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The Golden Great Sun crashed down with a dazzling radiance under countless gazes. It crashed fiercely and mercilessly into the monstrous spirit energy that seemed like a demonic python.


At the very moment of collision, blasts visible to the naked eye spread like a flood. The sturdy square crumbled in layers like sea waves.

The hideous cracks spread without end.

The many figures on the square instantly spread out for fear of being hit by the terrible impact.

"The Strength of Demonic Python Devours the Heavens!"

Luo Mang's face was ferocious in the Demonic Python's celestial body. Vast amounts of spiritual energy madly gushed out of his body and channeled into the celestial body. The dark and overwhelming spiritual energy hissed. As the mass of spiritual energy wriggled around, a pair of bloody red glowing orbs floated within like giant eyes.

A fierce and hostile wave of air suddenly erupted.

Luo Mang absorbed the blood essence of the Demonic Python. This caused his spiritual energies to contain a certain Qi of violence and hostility, making him more aggressive than usual. 

When faced with an opponent, Luo Mang usually took advantage of his strength and defeated many foes. However, he did not achieve the same effect this time.

Mu Chen's spiritual energy was not only fused with the Unperishable Flame, but now with the addition of the Flame of the Great Sun, it was on a scale so grand that Luo Mang's energy, one that only absorbed the blood essence of a Demonic Python, could not compare.

As such, when the Demonic Python hissed and howled, the overbearing Golden Great Sun shone even brighter with waves of flames crashing over it. In a mere moment, thick, white mist burst out from the fierce energies of the Demonic Python, and it immediately disappeared. 


A mournful hiss rang within the spiritual energies of the Demonic Python. Luo Mang's visage was immediately filled with disbelief. He could not believe that the spiritual energy he was so proud of collapsed so easily.


But before Luo Mang could react, Mu Chen immediately sent the Great Sun crashing mercilessly into the python's huge celestial body.


The earth collapsed, and the python's celestial body was sent flying swiftly into the earth. The whole square was caving in, and the statue of the Demonic Python disintegrated, leaving only powder behind.

In the sky, the golden light slowly dissipated, and a gigantic golden shadow stepped into the skies, looking down as if looking upon ants below. It was indifferent, yet majestic. 

The smoke below gradually dissipated, and when all eyes were on it, all who were present inhaled sharply. The python was broken beyond imagination within the deep abyss from the collapse. Its chaotic spiritual energies spread out like a ripple, becoming transparent and eventually disappearing completely.

When the celestial body dissipated, an awkward silhouette fell out of it. Luo Mang staggered and dropped onto the floor of the ruins. His face was pale, and his lips were red with blood.

It was apparent that when Chen Mu destroyed the celestial body, Luo Mang was gravely injured.

A cry arose from within the crowd. "Luo Mang's Demonic Python celestial body is destroyed!" Obviously, they were shaken by the sight of this event.

Luo Mang was considered the epitome of a Grade Two Sovereign, and with the special ability of the Demonic Python celestial body, he should have been almost undefeatable in the ranks of Grade Two Sovereigns. However, his Demonic Python celestial body was deftly broken by a youth who was a mere First Grade Sovereign.

Not a soul would've thought this could happen.

In the surrounding skies, the city lords were anxious having witnessed the incident. The new commander of the Nine Nether Palace was unexpectedly formidable. Could the rise of the Nine Nether Palace be nigh?

The city lords of Blood Condor and Dark Rock were looking rather glum. They were unprepared and so, were defeated by Mu Chen. Therefore, Mu Chen was able to gather his strength to defeat Luo Mang. 

In the sky, the Great Solar Undying Body stood straight, and his pair of shining golden eyes stared at Luo Mang with indifference. Then in a nonchalant tone he said, "It seems like I am worthy to dismiss you."

Luo Mang's face turned green, then his lips curved into a wicked smile. Looking at Lords Blood Condor and Black Rock he exclaimed, "Lord Blood Hawk has given his orders; if you think you still will have good days ahead of you after letting this kid go, keep enjoying the show!"

The two city lords' faces soured. After a short while, they both gritted their teeth and took a step forward.

The expressions of some of the city lords who stood behind them changed. Finally, four shadows emerged. The four city lords were intimate with Lord Blood Hawk and could be considered his claws. They understood that if the Nine Nether Palace successfully subdued these city lords, they would not have a happy ending.

That is why they could not allow Mu Chen to go any further.

Although they witnessed Mu Chen's strength and dared not despise him, they were greater in number. With all of them teaming up, Mu Chen could never beat them.

While teaming up would ruin their reputations, now was not the time to worry about that.

Blood Condor City Lord and the other five city lords suspended themselves in the air, surrounding Mu Chen's Great Solar Undying Body. Intense spiritual energies permeated around them, causing the skies and earth to roar and howl.

