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Chapter 694 - Entering the Greatlaw Goldpond

Summit of the Goldpond Peak

Golden light was spreading out and, looking over, the pupils were dyed in a gold colour as the golden current poured down, emitting a dreadful pressure.

Mu Chen’s figure landed on the mountain. When his feet land, it was a firm sensation as if it was forged with diamonds. He looked up ahead in astonishment. The central region was covered with dazzling golden light. It was so much so that it was piercing to the eyes.

The golden current in the entire Goldpond Peak came from there.

When the golden current rushed out, it avoided Mu Chen. He tapped his feet, and his figure flew out a thousand feet, which followed with a vast golden lake that appeared in his sight.

The golden lake looked like it was filled with a golden liquid and the thick lake water was rolling. Occasionally, golden bubbles would rise and explode in the end. Also, when they blew, golden currents would sweep out.

“This is the Greatlaw Goldpond?”

Mu Chen was a little startled as he looked at this golden lake. Although the lake seemed calm on the surface, for some reason, Mu Chen felt a heavy sense of danger, as if the golden lake before him was a ferocious beast.

Since the Greatlaw Goldpond had a divine ability to refine the Sovereign Celestial Body, it probably wasn’t ordinary.


Three screeches of wind resounded as Xu Qing, Zhou Yue and Wu Tian also landed all around. Their gazes were a little heated as they looked at the lake before them that was emitting golden light.

The Sovereign Celestial Body was a vital means of Sovereign experts, and this Greatlaw Goldpond before them could refine the Sovereign Celestial Body and make it even stronger. Such temptation was undoubtedly attractive to them who had just stepped into the Sovereign Realm.

“The Greatlaw Goldpond is already open, the four of you will enter respectively. In the Greatlaw Goldpond, the water is millions of pounds in weight. The lower you go, the more terrifying the pressure will be. So you are not allowed to force your way down. Otherwise, you will bear the consequences yourself.”

“It will depend on your luck if you can refine the Daluo Golden Body of legend. You must not force it.”

When Mu Chen and the other three reached the edge of the Greatlaw Goldpond, the Sky Vulture Emperor’s solemn voice rang out like surging thunder.

When the four of them heard his words, they nodded their heads in acknowledgement.

“Haha, guys, we will see which of us has a better opportunity.” Xu Qing smiled towards Mu Chen and the other two. After that, there wasn’t any hesitation as he tapped his feet and turned into a streak of light, then shot into the Greatlaw Goldpond.

There weren’t any splashes on the surface of the lake when his body went in. From the looks of it, it was as if he had entered a bottomless lake that was heart-alarming.

Behind Xu Qing, Zhou Yue and Wu Tian also followed him without any hesitation.

When Mu Chen saw the three people disappearing into the Greatlaw Goldpond, he inhaled a deep breath as the Spiritual Energy in his body quietly surged. After that, he turned into a streak of light and entered the Greatlaw Goldpond.


When he entered the Greatlaw Goldpond, the fine plopping noise resounded in Mu Chen’s ears. Shortly after, his pupils were filled with golden light, which was followed by the powerful energy that surged from all directions in an attempt to crush him to bits.


Lightning was instantly unleashed from the surface of Mu Chen’s body, and his entire body turned into lightning. Evidently, he had raised the Lightning God’s Physique to the limit. Shortly after, he tapped his feet and his figure was like a fish, swiftly swimming down the Greatlaw Goldpond.

In the Greatlaw Goldpond, it was evident that the benefits would be better the deeper it was. But also, the deeper it was, the pressure would also be even more terrifying. If one’s ability wasn’t sufficient, rashly heading down was courting death.


Mu Chen’s figure swiftly streaked across the thick golden light that brought along a fine watery noise, his figure was continuously moving downwards.

Golden light filled the surroundings. In this Greatlaw Goldpond, even the senses were suppressed to the lowest degree. In the outside world, Mu Chen could clearly sense any aura within a hundred miles. But in this place, it was barely even ten feet.

Tsk! Tsk!

The lightning twisting around the surface of Mu Chen’s body was gradually slowing down the deeper he went. It was because the pressure coming from the surroundings was getting more and more powerful, even if he had pushed the Lightning God’s Physique to the limits, he could still feel the stinging pain on his skin.

When that pressure surged over, Mu Chen could sense strands of golden light endlessly surging into his body. It was a very peculiar energy. When the golden light passed through, Mu Chen could sense his muscles, bones and even his blood gradually boiling up, as if it was being refined in the furnace.

“What a mysterious and fearsome Greatlaw Goldpond.”

Mu Chen sighed in his heart. With the Lightning God’s Physique, he could only dive to roughly 200 feet. That pressure was indeed a little fearsome.

