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The calm Sovereign Sea suddenly raged, and the surface of the golden shadow that stood above the Sovereign Sea rippled.

An indescribable fury descended from the sky, enveloping the entire Sovereign Sea.

Mu Chen's spirit looked up solemnly, and the sky above the Sovereign Sea seemed to be torn apart by a great crack in which a dazzling ray of light permeated the whole sea.

Boom! Boom!

A terribly oppressive pressure descended, only to see a huge golden sun tearing apart the space with a domineering aura and surging into the Sovereign Sea.

The golden sun was clearly one transformed from the Void Great Solar Fruit.

The fierce golden rays wrapped around the golden sun. The terrifyingly high temperature permeated the Sovereign Sea, causing the spiritual energy within the sea to evaporate.

The power of the Void Great Solar Fruit had been more overwhelming than that of the Nine Suns Zoysia.

Mu Chen looked at the scene with shock in his heart. He took a deep breath and suppressed his terror. His hands flashed quickly as he conjured seals, his deep voice reverberating in the Sovereign Sea.

"Envelopment of one's form with Great Solar energy!"


As Mu Chen's roar lingered, the golden sun slowly set and entered the crown of the massive golden shadow bit by bit.


The golden flames suddenly poured into the golden shadow, and golden drops of liquid on the gilded surface of the body dripped down as if it had been melted.

Mu Chen's spirit flushed red. He could feel that in this golden shadow, it was as if there were a burning furnace. The golden flames rose and raged as its power increased sharply, as if it were about to burst through the golden shadow.

Mu Chen's eyes were somber. If the previous Nine Suns Zoysia helped to strengthen and condense the embryonic form of the Sovereign Celestial Body, the Void Great Solar Fruit would come to test its firmness. If it was successful, the Sovereign Celestial Body would be truly cultivated, but if it failed, the golden sun would completely destroy the unqualified Sovereign Celestial Body.


With the golden flames above the golden sun growing brighter and brighter, golden liquid dripped down faster and faster on the surface of Sovereign Celestial Body, and the huge Sovereign Celestial Body gradually shrank.

Mu Chen's gaze grew increasingly somber.

The gold flames emitted from the golden sun grew more and more violent, and the intensity of the frenzy was still rising. At this rate, the Sovereign Celestial Body would not be able to withstand the onslaught.

However, Mu Chen had no route of retreat. If he failed, he would no longer have a second chance to cultivate the Great Solar Undying Body, and this was an outcome he could not bear.

Mu Chen gritted his teeth as he stared fixedly at the Sovereign Celestial Body dripping constantly with golden liquid.

Time flew by in the blink of an eye.

Half a day passed in an instant.


Golden liquid flowed down like a stream on the surface of the golden Sovereign Celestial Body, reducing the majestic Sovereign Celestial Body to a fraction of its original size. Its body distorted as if it had been burned to the limit by the high temperature.

A tiny golden flame seeped through the pores of the Sovereign Celestial Body and wound around the body's surface.

Mu Chen's gaze stared pointedly at the spot between the Sovereign Celestial Body's eyebrows as a golden sun transformed into a fireball, its golden flames writhing in a frenzy like coiling snakes. 

The golden sun was now too bright to look at.  

The violent fluctuations were still rising.

Gradually, Mu Chen's face became twisted. His eyes were bloodshot, and his palms quivered. He looked at the deformed Sovereign Celestial Body and his face paled. He knew that the Sovereign Celestial Body he had condensed could not bear the burning of the golden sun.

That power was too brutal.

"It's going to explode…"

Mu Chen's heart palpitated vigorously. In the middle of the Sovereign Celestial Body's eyebrows, the golden light grew brighter and brighter, and the violent fluctuations showed that the Sovereign Celestial Body had reached its limit.

The golden sun flickered with light like a quietly beating heart, and in that moment, its light suddenly solidified, and a beam of golden bright light burst out.


Numerous golden pillars of light surged fiercely from within the Sovereign Celestial Body as this originally indestructible body suddenly exploded!

The instant the Sovereign Celestial body exploded, Mu Chen conjured seals with both palms.

In the cultivation chamber, the silently awaiting Undying Divine Leaf shot directly into Mu Chen's forehead, and at the same time, a narrow beam of light skimmed through the sky of the Sovereign Sea, surging into the exploding Sovereign Celestial Body.


Terrifying golden shockwaves raged as turbulent waves roared in the Sovereign Sea. The space was intensely distorted, even rendering the Sovereign Sea close to bursting.

