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Chapter 69 – Rank 2 Spirit Convergence Array

In the courtyard of the Mu Estate, Mu Chen was standing straight as excitement surged through his eyes. After many days of training, he had finally condensed 15 Spiritual Seals. This also reached the basic requirements for the “Spiritual Flame Array”.

And he was also finally able to test just how powerful a Rank 1 Spiritual Array was.

Mu Chen’s palm opened up and dark black Spiritual Energy flashed before it turned into shining, black Spiritual Seals. He manipulated the Spiritual Seals and channeled them to enter the air. Then, the Spiritual Seals seemed to have vanish like raindrops falling in the ocean. The only thing that others could perceive was a strange, rippling fluctuation.

The complexity of arranging a Rank 1 Spiritual Array was far beyond a tiny Spiritual Array. Although Mu Chen had constantly studied the Diagram Array of the “Spiritual Flame Array” over the past few days, it was still the first time attempting it for him. Thus, he was still quite not used to it. Sweat had emerged on his forehead as he channeled the 15 Spiritual Seals into the air.


The 15 Spiritual Seals fused into the air and formed Spiritual Energy lights which were hard to see with the naked eye. Then, Mu Chen controlled his thoughts and manipulated the Spiritual Energy lights to extend into light beams. In the end, the light beams were intertwined with each other.

The Diagram Array was rather complex, so Mu Chen was quite busy. Arranging the complicated Diagram Array requires fine control and a single mistake would lead to failure.

It was evident that a Rank 1 Spiritual Array was not that easy to arrange. Although Mu Chen was quite talented in that area, he was not able to accomplish it in one attempt.

Thus, when the light beams for the Diagram Array extended to a complicated step, he finally made a mistake. A Spiritual Energy light beam had extended to the wrong location.

The instant that the Spiritual Energy light beam’s position was off, Mu Chen secretly shouted out sh*t. Then, he saw the air in front of him emitting out a violent Spiritual Energy fluctuation. A fiery red color surged out from that location and one could faintly see the unfinished shape of the Spiritual Array.


The violent fiery red Spiritual Energy directly bombarded on Mu Chen’s body and a deep sound rang out. It made Mu Chen fly back dozens of meters and his depressed appearance made him seem like he was quite awkward.

Afterwards, Mu Chen climbed up from the ground. Luckily, he did not suffer any major injuries. He patted his body casually and pondered for a while as he thought back to the area where he had failed. Lights constantly flashed within his black eyes.

Mu Chen’s first attempt on arranging a Rank 1 Spiritual Array had ended with failure. However, he did not give up. Instead, it aroused his stubbornness and he started attempting it again after a brief rest.

But the result…

Boom! Boom!

In the courtyard, muffled sounds rang out endlessly through the afternoon. At that location, a youthful figure was endlessly being blown away. The patrolling guards looked at each other when they heard the sounds, but they did not dare to disturb Mu Chen’s training.

Mu Chen, who was quite awkward, finally stopped his training when night was approaching. He had spent an entire afternoon in failure. However, this did not take a blow to his confidence. This is because he had overcome the part where he had failed in every time he failed. Based on this speed, he would soon be able to arrange the “Spiritual Flame Array”.

As he thought about this, Mu Chen let out a grin and clapped his hands. Then he turned around and left.

For the next three days, Mu Chen had placed almost all his energy on the “Spiritual Flame Array”. He would attempt it over and over again in the courtyard, yet he would fail every single time.

Sometimes, the patrolling guards within the estate would feel surprised when they noticed Mu Chen crawling up from the ground helplessly. They did not know what Mu Chen was practicing in, but his attitude of climbing up and ignoring all those failures made them admire his perseverance and insistence.

“The Little Lord is quite diligent. It seems that there is a successor for the Mu Territory in the future.” The guards thought this as they walked lightly. They did not want to disturb the boy who was training in the courtyard.

Mu Chen’s failures continued to persist. This continued until the 3rd day’s evening before there was a slight change.

The boy in the courtyard was completely awkward again, only his eyes were still flashing. At this moment, he had a serious expression and 15 Spiritual Seals danced around his fingertips. They immediately integrated into the air and brought out a Spiritual Energy fluctuation.

Compared to the past few days, Mu Chen’s technique had greatly improved. It seems that the failures he had experienced allowed him to progress significantly.

As the fluctuations occurred in the air, the Spiritual Aura within the world also flew quickly over. A red light suddenly emerged in front of Mu Chen and a complicated red light array gradually emerged.

Within the fiery red light array, lights surged like a flame travelling back and forth. It looked exceptionally majestic.

Mu Chen stared at the finally completed “Spiritual Flame Array” and delight poured out from his eyes. He had finally succeeded after many failures!

Although the “Spiritual Flame Array” still showed some signs of instability at the moment, this was still a successful arrangement made by Mu Chen.


Mu Chen suppressed the joy within his heart and his fingers moved. Two of his fingers weren’t bent and pointed at a giant boulder that was like a mountain in the courtyard.


