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A light column burst out from the top of Mu Chen's head. In the light column, a black light tower was partially visible. Then, as Mu Chen's seals changed, the light tower immediately rushed out. As the light of the spiritual energy surged, a black Pagoda tower floated silently in the air.

On the surface of the ancient tower, large golden dragon symbols glittered with light as if they were wiggling, and emitted an inexplicable pressure.

As soon as the black Pagoda tower appeared, everyone in the palace started to look at it with a serious expression. Even the Condor King and the Spiritual Pupil King watched with some surprise. Clearly, they had noticed that the black Pagoda tower was extraordinary.

"Humph, just some small tricks."

Seeing that, Zhao Zhong gave a cold humph. He had fought hundreds of battles and had seen much, not to mention the opponent here was far weaker than he was. Without a Sovereign Celestial Body, no matter what other abilities Mu Chen had, he would not be able to beat Zhao Zhong.

"Extreme Frost Finger!"

Zhao Zhong stomped violently on the ground and as his seals changed, his celestial body, which seemed to have formed from ice, abruptly pointed its finger down at Mu Chen. A very icy spiritual energy gushed out, and even the air was frozen.

The ice finger fell down like a hovering iceberg.

Mu Chen raised his head. Staring at the cold mist sweeping towards him, coldness also flashed in his black eyes. Even Liu Ming, who had cultivated the Heavenly Flame Celestial Body, could not beat him. At the moment, the Sovereign Celestial Body cultivated by Zhao Zhong was far weaker than Liu Ming's, so it would be impossible to crush Mu Chen with this attack.


Mu Chen stomped his feet suddenly, and it was as if even the palace vibrated slightly. Behind him, space distorted, and a purple sea seemed to have partially appeared.


A purple spiritual energy beam a few thousand feet thick dashed out suddenly just like a python. It flew across the air and collided with the falling ice finger like a bolt of lightning.


The two smashed into each other, and instantly an ear-piercing sizzling sound burst out. The two powerful beams of spiritual energy charged at each other in an attempt to corrode one another.

Zhong Zhong sneered. "You are trying to use the power of spiritual energy to fight against a Sovereign Celestial Body?" The Sovereign Celestial Body was the strongest power a Sovereign master could use during battle. It was naive for Mu Chen to use his spiritual energy to stop the attack.

"Just freeze!"

His seals changed suddenly. A cold mist poured down from the ice finger like a waterfall trying to freeze all the spiritual energy below.

"Just burn!"

The corner of Mu Chen's lips curled up slightly. A purple flame flashed in his black eyes. Then, in the purple spiritual energy that was competing with the ice finger, purple flames abruptly gushed out.

As the purple flames appeared, the extremely cold mist abated at an obvious rate. Even on the giant ice finger, water droplets started to fall down, and it eventually evaporated into nothingness.

"How is this possible?!" Zhao Zhong's expression changed suddenly. The ice mist contained in his Sovereign Celestial Body had been cultivated by merging many frost jades. When ordinary spiritual energy came into contact with it, if it was not frozen, it would still be slowed. At the moment, the mist was actually burned away by Mu Chen directly.

"Courtesy demands reciprocity. Now it's my turn."

Mu Chen smiled but his eyes were only filled with coldness as he swung his sleeves. The black Pagoda tower ascended into the sky and expanded as it flew against the wind, eventually growing to a height of 10,000 feet. After that, it crushed down like lightning and engulfed Zhao Zhong's Sovereign Celestial Body.


When the black Pagoda tower pressed down, the golden dragons on its surface gave out a sudden, low dragon howl. On the Pagoda tower, layers of golden light bloomed and in an instant, five layers of the Pagoda tower became bright.

When Mu Chen battled against Liu Qingyun in the Spiritual Academy Competition, he could only ignite four layers of the Pagoda tower. However, at the moment he was much stronger than before, so he could ignite five layers easily.


Golden light surged on the five layers of the Pagoda tower. On the body of the tower, five golden dragons roared and flew out, dashing into the tower. They turned into fierce golden flames and enveloped the ice blue celestial body.

The golden flames surged and emitted a dangerous fluctuation.

Staring at the golden flames, Zhao Zhong's expression also changed. Obviously, he had felt an intense threat from them. However, he had fought many battles, so he took a deep breath and changed his seals. Immediately, an ice blue light surged on the Extreme Frost Celestial Body. Watching from afar, it was as if the celestial body were a frosty giant surrounded by ice mist


At the moment, the golden flames swept across and engulfed the frosty giant without any hesitation.


Just as the golden flames gushed over, horror instantly filled Zhao Zhong's eyes because he noticed that as the golden flames swept across, his Sovereign Celestial Body was melting at a shocking rate.

