still didn’t dare to breathe out. This is because they knew that it was not completely successful yet.

The time passed by slowly and the trajectories of the connected light beams also became more complicated. This requires a rather precise control. When two Spiritual Energy light beams made contact with each other, they must control the power of the Spiritual Energy to the same level. Otherwise, it is highly possible that one side’s light beam would be shattered by the other and, thus, the connection would fail.

It truly requires sophisticated and subtle control ability.

As the connection became increasingly complex, Wen Ling and the others’ eyes became more serious. Even cold sweat emerged on their forehead. This sort of control had a considerable consumption on their mind.

Mu Chen focused his mind. His eyes suddenly closed, yet Wen Ling and the others did not notice it. Although the sight in front of him was complete darkness, it was strange that his mind seemed to have flowed through the Spiritual Energy light beams that he controlled and wandered within the Spirit Convergence Array like a flood. Not only was it the part he was responsible for, even Wen Ling and the others’ parts were reflected within his heart.

At this moment, the other world seemed to have been separated by him. No movement could disturb him. There were only sketched out complex and obscure Diagram Array trails within his heart.

Under this somewhat strange state, the nervousness that Mu Chen had originally felt faded away. His long fingers trembled slightly and the Spiritual Energy light beam moved precisely based on his thoughts.

At this moment, he felt increasingly that he had an innate sense of proficiency over this Spiritual Array.

In mid-air, the five Diagram Arrays were getting closer. The Spiritual Energy light beams converged together and gradual signs of it completely merging had appeared.

When Mu Feng and the others witnessed this scene, they could not hold back the delight surging out from their faces. Everything seemed to be going smoothly.

However, Wen Ling did not relax. He understood that it was not considered successful as long as the final step of the connection process was not complete. That is because this tiny step could cause the entire array to collapse.

“There’s only the final bit left…”

Wen Ling gritted his teeth and attempted to calm himself down. He continued to manipulate the Spiritual Energy light beams stably and allowed it to connect with the other four portions of the Diagram Array.

And when he completed this final step, he could not help but let out a sigh of relief. However, at this moment, he felt a strange fluctuation coming out from the Spiritual Array.

This fluctuation was not strong, yet it instantly changed the color of Wen Ling’s face. He hurriedly lifted his head and noticed that traces of disorder had actually appeared in the Spiritual Array in front of Chen Ling.


Wen Ling’s heart jumped and his face became pale. It turned out that when Chen Ling was connecting the Spiritual Array with the Spiritual Array Master to the left of him, the latter’s Spiritual Energy light beam was slightly stronger. It actually caused his Spiritual Energy light beam to shatter.

Upon seeing this, Chen Ling’s face changed. He quickly attempted to save it and hastily converged light beams to reconnect them. However, he made a mistake while he was in a rush and, instead, cause the originally stabilized Spiritual Array to tremble.


A sudden sound of breaking emerged from a part of the Spiritual Array formed by Chen Ling. Then, he stared with a pale face as the Spiritual Energy light beams were disappearing bit by bit. Finally, it affected the Spiritual Seals and caused 3 of the Spiritual Seals to completely shatter.

This sudden turn of events made the other two Spiritual Array Master’s face change. Especially the one whose Spiritual Energy was too strong and caused Chen Ling’s Spiritual Energy light beam to fade away. His face was exceptionally ugly.

Once a Spiritual Seal was destroyed, it basically meant that half the Spiritual Array was destroyed. Moreover, it was impossible to complete the Spirit Convergence Array without Chen Ling’s disappeared portion of the Spiritual Array.


This accident was immediately perceived by Mu Feng and Zhou Ye. Their hands gripped together on the spot as they stared at the disorderly Spiritual Array in front of Chen Ling. They glanced over and noticed a hint of bitterness from the other person’s eyes. Indeed, a problem had appeared.

“Chen Ling, stabilize your mind, do not get confused!” Wen Ling shouted out lougly.

Chen Ling gritted his teeth and took a couple of deep breaths. He quickly used all his power to stabilize the Spiritual Array. However, after the 3 Spiritual Seals shattered, his Spiritual Array could be considered as incomplete.

“Brother Wen, I’m afraid that I cannot maintain it for long. Sorry, I’ve dragged you down this time.” Chen Ling said with a bitter smile.

“You only have 3 Spiritual Seals that were shattered, so the Spiritual Array is only slightly incomplete. Can you form more Spiritual Seals to save it now?” Wen Ling gritted his teeth and asked.

