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As the vast fighting spirit windstorm swirled around Mu Chen fiercely, the surge of the boundless fighting spirit had caused many stern looks to show up on their faces. They could feel that the fighting spirit that had been exploded by Mu Chen had already surpassed the Blood Hawk Troop!

"How could it be?!" Someone could not help but exclaim.

The Nine Nether Troop was only made up of a mere thousand people, while the Blood Hawk Troop was made up of a total of five thousand. The Nine Nether Troop was completely outnumbered. Moreover, the Blood Hawk Troop was more tyrannical than the Nine Nether Troop.

They did not understand how the Nine Nether Troop could have such a fearsome fighting spirit. Only Lord Asura, Lord Mountain Cracker, and the Lords who had excellent eye powers frowned slightly, as they stared at that figure within that windstorm with sterns looks.

"Looks like I have underestimated him," Lord Asura said to Xu Qing slowly. "Given his understanding and control of the fighting spirit, I am afraid that he has the talent to be a War Troop Dispatcher."

"A War Troop Dispatcher?" Xu Qing felt his eyes twitch. He was also a commander himself, and he had led an army before. He knew that a War Troop Dispatcher could be rare and powerful. That was his dream, but unfortunately, he did not have talent in spiritual arrays, let alone the hopes of becoming a War Troop Dispatcher.

"But nowadays, a good War Troop Dispatcher is even harder to come by than a Spiritual Array Master. If there is no proper guidance, it is hard for him to achieve much on war formations," Lord Asura said with some pity. If the Daluo Territory could have a War Troop Dispatcher, it would help in increasing their strength exponentially.

"An ordinary commander can only lead a troop and activate about one or two out of ten in strength in the fighting spirit. But, given Mu Chen's understanding of the fighting spirit, he can unleash the true power of the fighting spirit."

Lord Asura sighed with feeling and said, "Looks like the outcome of this battle bet is obvious. No wonder Nine Nether dared to take up this battle bet of Blood Hawk Palace, as she had something to count on. Looks like Blood Hawk Palace has trapped themselves."

Xu Qing lifted his head without saying any words. The fighting spirit had grown tremendously in mid-air. The battlefield was torn by it, as if it was being ravaged.

"Playing tricks!"

Wu Tian pulled his face long, but deep down in his eyes, a fear flickered, as the strength that Mu Chen was now displaying was good enough for him to be fearful. No matter what methods he resorted to, he could not surpass or suppress this fellow at all.

On that juvenile face of Mu Chen, there seemed to be only unreadable expressions. However, whatever emotions Wu Tian had, he knew that there was no backing out now. He might be able to find a way out, if he fights with whatever he could. But, once he decided to give up or back out, it would only mean death for him.

"I don't believe you can defy the laws of nature with the strength of Grade One Sovereign!" Wu Tian gritted his teeth, and the cruelty within his blood-shot eyes was flickering. He did not have any hesitation, as he swung his palm forcefully. The blood-stained Bloody Devil Deity Spear that was floating in the sky suddenly stabbed down with force.


The speed of the Bloody Devil Deity Spear was amazingly fast. As the wind howled, the space was torn apart, and the spear appeared above the fighting spirit windstorm in a blink of the eye. The terrifying force of the wind shook and cracked the space.

The last attack that gathered all the forces from the Blood Hawk Troop was indeed mighty. At this rate, even a Grade Three Sovereign top power could not handle it.

But Mu Chen was still looking calm, as he opened his pitch-black eyes that were deep, mysterious, and as dark as a night sky. No one could have guessed his thoughts. He formed the formation with both of his palms, as they joined gently together.

Weng Weng!

The fighting spirit windstorm around him started to twist and turn altogether. The glow of it became darker, and it looked like a huge black dragon was going to soar into the sky from afar.

"Nine Nether Feather!"

Mu Chen lifted up his palm, and a huge black feather was seen, rising slowly at the tip of the windstorm. The feather took the shape of a sword, looking like a sword with feathers on it. At the blade of the sword, the edges were filled with tiny saw teeth. The black glow from the sword seemed to be able to penetrate into any spaces.

Mu Chen, looking calm, pointed out both his fingers in the air.

Weng Weng!

That black feather sword vibrated at full speed, and as it stopped vibrating, it vanished into thin air. When it reappeared, it was above the Bloody Devil Deity Spear, pointing down with its tip. The tip of the sword and the tip of the spear looked like needle-like beams, then collided together.


The crisp, clear sound of colliding metal came from the sky, and two different fighting spirits were roaring outrageously. Both the black and the red, each occupied half of the sky..

"Break it!"

Wu Tian roared to the sky with a hideous face. Wave after wave of the bloody fighting spirit were sweeping in fiercely, as it looked like he had decided to put up his last fight with all his might.