The golden flames were so potent!

"D*mn it, impossible!"

Zhao Zhong gritted his teeth forcefully. Behind his back, his Sovereign Sea also appeared, and a large amount of spiritual energy continuously gushed into his Sovereign Celestial Body.

However, no matter how much he strengthened his Sovereign Celestial Body, the golden flames still burned across at a steady rate. As the flames floated past, the ice-like Sovereign Celestial Body melted rapidly.

Zhao Zhong's face started to turn pale, and cold sweat continuously broke out.

In the palace, the looks from the people who were originally waiting to watch a good performance also changed uncontrollably. The various lords stared at the golden flames in the Pagoda tower with a serious expression. It seemed that they were also somewhat shocked by the golden flames.

"This flame..."

On the lotus platforms, some surprise also flashed across the usually calm faces of the Condor King and the Spiritual Pupil King. The golden flames seemed to be extraordinary.

The always sleepy Sleeping King also opened his eyes slightly and muttered fuzzily, "Such a powerful flame."

The golden flames easily burned everything they touched. Regardless of how much Zhao Zhong tried to resist, the giant ice-like Sovereign Celestial Body quickly shrank.

A stabbing pain surged in Zhao Zhong's body. Even though he did not merge himself with the Sovereign Celestial Body, the two were firmly connected so he was also affected.

Zhao Zhong gritted his teeth. Although he felt very worried in his heart, he still did not admit defeat. He stared at Mu Chen with a vicious look and was trying to find an opportunity to counterattack.


Noticing his stare, Mu Chen also frowned slightly. Without further mercy, he waved his sleeves, and the golden flames swept across fiercely, completely engulfing the Sovereign Celestial Body.

He knew that if he wanted to become a commander of the Nine Nether Palace, he must show his real strength. Hence, what he needed to do at the moment was not to show mercy but to shock everyone!

To achieve that effect, he had to use the most powerful attack!

"Just incinerate!"

Mu Chen closed his palm suddenly. The golden flames began to burn violently, and the ice-like giant Sovereign Celestial Body instantly turned into water and started to pour down, eventually disappearing under the burning of the golden flames.


Mist started to spread within the Pagoda tower, while the ice giant collapsed with a loud bang.


Zhao Zhong forcefully sprayed out a mouthful of blood, and his body fell backwards. He looked extremely miserable and weary. He stared at Mu Chen, his eyes filled with horror.

He could not believe that his Sovereign Celestial Body was actually refined by Mu Chen just like this!

In the palace, the original whispers came to a sudden halt. All the commanders looked solemn, and even the various lords' eyes narrowed. Although the Sovereign Celestial Body cultivated by Zhao Zhong was not special, it was certain that not everyone could refine it directly.

In addition, the young man before them was much weaker than Zhao Zhong.

Lord Asura stared at Mu Chen with his emotionless face. Finally, his look changed slightly and he muttered, "This young man... is not that ordinary."

Behind Lord Asura, Xu Qing, the head of the four great commanders, also gazed at the scene in surprise and nodded gently. The combat strength of this young man was clearly more than what could be seen on the surface. At the start, Zhao Zhong looked down on him, and he deserved to be defeated.

"Wow, Mu Chen is so strong," Tang Rou stared at Mu Chen in surprise and cheered in joy. At first, she had not been very confident in Mu Chen. He had not even cultivated his Sovereign Celestial Body, after all. However, she did not expect that the battle would end so simply. Not only was Zhao Zhong quickly defeated, but even his Sovereign Celestial Body was refined into nothingness...

Surprise could also be seen in Tang Bing's eyes. She nodded slightly. It is no wonder that sister Nine Nether values him. This guy indeed has some real capabilities.

On the other hand, Nine Nether did not seem to be very surprised. A charming smile appeared on her previously cold face. What Mu Chen did was brilliant.

Lord Blood Hawk stared at Mu Chen with a dour look. He glanced at the dispirited Zhao Zhong and said tonelessly, "What trash."

In his voice, there was hidden anger. At first, he wanted to use this chance to defeat Mu Chen so that Nine Nether could not achieve her goal. However, he did not expect that Mu Chen would carry out such a decisive attack.

Zhao Zhong lowered his head in embarrassment. He glanced at Mu Chen with a vicious look and backed off awkwardly.

Mu Chen ignored him. He only raised his head and with his body straight, stared directly at Lord Blood Hawk with his black eyes. Although he still looked peaceful and mild, nobody looked down on him now.

He folded his hands at Lord Blood Hawk, and smiling he said, "Lord Blood Hawk, may I know if I am qualified to become the commander of the Nine Nether Palace now?"

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