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Chapter 70 – Participation

The atmosphere within the Meeting Room seemed to have slightly frozen due to Mu Chen’s sentence. Then, Mu Feng and the others directed their surprised eyes at Mu Chen.

“What madness are you saying?” Mu Feng scolded him as he frowned.

Wen Ling also frowned. Constructing a Rank 2 Spirit Convergence Array was a rather troublesome matter. Only a Rank 1 Spiritual Array Master would be able to help. Although Mu Chen had quite the talent in the area of Spiritual Arrays, he had only just started. How could he withstand such responsibilities?

“Ohoho, constructing a Rank 2 Spirit Convergence Array isn’t something that you could casually participate in. Otherwise, if an accident was to occur, the loss of the materials would be a serious blow to the Mu Territory.” A middle-aged man with thick eyebrows smiled faintly. It was evident that he treated Mu Chen’s words as a boy acting arrogant.

The other two Rank 1 Spiritual Array Masters also nodded their heads. If a brat was able to participate in this, then why would they need them?

“Mister Wen, if you’re able to arrange a Rank 1 Spiritual Array, would you be barely considered as a Rank 1 Spiritual Array Master?” Mu Chen ignored them and asked Wen Ling with a smile.

Wen Ling hesitated and said: “In a broad sense, that is true…”

“I have already successfully arranged the Rank 1 Spiritual Array “Spiritual Flame Array” that you have handed over to me.” Mu Chen said.

Wen Ling’s voice suddenly stopped. He paused for half a second before immediately shouting out: “How is that possible?!”

“You can arrange the “Spiritual Flame Array”?” The other three Rank 1 Spiritual Array Masters stared at Mu Chen in disbelief. They could not believe that a young boy would have reached the same level as them.

Mu Feng and Zhou Ye also stared at Mu Chen with a surprised expressions. However, the two of them knew Mu Chen pretty well. Mu Chen would not randomly spout nonsense in front of them. If he says that he could arrange the “Spiritual Flame Array”, there was a certain degree of truth to it.


Wen Ling also recovered from the shock and stared doubtfully at Mu Chen as if he still did not believe him: “If that’s the case, then try arranging it out in front of us.”

Mu Chen could not help but nod. He gripped his hand and dark black Spiritual Energy condensed. Then, 15 black Spiritual Seals flashed as it was formed.

“He’s actually able to form 15 Spiritual Seals!”

The three Rank 1 Spiritual Array Masters’ faces turned serious when they saw this. The amount of Spiritual Seals that they were able to condense were only 17. And now, a boy, who was only in his teens, had already almost caught up to them. Just how frightening was his talent regarding Spiritual Arrays?

Wen Ling’s mouth could not help but twitch when he saw the 15 Spiritual Seals. However, he did not say anything. He had already believed Mu Chen’s words within his heart.

Mu Chen’s face turned serious and he flicked his ten fingers. The 15 Spiritual Seals shot off into the air and integrated into the air. Then, his hands were rapidly changing seals.


As Mu Chen’s seals changed, everybody at the scene could feel the temperature in the room rapidly increasing. The Spiritual Energy within the world was rapidly gathering in the air in front of them.

Everybody at the scene were all individuals with keen perception. Thus, they could vaguely see the quickly forming complex light diagram within the air. A light of fire surged through the Array.

The time slowly passed. After a while, Mu Chen finally stopped his hands from changing. In the air in front of them, a fiery red Spiritual Array gradually emerged as it enveloped half the Meeting Room.

“This…” Wen Ling had a complicated expression as he stared at the formed Spiritual Array. He could not help but sigh as he said: “This is definitely the Spiritual Flame Array.”

The other three Rank 1 Spiritual Array Masters beside him exchanged gazes. They immediately let out a bitter laugh. A boy, who was in his teens, was a Rank 1 Spiritual Array Master? It was the first time they saw it in their lives. Just what kind of freak is the Mu Territory’s Little Lord?

Mu Feng and Zhou Ye’s eyes were filled with joy. Mu Feng stood up and patted Mu Chen’s shoulder as he said with a smile: “Atta boy, it seems that you’ve really inherited your mother’s talent in this.”

“Don’t just ignore my efforts in it, okay?” Mu Chen said helplessly. If he did not spend a week fully immersed in studying the “Spiritual Flame Array” and crawled up after experiencing many failures, how could he have succeeded?

Mu Feng smiled as he nodded his head. He could not conceal the pride and content within his eyes. The anger he had towards the Liu Territory for obstructing him had completely vanished at this moment.

“Mister Wen, what do you think about Mu Chen? Would he be able to help?” Mu Feng looked at Wen Ling and asked.

Wen Ling pondered for a moment and said: “It’s true that Mu Chen is able to condense the “Spiritual Flame Array”. However, he had only just started out and cannot be considered as a true Rank 1 Spiritual Array Master. After all, he still needs to hone his experience and eyesight.”

