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Mu Chen's heart was as calm as quiet waters, as the spiritual energy around him withdrew in quiet restrain, just like a deep pool, whose depths could not be seen. As his mind calmed, the Sovereign Sea in his body, however, began to rage with tumultuous waves.


The vast and majestic Sovereign Sea shimmered with purple hints. Its huge waves surged, the sound of water rattled, and a massive amount of spiritual energy condensed within the Sovereign Sea.

To condense and cultivate the Sovereign celestial body required a vast, almost terrifying amount of spiritual energy, and the present Mu Chen must be prepared for it. Within the turbulent Sovereign Sea, a golden light slowly hovered from the sea, and sat cross-legged amidst the waves. It was Mu Chen's spirit, its expression solemn.


A breath of spiritual energy, tinged with a purple flame, gradually emitted from the spirit's mouth. Its gaze turned somber, as its palms conjured complex and unique seals.


Just as the seals were completed, a loud rumbling road rang out. Huge pillars of spiritual energy, bursting out of the Sovereign Sea, could now be seen.

Bong! Bong!

The light pillars of spiritual energy soared toward the sky, then suddenly plunged down, like majestic dragons, before finally clashing together harshly. The entire scene was an overwhelmingly shocking sight!

The entire Sovereign Sea was shaken, as turbulent waves raged on, and a brilliant purple light from the sea spread in the air. In the center of the collision, the violent clash of spiritual energy created a sense of distortion within the space.

Mu Chen's spirit lifted his head to glance at the bright scene before him, as he conjured seals again with his small palms. 


The Sovereign Sea shook again, and countless beams of spiritual energy surged toward the sky, like water anacondas, before finally roaring toward the place filled with purple light. The magnificent scene appeared as if a whale was sucking water, which was extraordinary.

The magnificent spiritual energy converged toward the location continuously, and with its constant surge, the purple light of the land grew brighter. Amid the glimmering brightness, a massive shadow could be seen, forming vaguely.

This was the first step to cultivating the Sovereign celestial body, which was to cultivate its embryonic form using one's own spiritual energy. This step also depended only upon one's own spiritual energy.

In the vast Sovereign Sea, constant pillars of light, with great spiritual energy, soared into the sky. As they did so, Mu Chen's spirit waved his hands, causing them to finally infuse themselves entirely into the massive shadow. The powerful spiritual energy within the Sovereign Sea was consumed and expended at an alarming rate.

However, this step was not much of a threat to Mu Chen, who had a strong foundation in cultivation, as the spiritual energy in his Sovereign Sea was entirely made possible through his own self-cultivation. Coupled with his fusion with the Unperishable Flame, the quality of his spiritual energy was superior to that of ordinary spiritual energy.

When the surging of energy lasted about ten minutes or so, the riot in the Sovereign Sea gradually subsided, and a glaring purple light permeated the air of the Sovereign Sea. Mu Chen's spirit lifted his head to glance at the sky, which was now covered with purple light. 

The sky suddenly began to shake, as a massive purple shadow, the height of which was about a thousand feet, slowly stood upright in the sky, terrifying spiritual energy fluctuations rippling around its body. The embryonic form of the Sovereign celestial body had now been formed!

Mu Chen looked at the purple shadow, heaving a quiet sigh of relief. However, he then tensed up again, for he knew that the real cultivation was just beginning.

"Nine Suns Zoysia, transform!"

A low murmur sounded in Mu Chen's heart. In the cultivation chamber, the Nine Suns Zoysia, which had been hovering in front of Mu Chen, shivered suddenly, then transformed into a beam of bright light, rushing straight into Mu Chen's slightly open mouth.


The sky above the Sovereign Sea seemed to be torn apart at this time, only to reveal a dazzling ray of light that was descending from the sky, as if the sun were falling. Within the light, one could see a swaying Zoysia, above which, there seemed to be nine scorching suns rising.

Mu Chen's spirit stretched out his fingers and pointed in the air.

"The Nine Suns as its form." 

The Nine Suns Zoysia descended straight, as had been commanded, then landed on the massive purple shadow's crown. As soon as the Nine Suns Zoysia entered the giant shadow, it disintegrated sharply, as nine scorching suns surged out, then finally suspended themselves in the head, heart, limbs and other important parts of the giant shadow.


When the nine suns returned to their position, they seemed to burn in an instant, the terribly high temperature, which they had emitted, spreading rapidly. The immense spiritual energy that was within the massive shadow also burned at an astonishing speed.

The huge form of the giant shadow was also rapidly shrinking. In accordance to this speed, it would only take a few moments for this embryonic form of the Sovereign celestial body that Mu Chen had expended so much effort to cultivate, to be burned out completely by the nine scorching suns. Once the embryonic form of the Sovereign celestial body was burned to nothing, Mu Chen's efforts would have been all for naught.

In the cultivation chamber, Mu Chen's eyes, which had been tightly shut, now suddenly opened, as he flicked his fingers. The Mustard Seed Bracelet on his wrist trembled, as a torrential current surged out.

