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As the meeting between the kings ended, the whole Daluo Territory entered into a commotion. They knew that the dormant Daluo Territory would finally expose their ferocious fangs once again.

The forces that had been provoking Daluo Territory nonstop over these years would finally understand that once this sleeping tiger wakes up from hibernation, they would be confronted with the most terrifying revenge. A string of commands was issued from Daluotian in perfect order. Numerous forces in the Daluo Territory started moving their troops around, secretly plotting strategies to win this battle.

This would indeed be an actual battle!

Nine Nether Palace.

On this very day, the Nine Nether Palace had been completely filled with cheers of joy. Excitement was plastered all over everyone's faces. Years of pent-up anger and frustration was finally released.

From today onward, no one in the Daluo Territory would look at the Nine Nether Palace with mocking gazes ever again. The Nine Nether Hall was a scene of jubilation. Everyone toasted each other and were oddly high-spirited. The Nine Nether Palace was filled with laughter.

Mu Chen lay down on the roof of the hall. The moon hung in the night sky and bright moonlight lit up the dark.

He could hear their laughter. The corner of his mouth curled up into a smile, but he immediately lifted his head and stared at the moon. It was as if he saw a beautiful smiling figure looming in his gaze.

"Luo Li…"

Mu Chen uttered to himself. Looking back, they had already been separated for half a year. He wondered how she was coping in the Luo God Clan. It would not be too easy, right? The heavy burden of the Luo God Clan fell on her delicate shoulders. Mu Chen's heart ached at the mere thought of it.

However, he knew hat his present capabilities were not sufficient to provide her with any help. He could not even appear at the place where she was at, as it would definitely only bring her more woes and troubles. Although she would probably not mind, the ego and arrogance of a man prevented Mu Chen from allowing such matters from happening.

"Luo Li, I am also working hard to make myself stronger. However… believe me, one day, I will become an unrivalled powerhouse. When the time comes, I will not allow you to suffer from any more injustice."

Mu Chen clenched his fists slowly. An unrivalled powerhouse. These simple words held such tremendous weight. Perhaps everyone else would chuckle at his outrageous dreams, but the girl had never doubted him. She always had faith in him.

"Are you thinking about your little lover again?" A delicate voice suddenly appeared from behind. He turned around, not realizing that Nine Nether had been sitting on the steeple of the roof all along. Her black hair cascaded down her face like a waterfall as it blew in the wind.

Mu Chen smiled sheepishly. Nine Nether cupped her cheeks with her lily-white hands. Her solemn expression gradually softened into a rare gentle smile. 

"Thank you once again," she said.

Mu Chen shook his head and chuckled. "Do you think I'll still have the guts to not do my best, when you are willing to put Nine Nether palace at stake for the sake of this battle?"

Nine Nether stood up. Her scent wafted near as she breezed toward Mu Chen. She tapped his shoulders lightly with her delicate hands. "Take a chill pill. Since I was the one who brought you out of the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy, I will not disappoint you. I have faith in you. One day, when everyone in the Tianluo Continent knows your name, you can finally step foot in the Luo God Clan with pride. Meanwhile, I will try my best to help you achieve your target. This is my promise to you," said Nine Nether, a cheerful smile on her face. 

Mu Chen stared at the beautiful face. He was sincerely moved by her words. As he reminisced about the past, he realized that Nine Nether had been helping him all along.

She was always there to help him at his most difficult moments. Although Nine Nether had initially possessed his body with an undesirable purpose, they tried to communicate with each other after accidentally connecting their bloodlines together. Now, they were inseparable.

"Thank you," whispered Mu Chen sincerely. 

Nine Nether smiled sweetly as she waved her lily-white hands. "Alright, stop feeling touched over nothing. Our bloodlines are connected. If you died inexplicably, I would have to die along with you, and I'm not willing to do so!" 

Mu Chen could not help but roll his eyes at her. She had completely killed the cordial mood.

"In this battle of conquest, The Nine Nether Palace will probably start their journey very soon. The potpourri of people, the good and the bad of the Hundred Battle Territory will definitely be a tough nut to crack. However, no matter what happens, you must stand out in this battle," uttered Nine Nether, a grave expression on her beautiful face.

His eyes lit up. "Is it because of the so-called Dragon-Phoenix Rift?"

Nine Nether nodded her head gracefully as she spoke. "You should not undermine the importance of the Dragon-Phoenix Rift. I have heard good things about it while I was still in the clan. It doesn't matter whether you have obtained the Dragon God's Abhiseka or the Phoenix God's Abhiseka, either one of them will still greatly benefit your training in the future. The benefits that you'll obtain from the Abhiseka are incomparable with the meek powers of the Daluo Golden Pool."

She continued her speech. "Only the cream of the crop among the youths can qualify to enter the Rift. You are still inexperienced. Thus, if you do not seize the opportunity to shine in the battle of conquest, I'm afraid that it'll be extremely difficult for you to grab that one and only slot."