Seeing this, the crowd broke out in speculation. "Are these city lords teaming up against Mu Chen alone?"

"Haha, no matter how powerful you are, Mu Chen, can you beat us one on seven today?" Luo Mang laughed and leaped into the air. His cold and delighted gaze focused on Mu Chen.

"Despicable!" Tang Bing scowled in anger.

In the air, the Great Solar Undying Body radiated a golden glow while Mu Chen's shadow emerged at the top of the celestial body's head. He looked at the seven surrounding him and frowned slightly.

With his capabilities now, fending off Luo Mang alone had required much of his tactics. He was, after all, still a First Grade Sovereign. To fight against six others as powerful as Luo Mang would be difficult even for him.

"Mu Chen, I don't want to force you. If you leave now, I will assure your safe departure," Luo Mang spoke in a low voice.

Mu Chen smiled, and then he said to the city lords who had yet to emerge, "Is there anyone else?"

The city lords stared at each other, impressed by Mu Chen's calm composure in this situation. They did not reply, but no one else stepped forward.

Unlike Luo Mang's party, the other city lords joined the Blood Hawk Palace because they had no other choice. They also had their fair share of exploitation by that palace through the years. As such, they did not have much loyalty to the palace. The reason they did not jump ship was only that Nine Nether Palace seemed too weak previously. But now it seemed that Nine Nether Palace was waxing in strength.

"So, just the seven of you, I guess." Mu Chen was satisfied with this. It meant that those who were completely loyal to Lord Blood Hawk were few. And the few of them would be thorny ones. By getting rid of them, the task at hand would be easily solved.

Luo Mang jeered. He crossed his arms while staring at Mu Chen coolly and said, "Since you do not wish to leave, don't blame me for what's next."

"So you plan to overwhelm me with numbers..."

Mu Chen smiled while looking at Luo Mang. "You thought only you could do that?"

Luo Mang's countenance fell as he saw the Nine Nether Troops looking as dark as storm clouds. The stern formation of the troops caused him to squint a little.

"Heh, a mere rabble of misfits," Luo Mang snickered at last. The Nine Nether Troop was the least popular army within the Daluo Territory, and they had always stayed within their Palace, never responding to any provocation. As such, they were looked down upon by many who thought of them as a weak combat force.

"Is that so?"

Mu Chen smiled faintly. With a thought in his heart, the Great Solar Undying Body emerged with a roar, finally standing upon the air above the Nine Nether Troop. 

"Nine Nether Troop!" Mu Chen's piercingly cold shout rang throughout the heavens.

"Sir, yes, sir!" the troops' thunderous voices rumbled as one. Their eyes were fierce and piercing, and a wave of indescribable spiritual energy rippled across the skies and tore the heavens.

Innumerable hearts shook as they saw that the Nine Nether Troops, who never displayed their strength within the Daluo Territory, were like ferocious lions who were newly awakened.

"Nine Nether's Fighting Spirit!"

When Mu Chen's deep voice resonated, suddenly, heavy black halberds materialized in the hands of the Nine Nether Troops. In one accord, they stomped the halberds.


The sky looked as if it were filled with thunderbolts as streams and gushes of fighting spirit went up into the sky. The fighting spirit materialized, condensed, convoluted, and finally, it was as though the troop had turned into a dark ocean of pure fighting spirit.

Thunder rumbled from within in waves of angry roars.

"Condensing fighting spirit?" Luo Mang and his party's faces fell when they saw this. They did not expect the Nine Nether Troop to be capable of materializing fighting spirit, a feat only the best trained troops could perform!

Luo Mang's eyes shone, and with a harsh voice he shouted, "Worry not. While they may be able to materialize their fighting spirit, no one will be able to control it! Mu Chen has just taken over Nine Nether. It's impossible that he could merge with the fighting spirit!"

The other six city lords nodded in agreement. To control a fighting spirit like this, one must at least be able to fuse with the spirit. Mu Chen was new to the Daluo Territory, and had just taken over Nine Nether for a short while. It was impossible for him to control the fighting spirit of the Nine Nether Troop!

Just as they finished talking, Mu Chen, who was sitting cross-legged upon the head of the Great Solar Undying Body, gave them a smile. He then immediately raised his long and slender palm.


As Mu Chen raised his palm, the look on Luo Mang and the gang's faces froze bit by bit. They could not believe their eyes and were drowned in fear...

...Because they witnessed the fighting spirit, which was as vast as the ocean, roll into a storm as Mu Chen raised his palm.

He really could control the Nine Nether Fighting Spirit!

Mu Chen now almost seemed like he was a troop of 1,000 men himself!

Luo Mang and the other six would face a terrifying offense of 1,000 foes!

At this thought, even Luo Mang's face turned ashen.

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