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"Give up your positions as dukes…"

When Mu Chen's cold voice rang out in the city, it created an uproar. The people looked at him, stunned.

The atmosphere seemed to have frozen.  

No one had expected the new commander from Nine Nether Palace to be so firm. He had just appeared and had not settled down, but he had made such a comment. Was he not afraid of the repercussions and of creating an uproar?

Fifty dukes were present!

Many people looked at one another and were shocked by the actions of the new commander of Nine Nether Palace.

Even the dukes, including Luo Mang, were shocked.

They had displayed the battle array to suppress the people from Nine Nether Palace, and Luo Mang had thought that it was enough to cause Mu Chen, a Grade One Sovereign, to feel pressure. If they could scare Mu Chen out of his wits, they would have the upper hand in the negotiation.

Luo Mang had run through all the possibilities and was well prepared. However, he was now at a loss. He realized that Mu Chen had looked at the battle array with disdain.

After a while, he was furious. He turned grave and stared at Mu Chen. He sneered and said, "This new commander is impressive. Just a word from you, and we have to give up our positions as dukes. Who do you think you are?"

Some of the dukes were enraged as well. However, most of them found it interesting as Mu Chen had displayed great vigor. He did not seem to be trying to draw them to his side. He left no room for negotiation.

Mu Chen looked calm in the air. His eyes were cold, and he knew Luo Mang's intentions. He was well aware of Luo Mang's character. Once he was given an inch, he would want a mile.

He was insatiable.

The only choice was to do away with unfruitful talk and step on his face. Leave him no room even for concession!

"He is speaking on behalf of Nine Nether Palace." Tang Bing, who was standing behind Mu Chen, looked coldly at the dukes and said, "If you cannot accept it, bring it up to the three kings!"

Luo Mang's expression changed and looked grim.

Mu Chen looked coldly at every duke and said flatly, "If any duke pledges loyalty to Nine Nether Palace, we will let him stay. If anyone is thinking of using this opportunity to threaten us, I will make sure he knows that Nine Nether Palace has ownership of these cities. If he is not happy, Nine Nether Palace will strip him of the position. I suppose many people will be interested in that position."

The eyes of many dukes twitched. The new commander of Nine Nether Palace must be crazy. Is Nine Nether Palace not afraid that there will be unrest in the cities if they remove so many dukes from their offices?

If Nine Nether Palace removed them from their offices… they would suffer great losses. As for what Mu Chen had said, many people were eyeing the positions. It would be easy to find replacements among the top powers in Daluo Territory.

Some of the dukes were inwardly lamenting. They were wondering if they had gone overboard. Had they forced Nine Nether Palace into a corner whereby both sides would suffer losses…?

Nine Nether had strong backing. Even if they suffered great losses, they could still continue on. However, once the dukes lost their positions, they would lose their backing and resources. Once they lost the resources of Daluo Territory, their path of cultivation would be extremely tough.

The expressions of many dukes changed. They had been flustered by Mu Chen's nonchalant attitude. Instead of being furious, they became hesitant.

When Luo Mang saw it, he turned cold. He had underestimated Mu Chen. Although he was young, he was extremely decisive. He had immediately suppressed many dukes with his ruthless means.

"Ha, nonsense. These cities are now under the reign of Blood Hawk Palace. They should be the ones to decide who will be the dukes. Who are you to poke your nose into this?" Luo Mang shouted. If he remained silent, the dukes would back out.

"Don't be frightened by him. Lord Blood Hawk will back us up!"

When the dukes heard this name, they were frightened. Compared to Nine Nether, Lord Blood Hawk was more of a terror.

The dukes who had been swayed looked at one another. They smiled wryly inwardly. It did not matter to them whom they served. However, they would inevitably offend one of them. They would not be able to contend with Nine Nether Palace or Blood Hawk Palace.

When Tang Bing saw the dukes who had been swayed by Mu Chen being overawed by Luo Mang, she was extremely angry.

Luo Mang heaved a sigh of relief when he saw it. He then looked at Mu Chen and said, "New commander of Nine Nether Palace, we do not wish to create a scene. If you want us to submit to Nine Nether Palace, I think that at the very least, you should go and ask Lord Blood Hawk. If he agrees to it, we will do it!"

Everyone fixed their eyes on Mu Chen. The situation was such that if the new commander of Nine Nether Palace just walked away, Nine Nether Palace would become the laughing stock of Daluo Territory.

Mu Chen looked at Luo Mang and said with a smile, "It seems like Duke Luo Mang does not like our proposal."

Luo Mang sneered and said, "It is not that I do not agree. I just would like you to ask Lord Blood Hawk."

"In that case, there is nothing more to say." Mu Chen smiled. The coldness in his dark eyes quickly intensified.

"It seems so." Luo Mang stood up and folded his arms on his chest. His burly build made him look oppressive, and he stared coldly at Mu Chen. This young chap thought that he could easily frighten him with just a few words? Luo Mang did not reach his position by merely talking.

This chap is only at Grade One Sovereign, and he dares to be so presumptuous. Does he think that because he has defeated Cao Feng, he can be so reckless?

Mu Chen smiled, but his smile was filled with killing intent. In the next instant, he stepped forth, and his spiritual energy surged. The cry of a dragon resounded.


As the dragon's cry resounded, he disappeared from the spot.

Luo Mang was suddenly afraid. He quickly retreated. However, the space behind him tore apart, and a dragon shadow shot out. A palm bursting with purple flame hit Luo Mang hard on his back.


Luo Mang's face turned cold. He did not dodge. Instead, he threw out a blow with a backhand. Majestic spiritual energy swirled out.


As the blows hit each other, spiritual energy raged frantically.

The place where they stood collapsed, and there were cracks everywhere. The other dukes hurriedly retreated as they were afraid to be implicated.

Swish! Swish!

Both of them were tough. Lightning shone out from Mu Chen's body, and he activated the Thunder God Physique to its peak. His eyes were cold, and he threw out another ruthless blow.

"Do you think that you are the only one who has cultivated your physique?" Luo Mang snorted with laughter. He stomped his feet, and the black snake runes on his body started to writhe. His body instantly turned dark and became sturdy like metal.

Dark rays glittered as he clenched his fist. He punched straight into Mu Chen's fist that was shimmering with lightning.


Except for the spot where they stood, the ground around them collapsed. They were so powerful that many became nervous and anxious.

Those who knew Luo Mang's strength were shocked. Luo Mang had fought his way up to become Duke of Demonic Python City. His Demonic Python Physique was extremely powerful and sturdy like metal. His body was tough, and it was considered top notch among the Grade Two Sovereigns. However, he had been blocked off by a Grade One Sovereign who had a tough body as well.

"You do have some ability! However, you are not good enough to take me on!"

The two fists punched against each other, and the space surged. Luo Mang gave a vicious smile, but he was a bit stunned. He could feel that as his blow met Mu Chen's, he was not gaining the upper hand.

Mu Chen slowly lifted his head and smiled coldly. "Is that so? Do you want to try the power of the Golden Body?"  

Golden lights surged in his eyes. The silver color that had appeared on his skin speedily turned golden. From afar, he looked as though he were made of gold.

"Back off!"

Mu Chen threw out a punch. It hit Luo Mang's fist, and a terrifying power like a volcano erupted.


There was an explosion, and everyone saw Luo Mang's body fly backward. A deep crack appeared on the ground.

Smoke rose up, and the ground was in ruins. Many people gasped.

This youth had sent Luo Mang flying with one blow!

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