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Daluo Golden Pool, 20,000 feet deep.


At such a depth in the Daluo Golden Pool, it was supposed to be extremely quiet. However, it was as if waves were violently rolling. The viscous golden pool water whizzed around wildly and seemed to have formed a huge golden whirlpool.

At the center of the whirlpool, there was actually a giant figure sitting cross-legged.

The giant was Mu Chen's Great Solar Undying Body. However, the Sovereign Celestial Body, which was originally thousands of feet in size, was now actually only hundreds of feet in size.

This was all caused by the terrifying pressure from the Daluo Golden Pool.

Inside the Sovereign Celestial Body, Mu Chen sat quietly. His body was trembling gently, and the surface of his body was covered by a thin scab. At the depth of 20,000 feet in the Daluo Golden Pool, the pressure was able to seep through the Sovereign Celestial Body and eventually act on his own body.

If he did not have those notable achievements in his physical body, he would probably have been crushed into pieces by the pressure penetrating through the Sovereign Celestial Body.

Even so, the intense pain that filled his body still caused him to tremble uncontrollably. Nevertheless, he eventually managed to just grit his teeth and tolerate the pain.


Below the scab, Mu Chen seemed to have taken in a soft breath, and then his hands slowly formed a seal.


When he finished forming the seal, an endless amount of light suddenly burst out from the Great Solar Undying Body. The flames of brightness spread and absorbed all the magical and vast power of the Golden Pool, and were eventually devoured by the Great Solar Undying Body.

Mu Chen had activated the Great Solar Undying Body to its extreme. Therefore, at the bottom of the Daluo Golden Pool, golden energy whizzed over steadily and continuously gushed into the gigantic figure.

The concentration of the golden energy was undoubtedly a hundred times greater than before!

Under the injection of such an astonishing amount of energy, the surface of Mu Chen's huge Great Solar Undying Body was also rapidly filled with golden light. The eight golden snakes swam around swiftly and greedily consumed the waves of golden energy that were gushing over.

The eight golden snakes were growing bigger at a noticeable pace.

A burning sensation filled every corner of the Sovereign Celestial Body, and Mu Chen felt as if he were on a stove. However, as the burning sensation became stronger, he could feel that the terrifying external pressure was gradually weakening. Obviously, the Sovereign Celestial Body was slowly becoming stronger as it absorbed the power of the Golden Pool. Therefore, the resistance against the pressure was also progressively increasing.

Time passed slowly at the bottom of the Golden Pool.

As time passed, the golden light enveloping the Great Solar Undying Body also grew more intense. From afar, it seemed as though the surface of the Sovereign Celestial Body was covered with a gold film.

Inside the Sovereign Celestial Body, Mu Chen's closed eyes opened suddenly, and he stared at the outside of the Sovereign Celestial Body. On its gigantic body, a huge golden snake quickly swam past. As the golden snake wriggled, golden claws suddenly emerged below its body. Golden lumps also rose slowly on the snake's head.

This signaled that the snake was evolving.

Seeing the scene, some thoughts seemed to flash across Mu Chen's eyes. He looked at the other seven golden snakes and discovered that they were evolving slowly as well. As they evolved, Mu Chen could feel that a magical power seemed to be subtly gushing out from their bodies.

The fluctuation caused the Great Solar Undying Body to tremble slightly, as if it could no longer wait.

This Daluo Golden Body actually needs me to turn the snakes into dragons...

Mu Chen's eyes sparkled. It seemed that in order to cultivate the Daluo Golden Body, he had to make the eight golden snakes evolve into dragons. However, this clearly required a very large power from the Golden Pool, and one could only get the sufficient amount of power at the very deepest parts of the pool.

I will let you absorb as much as you want!

Mu Chen grinned. As he changed his seals, a strong attractive force gushed out from the Great Solar Undying Body again and devoured all the power of the Golden Pool, which was continuously rushing over.

As the Sovereign Celestial Body absorbed the power of the Golden Pool at full force, the eight golden snakes also swallowed the power greedily, and the rate of evolution increased once more.

Time passed in the depths of the Golden Pool. In the blink of an eye, three days had passed.

In the Sovereign Celestial Body, when Mu Chen opened his eyes again, he could hear a sudden howl spreading. Raising his head, he noticed that on the surface of the Sovereign Celestial Body, the eight giant golden snakes were struggling continuously. As they struggled, golden scales constantly fell off of their bodies. They wriggled and dragon claws started to slowly emerge.

When dragon horns also grew on the heads of the golden snakes, the howls from the eight golden snakes suddenly became low and actually turned into real dragon howls. The mighty dragon howls spread and caused golden waves to form at the depths of the Golden Pool.