“I…” Chen Ling’s face reddened up and he said ashamedly: “I probably cannot stabilize this incomplete Spiritual Array as I continue to form Spiritual Seals…”

Wen Ling sighed. Then, he turned to look at the other two Spiritual Array Masters. They, too, shook their heads embarrassedly. If they were to distract themselves to help save Chen Ling’s portion, problems would probably appear on their side.

Seeing this, Wen Ling let out a bitter expression. He had already took the responsibility of completing the most complex portion during this joint array arrangement. Right now, manipulating 20 Spiritual Seals was already hit limit. It was impossible for him to create any more.


He sighed and shook his head helplessly at Mu Feng. It seems that they failed this time as well.

Mu Feng let out a bitter laugh and nodded his head. But just when he was about to wave his hand to allow them to stop…


However, when he intended to end this time’s array arrangement, Zhou Ye suddenly said aloud: “Little Mu, he…”

Mu Feng hurriedly lifted his head when he heard this. He noticed that Mu Chen had his eyes closed tightly and did not seem to have noticed the situation occurring right now. However, 3 Spiritual Seals suddenly appeared on his fingertips.

“What is he doing?”

Wen Ling and the others also became aware of Mu Chen’s action and were stunned. However, their color of their faces instantly changed as they noticed Mu Chen flicking the 3 Spiritual Seals over and it landed above Chen Ling.

These 3 Spiritual Seals quickly fused into the air. Then, Wen Ling and the others were able to see Spiritual Energy light beams rapidly extending out and the incomplete portion of the Spiritual Array were being drawn out.

“It’s the shattered portion of Chen Ling’s Spiritual Array!”

Wen Ling and the others had a keen vision over the others. They instantly saw that the portion of the Spiritual Array that Mu Chen had drawn out was Chen Ling’s shattered portion of the Spiritual Array!

However, they were immediately astounded. How was this possible? Mu Chen had always been studying about the Spiritual Array portion that he was responsible for. Moreover, he had never made contact with the Chen Ling’s portion. How could he form out the missing portion this quickly and without any mistakes?

Wen Ling exchanged glances with each other and saw the surprise within each other’s eyes. Then, they discovered that Mu Chen had kept his eyes shut the entire time. In other words, he did not need to see it at all and he formed the shattered portion out.

“How could this be possible?!” The other two Spiritual Array Masters were speechless.

Wen Ling was also surprised. He fixed his sight at Mu Chen, who had his eyes closed while his fingers trembled. Then, his eyes focused and he slowly said: “He seems to have entered the state of “Heart Array”.

“Heart Array State?”

Chen Ling and the others hesitated for a moment before gasping. Their eyes were filled with an incredulous expression: “Isn’t the Heart Array State only possible for Spiritual Array Masters, who are at least Rank 3? How could he enter such a state?”

Wen Ling also felt incredulous, yet he only said with a bitter smile: “I am not too sure as well. He seemed to possess great talent within the areas of Spiritual Arrays. Although this situation is rare, it has appeared before. A few highly gifted individuals would be able to rely on a certain catalyst to enter this state before reaching Rank 3 Spiritual Array Master.”

Chen Ling and the others were completely speechless. Soon, they were filled with envy. They would probably never enter this state within their lifetime. However, the boy in front of them seemed to have entered it inadvertently. It really made them sigh deep down within their hearts.

“Chen Ling, control the rest of your Spiritual Array to connect it with Mu Chen’s. Then, continue to combine the array!” Wen Ling said in a deep voice.

Hearing this, Chen Ling nodded. He carefully controlled the incomplete Spiritual Array and slowly connected it to the part that Mu Chen had saved.

“Combine the Array!”

Hearing Wen Ling’s shout, Chen Ling and the others urged the Spiritual Arrays to connect once again. This time, no accidents occurred and the five Spiritual Arrays merged together perfectly. All of a sudden, a powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuation burst out from mid-air. A large brilliance enshrouded the light barrier and everybody within the Mu Territory could feel that the Spiritual Aura within the world was gathering in the direction of the square.


Wen Ling and the others stared at the complex Spiritual Array that enveloped the sky above the square. A sense of relief and delight poured out from their eyes. Outside of the venue, Mu Feng also had an excited expression as he saw that the situation took a dramatic turn.

Gradually, Wen Ling and the others detached their thoughts away from the Spirit Convergence Array and stared complicatedly at the boy nearby. At this moment, the boy gradually opened his eyes. He looked at Wen Ling and the others as he scratched his head. With a slightly dazed voice, he said: “We finished it?”

Hearing this, Wen Ling and the others’ faces completely stiffened.

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