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In the depths of the Daluo Golden Pool, a giant sat cross-legged quietly. Around him, the pool water that was as viscous as a golden slurry was flowing slowly. Eventually, it began gushing into the figure steadily.

Behind the head of the giant, a huge sun was turning, emitting waves of flaming brightness, refining the golden slurry that was gushing over everything completely. Then, it was turned into beams of golden light that would eventually be absorbed by the giant.

As more and more golden slurry was refined, the slowly drifting golden rays on the body of the giant were also gradually becoming thicker. Faintly, the golden rays looked like small snakes that were climbing on the body of the giant.

Where the golden snakes swam past, a vague golden trace would be left behind, and a divine power would be given off, as if they were causing the sovereign celestial body to become more condensed. This sovereign celestial body was clearly Mu Chen's Great Solar Undying Body.

At the moment, Mu Chen was sitting cross-legged inside the Great Solar Undying Body. His originally closed eyes now opened slowly, and he looked at the sovereign celestial body that was enveloping him, eventually staring at the area where the golden snakes were swimming.

From what he sensed, the power that he had absorbed from the Golden Pool had turned into eight golden snakes. The eight golden snakes were circling around the sovereign celestial body and, whenever they started to swim, it would bring about a scorching feeling. The spiritual energy then would seem to be particularly brisk, or even boiling.

Mu Chen knew that, by the time he refined the eight golden snakes, his Great Solar Undying Body would become stronger, but... Mu Chen frowned slightly, thinking on this... The increase in power was below his expectation, as he was still far away from the so-called Daluo Golden Body...

"The power of the Golden Pool that I absorb here is far from sufficient."

Mu Chen seemed to still be pondering. Although the power of the Golden Pool contained at this depth was already very abundant, it was clearly impossible to cultivate the Daluo Golden Body at this place.

Mu Chen's eyes sparkled slightly. Then, he looked downwards to stare at the deeper parts of the Daluo Golden Pool, where it was still filled with brilliant golden color. It looked endless, and its depth was somewhat frightening.

After entering the Daluo Golden Pool, Mu Chen knew well how strong the pressure here was. If he did not rely on the Great Solar Undying Body, he would not be able to reach his current position, at least not just by relying upon his own power, which was grade one sovereign.

However, at the moment, even this position could not satisfy Mu Chen, because he knew that he entered the Daluo Golden Pool not just to simply strengthen his sovereign celestial body. He was more ambitious than others, because he needed power.

Mu Chen's eyes sparkled. Then, he took a deep breath, and his look gradually turned cold. He firmly believed that, in the world, he could not obtain any power without working hard. Since he wanted to get that kind of power, he had to pay the corresponding price.

If he was helpless, just because of the Daluo Golden Body at the moment, what could he do when he was faced with more dangerous challenges in the future? Could he keep retreating? In that way of thinking, maybe he would never be able to fulfill the promise that he made to that girl.

Mu Chen, hesitant no more, moved his hands to form a seal abruptly, and the sovereign celestial body trembled, after which, it actually started to quickly descend towards the deeper parts of the Daluo Golden Pool again.


The huge sovereign celestial body tore the viscous golden liquid apart brutally. A strong spiritual energy rippled out, guarding against the terrifying pressure that was gushing towards him, like the tides, from all directions.

One thousand feet... Two thousand feet...

In just about ten breaths' time, Mu Chen had already dove for about four thousand feet again. At the moment, he was about twelve thousand feet deep into the Daluo Golden Pool.

As Mu Chen dove continuously, he could also feel that the pressure gushing towards him was quickly multiplying. The pressure increased rapidly, like many mountains stacked together. However, facing such pressure, Mu Chen still showed no signs of hesitation, but continued to dive!

The spiritual light around the sovereign celestial body was already totally suppressed back into its body, because of the terrible pressure. The pressure was so strong that, even though Mu Chen was protected inside the sovereign celestial body, he still faintly felt some pain.

"It's fifteen thousand feet..."

Mu Chen gritted his teeth lightly and his skin was gradually turning red, but his black eyes showed no signs of retreat. Instead, they were filled with increasing passion and perseverance, because he could feel that, in the deeper parts of the Daluo Golden Pool, the power of the Golden Pool contained in the liquid was strikingly rich. Hence, only in the deepest parts would it be possible to cultivate the Daluo Golden Body.

It's still not enough!

Mu Chen's eyes were slightly red. Again, he controlled the Great Solar Undying Body to continue diving. At such a depth, every time he went down for a hundred feet, the pressure would multiply wildly.

Even though Mu Chen had the Great Solar Undying Body, his diving speed still became slower and slower, as if he had sunk into the mud. This time, half an hour passed, but Mu Chen actually did not even dive for a thousand feet.

