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When Mu Chen heard this strange name, he was stunned. He got a close look at the girl, but she continued to shut her eyes and could not be bothered with him. Mu Chen could only smile wryly.

He did not know anything about the little girl, and he was curious about her. She was extremely powerful and had surpassed the three kings of Daluo Territory.

She seemed familiar with the Immortal Page. Otherwise, she would not have known that Mu Chen had cultivated the Great Solar Undying Body. This was a rare Sovereign Celestial Body which was not recorded in the 99 Sovereign Celestial Body rankings.

Mu Chen was wary and fearful of her. However, it seemed like she had no intention of leaving and wanted to stick with him. Mu Chen dared not oppose her, for he was afraid that she might kill him if she was enraged.

He would not want to die in that manner.  

Moreover, she had stayed because of the Immortal Page.


Mu Chen carried Mandela and sighed helplessly. He formed a seal, and the Great Solar Undying Body shot up, splitting the thick golden lake water apart.

Since Mu Chen had successfully cultivated the Daluo Golden Body, he found it pointless to stay. He could also feel that the Daluo Golden Pool would be sealed up soon.

Outside the Golden Pool.

The temperature had been high for the past few days. It came from the golden talisman that had been shining like a scorching sun.

Throughout the years that the Daluo Golden Pool had been open, this was the first time that the rays were so strong.

Anyone would have guessed that someone was cultivating the Daluo Golden Body, and the person had been successful in doing so.

Many people were taken aback and at the same time, curious. They were dying to find out who the genius was among the four great commanders.

After all, many geniuses had failed to cultivate the Daluo Golden Body all these years.

The three kings stood quietly in the air and stared at the golden talisman. They looked increasingly shocked.

The light from the talisman had shone for four days without dimming. That was to say, the person who had gone deep down in the Golden Pool had persevered.

"This is interesting," Sleeping King said in amusement. He had been indifferent, but this had aroused his interest.

Condor King and Spiritual Pupil King were shocked as well. Their eyes were shimmering, and they were keen to find out who it was that had such a great achievement. This was the first time throughout the years that someone had successfully cultivated the Daluo Golden Body. Who is this person?

Nine Nether and the other eight Lords looked shocked as well. Lord Asura, Lord Mountain Cracker, and Lord Blood Hawk were tense. If their commanders were the ones who had made it in the Daluo Golden Pool Contest, that would make them famous.

Sleeping King squinted and said suddenly, "It is almost time. The Daluo Golden Pool is about to seal up."


Golden lights shot up from the towering hilltop. Everyone hastily looked up and saw three huge shadows tearing the golden light apart before appearing in the sky.

All eyes were fixed on the sky.

The three huge shadows were Sovereign Celestial Bodies. Golden lights were dazzling around them, making them look invulnerable and valiant. A strong wind whizzed past them.

When the people saw the three Sovereign Celestial Bodies, they were disappointed. Although the three Sovereign Celestial Bodies were valiant, they were far from achieving the Daluo Golden Body.


At the peak of the Golden Pool, a huge golden light beam shot up to the sky, and a huge golden figure stepped forth.

The huge shadow was as bright as gold, with a huge sun hanging behind his head. Eight dragon symbols seemed to be moving on its body, and cries of a dragon could indistinctly be heard.

As the golden light burst forth, an unknown oppression spread out and outshone the three Sovereign Celestial Bodies.

Everyone looked at it and gasped in shock.

"Eight dragon symbols… It is indeed the Daluo Golden Body…"

As the light died down and the Sovereign Celestial Bodies disappeared, the people saw the actual bodies of Xu Qing, Zhou Yue, and Wu Tian.

The three of them were looking at the golden Sovereign Celestial Body as well. Xu Qing and Zhou Yue looked confused, whereas Wu Tian found it unbelievable. He was filled with envy and unhappiness.

No one had expected Mu Chen to have successfully cultivated the Daluo Golden Body!

