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Chapter 71 – Joint Array Arrangement

Mu Chen also looked in front of him and could see five deep yellow pillars erected on the vast square. The stone pillars were filled with mysterious engravings. Around the stone pillars, there were traces of Spiritual Aura within the world fluctuating.

“This is a Spirit Convergence Pillar crafted by Spirit Convergence Rocks, right?”

Mu Chen walked forward and looked at the five Spirit Convergence Pillars. The Rank 3 Spirit Convergence Array within the Northern Spiritual Academy also had these things. However, the Spirit Convergence Pillars at that place were shining gold. Its purity was also much higher than the five pillars in front of him.

“These five Spirit Convergence Pillars are the central cores of the Spirit Convergence Array. Every single one of them costs millions of Spirit Coins.” Mu Feng said with a faint laugh.

Mu Chen nodded. A Spirit Convergence Array was different than ordinary Spiritual Arrays. Although it does not possess any offensive abilities, it is an essential item for many forces. Moreover, it is a symbol of strength for these forces. The reason why the Liu Territory was able to become the strongest force within the Northern Spiritual Realm was because they possess a Rank 2 Spirit Convergence Array aside from the fact that they were truly stronger than the others.

In order to cultivate within a Rank 2 Spirit Convergence Array, many powerhouses would defect to the Liu Territory in order to obtain better cultivation conditions, allowing themselves to go further on the path of cultivation.

And generally speaking, a Spirit Convergence Array could be considered a rather well-known Spiritual Array to people. Many Spiritual Array Masters are aware of its Diagram Array. However, they are only aware of it. It was still extremely difficult if they want to construct it.

Not to mention about the various rare materials that a Spirit Convergence Array requires, the required number of Spiritual Seals in order to construct the Rank 2 Spirit Convergence Array was a total of 50. Even Rank 2 Spiritual Array Masters, who were less skilled, may not create it alone. Moreover, they were extremely rare existences within the Northern Spiritual Realm. It was impossible for the Mu Territory to invite them over. Thus, they could only use numbers and see if it could be completed by a joint force of four Rank 1 Spiritual Array Masters.

Fortunately, Wen Ling had already been long regarded as a top existence among the Rank 1 Spiritual Array Masters and was highly likely to ascend to a Rank 2 Spiritual Array Master. With him leading, it would increase the chances significantly.

“To construct the Rank 2 Spirit Convergence Array this time, the five of us will each be responsible for one Spirit Convergence Marble. We will base it on the diagram array and each of us will be responsible for a portion of it. Then, we will connect it together and cause the Array to activate.” Wen Ling looked at Mu Chen and said.

“Although this method of being responsible for a portion of the Diagram Array is a way, it seems that it requires a high compatibility rate, right? If even the slightest mistake occurred during the connection process, it will probably…” Mu Chen hesitated for a moment. He was not a rookie in Spiritual Arrays now and could naturally discover the flaw in this approach.

Wen Ling nodded and sighed: “It can’t be helped. I think that it’s impossible to find such an amazing Rank 2 Spiritual Array Master within the entire Northern Spiritual Realm, who could construct a Rank 2 Spirit Convergence Array by himself.”

“When the Liu Territory constructed their Rank 2 Spirit Convergence Array, they also used this approach. And based on my knowledge, they secretly failed many times and suffered a huge loss. However, normal individuals did not know this.”

Mu Feng smiled and said: “The materials that we gathered could only support one more failure. Otherwise, we will have to spend some time to prepare it again.”

“If we were to fail to construct the Rank 2 Spirit Convergence Array, the Liu Territory will probably not give up on this chance of attacking us.  They will spread it out loudly and that will be detrimental to us.” Zhou Ye said helplessly.

Mu Feng waved his hand and smiled as if he did not care: “It’s fine if you do your best.”

Zhou Ye let out a bitter laugh. He knew that Mu Feng did not want to give too much pressure and responsibility to Mu Chen since Mu Chen had gotten involve with it. This is why he acted so carefree. But in fact, Mu Feng really hoped to construct the Rank 2 Spirit Convergence Array. This way, it would reap great benefits to the Mu Territory’s fame.

Mu Chen glanced at Mu Feng and did not say anything. After all, they were father and son. Although Mu Feng might be saying this, he could tell how important this matter was to him.

“To arrange the array this time, I will be responsible for 20 Spiritual Seals. As for the remaining 30, Chen Ling and the others will each be responsible for 8. As for Mu Chen, he will be responsible for 6 Spiritual Seals.”

Wen Ling looked at Mu Chen and said: “Do not underestimate these 6 Spiritual Seals.  If you want to complete this portion of the Diagram Array, it will probably be even harder than the “Spiritual Flame Array”.”

Mu Chen nodded. Naturally, he understood this truth. Furthermore, he did not have much experience, so Wen Ling had already thought highly of him when he allowed him to be responsible for 6 Spiritual Seals.”

“Next up, I will explain the key parts of the Spirit Convergence Array. You must carefully remember it, so that you will not make a mistake and ruin everything.” Wen Ling said strictly.

“Yes.” Mu Chen gave a slight smile and said. Although the boy’s handsome face was quite young, he was still humble and polite. This made the other 3 Rank 1 Spiritual Array Masters watching by the side nod their heads. It was rare for this Mu Territory’s Little Lord to act so harmonious even with his status and talent. If it was another youth, they would have acted arrogant and butted in already.

