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The battle between the Nine Nether Troop and the Blood Hawk Troop had undoubtedly caused quite a commotion in Daluo Territory. Perhaps right from the very beginning, no one had ever expected that the Nine Nether Troop, who had no quantitative advantage, would be able to win the battle against the infamous Blood Hawk Troop.

However, before the commotion in Daluo Territory could give rise to even bigger troubles, an even more sensational event had erupted to distract the people of Daluo Territory from the ruckus, and the clamour was erased without a trace from the people's minds.

This was the Battle of the Conquest of Daluo Territory. 

Daluo Territory was one of the very few influential figures in the world, but that did not mean that other forces did not dare to provoke them. In fact, the "Hundred Battle Territory," entrenched on the northwest region of Daluo Territory like a vicious tiger, was one of them. 

The Hundred Battle Territory was not a name given to reflect its influential powers, but rather it was simply the name of a region. The region was well-known for its constant havoc as the good and the bad mingled as one, and multiple forces of all shapes and sizes converged within.

Three of the most tyrannical forces could be found within the walls of the Hundred Battle Territory: the Valley of Ten Thousand Swords, the Demonic Corpse Sect, and the Giant Sky of Sorrows.

The Valley of Ten Thousand Swords and the Demonic Corpse Sect were the oldest and most experienced forces in that world. Rumor had it that the founder of the Giant Sky of Sorrows originated from the Lower Planes, and that he was once a well-known formidable figure.

Those three forces were the big shots in the Hundred Battle Territory. Although their overall capabilities could not be compared to the ultimate powers of Daluo Territory, they could still be considered first-rank forces. This was especially evident when they joined forces. Even Daluo Territory would be slightly cautious of them. 

In the Hundred Battle Territory, numerous forces looked up to these three forces as leaders since their territories were all connected to each other. Over the years, the Hundred Battle Territory had been continuously usurping the territories of Daluo Territory. Although Daluo Territory would occasionally counter attack, they had shown some form of restraint as their mysterious Dominator lived an ascetic life. Thus, over the years, the Hundred Battle Territory became increasingly arrogant, and they refused to put Daluo Territory before them.

Regarding this, numerous powerhouses in Daluo Territory were actually left in discontentment, but there was nothing that could be done. To start a war, the order could only be given by the Dominator. Even the Three Kings would not have the guts to issue such orders.

The reason for this was that it represented the outbreak of a great war.

Presently, with the upcoming Battle of Conquest, the powerhouses in Daluo Territory were ravished with joy. They knew that only one person in Daluo Territory had the authority to issue the orders for the Battle of Conquest.

That person was none other than the Dominator!

This also meant that the ascetic Dominator had finally returned to the worldly realms again!

Although the many affairs of Daluo Territory were handled by the Three Kings, everyone understood that the spiritual pillar of Daluo Territory was the Dominator himself. Daluo Territory would only truly live up to its name as the most powerful force in the world as long as he still existed within the walls of the territory.

Daluotian. Daluo Hall. 

The hall was situated at the highest region of Daluotian. Almost all of the higher ups of Daluo Territory congregated in the hall. The hall was so silent, a pin drop could have been heard. An overwhelming suspense was felt by numerous people in Daluo Territory as they looked up in search of their leader's presence. None of them even dared to take a breath.

Mu Chen followed Nine Nether and stood toward the front of the hall. At the very front of the place, the Three Kings stood with their hands clasped in front of them. They did not look like their usual dignified selves.

The glimmering golden throne was situated at the highest point in the hall. Although it merely radiated faintly, no one dared to look straight at it.

Mu Chen glanced at the golden throne. His curiosity was piqued. He really wanted to know what the mysterious Dominator of Daluo Territory looked like.

While Mu Chen was still stuck in curiosity, bright rays suddenly radiated from the throne. The space around it began to distort.

An indescribable sense of repression ravaged the hall like a tempest. Everyone could not help but to bend their bodies.

The Three Kings' stentorian greetings resonated in the hall. "Greetings, Dominator."

"Greetings, Dominator!"

The hall was filled with thunderous greetings. The haughty Lord Blood Hawk also bowed humbly. There was no sign of his usual arrogance and impudence.

Mu Chen lowered his head as well. From the corners of his eyes, he saw the sudden appearance of a golden shadow on the golden throne. The shadow looked as if it were clad in a golden cap. Blinding golden rays radiated in the air. No one could truly see the actual appearance of the shadow with clarity. Mu Chen could not help but feel a little disappointed.

The shadow sat quietly on the throne. His presence was overbearing to the point that it had distorted the space around it.

"Hmm." He nodded slightly. A somewhat hoarse voice gradually began to speak. "I believe that all of you are aware of the issue at hand. In the coming days, Daluo Territory will launch the Battle of Conquest, and our target will be the Hundred Battle Territory."

As he uttered those words, the gazes of the higher ups and powerhouses of Daluo Territory lit up in joy. Were they finally going to launch an attack on the Hundred Battle Territory?

"However, I will not attack too readily in this conquest. I believe that the Hundred Battle Territory secretly has the support of Tian Xuan Hall. Otherwise, even if the useless fellows of the Hundred Battle Territory had lionhearts, they would never have the guts to provoke Daluo Territory." The latter statement made by the Dominator of Daluo Territory left everyone in shock.

"This explains the increasing arrogance of the Hundred Battle Territory over the past few years. They actually have the support of Tian Xuan Hall," murmured the Condor King as he furrowed his eyebrows. 

"Tian Xuan Hall?" Mu Chen raised his eyebrows slightly. Was the fellow whom he had snatched the Void Great Solar Fruit and Nine Dragon Nine Elephant Art from at the Continent of Trade the young lord of Tian Xuan Hall?