When the torrent rushed out, dense fog rose in the cultivation chamber. This fog was what the spiritual energy had transformed into. The current was like a river brook, and it was condensed from the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. Moreover, in this little river brook, there were at least ten thousand drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid!

Mu Chen had known long ago that, if he wanted to cultivate the "Great Solar Undying Body", he would need a massive amount of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. Thus, he had been asking Nine Nether to break the seal of the Spiritual Condensing Bowl, which would allow him to obtain close to another fifty thousand drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

This was an extremely large number, and Mu Chen could feel that this amount of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid already accounted for most of all the spiritual power that was stored in the Spiritual Condensing Bowl. However, in order to successfully cultivate the "Great Solar Undying Body", paying the price of fifty thousand Sovereign Spiritual Liquid was clearly worth it! 

As soon as the spiritual energy river that had been transformed from Sovereign Spiritual Liquid appeared, it was absorbed into Mu Chen, who sucked it in with his mouth. His body shook violently, and as he didn't dare allow such a terrifying amount of spiritual energy to remain in his body, he directly surged it into his Sovereign Sea. As it traveled, it rushed into the embryonic form of the Sovereign celestial body.


In the sky of the Sovereign Sea, numerous cracks opened, and floods of spiritual energy poured down, surging into the Sovereign celestial body.


With the addition of such a huge amount of spiritual energy, the shrinking speed of the embryonic form of the Sovereign celestial body finally slowed down. A wave of magnificent spiritual energy was incessantly burned by the nine scorching suns. But as it burned, a golden mist rose, which curled up and was eventually absorbed by the massive Sovereign celestial body.

Golden spots of light began to appear on the massive Sovereign celestial body, all of which shimmered with purple light. Under the burning of the nine scorching suns, the spiritual energy was consumed at an extremely alarming rate. In only half a day, the spiritual energy river stream, which was made up of ten thousand drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, was completely burned out.

The effect of the spiritual energy river stream was that it allowed the embryonic form of the Sovereign celestial body to become brighter, as more golden spots appeared...

The seals of Mu Chen's spirit changed again. The sky crumbled again, as cracks appeared, and the mighty torrents of spiritual energy descended. Clearly, he intended to again use the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid that had been prepared prior.

If the first step was dependent upon how strong one's spiritual energy was, the second step would be determined by how much wealth one had…

The speed at which spiritual energy was consumed in the process of cultivating the "Great Solar Undying Body" was also a shock to Mu Chen. If he had not been lucky enough to have won the " Spiritual Condensing Bowl " in the Spiritual Academy Competition, and it just so happened that an ancient sect had accumulated such a massive amount of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, it seemed that, even if he did gather the ingredients successfully, he would fail, because he couldn't accumulate such a large amount of the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

After all, an ordinary Sovereign celestial body would merely require a maximum of one to two thousand drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. However, this amount of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, when applied to this context, was entirely insufficient.

Mu Chen gasped quietly in his heart, as he tried to focus. The second step would be to allow Sovereign Spiritual Liquid to continuously surge into the embryonic form of the Sovereign celestial body.

This process took him close to eight days. In these eight days, the surging of spiritual energy did not cease at all, and all fifty thousand drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid had been expended entirely.

As the last drop of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid had been exhausted, even Mu Chen, who had such an optimistic outlook, had been terrified. He knew that, if others found out that he had used fifty thousand drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid in order to cultivate a Sovereign celestial body, they would be shell-shocked. However, the fifty thousand drops of the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid had clearly had a remarkable effect.

Within the Sovereign Sea.

Mu Chen's spirit looked up in the sky. He saw a gigantic shadow, the height of which was about a thousand yards, stand up. This shadow no longer shone with a purple light, but an intense gold.

The golden flow of light pervaded every corner of its huge body, as if it was a golden Buddha, oppressive and mysterious. An invisible, oppressive feeling permeated the air, which was terrifying.

Mu Chen clearly felt that, within the golden shadow, the nine scorching suns were still burning, but could no longer burn the Sovereign celestial body. That was because the Sovereign celestial body was now beginning to take shape.

The second step "Nine Suns as its form" had been successful! Mu Chen heaved a sigh of relief in his heart, but his body tensed up again in the next moment. His gaze turned increasingly somber, for he knew that the next step would be the most dangerous step in cultivating the "Great Solar Undying Body". 

If he was unable to persist, then all of his efforts would be for naught.

In the cultivation chamber, Mu Chen opened his eyes to stare at the fruit before him. That was the Void Great Solar Fruit, and the spiritual energy it possessed was more terrifying than that of the Nine Suns Zoysia.

Mu Chen stared at it, his gaze resolute. He grabbed the Void Great Solar Fruit, and stuffed into his mouth, his dark eyes filled with determination. He did not want to fail at this point, not after so many years of planning and preparation!

Envelopment of one's form with the Great Solar energy!

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