Furthermore, the horrible pressure brought about by the thousand feet of depth actually caused the Great Solar Undying Body to decrease significantly in size. Even the originally bright spiritual light became somewhat dim.

However, Mu Chen still did not give up. His black eyes stared at the deeper parts, and he ignored the drops of blood that were seeping out from his red skin.

The viscous golden pool water was torn apart forcefully and the sovereign celestial body continued its dive. Another one thousand feet... one thousand and five hundred feet... two thousand feet...

Outside the peak of the Golden Pool.

In the place, everyone stared at the four golden talismans, but the three kings all looked emotionless. Over the years, the Daluo Golden Pool had been opened many times, and they had seen such calm situations many times. Therefore, they would show much emotion.

After all, in their eyes, as long as a person did not cultivate the Daluo Golden Body in the Daluo Golden Pool, the other levels of achievements were all the same and did not differ much. It was, at most, like the difference between a person, who had walked fifty steps, and another, who had walked a hundred.


While the three kings were looking casual, suddenly, one out of the four golden talisman grew brighter. Golden light spread out and actually outshone the light from the other three golden talismans.

Even though the light from the other three golden talismans was also becoming stronger, it was insignificant when compared to the speed at which the brightness of the fourth golden talisman was increasing.

Because of the scene, everyone was somewhat surprised, after which, some exclaims could be heard. Clearly, they knew what the brightness of the four golden talismans represented.

Judging from the brightness, there was obviously someone who was trying to break into the deeper parts of the Daluo Golden Pool. The golden light surged into the eyes of the three kings, whose looks also suddenly turned serious. Even the Sleeping King squinted and stared at the dazzling golden talisman.

"Someone is charging towards the deeper parts of the Daluo Golden Pool," the Condor King said in surprise.

"From this brightness, he should be close to reaching twenty thousand feet deep." The Spiritual Pupil king was also somewhat amused. He knew well the dynamics of the pressure that was present at twenty thousand feet deep into the Daluo Golden Pool.

There, even grade three sovereigns could not tolerate the pressure. At the moment, the four, who had entered the pool, were clearly not that strong.

"Who exactly is it?" Their faces were filled with surprise. Because of the interference from the Daluo Golden Pool, even with their powers, they could not detect the person, who bold enough to actually dare to try reaching twenty thousand feet deep.

"Seems like this person is really ambitious." The Sleeping King finally smiled with some interest. From the looks of it, this person was definitely going for the Daluo Golden Body. Over many years, there were only a few people in the Daluo Territory who could reach such an extent.

"I just fear that he is too ambitious," the Spiritual Pupil King said, after being silent for a while.

The Condor King also frowned. While it was good to be ambitious, sometimes a person had to act according to his own abilities. The danger contained in the Daluo Golden Pool was sufficient to destroy any among the four. If the person was being too stubborn, it would probably cause him to be trapped inside.

"It has been a long time since such things last happened. Let's see if there will be anything surprising this time." The Sleeping King smiled gently and stared at the golden talisman that was becoming increasingly bright.

Below them, Tang Bing and Tang Rou also stared at the dazzling golden talisman nervously. Then, they whispered to Nine Nether, "Sister Nine Nether, that isn't from Mu Chen, right?"

Although Mu Chen was only a grade one sovereign, who, from the looks of it, could not have dived so deep, they still felt that Mu Chen was probably the one based on the girls' instinct.

Nine Nether stared at the golden talisman and a charming smile appeared on her icy face. Nodding gently, she replied, "It should be him." Her voice was soft but extremely confident.

Among the four, Xu Qing and the other two were strong, but not enough for them to go twenty thousand feet deep. On the other hand, Mu Chen had many hidden skills, and ways and means. Therefore, only he could do such an unexpected thing.

"Let me see what level you can reach this time..." Nine Nether's rosy lips curled up slightly, as she muttered to herself.

Under countless stares, the light from the particular golden talisman became brighter and brighter. After about half an hour, it was so bright that it already seemed to be a golden sun.

The light completely outshone the other three golden talismans, causing everyone's look to be filled with some astonishment at the moment. The looks from the three kings also gradually turned from being originally unconcerned to being solemn and surprised.


A sudden buzzing spread from the golden talisman. Then, it was as if the golden talisman could no longer tolerate it, and actually burst out an endless amount of golden light that enveloped the region within a hundred thousand feet radius.

The bodies of the three kings trembled, and their pupils contracted uncontrollably. That person actually really dived to twenty thousand feet deep!

While everyone was astonished by the dazzling golden light, in the deepest part of the Daluo Golden Pool, a strange fluctuation also seemed to be emitting...

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