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At the door of the main hall, Nine Nether could hear Mu Chen's murmurs. A smile appeared on her usually cold countenance. "He's very noisy. It's alright if you beat him to death."

"I'll try my best." Mu Chen nodded.

Tang Bing and Tang Rou glanced at each other and smiled helplessly as they stood behind them. They didn't know where Mu Chen got his confidence from, as Wu Tian was a lot stronger than Zhao Zhong. He was considered one of the top among the Commanders in the Daluo Territory, and if they truly clashed, they couldn't imagine Mu Chen's fate.

This fellow was like a newborn calf who was not afraid of tigers. Young people were truly fearless indeed. 

"Let's go."

Nine Nether smiled. The chilly aura in the main hall dissipated with a wave of her hand as she attempted to bring them away. 

"Nine Nether!"

There was a sudden sound behind her, and Nine Nether stopped in her tracks. She turned to see Xu Qing, who was dressed in green robes. His eyes were bright and happy as he stared at Nine Nether.

"Oh, it's Xu Qing. What's the matter?" Nine Nether looked up and smiled. A cold resistance infused her seemingly gentle tone.

Nine Nether did not have an approachable disposition to begin with, and despite being acquaintances with Xu Qing in the past, they barely knew each other.

Looking at Nine Nether's eyes, Xu Qing froze. His usual calm demeanor vanished instantly as his heart raced. His eyes lit up brightly with heat and excitement. 

"Welcome back," Xu Qing said softly.

"Thank you."

Nine Nether was neither cold, nor gentle when she nodded, and she had no intention of carrying on a conversation with Xu Qing as she turned around and left.

Upon seeing this, Xu Qing, who had gathered up the courage to say something more, became crestfallen as he shrugged his shoulders in self-mockery. However, his look of admiration at the retreating silhouette remained unabated.

"Tsk tsk. Looks like you didn't end up any better than me." Behind Xu Qing, there was suddenly a gloating voice. He turned his head and saw Zhou Yue smiling at him.

"At least I wasn't chased away," Xu Qing retorted. The fact that Zhou Yue liked Tang Bing was known by many. When he had hidden in Nine Nether Palace, he had been banished by Tang Bing wielding a sword.

"To put it this way, we are in a similar predicament." Zhou Yue smiled as he narrowed his eyes at the tall silhouette following behind Nine Nether and whispered, "I have heard about it. The man who came back with Nine Nether is called Mu Chen… It seems that this time, Nine Nether is going to let him represent the Nine Nether Palace in the battle at the Daluo Golden Pool. What do you think?"

"Haha, the fight won't get to us anyway." Xu Qing smiled and he knew that no matter if Mu Chen was an ordinary figure or not, he would never shake his chance to use the Daluo Golden Pool because he had absolute confidence in his strength. As the leader of the top four Commanders, he had the capability to prove his worth, and not through mere lip service.

"That is true. There will be a good show to see this time, and I would like to see how far this Mu Chen can go," Zhou Yue said.

Both of them smiled as they turned to leave.

Several silhouettes flitted across the sky as Mu Chen approached Nine Nether and stated solemnly on the way back to the Nine Nether Palace, "Xu Qing has intentions towards you."

"Shut up." Nine Nether rolled her eyes.

Tang Bing and Tang Rou smiled.

Nine Nether turned to look at Mu Chen as she stated seriously, "You have seen Wu Tian and Cao Feng. How is it? Are you confident? If you want to get a slot at the Daluo Golden Pool, you have to defeat at least one of them."

"It's hard to say now."

The young man pondered. A reassuring smile appeared on his handsome features as he clenched his fist.

"But in two months' time, I will win."

In two months, he should be able to cultivate the Great Solar Undying Body successfully, and by then, he would also possess the Sovereign Celestial Body, rendering him invincible among opponents of the same rank.

Even if Wu Tian had the capability of a Second Grade Sovereign, he would not have any trace of fear.

Tang Bing and Tang Rou looked at the self-confidence on the young man's face and were somewhat surprised. They did not know too much about Mu Chen, so they did not understand how he could make great progress within the short period of two months. After all, at his current stage there was still a big gap between him and the likes of Wu Tian and Cao Feng.

Even though they had some doubts in their hearts, they did not speak any more when they saw Nine Nether nod gently. They trusted Nine Nether, and she trusted Mu Chen, so they also believed in Mu Chen.

Perhaps he could really do it. 

Tang Bing and Tang Rou both looked at each other and whispered to Mu Chen, "All the best." Encouragement and anticipation blossomed on their beautiful faces, which were almost identical. This would be the first battle at the Nine Nether Palace after their return, so it was of great importance.

Looking at the encouragement and expectation in the eyes of the two beautiful girls, Mu Chen also raised his head, took a deep breath, and then smiled. It seemed that he must attain the quota at the Daluo Golden Pool.

