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In the area, everyone lifted their heads and stared at the sky. There, a rich murderous aura was spreading. Under the influence of the murderous aura, the temperature in the sky also dropped significantly. That was the murderous aura from the two lords.

In the sky, Nine Nether and Lord Blood Hawk stood opposite each other, and the looks from both were particularly freezing. The resentment between them had been long-standing, as both disliked the other. If they were not both lords in the Daluo Territory, they would probably not restrain themselves, and would have fought each other a long time ago. However, by the looks of it now, the two both seemed to be unable to tolerate the killing intents in their hearts any longer.

"I have been wanting to know how strong the Nine Netherbird clan is all along. Today, I really want to see it for myself," Lord Blood Hawk said gloomily. In his scarlet pupils, some fierceness appeared.

As he spoke, a blood-red storm swept out around him. The storm was filled with violent and vast spiritual energy fluctuations, which raged in the sky like blades.

"Then you can come and try," Nine Nether also replied with a sneer. The purple flames that were circling her expanded suddenly. Her hair danced, as the purple flames swept out and a terrifying temperature spread.

Seeing the appearances of the two, everyone's expressions changed uncontrollably. If Nine Nether and Lord Blood Hawk really started to fight, the influence would be far greater than the battles between the commanders.

In the Daluo Territory, commanders still could not be considered as the cornerstones. However, people as strong as Lord Blood Hawk and Nine Nether were really considered as the backbones of the territory.


Precisely because of this, when the two were standing against each other, a roar sounded off and a wind-like fluctuation swept across the place. Where the fluctuation passed, the extremely violent spiritual energy fluctuation around Nine Nether and Lord Blood Hawk was actually suppressed back into the bodies of the two.

Everyone looked toward the source of the voice. The Condor King was staring at the two, frowning, as he said in a deep tone, "Is it that you have forgotten the rules of the Daluo Territory?"

In the Daluo Territory, lords could not be directly involved in the conflicts between the different forces. They could only let their subordinates fight. In this way, competition could be maintained, while the greatest number of lords could also be kept intact and stable.

Seeing that the Condor King had acted, Lord Blood Hawk knew that he would no longer be able to deal with Nine Nether on that day. He glanced at Cao Feng, who had become handicapped, but could not let it go. Immediately, he stared at Mu Chen with a gloomy look and said, "Cao feng had already been defeated, but Mu Chen was still so cruel. I think we should take his eligibility away."

Hearing this, Mu Chen's look also turned cold.

"Don't you even think about it!" Nine Nether sneered and said. "Lord Blood Hawk, are you too old, that you can't think properly? In this kind of battle, as long as no one admits defeat, the battle will continue. Even if Cao Feng is killed, instead of just being severely injured, he deserves it. There is no one else to blame!"

"You want my Blood Hawk Palace to tolerate this, and let this go? Impossible!" Lord Blood Hawk was unwilling to compromise at all, as he stood in sharp opposition.

Seeing the two arguing, the Condor King also frowned. At the side, the Spiritual Pupil King smiled briefly and said, "In my opinion, we should swap Mu Chen down for the moment to pacify Lord Blood Hawk's anger. After the event, we will find another chance to compensate him."

Mu Chen's expression changed slightly. His goal was the Daluo Golden Pool. At the moment, he had made it here after many challenges, and so he would not give up easily. Furthermore, the so-called compensation in the future did not sound convincing, and he did not believe in that.

However, although Mu Chen was somewhat angry, he did not say anything recklessly. At the moment, his status in the Daluo Territory was too low. He did not want to cause any unnecessary trouble for Nine Nether, just so that he could look cool for a moment.

The Condor King frowned and said, "If we do this, who will dare to participate in the Daluo Golden Pool contest in the future?"

"Ha, do you think there are too few people, who want to enter the Daluo Golden Pool?" the Spiritual Pupil King smiled and said.

Hearing the dispute between the two, the Sleeping King, who had always been reticent, suddenly smiled and said, "Old rules, we shall still continue them all."

Both the Condor King and the Spiritual Pupil King were stunned for a moment. After all, over these years, the Sleeping King would very rarely participate in their disputes. It was rather uncommon for him to say something actively like this. Moreover, the words from the Sleeping Kings were clearly trying to help Mu Chen.

Some darkness flashed across the depth of the eyes of the Spiritual Pupil King. However, although he was also one of the three kings, he knew that the Sleeping King was unfathomable. In addition, and also most importantly, the Sleeping King had always been the person that the Dominator trusted the most.

Hence, since the Sleeping King had spoken, he could not oppose. Immediately, he smiled and said, "Since Brother Meng has said so, we will continue, according to the rules."

Lord Blood Hawk's face darkened, but he did not dare say anything. He could just give a gloomy humph towards Mu Chen. Then, waving his sleeves, he turned around and descended from the sky.

Nine Nether also looked at the Sleeping King with some surprise, after which, she nodded at him with some gratitude. Then, she looked at Mu Chen and said, "Your performance is not bad. Later, whatever opportunities you can get in the Daluo Golden Pool all depends on yourself."

Mu Chen smiled and nodded. Seeing this, Nine Nether did not add anything and turned around to descend.

