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In the palace, after hearing the clear words that Mu Chen spoke to him, some gloom flashed across Lord Blood Hawk's already frighteningly penetrating look. His finger tapped lightly on the armrest of the chair.

Although he did not speak, an invisible pressure spread across the place. It was like a hungry eagle's preying, fierce and fatal.

Mu Chen could definitely not contest with a grade five sovereign master at the moment, but he only frowned gently, his expression remaining calm. At that time, he even endured the pressure from Luo Tianshen, and there was clearly a tremendous difference between Lord Blood Hawk and Luo Tianshen.


Just as the pressure spread, Nine Nether gave a cold humph. The pressure around Mu Chen dissipated instantly.

Behind Lord Blood Hawk, Wu Tian still seemed to be smiling, yet his smile was somewhat surly and chilly. Clearly, he had not expected that asking Zhao Zhong to fight would have given Mu Chen a chance to display himself in such a way. From the attacks and the abilities that he had shown earlier, it was obvious that he was no weaker than an ordinary commander.

"Nice attacks you have there. Actually, I can't wait to fight you. May I know if you could enlighten me?" Wu Tian stared at Mu Chen, smiling, and said with a friendly look.

He knew that Lord Blood Hawk did not want to return the quota to contest for the Daluo Golden Pool back to Nine Nether. At the moment, Mu Chen had defeated Zhao Zhong. If he did not show up and break his opponent's spirit, the Nine Nether Palace would probably get what they wanted.

Hearing Wu Tian's words, many commanders in the palace twitched their mouths slightly. Wu Tian was among the top commanders in the Daluo Territory, so his behavior at the moment seemed to be somewhat overbearing.

"I think that we can skip the fights between the commanders. If you think that my Nine Nether Palace is too weak, then let's have a battle between the lords. The one who loses will just give all the quota." Nine Nether's face was calm. She knew the strength of Mu Chen.

Although the latter had many different attacks, he had not cultivated his sovereign celestial body. While he may be able to fight some of the grade one sovereigns, Wu Tian was already a grade two sovereign. If they really started fighting, Mu Chen would probably be at a disadvantage.

Her words were rather calm, but they caused everyone in the place to be alarmed. The battle between commanders was still considered as being minor, but if it was to become a battle between two lords, that would be much more serious. Once someone lost, the person's reputation in the Daluo Territory would drop significantly.

Therefore, after Nine Nether said as much, even Lord Blood Hawk's look seemed to be hesitant. If, at the moment, Nine Nether only had the strength she had in the past, he would be wishing for the battle, but now, Nine Nether had passed her tribulation. Hence, her power was obviously not to be underestimated. Before clearly knowing her powers and trump cards, rushing into a complete conflict with her was clearly unwise.


On the lotus platform, the Condor King finally cleared his throat lightly, then said in a hoarse voice, "As a lord-level force in the Daluo Territory, the Nine Nether Palace naturally has a quota to contest for the Daluo Golden Pool. In the past, Nine Nether was not here, so the quota was temporarily transferred. Now that she has come back, the quota should be returned."

The Spiritual Pupil King smiled and did not say anything. Hearing this, Lord Blood Hawk glanced at the Spiritual Pupil King. Seeing that the latter did not speak, he could only nod, before he said, "Since the Condor King has spoken, the quota shall be returned to the Nine Nether Palace. As for the one thousand drops of sovereign spiritual liquid, the Nine Nether Palace can keep them and does not need to return them to us. Anyway, the Nine Nether Palace now has many uncompleted things waiting to be done, all which would need a lot of sovereign spiritual liquid, right?"

When he spoke this last part, he smiled at Nine Nether. The clear taunt could be seen in his smile.

Nine Nether also replied to him with a smile, only her smile was filled with coldness. Then, still smiling, she said, "Since we have settled everything about the quota, let's discuss the cities that were originally under the ruling of the Nine Nether Palace."

Hearing this, Lord Blood Hawk's face instantly darkened. He was not too concerned about the contest for the Daluo Golden Pool. After all, even if Mu Chen could participate in the contest, he did not think that Mu Chen could stand out among all of the commanders to obtain one of the few quotas. As such, he felt confident that he could compromise.

However, Nine Nether seemed to also want to take back the authority to rule the cities that were already under his control at the moment. This was not something Lord Blood Hawk could tolerate.

Every year, those cities would turn in a large amount of sovereign spiritual liquid. For the Blood Hawk Palace to develop rapidly and become stronger continuously, sovereign spiritual liquid was the most essential item. Therefore, he would definitely not return these cash cow cities willingly.

"Nine Nether, you have just returned. Don't you think your appetite is a bit too big?" Lord Blood Hawk said in a cold tone.

"I'm simply taking back the things that belonged to our Nine Nether Palace in the first place," Nine Nether said tonelessly.

"We did not take over those cities by force. You have left the Nine Nether Palace for many years, so how will those cities get any protection from you? Since you cannot protect them, they will naturally find another, better lord," Lord Blood Hawk said with a sneer.

"Lord Blood Hawk, we all know what is happening. Why do you need be so high-sounding? The tricks that you used, those secret threats, you still think that I don't know?" Nine Nether contradicted him directly.