Mu Chen's spirit hid within the depths of the Sovereign Sea to prevent itself from being impacted by the terrible shockwaves.

The havoc continued for a long time, and then finally gradually weakened. Mu Chen's spirit emerged from the depths of the Sovereign Sea, and he immediately looked towards the sky permeated by golden light.

The golden shadow was no longer there, as it had apparently been destroyed by the shockwaves.

Had it failed?

Mu Chen stared at that area and suddenly sat quietly cross-legged. His hand conjured seals, and he recited the training chant of the Great Solar Undying Body. It flowed smoothly and quietly within his heart, like flowing water.

"My heart is as the Great Sun, brilliant and everlasting…"

The training chant rang like a song of bells in Mu Chen's heart as he came to a realization. His hands conjured seals as he growled, "Undying Protection!"

The golden light filled the land as it suddenly rippled and spread. Within the golden light, an ancient dead leaf was quietly suspended in the air, and then it disintegrated into tiny spots of light and scattered out.

These lights seemed to possess a magical ability to recover, and amid the fluctuations, swaths of golden light gathered together. With the convergence of the golden light, a huge golden shadow condensed together bit by bit.

In a short time, the golden light filled the land as a Sovereign Celestial Body condensed and formed again.

Moreover, the Sovereign Celestial Body condensed, and this time dazzled brighter as it was shrouded in golden light. Its gilded body was as if it were the most solid entity in the world, rendering it invincible.

Furthermore, on the surface of the golden Sovereign Celestial Body, some dark purple patterns could be seen. The patterns were simple yet sophisticated, and upon closer inspection, were images of rising suns.

It was as if 10,000 suns had risen in the sky, forming a grand and majestic scene.

This Sovereign Celestial Body sat cross-legged quietly in the sky, and in the silence, golden light flowed. An indescribable sense of ancient majestic aura filled the atmosphere, shocking Mu Chen.

"Without destruction one cannot be formed… One can only be formed after destruction…" Mu Chen murmured to himself.

Now that the Sovereign Celestial Body had been formed, there was no doubt that it was more perfect compared to the one he had condensed previously, as there were no signs of flaws nor blemish on it.

It was clear that the true Great Solar Undying Body had to go through prior destruction to finally become more perfect and powerful with the power of the Undying Divine Leaf.

"Is this…"

Mu Chen lifted his head, shock written in his eyes as he said, "The Great Solar Undying Body?"

The golden light dissipated little by little, and the majestic golden Sovereign Celestial Body became clearer. Its face was no different from Mu Chen's, but from a distance, it resembled a giant golden Buddha with the power to suppress heaven and earth.

Behind the Sovereign Celestial Body's head there was a huge golden sun hanging in the air. Golden fire surged around the burning sun, mysterious and overwhelming.

The cultivation of the Great Solar Undying Body finally succeeded!

Irrepressible ecstasy flashed in Mu Chen's eyes as he finally succeeded in cultivating the Great Solar Undying Body after much effort!

He had been waiting for this moment for many years.

Mu Chen took a deep breath as his spirit moved, appearing above the crown of the Great Solar Undying Body before gradually descending into it. 

As the spirit fused with it, the Great Solar Undying Body's eyes opened suddenly. Golden light permeated the air, emitting a majestic and mysterious aura.

In the cultivation chamber, Mu Chen's tightly shut eyes opened suddenly as he sat up abruptly. Golden light surged out from within his body, and a massive golden silhouette appeared.


The cultivation chamber trembled violently, and the golden Sovereign Celestial Body stood above it. Immediately, a huge crack appeared in the chamber as it finally collapsed with a deafening rumble.

Nine Nether had been sitting on a stone platform outside the cultivation chamber. She looked up sharply toward the cultivation chamber filled with golden light, and a thrilling spiritual energy fluctuation soared to the sky.

"Has the cultivation succeeded?"

Nine Nether's heart skipped a beat as she soared into the sky, her hands conjuring seals. A beam of massive spiritual energy descended and enveloped thousands of yards in the vicinity.

As the light shrouded the area, a golden Celestial Body of about a thousand yards burst out from the cultivation chamber as it stood tall in the heavens and earth. 

Nine Nether looked up as she saw the golden Celestial Body that resembled a giant golden Buddha with a golden sun hovering behind it. Shock was written all over her beautiful face.

She knew that the Sovereign Celestial Body that Mu Chen had been cultivating was extraordinary, but she did not expect it to be so spectacular and majestic.

"This is the Great Solar Undying Body?" she murmured, as shock and horror filled her heart.

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