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Deep within the Daluo Golden Pool, when the strange girl with golden eyes opened her eyes, a chill struck Mu Chen. Without hesitation, he bore the pain within and activated The Great Solar Undying Body. He wanted to leave the place quickly.

Just as he was about to move, the girl with golden eyes looked indifferently at him. She stood up and stepped forth.


Mu Chen suddenly froze. He looked shocked and dared not move. The little girl had appeared before him. She then passed through the defense of the Sovereign Celestial Body and came before Mu Chen's actual body.

Mu Chen broke out in a cold sweat. He could sense death knocking at his door from the girl's eyes. He believed that the mysterious little girl could easily take his life. There were no feelings in her eyes.

Mu Chen lifted up his head, with much difficulty, and managed to take a good look at the girl. She was fair and expressionless. She looked delicate and had a small build, with long black hair down to her knees.

If Mu Chen had met such a cute girl any other day, he would have been attracted to her. However, he could only feel chilled at this moment. He dared not look at her naked body.

The little girl quietly watched Mu Chen. Her long eyelashes moved, and she stretched out her small hand toward Mu Chen's head.

Upon seeing this, Mu Chen turned pale. He wanted to back away, but the surrounding space had frozen. His connection with The Great Solar Undying Body had been cut off. This girl was extremely powerful.

Mu Chen's body froze, and he could only watch the little girl placing her hand on his forehead. She said softly, "You are feeling pain…"

Red lights suddenly surged in her hand. The red lights then covered Mu Chen's body, causing him to shiver. He then felt the pain in his body going away. Within a few split seconds, the pain in his body was completely gone.

Mu Chen was shocked, and lifted up his head. He saw that the red lights had retracted from between his eyebrows, back to the little girl's hand.

As the red lights retracted to the girl's hand, her hand shook. Her expressionless face moved slightly, and she seemed to be in pain.

When Mu Chen saw this, he could not believe his eyes. The little girl was able to take away the pain from a person's body! However, when she did it, her body would…

That was to say, she had borne the excruciating pain that Mu Chen had experienced earlier. However, she had only reacted slightly, even while bearing such pain.

Is this little girl a strange creature?

After the little girl had drawn away the pain from Mu Chen's body, she no longer bothered herself with him. Instead, she lifted up her face and scrutinized The Great Solar Undying Body. The golden lights in her eyes seemed to be checking on the Sovereign Celestial Body.

After scrutinizing it for a while, her golden eyes turned grave, and she shivered. She bit her lips, then muttered in a shaky voice, "Is this…The Great Solar Undying Body?"

She spoke softly, but Mu Chen had heard her. He was dumbfounded, as he stared at the mysterious little girl. After so many years, this was the first time that someone had recognized The Great Solar Undying Body…

"You…you know about The Great Solar Undying Body?" Mu Chen asked.

The little girl paid no attention to him, but knit her brows together. She suddenly turned to look at Mu Chen, before laying her hand on Mu Chen's chest.

Mu Chen then became nervous, as he could feel the Sovereign Sea in his body surging. He suddenly sensed the Immortal Page shaking continuously. It seemed as though an invisible force was trying to grab it away.

When Mu Chen realized this, he was enraged. This little girl was too outrageous.

The Immortal Page was Mu Chen's deepest secret. This was the clue to The Primordial Immortal Body. He would never let anyone snatch it away.

Mu Chen stomped his feet, and The Great Solar Undying Body shone forth numerous colorful rays. The power that had restrained Mu Chen had been released, and he moved back vigorously.


However, as he dashed out, the rays of light gathered before him. The little girl followed closely behind, with her hand placed on Mu Chen's chest.

Mu Chen's eyes were glittering fiercely. He gritted his teeth and changed the seal. The Immortal Page in his Sovereign Sea exuded a mysterious purple light.

The purple light runes from the Immortal Page spread out, before dashing out of the Sovereign Sea to the top of Mu Chen's head. They then turned into a huge purple mandala flower.

Then, the mandala flower started to bloom. Under the purple light, it was like a vine, as it speedily twined itself around the little girl.

The little girl stopped moving, and Mu Chen used the chance to escape. He was cautious and filled with fear.

The little girl did not struggle. She lifted up her face to look at the mandala flower. Her expressionless face had now turned into a sweet smile. In fact, she looked as though she had seen something that she adored.

As the purple light from the mandala flower shone on the little girl, it entered into her body. Her face livened up, and she no longer looked indifferent.

Mu Chen was shocked when he saw this. He looked at The Great Solar Undying Body, realizing that the golden silt that had been surrounding the Sovereign Celestial Body had fallen off in pieces. The slits fell off at an increasing speed, shooting forth dazzling golden lights.

Mu Chen stared hard at The Great Solar Undying Body. He wanted to find out if he had successfully cultivated the Daluo Golden Body.

The golden silt had fallen off completely, and dazzling golden lights had swirled out. The Great Solar Undying Body sat cross-legged within the golden lights. Its huge body was dazzling, as though it was made of a gold that could not be destroyed.

There were pictures of eight golden dragons on its body. They seemed to be embedded in the Sovereign Celestial Body, and they looked real. They were majestic and seemed to be protecting the Sovereign Celestial Body.

The Great Solar Undying Body sat at the bottom of the Daluo Golden Pool, like a golden Buddha. It looked invincible, as though no other power could penetrate its Sovereign Celestial Body.

After The Great Solar Undying Body possessed the Daluo Golden Body, it had become more valiant. Mu Chen reckoned that, even if it had been attacked by a Grade Three Sovereign, it would be able to withstand the blow.

He was pleased as he watched The Great Solar Undying Body. It had indeed been worth his pain and effort in cultivating the Daluo Golden Body.

After a while, he recollected himself, as there was a terrifying little girl before his eyes…

Mu Chen turned to look at the little girl, who was under the purple light of the mandala flower. He looked fearful, for he knew that, even though he had successfully cultivated the Daluo Golden Body, it was nothing in the eyes of the powerful little girl.

Mu Chen's eyes glittered, and he changed the seal. The mandala flower shot backward. It then turned into purple light and entered into his body.

The purple light that was covering the little girl had dissipated. The little girl raised her brows and looked angrily at Mu Chen. Her golden eyes were surging with golden lights.

"This thing belongs to me…I need to make a move." Mu Chen smiled wryly.

The little girl knit her brows and thought for a while, her head tilted. She stepped forth and pounced toward Mu Chen. When Mu Chen saw this, he reflexively caught her in his arms. 

Mu Chen went blank, as he touched the little girl's body. It was smooth and tender. When he recollected himself, he felt like throwing her away, for he knew that this little girl was not as cute as she looked…

However, he did not do it. He looked down at her and saw that she was lying still in his arms, her face stuck to his chest. Mu Chen could feel purple lights exuding from the Immortal Page, entering into the little girl's body.

Her exquisite porcelain doll-liked face was expressionless. Mu Chen felt less fearful of her, now that she had shut her eyes. This little girl seemed to adore the Immortal Page in his body.

Mu Chen smiled wryly, as he took out a black top to cover her naked body. After hesitating for a while, he cautiously asked, "Who are you? What is your name?"

The little girl had her eyes shut, and after some time, she said in a low voice, "Mandela."

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