Mu Feng glanced at Mu Chen and also nodded his head. Indeed, no matter how talented Mu Chen was in this area, experience wasn’t something which would come to him for no reason.

Mu Chen’s face turned a little sour.

“Ohoho, but experience comes from slowly accumulating it. Constructing a Rank 2 Spirit Convergence Array might be a great opportunity for him. Right now, he can barely be qualified to participate in it.” Wen Ling stared at Mu Chen, who was bitter, and smiled. Then, the tone of his voice changed.

Surprise quickly poured out from Mu Chen’s eyes. He smiled and said: “Then, thank you, Mister Wen.”

Wen Ling waved his hand. The eyes that stared at Mu Chen were filled with a surprisingly gentle light. Even he could not help but show some love towards such a talented boy. However, he also quickly understood that he probably wouldn’t be able to give much guidance to Mu Chen due to his talent. This is because it was a simple matter for the latter to surpass him.

The other three Rank 1 Spiritual Array Masters did not refuse after hearing this. It was obvious that they were shaken by Mu Chen’s earlier performance. According to Wen Ling, Mu Chen had not yet been exposed to Spiritual Arrays for a month, yet his abilities were about to catch up to them. Perhaps this boy would soon become the most powerful Spiritual Array Master within the Northern Spiritual Realm.

“I will take Mu Chen with me tomorrow to the Spirit Convergence Array’s location. We will let him get familiar to it and attempt it after a couple of days. How about that?” Wen Ling looked at Mu Feng and asked.


Mu Feng did not object. As long as Mu Chen was able to improve his understanding on Spiritual Arrays, he would not feel pain even if Mu Chen was to waste all the materials that they gathered.

Since they had already made their decision, Wen Ling and the others talked about the details with Mu Feng before taking their leave.

“Boy, you should follow Mister Wen Ling tomorrow and learn properly. Don’t just be satisfied with your talent. Cultivation in Spiritual Arrays isn’t something that you can go far on with just talent.” Mu Feng watched Wen Ling and the others depart before turning around to talk with Mu Chen.

“No matter what, you must not be ordinary in Spiritual Array Cultivation even if you are ordinary in Spiritual Energy Cultivation. Otherwise, you will disgrace your mother.”

Mu Chen rolled his eyes and could not help but ask: “Mother is really such an amazing Spiritual Array Master?”

“Your mother’s achievement in Spiritual Arrays could be said to be unmatched within the Northern Spiritual Realm. Probably even in the Five Great Academies, nobody will be able to compare with her.” Mu Feng said with a faint smile.

“She was that amazing?” Mu Chen was slightly stunned. He could endure it if it was the Spiritual Array Masters within the Northern Spiritual Realm. But what sort of place are the “Five Great Academies”? In that place, the strongest Spiritual Array Masters could probably annihilate a Spirit Stage powerhouse on a whim. Her mother was actually that amazing?

“But if mother is that amazing, dad, don’t you feel a lot of pressure?” Mu Chen suddenly glanced at Mu Feng and joked around.

“When I first met your mother, her strength was somehow sealed to an incredibly low level. At that time, I treated her as a common, weak woman and protected her on the way. In the end, I nearly died…”

Mu Feng smiled. Then, he revealed some pride in his eyes and said: “Who would have imagined that she would become that powerful? However, your mother is very gentle, so why would I feel any pressure?”

“So you took advantage of her when she was in a perilous state. When mother had her strength sealed, it must be  when she had her guard down the most. Otherwise, why would she fancy you, dad?” Mu Chen said as he understood the situation.

“Damn brat, you’re looking for a spanking!” Mu Feng finally turned the shame into anger and pretending to hit Mu Chen. However, Mu Chen laughed as he scurried away while leaving behind a dumbfounded Mu Feng.

“That boy…”

Mu Feng put his fists away and immediately let out a pleased smile as he muttered: “Jing, our son is becoming more and more amazing. I think that he might be able to surpass you in the future. When that happens, it will be the time when our family reunites…”

After talking up to this point, he seemed to have remembered something and darkness flushed through his eyes. He clenched his hands tightly and his drooping face was quite dark.

“You can look down on me. I don’t care. It’s true that I do not have the ability, but I still have my son!”

On the following day, when morning had just arrived, Mu Chen had already exited his room. Outside of the Meeting Room, he saw Mu Feng, Wen Ling and the others, who had already been waiting for him.

“Let’s go.”

Mu Feng showed a faint smile when he saw Mu Chen arriving. He took the lead and charged out of the Mu Estate to the northern part of Mu City. At that location, there was a vast square. It was the place where Mu Territory’s guards would train daily. If they were able to arrange a Rank 2 Spirit Convergence Array at this place, it would increase the attractiveness of the Mu Territory to a few powerhouses. After all, a Spirit Convergence Array would bring great benefits to cultivation.

Right now, the square had already been isolated by the Mu Territory’s guard. Mu Feng and the others entered the square and stopped their footsteps. Then, they stared heatedly in front.

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