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Cracks spread out from the dark Square, like a huge python. Many people who were watching, were stunned.

Those top powers who knew Luo Mang looked grave. This was the first time that Luo Mang had been suppressed, while pitting his physique against a youth who was only at Grade One Sovereign. The new commander from Nine Nether Palace was no weakling.

At the end of the crack, a youth in black held his position after throwing out a punch. His body was glittering with golden light, and an indescribable valiance exuded from his body.

The expressions of many dukes changed. They were amazed that Mu Chen could send Luo Mang flying with a punch, using the power of his physique.

Mu Chen slowly withdrew his fist, looking calm. He then lowered his head to look at his fist with a frown.

Given his ability, Luo Mang deserved to be duke of Demonic Python City and leader of the dukes. Mu Chen had realized that, although he had activated the Thunder God Physique to its peak, he was still unable to suppress Luo Mang.

Ever since Mu Chen had cultivated the Thunder God Physique, he had the upper-hand, whenever he was pitted against those who were at the same level as him, at least when using his physique. Thus, even when he met stronger opponents, he was able to prevail.

However, the outcome that he had seen earlier was not what he had expected. The Divine Technique used by Luo Mang was as powerful as the Thunder God Physique.

"It seems like I need to cultivate a more powerful Divine Technique."

This thought came to his mind. The Thunder God Physique, which used to be invincible, seemed unable to keep up with his progressing strength. What Mu Chen had gained most out of the Thunder God Physique was not the tough physique, but the deep strength from the lightning force during the cultivation process.

This had helped him build a strong foundation in his physique. Regardless of the Divine Technique that he would practice in the future, he would spend less effort in achieving the results. No other Divine Technique would be able to do that. In any case, Northern Sea Dragon had been lauded for the Thunder God Physique.


As Mu Chen was having this thought, broken pieces of rocks shot up at the other end of the crack. Spiritual energy swirled out violently, and Luo Mang reappeared.

The clothes on his upper body had been shattered and his body looked sturdy, like a rock. There was a huge dark python tattoo on his body. The python twirled around his body, exuding an eerie feeling.

Luo Mang looked grim, as he stared at Mu Chen and said, "You live up to your name as the commander of Nine Nether Palace. You only have the strength of Grade One, but you have a powerful physique."

Mu Chen smiled flatly.

"However…" Luo Mang paused for a while, as he looked coldly at Mu Chen and said, "If you want us to submit to Nine Nether Palace, I will be the first to disagree!"

After he had said that, there was an uproar. Luo Mang had been enraged by Mu Chen. He was no longer willing to put it off, but rejected Mu Chen upfront. 

When Mu Chen heard what Luo Mang said, he looked calm and unsurprised. He looked at Luo Mang and said, "Let me tell you this, you have been removed from your office. You no longer represent Demonic Python City."

"Shameless boasting!"

Luo Mang was angry and laughed. An immense killing intent surged in his eyes. He had never expected Mu Chen to be so ruthless as to take back Demonic Python City and remove him from his office.

Luo Mang stomped his feet, cracking the ground. Violent spiritual energy swirled out like a windstorm. A huge dark figure slowly formed outside of his body.

Dark lights circled around the huge figure, as though a huge Demonic Python was twirling around it. A sharp neighing sound caused the spiritual energy in the heaven and earth to surge.

The huge figure stood upright, then looked at Mu Chen with its eerie eyes. It cried out, "I shall like to know how you are going to remove me from my office?!"

Mu Chen's thoughts swirled, upon seeing this sight: "Is this the Demonic Python Celestial Body? Luo Mang had killed an Omen Python previously, then consumed its Blood Essence. He had then cultivated the Demonic Python Celestial Body. Although it was not recorded in the 99 Sovereign Celestial Body, the Demonic Python Celestial body was powerful and could hold a place in the ranking."

There was an uproar, as the crowd saw the figure's Celestial Body.

Some of the people shouted out in shock. It was risky to use such a cultivation method. When two different types of blood merged together, the body would experience rejection. If not handled carefully, the body would then explode. Luo Mang was fortunate to be able to bear it, and had thus been able to cultivate the Demonic Python Celestial Body.