Mu Chen looked at him calmly with his pitch-black eyes. Both of his fingers stroked the sword gently, "Then, just break it!"

At the tip of the black feather sword, a beam of light was glowing.


As the light glowed and disappeared, the feather sword reappeared from behind the Blood Demon Deity Spear, and a tiny crack was expanding itself on the spear body.


As the crack expanded to its maximum, the spear broke into two, then fell helplessly from the sky before it exploded into blazing stardust. As the spear was broken, Wu Tian's face paled all of the sudden, and the warriors from the Blood Hawk Troop had a huge impact, as blood traces could be seen streaming from the corners of their lips.

The sky, which was filled with the fearsome Blood Hawk fighting spirit, was retreating at an astonishing speed. The half-taken sky by the Blood Hawk fighting spirit was cleared out thoroughly within seconds.

The battle between the Nine Nether Troop and the Blood Hawk Troop had officially ended, with the stronger troop, who had the most significant advantage, suffering a complete loss!


The sky outside the battlefield burst into an uproar, when they saw this scene. Numerous top powers had serious looks on their faces. Although they did not say anything, an impact was left in their hearts.

The outcome was too overwhelming that no one could feel calm about it. Not only did the Blood Hawk Troop have an advantage in the number of warriors, the commander, Wu Tian, had a strength of Grade Two Sovereign. From both aspects, the Nine Nether Troop should have been on the losing end, but the outcome….Took them by surprise.

The gazes were all now focusing on Mu Chen, as everyone could tell that he was the reason for the win in this battle. This new commander from Nine Nether Palace was indeed formidable.

At this instant, most of the top powers within the Daluo Territory kept their condescending attitudes, as they looked at Mu Chen. Although on the surface, he had only the strength of Grade One Sovereign, the means that he had displayed were something that could not be matched by many within the Daluo Territory, except Nine Nether and those top powers who had more superior qualifications. The new commander, who was brought by Nine Nether, was much more formidable than was the previous Cao Feng.

As the crowd burst into an uproar, some of these gazes swept secretly onto Lord Blood Hawk. His expression was so cold!

The fighting spirit surrounding Mu Chen faded off gradually in the battlefield, while the Nine Nether Troop looked at him with passion and admiration. Their hearts were filled with excitement, as they had not had a well-known reputation among the Daluo Territory these past few years. In fact, people were disdainful when they mentioned Nine Nether Troop.

But today, under the command of Mu Chen, they finally made a name for themselves for once. From now on, nobody in the Daluo Territory dared mock the Nine Nether Troop again!

"Hehe, thank you for the gift from Blood Hawk Palace." Mu Chen held his fist up, while looking and smiling to Wu Tian, whose face had already paled.

Wu Tian, whose blood was boiling within his body, could not endure his anger and grievances. He spurted out a mouthful of blood, staring at Mu Chen with revengeful eyes, wishing he could hack him into pieces.

But Mu Chen did not bother about him. He turned his head and looked at Lord Blood Hawk, who was outside of the battlefield and wearing a stern look. "Lord Blood Hawk, I wonder, when can we officially take over the hundreds of cities, as you promised?"

The face of Lord Blood Hawk twitched slightly. He stared coldly at Mu Chen and said, "How dare a small commander speak to me like this?"


As his chilly voice ended, a mighty spiritual energy shrouded toward Mu Chen with force.


But when the spiritual energy was just released, over ten light beams with purple flaming glows were targeting and attacking his vital spots, without showing any mercy, with the speed of lightning. Lord Blood Hawk stomped his feet, and a blood-red spiritual energy formed a shield around him.

Bang Bang!

The beams of light hit on his shield, and the spiritual energy vibrated vigorously. The spark from the purple flame stuck onto the shield eroding it rapidly. The expression of Lord Blood Hawk slightly changed, and when he saw it, he immediately stepped a few steps back.

The Spiritual energy broke out from his body, before he could stop the purple flame with its fluctuation. He stared at Nine Nether, who was not far away, with his icy cold glare.

"Lord Blood Hawk, you are getting shameless." A mocking smile appeared on Nine Nether's cold, beautiful face. "If you are not convinced, shall we have a try?"

"Do you think I'm afraid?" Lord Blood Hawk said coldly.

"Enough is enough!"

Just when they were about to argue again, a loud voice rang out from the sky above. The Condor King gradually came into sight. On seeing him, everyone bowed to him in respect.

"Since you have lost the battle bet, you should honor your words. Or else, what are the rules for?" The Condor King looked at Lord Blood Hawk and said.

Lord Blood Hawk gritted his teeth and nodded his head. "Alright, since the bet is over, follow me. Our Daluo Territory's conquest is going to begin." The Condor King waved and said.

The top powers on the spot were stern when they heard this. Finally, the Daluo Territory was going to begin their conquest...

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