However, what made him more excited was the fact that he could finally cultivate the Great Solar Undying Body after coveting it for so long…

That would be the starting point of his road to becoming the unparalleled Sovereign Master.

Blood Hawk Palace.

Lord Blood Hawk sat on the throne with a somber expression. His eyes were closed, but his overflowing murderous intent made many of the strong men in the hall afraid to speak.

Anyone could see that Lord Blood Hawk was in a murderous fury at this moment.

A strong man in the Blood Hawk Palace asked in a whisper, "My lord, are we slowing down our actions to merge with and annex Nine Nether Palace?"

"Slowing down?"

Lord Blood Hawk opened his eyes and cast a cold glance, and the strong man who had spoken trembled suddenly, feeling cold all over.

"She is merely a woman with whimsically unrealistic thoughts. Why would I be afraid of her?" Lord Blood Hawk stated in a chilling tone.

"Pass down the order to speed up the contact with the various city owners under the Nine Nether Palace. As long as they change sides to my Blood Hawk Palace, I can give them a lot of benefits. If not, it is akin to looking down on my Blood Hawk Palace, and if I pursue matters in the future... " Lord Blood Hawk waved his hand, and smirked coldly.

"Yes my lord!" The high-ranking officials in the Blood Hawk Palace hurriedly agreed.

Lord Blood Hawk's glance turned towards Wu Tian and Cao Feng as he stated nonchalantly, "In the battle of Daluo Golden Pool, I have already garnered the slots for both of you. I hope you won't disappoint me."

Wu Tian and Cao Feng clasped their fists in response.

"In addition…"

A chilling smirk appeared at the corners of Lord Blood Hawk's mouth as he said, "It seems like Nine Nether regards that fellow, Mu Chen, very highly. Since she is so confident… In the battle of the Daluo Golden Pool, destroy him."

Upon hearing this, Wu Tian glanced at Cao Feng. Cruel smirks appeared on both of their faces. 

"We always had the intention of doing so."

Nine Nether Palace, Cultivation Chamber.

Mu Chen sat quietly, his face calm, and there was no ripple of spiritual energy fluctuation around him. He did not begin to practice cultivation directly, but sat still for nearly four hours, waiting for his mind to reach the true state of tranquillity as he slowly opened his eyes.

He formed seals with both hands, and a beam of dim light emerged from his body. It hovered in front of him, transforming into a mysterious black page. It was the Immortal Pages that hid the method of cultivation of the Great Solar Undying Body.

Mu Chen glanced at it silently. This page of ancient black paper contained a secret that would make the most powerful Sovereigns go into a frenzy. The value of the Primordial Immortal Body was enough to cause even a Heavenly Sovereign to lose his composure.

It was indeed extremely fortunate that he could obtain it.

After summoning this page of mysterious black paper, Mu Chen's seals changed again, and three masses of light surged out of the Mustard Seed Bangle. Within the three masses of light, there was a constant spread of terrifying spiritual energy fluctuations. The sounds of waves of water rang in the air, a sign that the spiritual energy was very powerful.

Within these three light masses were the three cultivation ingredients that Mu Chen had expended much effort to obtain.

Nine Suns Zoysia.

Void Great Solar Fruit.

Undying Divine Leaf.

The three ingredients were incredibly rare, and the fact that Mu Chen could gather them all must have meant that he had expended much energy and effort. Thankfully, fortune favors the brave, and now all three ingredients were gathered together.

The originally unattainable Great Solar Undying Body could truly be cultivated now. 

Mu Chen's long fingers touched the Immortal Pages, only to see faint lights surging on the mysterious black paper. Finally, a torrent of light poured out, entering his body as it travelled along and through his fingers. 

The majestic and ancient information exploded in his mind. The torrent made his body tremble, but he forcefully willed himself to endure it as he constantly received the volume of information regarding the complex cultivation methods of the Great Solar Undying Body.

The reception lasted a full dozen minutes before it was over.

Mu Chen's eyes opened suddenly as he fixed his gaze on the three natural treasures before him. His eyes were solemn. From the prior information, he knew that he only had one chance to cultivate the Great Solar Undying Body.

This was not only because of how rare the ingredients were, but an even greater reason was that if cultivation failed, it would be difficult for the body to adapt to the Great Solar Undying Body again. Hence, even if one gathered the ingredients again, it would be impossible to cultivate it successfully.

Such a harsh reality caused Mu Chen's heart to tremble in trepidation.

However, Mu Chen quickly suppressed his shock, and as he took a deep breath, his dark eyes no longer held any hesitation.

No matter how difficult it was to cultivate the Great Solar Undying Body, he would not give up!

What's more, he would definitely succeed in cultivating it!

He had promised the girl!

Mu Chen conjured up seals with both hands, his gaze sharp and determined. 

Let's begin then!

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