"You do have some skills." Mu Chen looked at the huge figure and was shocked. Luo Mang was indeed capable, as he had cultivated such a strange Sovereign Celestial Body!

"Are you thinking of using your Sovereign Celestial Body to gain back your dignity?" Mu Chen asked with a smile. However, there was no warmth in this smile. He put his palms together to form a strange seal.

"I will let you know that you are no match for me in terms of physique. In terms of the Sovereign Celestial Body…"

"All the more, as you are no match for me!"

After he had said this, golden lights covered the sky and burst out. A huge golden figure appeared, exuding a terrifying oppressive force.

A large sun hung behind the golden figure, while dazzling golden lights spread out in all directions. It was like a majestic golden Buddha.

Boom! Boom!

As the Sovereign Celestial Body appeared, the spiritual energy in the heaven and earth spread out like a current. As the people saw the golden Sovereign Celestial Body, they were all shocked.

"Gaslighting!" Luo Mang shouted. He could not believe that Mu Chen's Sovereign Celestial Body had exuded such a great oppression. He could not back out now. If he did that, it would be difficult for him to turn the tables back around.

"Demonic Python Seal!"

Luo Mang dared not give Mu Chen time to display his power. He shouted out, causing dark lights to shoot up to the sky. The huge Demonic Python in his body shot forth to suppress the golden Sovereign Celestial Body, like a seal.

Mu Chen looked indifferently at the Demonic Python Seal, not even attempting to dodge it. Instead, he extended his golden palm. The golden light in his palm burst out like a scorching golden sun.


The golden palm pierced through the violent spiritual energy and grabbed the huge body of the Demonic Python. A bright golden light swirled out and suppressed the dark light.

"How dare a rotten snake talk about suppression!"

Mu Chen's powerful voice resounded in the heavens and the earth. He struck the Demonic Python and it fell to the ground. The huge golden palm pressed hard on the body, like a mountain.


The ground cracked, and the Demonic Python cried out. It had been crushed by the palm.


The people gasped. No one had expected Mu Chen to crush Luo Mang, who was so aggressive and confident, with just one blow.

How can Mu Chen's Sovereign Celestial Body be so powerful?

The Demonic Python had been crushed, and the Sovereign Celestial Body that was formed by Luo Mang shook. Luo Mang found it hard to believe.

When they had pitted their physiques against each other, he was still able to withstand. But now that he had summoned the Sovereign Celestial Body, he had lost completely!

Mu Chen looked at Luo Mang with his golden eyes. His huge body shot up to the sky, as bright golden lights exuded from it. Everyone within a hundred mile could clearly see it.

Violent spiritual energy surged crazily in the sky, before it fell to the ground like a golden meteorite. As Luo Mang looked at the golden light in the horizon, he turned pale.

He looked at the duke of Blood Vulture City and Black Rock City and shouted, "Both of you come and join forces with me!"

The dukes of Blood Vulture City and Black Rock City looked at each other and gritted their teeth. Then, they stamped their feet and shot up to the sky.


As the two of them shot up to the sky, a strange spiritual energy fluctuation surged out. The people saw six black lotuses fly down from the sky, then turn into two huge black beams. They landed hard on the two dukes like meteorites.

A horrifying spiritual energy raged out. The two dukes had been pushed back to the ground.


The golden meteorite fell to the ground, and the Sovereign Celestial Body came down from the sky. A huge golden hand that looked like a huge golden sun pressed Luo Mang down.

A terrifying pressure covered Luo Mang, and the ground cracked. Luo Mang's face turned pale. This attack from Mu Chen was powerful.

"I am not easily defeated!" Luo Mang looked savage, as he shouted. He raised up his palms, and all the spiritual energy in his body burst out. This dark spiritual energy caused the sky to darken, and a strong wind raged in the heavens and earth.  

Luo Mang's Sovereign Celestial Body was not as powerful as Mu Chen's. However, given that his strength was at the peak of Grade Two Sovereign, his spiritual energy was more forceful than Mu Chen's, and he was not afraid of Mu Chen's toughness.

At the most, both parties would get hurt! As long as he could defeat Mu Chen, it would put an end to the issue of submission!


As the huge golden sun fell to the ground, it hit hard on the dark spiritual energy of the Demonic Python. Everyone's eyes widened, as this blow would determine the winner!

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