“Looks like I can only summon the Sovereign Celestial Body.”

Mu Chen formed seals with both of his hands as a surging Spiritual Energy gale exploded from his body. Even the golden liquid around him was pushed out as a massive light figure appeared around him, enveloping him within.

With the appearance of the Great Solar Undying Body, the pressure that had enveloped Mu Chen instantly disappeared. He issued a faint smile and, using his mind, the Great Solar Undying Body dived at a swift speed once again.

After bringing out the Great Solar Undying Body, Mu Chen’s diving speed was clearly much faster. As he got deeper, Mu Chen was able to sense that the golden energy that was surging in his direction got thicker as well.

When that golden energy came in contact with the Sovereign Celestial Body, Mu Chen strangely sensed that the buzzing noise was actually being emitted from the Sovereign Celestial Body. From the looks of it, it was similar to a starving person seeing gourmet food before him and greedily devouring it.

Strands of golden light were frantically devoured by the Sovereign Celestial Body that drifted on the surface of the massive Sovereign Celestial Body.

Mu Chen still continued to make his way down.

When he dived to roughly around 800 feet, he gradually came to a stop. Even with the Great Solar Undying Body, he felt a slightly faint pressure.

Mu Chen looked around, his pupils were dyed in gold as he willed in his mind and the Great Solar Undying Body sat down. The golden energy here was very thick and was sufficient for him to use for his cultivation.

The Sky Vulture Emperor’s earlier reminders were engraved in his heart. This Greatlaw Goldpond wasn’t ordinary, purely going deeper down was probably not too wise of a decision.

“Let’s cultivate here, then.”

The large hands of the Great Solar Undying Body slowly formed seals. As it breathed, there was a thunderous booming that rang out. As Mu Chen entered into his cultivation state, the blazing sun behind the head of the Great Solar Undying Body had actually started to quietly spin.

Boom! Boom!

When the sun spun, the golden lake water in this region seemed to have been awakened and was endlessly pouring over in a current. In the end, it was refined by the great sun and absorbed by the Great Solar Undying Body.

The lake water of this Greatlaw Goldpond was as heavy as a mountain, with bizarre energy contained within it. Trying to separate it wasn’t an easy task, many people had come here but was only able to refine, bit-by-bit, by using their Spiritual Energy. But Mu Chen’s devouring speed was sufficient to leave many people scared silly.

Under this speed, a faint layer of golden light appeared on the surface of Mu Chen’s massive Sovereign Celestial Body. On the celestial body, there were strands of golden light drifting as it swelled, bit-by-bit.

Outside the Greatlaw Goldpond, everyone was looking at the summit that was covered in golden light. Many people had dense envy in their eyes. After all, the power of the Greatlaw Goldpond was significantly attractive to the majority the Sovereigns.

In the sky stood the three Emperors with four golden talismans that were linked to the talismans Mu Chen and the other three had, mutually interacting.

At this moment, the four golden talismans were emitting a golden light that was slowly getting stronger.

The three Emperors looked at the four golden talismans. Generally speaking, the deeper it was, the amount of the Goldpond’s power being absorbed would also be stronger, and the light emitted by the golden talisman would also become stronger. But, clearly, only the deeper depths had more significant benefits.

“Looks like the Four Great Domain Lords this time are a little stronger compared to the previous ones. Right now, their location should be within 500 to 1000 feet.” The Sky Vulture Emperor looked at the lights on the four golden talismans and couldn’t help smiling.

The Sleeping Emperor had also opened his eyes a little and shut them once again as he muttered, “Looks like no one can dip their finger onto the golden body again.”

The Sky Vulture Emperor and the Spiritual Pupils Emperor helplessly smiled. That demand was a little too high. According to their estimations for all these years, one would have to at least dive down two thousand feet to refine the Daluo Golden Body. Only by making use of the pressure and pure energy of the Goldpond could they refine the Daluo Golden Body.

But it was a pity that the number of those that could dive to such depths could be counted with one hand.

“Let’s just take a look. After all, it has not come to an end yet.” The Sky Vulture Emperor said.

The Sleeping Emperor nodded his head without a single word.

The Spiritual Pupils Emperor suddenly looked at the Sleeping Emperor and said, “Brother Meng, I wonder if there’s any news of the Domain Ruler?  The time for the great hunt is getting close.”

The Sleeping Emperor shook his head with a smile, “Brother Spiritual Pupils, rest assured. The Domain Ruler will surely appear when there’s a need for it.”

Hearing his reply, the Spiritual Pupils Emperor could only smile and no longer spoke.

The three Emperors turned silent as their gazes stared at the four golden talismans. But clearly, their interest was a little low, since there wasn’t any matter that could light their eyes occurring.

Was this batch of Four Great Domain Lords still unable to reach that level?

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