In the palace, the faces of the two were both icy, neither willing to compromise. The other lords also remained silent, letting the two argue, which clearing indicated that they did not want to be involved in the mess.

"You two, please stop arguing."

On the lotus platform, the Spiritual Pupil King, who had not spoken yet, smiled suddenly. His completely dark pupils scanned everyone, as he added, "We in the Daluo Territory have our own rules. Everything within the rules is allowed. As for the ownership of those cities, if you don't like the situation now, you can launch an attack. Go ahead and still that sentence, as long as it's within the rules."

Hearing this, Nine Nether frowned slightly, while Lord Blood King laughed complacently. Being lords in the Daluo Territory, they naturally knew the rules in the Daluo Territory. The regions under the Daluo Territory were extremely huge. There were many cities, most of which were ruled by the Daluo Territory directly, while the remaining terrains were controlled by the nine lords. The nine lords were actually in disharmony, and there were frequent conflicts among them, due to the regions under their ruling.

The Daluo Territory did not stop these conflicts. However, there was one rule, which was that the lords could not be directly involved in such conflicts. Only their subordinates could contest in such a situation.

At the moment, the Nine Nether Palace was indeed considered as being the weakest among the nine lord-level forces. Even for commanders, there was only Mu Chen, who had just become qualified.

On the other hand, the other lord-level forces had many powerful subordinates. If they started to fight, the Nine Nether Palace would obviously be at the losing end.

Hence, the Spiritual Pupil King's words seemed to be neutral, but he actually prevented Nine Nether's attempt to take back those cities. After all, the Nine Nether Palace could not rely on Mu Chen alone to fight against the many powerful people from the other forces.

Nine Nether gritted her teeth and wanted to say something, but saw the Condor King shaking his head gently at her. Only then, she reluctantly swallowed what she wanted to point out, instead saying in a cold voice, "Since this is the case, we shall see what will happen."

"Anytime." Lord Blood King smiled, not taking Nine Nether's words seriously, as they appeared to be fierce, but actually lacked confidence. After all, there was a huge difference between the strength of the subordinates of the two. Although Mu Chen did defeat Zhao Zhong previously, the latter was only considered as being average among all of the commanders in the Blood Hawk Palace.

Seeing this, Mu Chen did not say anything. Instead, moving his body, he appeared behind Nine Nether.

"Mu Chen, you are awesome," Tang Rou moved closer to Mu Chen and said, smiling. Her face was filled with joy. No matter what, Mu Chen had gained some honor for the Nine Nether Palace this time.

Tang Bing also nodded gently, then gave a rare smile to Mu Chen.

"I risked my life to fight, and finally got a smile from sister Tang Bing. Not an easy thing!" Mu Chen said, seeing that smile. Mu Chen then laughed uncontrollably.


At the side, Tang Rou covered her mouth and also giggled. Clearly, she could tell that Mu Chen was trying to tease Tang Bing.

Tang Bing blushed slightly, as she stared at Mu Chen in embarrassment. Then, her face restored its iciness, and she said, "When you really obtain the quota to enter the Daluo Golden Pool, I will smile until you are tired of it!"

"Then, it seems that I have to work hard!" Mu Chen said, seeming to be eager.

Tang Bing gave a soft humph and turned her head away, but the corners of her rosy lips curled up uncontrollably. Her originally tense mood had also relaxed quite a bit.

When Nine Nether realized that she could not reconquer the lost cities at this Meeting of the Nine Lords, she stopped saying anything else. In any case, she had already gotten the quota for Mu Chen. As for those things that were lost, she still had time in the future to reclaim them.

In the next part of the meeting, there were again discussions about other issues, but Nine Nether did not speak at all. After about two hours, the meeting concluded.

When the meeting ended, Nine Nether stood up directly and brought the three to the outside of the palace. At the entrance of the palace, they happened to meet Lord Blood Hawk and his people. The two stared at each other, their eyes filled with coldness. It was as if, even the surrounding temperature had dropped.

"Ha, Nine Nether, it's good for a young person to have a dashing spirit. But remember, the stiffest tree is the most easily cracked," Lord Blood Hawk smiled and said.

"Lord Blood Hawk, you also need to remember that, if you are too greedy, your belly can't take it," Nine Nether said tonelessly.

"Haha, even if I eat the Nine Nether Palace, my belly wouldn't burst," Lord Blood Hawk replied, smiling. Then, he glanced at Mu Chen, who was beside Nine Nether with some coldness flashing in his eyes. Without saying anything else, he stepped out and left the place.

Wu Tian and Cao Feng also passed by them. The former stopped briefly beside Mu Chen. Smiling, he extended his arm and tapped on Mu Chen's shoulder in a friendly manner. He then said softly, "Bro, if you want to participate in the contest for the Daluo Golden Pool, then I have to remind you that..."

His voice paused, as his lips suddenly curled up to form a ferocious smile.

"Be careful not to be beaten to death by me."

He laughed, then tapped on Mu Chen's shoulder again, before leaving elegantly.

Staring at the back of Wu Tian as he walked away, Mu Chen muttered, "Indeed, I really want to... beat him to death."

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