They had gone deep into the Daluo Golden Pool and knew how horrifying the pressure was. It was not within their ability to go down beyond 2,000 feet to absorb the power of the Golden Pool.

However, Mu Chen had managed to do it, and he only had the strength of a Grade One Sovereign!

Xu Qing and Zhou Yue looked at Mu Chen and turned grave. They suddenly became fearful of him. This mild-looking youth seemed to have kept many things within himself.

Wu Tian looked grim, and a murderous intent flashed in his eyes. His desire to kill Mu Chen grew stronger as Mu Chen became more powerful.

"It is Mu Chen!"

Tang Bing and Tang Rou were elated. Many people from the Nine Nether Troop were excited as well. They started to look at Mu Chen with admiration. After all these years, Mu Chen was the only commander who had managed to cultivate the Daluo Golden Body in the Daluo Golden Pool. 

Nine Nether had looked indifferent but now smiled. Mu Chen's achievement had made Nine Nether Palace famous. No one in the Daluo Territory would ever dare to look down on Nine Nether Palace again.

The eight Lords were shocked with the outcome. Most of them shook their heads in disbelief.

Lord Blood Hawk was the only one who sat on the stone platform looking grimly at the bright golden body.

Sleeping King laughed and said, "Hahaha, it is truly him."

Condor King looked pleased and said, "It seems like Nine Nether has brought back a guy with great potential." Nine Nether had good foresight. Mu Chen was way better than Cao Feng in terms of his personality and potential.

Spiritual Pupil King smiled and looked unfathomable.

The Sovereign Celestial Body that seemed to be made of gold gradually disappeared, and Mu Chen appeared before the people.

There was an uproar. Although they knew that it was Mu Chen when they saw the Sovereign Celestial Body, now that it had been confirmed, they could not help feeling emotional.

No one had expected such an outcome.

This was the first time in Daluo Territory's history that a Grade One Sovereign had successfully cultivated the Daluo Golden Body. Mu Chen was the only one.

Mu Chen felt at a loss in the sky. He was certain that the little girl, Mandela, was in his arms earlier, but there was no one in his arms now…

"She must have hidden herself."

Mu Chen smiled wryly. This little girl was extremely powerful. If she had wanted to hide herself, even the three kings would not have found her. Mu Chen could not tell if it was a misfortune to have met her.

"Hahaha, congratulations, Mu Chen. You are the first one at Grade One Sovereign to cultivate the Daluo Golden Body. You have broken the record." As Mu Chen was feeling lost, he heard the Condor King laughing loudly.

"Thank you, masters."

Mu Chen looked at the three kings and cupped his fist.

"You are capable." Sleeping King, who was reserved, smiled. He suddenly frowned and looked baffled. After a while, he shook his head and ignored the illusion that he had.

Condor King looked at the crowd and said, "The Daluo Golden Pool Contest ends here." He suddenly lowered his voice and said, "The Great Hunting Battle is around the corner. I hope everyone will hone their skills."

At the mention of the Great Hunting Battle, the noise suddenly died down, and there was a great silence. Indistinctly, a cold, bloody chill filled the air.

"Yes!" the nine Lords replied in a deep voice.

When the three kings heard their response, they did not say another word. They waved their sleeves, and the golden light on the peak of the Golden Pool disappeared. The current had been blocked, and the peak of the Golden Pool sealed up.

Mu Chen landed toward the direction of Nine Nether Palace. Everyone gathered together with joy.

"Let's go."

Nine Nether smiled at Mu Chen and led the people out. She had no intention of staying.

As they were walking down the stone platform, they came face to face with Lord Blood Hawk, who was leading his group of mighty men out. As Nine Nether brushed past Lord Blood Hawk, the killing intent in their eyes was so immense that it sent a cold chill down everyone's spines.

Lord Blood Hawk stopped beside Mu Chen and looked at him with his red eyes. He said flatly, "There are too many geniuses in this world. Be careful. Don't die too early…"

Mu Chen squinted and smiled coldly.

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