I did it!

Mu Chen watched the scene in surprise. He had finally fed the eight golden snakes sufficiently.


However, just as the eight golden snakes successfully evolved into golden dragons, they did not merge with the Sovereign Celestial Body directly. Instead, they wound around the Great Solar Undying Body and gave out a low roar towards the bottom of the Golden Pool.

The roar seemed to be pressing.

The eight golden dragons opened their huge mouths. A violent gust of wind whizzed out and swept towards the deepest part of the Daluo Golden Pool like a tornado. The deepest part was filled with golden light and looked like particles of endless silt.

The silt was golden in color and looked like molten gold, dazzling and eye-catching.


The golden silt was swept off bit by bit and continuously flew towards the Sovereign Celestial Body.


As the golden silt covered and stuck onto the Sovereign Celestial Body, white mist burst out immediately. The golden silt actually had an extremely high temperature.

At this instant, Mu Chen's expression turned worrisome.

That was because he realized that as the golden silt adhered to the Great Solar Undying Body, it actually started to slowly melt. The seemingly harmless golden silt was in fact the most terrifying object in the Daluo Golden Pool.

Damn it!

Mu Chen gritted his teeth and cursed. The golden dragons had caused him a lot of trouble. But from the look of it, this seemed to be the last step in the cultivation of the Daluo Golden Body.

Thus, regardless of how shocked Mu Chen was, he had to persist no matter what.


The golden dragons drew so much golden silt over that it seemed to be blotting out the sky and the earth. Eventually, it poured down like a rainstorm. Covered in the silt rainstorm, the Great Solar Undying Body was also soon engulfed by it along with the eight golden dragons.


The white mist still continued to rise. Mu Chen, who was sitting cross-legged inside the Sovereign Celestial Body, also started to tremble wildly. His entire body was red and blood continuously seeped out from his pores. However, he gritted his teeth hard and did not make any sound at all.

The terrifying temperature was not only burning the Sovereign Celestial Body but was also transmitted onto his body. He felt as if he had been thrown into a pool of underground magma and would be burned into ashes at any moment.

Mu Chen knelt down with his hands supporting himself in front. Sweat was mixed with blood and rolled down from his body. As he gritted his teeth firmly, there was similarly blood seeping out from the crevices between his teeth. His black eyes were filled with streaks of blood and looked particularly ferocious.


The golden silt continuously flew over and almost covered the Sovereign Celestial Body completely in the end. Under the burn from the golden silt, the Great Solar Undying Body was also gradually shrinking.

It was as if the Celestial Body was being melted.

Sharp pain crazily charged into Mu Chen's mind. Soon, he could no long tolerate it even with his strong perseverance. As blood flew out from his body, his consciousness began to slowly weaken.

He could feel that under the covering of the golden silt, the eight golden dragons were gradually being merged into the Great Solar Undying Body. As long as he could persist until the end, he would be able to cultivate the Daluo Golden Body successfully.

Hence, at this moment, he must persist!


While Mu Chen was trying to hold on at the bottom of the Golden Pool, the golden silt was still being swept away continuously. Layers of silt lifted...

As the layers of golden silt were removed, at some point, Mu Chen seemed to feel something. Enduring the sharp pain, he strained to open his eyes and look below.

Then, his eyes narrowed immediately and were filled with horror.

In the deepest part of the Daluo Golden Pool, the golden silt was dancing around, slowly revealing a golden stone platform. The golden platform was only about ten feet long. At the moment, there seemed to be a tiny figure lying calmly on the golden platform.

There is actually a person at the bottom of the Daluo Golden Pool?

The abrupt discovery caused Mu Chen to feel uncontrollably shocked. For a moment, he could even endure the intense pain from his body. He looked over hurriedly and realized that the figure on the golden stone platform seemed to be a naked girl. The girl looked like she was 11 or 12 and had black hair down to her knees. Even though her appearance could not be seen clearly, her petite look was extremely adorable.

Who is she? Why is she here?

However, at the moment, Mu Chen did not feel that she was cute at all, because it was glaringly obvious that the weird little girl was not simple. Mu Chen got an incredibly dangerous feeling from her.

Just as Mu Chen was somewhat shocked by the strange little girl who had appeared at the bottom of the Daluo Golden Pool, the little girl's long eyelashes suddenly moved slightly. Then, to Mu Chen's astonishment, she slowly opened her eyes.

She had a pair of golden pupils. However, the apathy within them caused Mu Chen to feel so frightened, it was as if his head had exploded.

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