Mu Chen stared at Nine Nether, who had turned around and left. Then, he turned his head and folded his hands at the Condor King and the Sleeping King respectfully. Finally, he moved and landed directly towards the Daluo Golden Platform.

On the Daluo Golden Platform, a few people stared firmly at Mu Chen, who was now landing. Xu Qing and Zhou Yue's looks were filled with surprise. Clearly, the powers that Mu Chen had displayed earlier caused them to be somewhat shocked. Although they were stronger than Cao Feng, if the latter was to risk his life to fight, it would cause them a lot of trouble.

However, Mu Chen could endure the attack. Just this alone was sufficient reason for Xu Qing and the rest to take Mu Chen as someone who was as strong as them. When Mu Chen landed on the Daluo Golden Platform, a wild spiritual energy fluctuation also burst out in the distance. Just then, a person flew backwards, looking discomposed. His feet rubbed against the ground as he backed away hurriedly.

Mu Chen appeared behind the figure. He put his hands on the shoulders of the person and helped him to take the force away. The person, who was Fang Lei, turned his head around.

Seeing Mu Chen, he smiled bitterly, his face pale. When Mu Chen was battling fiercely with Cao Feng previously, he was also fighting with Wu Tian, but clearly, he had lost in the end.

Before them, some light condensed, and Wu Tian also appeared. He stared at Mu Chen with a somewhat gloomy look, but this time, some fear could also be seen in the depths of his eyes.

Although Wu Tian was fighting with Fang Lei just now, he was also obviously paying attention to the battle of Cao Feng. The amazing combat force, which Mu Chen had displayed, was sufficient to cause him to be alarmed.

Wu Tian was not stupid. Otherwise, he would not have become a commander, who was so valued by Lord Blood Hawk. Therefore, at the moment, he had taken back all the underestimations that he had towards Mu Chen, as now, he really viewed Mu Chen as one who could compete with him.

"I lost. Brother Mu Chen, I hope that you can gain something in the Daluo Golden Pool." Fang Lei was quite straightforward. He smiled towards Mu Chen, then left the Daluo Golden Platform.

Although he disliked Wu Tian, he understood that he had lost because he was the weaker of the pair. Thus, he did not recklessly ask Mu Chen to help.

Mu Chen watched him leave. Then, he walked back calmly to where he had stood. Even though he also disliked Wu Tian, he knew that now was not a good time to continue fighting.

Previously, he had already spent much of his spiritual energy during the battle with Cao Feng. At the moment, he was not in his best condition, so he did not need to take the risk. After all, the four quotas had already appeared.

Wu Tian similarly did not say anything to mock Mu Chen again, as he walked back with a gloomy look. Originally, he wanted to take this opportunity to challenge Zhou Yue, so that his ranking would become higher. However, he did not expect Mu Chen to emerge all of the sudden. Therefore, he did not dare fight again, in case Mu Chen would benefit at the end of their battles.

The four people stood quietly at the four corners of the Daluo Golden Platform. All of them remained silent and did not interfere with each other. Everyone looked at the four figures on the Daluo Golden Platform, feeling somewhat emotional. They knew that these four were the four great commanders in the Daluo Territory. Apart from Mu Chen, who was a new dark horse, the other three were all previous title holders.

As the atmosphere on the Daluo Golden Platform quietened, in the sky, the three kings glanced at each other. Then, the Condor King's old and low voice spread in the sky.

"The final four quotas for the Daluo Golden Pool have emerged. Now, take your golden talisman."

"Asura Palace, Xu Qing!"

Hearing the roar of the Condor King, Xu Qing stepped forward calmly. Then, a golden beam fell from the sky and turned into a golden talisman, landing in the hands of Xu Qing.

"Cracking Mountain Palace, Zhou Yue!"

"Blood Hawk Palace, Wu Tian!"

The two also stepped forward. As they did so, golden light covered them, and golden talismans fell down.

The Condor King looked at Mu Chen who was the last one. His old face seemed to smile, as he said, "Nine Nether Palace, Mu Chen."

Mu Chen walked forward. A golden beam converged, and eventually, also turned into a golden talisman in his palm. There seemed to be a strange fluctuation being emitted from the golden talisman, and the source of the fluctuation seemed to be the summit. This made sense, as that was where the Daluo Golden Pool was.

"From now on, these four people will be the new four great commanders of the Daluo Territory!"

When the Condor King finished speaking, an overwhelming amount of cheers burst out from the crowd. In any case, the four people before them were indeed considered as the top among the young generation in the Daluo Territory. Their powers had earned everyone's recognition.

Hearing the cheers, the Condor King also smiled gently. Then, he looked at the very top of the peak of the Golden Pool. There, waves of golden light were still pouring down continuously, but this time, all the golden light torrents had bypassed the four people, who were now holding the golden talismans.

"Now, climb to the summit."

As the Condor King waved his hand, the looks from the four people were instantly filled with anticipation. Then, they stomped their feet and ascended quickly into the air. Under the countless envious stares, they dashed directly past the golden light torrents and turned into rays of light, charging towards the magnificent peak of the Golden Pool!

The Daluo Golden Pool was finally open for them!

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