"Hence, if I were to make a move in this conquest, it would inevitably attract Liu Tiandao's attention. If that were to happen, I'm afraid that I might have to confront Tian Xuan Hall face to face," the Dominator of Daluo Territory said weakly.

The Condor King and the other kings nodded. Liu Tian Dao was also a well-known powerhouse. If they were to provoke him to make a move, it would create too much commotion.

"Please don't worry, Dominator. You don't have to dirty your hands to deal with the Hundred Battle Territory," said the Spiritual Pupil King with a smile on his face.

"I hope so." The Dominator of Daluo Territory nodded. The blinding rays were like a sharp gaze, seeing through everyone's facades as it scanned through the hall. Anyone who was caught by the gaze would be humbled and bow down to the shadow on the throne.

Mu Chen, who stood behind Nine Nether, felt the enigmatic gaze lingering on him. The piercing feeling sent chills into his bones. He quickly lowered his head.

"After this Battle of Conquest, every territory that has been opened up will be owned by its groundbreakers. I will also reward you substantially."

His words caused an uproar in the hall. The gazes of the powerhouses were ignited with passion. Before, they would directly hand over the loot from their expeditions to open up territories to Daluo Territory. However, this time, every region of Daluo Territory would actually be distributed to all. Wouldn't it be a rather humongous cake?

"Besides, whoever is able to gain meritorious achievements in the battle among the younger generation will be allowed to represent Daluo Territory at the Dragon-Phoenix Rift."

Before the older powerhouses could cry tears of joy, the eyes of the youths in the hall widened in excitement as they heard the Dominator's latter statement. They even started to breathe heavily.

Everyone's eyes lit up, especially Xu Qing, Zhou Qiu, and Wu Tian's.

With a puzzled expression, Mu Chen asked Nine Nether, "What is a Dragon-Phoenix Rift?"

"It is one of the wonders of the world. Apparently, during ancient times, a horrifying bloody battle broke out between the Dragon Clan and the Phoenix Clan. In the end, both of them burned out and collapsed onto the ground. Their blood poured into the space. Coupled with the use of time as a catalyst, a magical force eventually emerged. Anyone who entered into the rift would be able to obtain the Dragon God's Abhiseka or the Phoenix God's Abhiseka, and thus achieve immortality," whispered Nine Nether.

"Immortality?" Mu Chen was dumbstruck. Was the Dragon-Phoenix Abhiseka truly capable of such a miracle?

"Obviously, this is just mere exaggeration. It is impossible for the Dragon Clan and the Phoenix Clan to do such a thing. Realistically speaking, if one obtains the Dragon-Phoenix Abhiseka, he or she will be able to obtain the incredible vitality of the Dragon and Phoenix Clans. This is absolutely beneficial for your training," Nine Nether laughed.

Mu Chen was left speechless. The Dragon and Phoenix Clans had the most terrifying vitality in the world. It was way stronger than the vitality of the human race. If a human could obtain such vitality, he would be an invincible humanoid beast…

"However, the conditions to activate the Dragon-Phoenix Rift are really strict. It requires several Sovereign-level powerhouses to simultaneously make a move. Thus, the Northern Territory has an unwritten rule; only the youths who are powerful enough can qualify to enter into the rift. When the moment comes, they must go through a heartless battle against one another."

Mu Chen nodded as he was finally enlightened about the situation. That explained the expressions of Xu Qing and the rest. The Dragon-Phoenix Rift seemed so mystical. Plus, if any one of them was able to enter into the Dragon-Phoenix Rift, his name would be in the hall of fame as the strongest youth in the whole Northern Territory. Undoubtedly, anyone would kill to possess such glory.

As Mu Chen and Nine Nether were chatting, the Dominator of Daluo Territory, who was seated on the throne, suddenly uttered, "Wasn't there a military battle between the Blood Hawk Troop and the Nine Nether Troop? Who won?"

The hall suddenly turned silent. Everyone's gaze shifted toward Mu Chen, who looked stunned, and Wu Tian, whose face turned pale upon hearing the question. Neither of them expected the Dominator of Daluo Territory to show interest in such a minor issue. 

Lord Blood Hawk looked a little embarrassed. The topic was evidently like a wound in his heart. However, now that these old wounds were reopened by the Dominator of Daluo Territory himself, he did not dare to feel even a hint of anger.

"Hehe, Dominator, it was the Nine Nether Troop who won the battle," said the Condor King as he smiled faintly.


The shadow cloaked in blinding rays smiled. "The return of the Nine Nether King has brought forth a new talent with rather great potential to Daluo Territory.

"I heard that it was a battle. Lord Blood Hawk, do concede defeat if you have lost this battle."

Upon hearing the Dominator's words, Lord Blood Hawk quickly responded in agreement. However, the corner of his mouth twitched a little. Since the Dominator had brought this up, he did not dare to make a scene about the defeat.

The Dominator of Daluo territory nodded and did not say anything more. With just a wave of his hand, his figure vanished in the midst of the radiating lights. The terrifying sense of tension that shrounded the hall also disappeared without a trace.

Everyone in the hall let out a sigh of relief. The majestic presence of an Earthly Sovereign was truly frightening.

While everyone finally let their guard down, they looked peculiarly at the young man who stood behind Nine Nether. The fact that the young man was able to receive great compliments from the territory owner meant that not many people in Daluo Territory would dare to provoke him in the upcoming days.

At the very front of the hall, the Sleeping King glanced at Mu Chen. He looked rather surprised. He had worked under the Dominator of Daluo Territory for the longest time, but this was the first time he had actually paid special regard to a lowly commander...

"This young man is rather interesting…"

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