Mu Chen nodded his head and turned his gaze toward Nine Nether. "You're probably eligible for this as well, right?"

Nine Nether actually had the body of a Nine Netherworld Bird. If her age was calculated based on the years of the Nine Netherbird Clan, she had just come of age recently. Thus, she would still be considered as one of the youths. 

"I have the body of the Divine Beast. Thus, the Dragon-Phoenix Rift will only bring little benefit to me." Nine Nether smiled.

Mu Chen fixed his eyes on her. In the end, he never said anything more, just simply nodded his head. Some things were better left unsaid. The sacrifice that Nine Nether had made for his sake was much more than this.

"I will do my best," said Mu Chen, nodding his head.

She extended her hand and a jade bottle appeared in the blink of an eye. A round and plump-looking emerald green pill floated quietly in the translucent jade bottle. The relaxing fragrance of the pill permeated the bottle and lingered in the air.

"This is the Heavenly Pill. It will probably help you. Obviously, this is also your loot," said Nine Nether with a smile. "I will portion out the leftover four pills myself, since it will not benefit you if you overdose on it."

Mu Chen took the jade bottle from her hand curiously. His eyes were fixated on the Heavenly Pill. Then, a wild grin broke upon his face. "Lord Blood Hawk has actually taken it out!"

"Well, initially, there were some setbacks. Judging from Lord Blood Hawk's usual attitude, he will probably procrastinate, even if he does intend to give it to us. However, fortunately, the dominator voiced up today. I doubt he would have the guts to make a scene."

Nine Nether smiled, but she immediately asked in a puzzled manner, "The dominator has never cared about the battles among the peasants. It is rather surprising for him to pay solicitude to this battle. I guess we have quite the luck."

With his status as the dominator of Daluo Territory, battles like the one between the Nine Nether Troop and the Blood Hawk Troop would probably seem like child's play in his eyes. He had no reason to pay any attention to it.

Mu Chen scratched his head. He was not familiar with the dominator of Daluo Territory. Thus, all he could do was to laugh shamelessly. "Perhaps the dominator thinks I have great potential."

Nine Nether rolled her eyes at Mu Chen, who was feeling a little too good about himself, but she was too lazy to rebut his statements. She waved her delicate hands and floated down to the hall.

Mu Chen smiled as he stared at Nine Nether's disappearing silhouette. He held the jade bottle in his hands, his heart filled with joy. He would finally be able to achieve the status of a Grade Two Sovereign with the aid of the Heavenly Pill's powers.

"I can't believe that a single Heavenly Pill could make you grin like an idiot. You are so lame!" A childish yet sluggish voice suddenly appeared. Mu Chen quickly turned around, and his gaze was immediately greeted by the barefooted Mandela, who was donned in a black dress and had knee-long hair. Her little snow white feet tapped on the sharp eaves of the roof. She stared at him in disdain. 

"He whose belly is full believes not him who is starving." Mu Chen pouted, but then immediately reminded her, "The dominator of Daluo Territory has returned to the worldly realms. You better be careful. Don't let anyone discover you."

The dominator of Daluo Territory was the ultimate powerhouse, having achieved the status of Earthly Sovereign. He had a terrifyingly sharp sixth sense. Although Mandela was an extremely mysterious being, there was no guarantee that she would not be discovered one day.

After Mandela heard his statements, she gave Mu Chen a side-eye and said faintly, "If I don't want anyone to find me, no one will."

"Fine, you're the best." Mu Chen was pissed off at her cockiness, but all he could do was roll his eyes and leave.

"Hold on," said Mandela.

"Hmm?" Mu Chen looked at the little girl in confusion. Her skirt fluttered in the night wind.

Mandela bit her lips lightly and hesitated for short while. She then said, "After three days, the curse will erupt in my body. At that time, I will need to rely on the power of the Immortal Pages in your body."

"Why is it happening so quick?" said Mu Chen, astonished. 

"For the following period of time, I must make sure that my body is at its peak. Thus, I must first remove this dark thorn," said Mandela, a grave expression on her small face. 

Mu Chen contemplated for a while, then nodded his head. Although he was curious of the reason behind Mandela's terrifying abilities, he could not help but question: Why did she need to tune her body to its finest condition? Was she going to face an extreme danger soon?

"After I've suppressed the curse, I'll teach you how to train your Great Solar Undying Body. With your current capabilities, you are still unable to unleash its true powers," said Mandela weakly.

Mu Chen was stupefied. He immediately looked at Mandela with a joyful gaze. This temptation was fatal to him. Although the Great Solar Undying Body was formidable, it was still a profound mystery. He only knew the ways to successfully train it, but he never knew how to unleash the message behind its powers.

"How do you know how to train the Great Solar Undying Body?" Although Mu Chen was ravished in joy, he still could not help but ask the question.

However, Mandela had completely given him a cold shoulder. As her little feet tapped on the roof, her body descended down the hall and disappeared into the dark night. All that was left was a faint voice.

"I will look for you after three days."

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