Mu Feng watched and seriously listened as Wen Ling explained the key points about the Spirit Convergence Array to Mu Chen. He also smiled pleasantly and waved his hand before heading away with Zhou Ye.  It was a headache to listen about this and that about Spiritual Arrays. It was still best to leave that boy to deal with it by himself.

In the next few days, Mu Chen would head to this square and study with Wen Ling regarding this Rank 2 Spirit Convergence Array. Moreover, with his gentleness and studious attitude, the other 3 Rank 1 Spiritual Array Masters were quite satisfied with it. They would also talk about their experiences in arranging Spiritual Arrays and Mu Chen would humbly learn from it.

By working hard, Mu Chen had basically understood the Rank 2 Spirit Convergence Array after a few days. At the same time, he was surprised about how complex the Spirit Convergence Array was. Compared to it, the “Spiritual Flame Array” that he had learned earlier was nothing much.

Moreover, Wen Ling and the others were quite satisfied after seeing Mu Chen beginning to understand about this Rank 2 Spirit Convergence Array. They discussed it for a while and finally decided to take action tomorrow!

Mu Chen stood in the square. He stared at the 5 Spirit Convergence Pillars standing upright and took a deep breath. He gradually allowed himself to calm down.

Beside him, Mu Feng patted his shoulders and said with a comforting smile: “Just do your best, it doesn’t matter if it fails. After all, it will only just be delayed for a while.”

Mu Chen smiled, but he did not reply. He looked at Wen Ling and saw the latter’s face becoming extremely serious. Then, he immediately waved and moved on top of a Spirit Convergence Pillar.

Seeing this, Mu Chen and the others also moved and each of them landed on top of a Spirit Convergence Pillar.

“Prepare yourself.”

Wen Ling shouted and shook his hands. Then, a clump of light floated out from his hand and a powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuation emitted out wave after wave.

Mu Chen and the others also followed. Four clumps of light rose to the sky. These were all High Rank Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence. In order to construct this sort of array, Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence is an indispensable item. This is because the array requires the massive energy that is accumulated within the Soul Essence as a guide.

“Let’s begin!”

Wen Ling stared at the clumps of light overhead and let out a shout. He waved his sleeves and 20 Spiritual Seals surged out from his sleeves in an instant. This speed of condensing Spiritual Seals had, indeed, surpassed ordinary Rank 1 Spiritual Array Masters.

Chen Ling and the other two Rank 1 Spiritual Array Masters all stared enviously at this. Although they were considered Rank 1 Spiritual Array Masters, they were far worse than Wen Ling. The latter could highly likely become a Rank 2 Spiritual Array Master.

They were jealous for a moment. Then, they collected their thoughts and each of them condensed 8 Spiritual Seals. They carefully controlled it and allowed them to enter the air surrounding the Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence above them.


Mu Chen also took action now and 6 Spiritual Seals condensed on his fingertips. With his ability right now, he would be able to manipulate it sophisticatedly if he was only manipulating 6 Spiritual Seals.

The 6 Spiritual Seals vanished within the surroundings of the Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence. Then, the air trembled. Mu Chen closed his eyes slightly and moved his long fingers. As his fingertips trembled, a light emerged within the surrounding air of the Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence. Light beams carefully extended out and intertwined with each other.

The square was completely silent. The 5 of them were gathering all their thoughts and carefully arranged the portion of the Diagram Array they were responsible for.

Mu Feng and the others stood nearby and had a serious expression as they stared at the fluctuations caused by the Spiritual Energy. A hint of nervousness flashed through their eyes. If they were to fail this time, this plan of theirs would be delayed for at least 6 months. Moreover, they would definitely be ridiculed by the Liu Territory.

“Pass down an order; do not let anyone approach this location.” Mu Feng waved his hand and gently spoke.

“Yes!” A guard hurriedly responded and spread out with a large amount of men.

The time quickly passed while Mu Feng and the others were waiting restlessly. In a blink of an eye, an hour passed. The Spiritual Energy fluctuations at the scene were becoming increasingly violent. Above the 5 individuals and the Spirit Convergence Pillars, a complex Spiritual Energy Diagram Array was flashing dazzlingly.

Another half an hour quickly passed, Wen Ling was the first to open his eyes. His eyes were filled with nervousness and seriousness. This time, he assumed half the responsibility of arranging the Spiritual Array. If others were to make a mistake, they might be able to save it. However, if he were to cause it, it would basically mean that the arrangement of the array would end up in complete failure.

Following after Wen Ling, Chen Ling and the others also opened their eyes one after another. It was evident that they had completely the portion of the Diagram Array they were responsible for.

“Connect the array!”

Seeing this, Wen Ling’s face became increasingly serious. Next up, it was the most difficult step. If any mistakes were to occur during the connection process, it was likely to affect the situation as a whole and force the entire group to collapse.

The four of them heard this and tensed up their bodies. They gathered all their focus and moved their thoughts. Then, light beams shot out from the complex light array above them and began to intertwine with each other.

At the outside, Mu Feng and the others’ hearts pounced when they witnessed this scene. They knew that whether or not it would succeed would all depend on this step.

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