A fiery light suddenly emerged on the Spiritual Flame Array. Then, a red flame light pillar erupted out like a volcano. It shot off fiercely from the Spiritual Array and bombarded the giant boulder.


The earth seemed to tremble at this moment. The giant boulder that was like a mini-sized room instantly shattered and gravel exploded out. It made the courtyard into a big mess.

“What an amazing power!”

Surprised filled Mu Chen’s face as he witnessed the power of the Spiritual Flame Array. This power was probably something that even a Spiritual Rotation Stage Middle Phase powerhouse would find hard to endure. A Rank 1 Spiritual Array truly deserves its reputation. However, the consumption was quite high for him as well.

“Little Lord!”

The guards outside of the courtyard also heard the commotion and hurriedly rushed in. They stared at the mess on the ground and were stunned. Originally, they thought that Mu Chen had suffered an enemy attack and quickly rushed over.

“It’s fine. I did this all by myself.”

Mu Chen smiled and waved his hand. He stared at the awkward appearance he had and smiled helplessly. Then, he turned around and entered the house to clean himself up while the guards exchanged gazes with each other. When did the Little Lord become so powerful? He actually destroyed a mountain-like boulder. Not even their captain, who had reached the Spiritual Rotation Stage, could do it.

After Mu Chen cleaned himself up, he walked out of the room and slipped away as he noticed the guards cleaning up the courtyard. He was quite exhausted after studying the “Spiritual Flame Array” overnight for a couple of days.

Mu Chen strolled down the Mu Estate leisurely and walked near the Meeting Room. Then, he noticed lights within it. It was already this late, yet his dad was still discussing about some affairs?

Mu Chen thought for a moment and walked over. He immediately heard a loud sound coming from the Meeting Room. The sound was quite familiar as it was the sound of Mu Feng smacking the table in fury.

His dad hasn’t been so furious in a long time, what had happened?

Mu Chen hesitated for a moment before straining his ears to listen.

Within the Meeting Room, Mu Feng’s face was dark with rage. The table in front of him was smashed to pieces by him. He stood up and angrily shouted: “Those Liu Territory’s as*holes. They really like obstructing us secretly!”

Beside him, Zhou Ye also had a gloomy expression and immediately exclaimed: “Those bastards. They spent a great deal of money purchasing the materials and restraining many Spiritual Array Masters when they heard that we were going to construct a Rank 2 Spirit Convergence Array. With the remaining materials we have left, we cannot fail again.”

Mu Feng clenched his fist tightly and looked at the other four figures in the room. One of the people in the room was Wen Ling. As for the others, they were all middle-aged individuals. They must be the other three Rank 1 Spiritual Array Masters that Mu Feng had invited over.

“Mister Wen Ling, what other difficulties are we facing now in order to construct a Rank 2 Spirit Convergence Array?” Mu Feng lowered his voice and asked slowly.

Wen Ling sighed and said: “Territory Lord. We have already attempted once over the past few days. However, it ended in failure and we wasted a lot of materials. Based on our conjecture, we probably require another Rank 1 Spiritual Array Master to help us.”

Zhou Ye frowned and said: “We have basically invited all the Spiritual Array Masters within the Mu Territory. With the Liu Territory’s obstruction, it would probably be difficult to find another Rank 1 Spiritual Array Master.”

Wen Ling let out a bitter laugh. He also knew that it was troublesome, but there was no other way. They had tried it before and knew that it was not possible with just the four of them.

“Zhou Ye.” Mu Feng’s eyes flashed and immediately waved his hand as he said: “Send the word out to the Spiritual Array Masters which the Liu Territory had drawn away that the Mu Territory will double whatever the Liu Territory had promised them as long as they help the Mu Territory!”

Zhou Ye was shocked. This means that they would have to pay a great price. Moreover, these words mean that the cunning Spiritual Array Masters would probably take the opportunity to squeeze every last bit out from them. If that’s the case, it would be unfair to the other three Spiritual Array Masters in front of them. It would easily show that they were being unfair.

Thinking about this, he glanced at the other 3 Spiritual Array Masters. As expected, they were somewhat unnatural.

“The Territory Lord should not say these words out in anger. This might cause us to crumble down instead.” Wen Ling said with a wry smile.

At this moment, Mu Feng seemed to have woken up. He first cupped his fists to the other three Spiritual Array Masters before sitting back down as he gritted his teeth with a gloomy expression. Right now, news about the Mu Territory wanting to construct a Rank 2 Spirit Convergence Array has spread out. If they were not able to accomplish it, they would become a joke.

Silence filled the Meeting Room again and the atmosphere was quite depressing.


Just when everybody was silent, the tightly closed door was suddenly pushed open. Mu Feng frowned and was about to shout. However, he immediately swallowed it back down when he saw Mu Chen’s figure.

Mu Chen smiled at Mu Feng and then turned around to Wen Ling as he said: “Mister Wen, I see that you’re missing a Spiritual Array Master. Would it be fine if I were to take that spot?”

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