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On the crowded street, Nine Nether looked back and then said to Mu Chen abruptly, "That girl seems to be unusual."


Mu Chen was puzzled.

"She should be slightly younger than you, but probably no weaker." Nine Nether squinted her lovely eyes partially and said softly, "Also, since she has accomplished so much at this age, she has definitely been receiving perfect guidance. This means that her family background should be extraordinary."

Surprise flashed in Mu Chen's eyes. He did not actually notice that the girl in white clothes had hidden herself so deeply. He also did not ponder it much. He was in the Great Thousand World where many powerful people remained in concealment. Without any family background, such a girl who was lacking in social experience would not dare to go outside and act freely anyway.

"I didn't think that much," Mu Chen said and smiled. Indeed, when he went forward to help previously, he did not think; he just did not want to see such a delicate and pretty girl get into unnecessary trouble.

After all, he had already heard some time ago that there were many hidden talents in the Continent of Trade. Even if that girl in white did have some background, she would not be able to get past that kind of conflict easily.

Nine Nether smiled faintly and did not say anything else.

The two walked past a few streets and then turned a corner. Immediately, the view before them broadened up. In front of them, a hall as large as a mountain stood in silence. A tremendous amount of spiritual energy emanated from it and actually formed a column of light that soared up into the clouds.

Outside the hall, a large number of people flooded in. Looking at the size of the crowd, even Mu Chen was somewhat dumbstruck in spite of himself.

"The Trading and Auction House..." Nine Nether raised her head and gazed at the huge golden words on the exterior of the hall. Smiling, she said, "This should be the place."

"What an enormous scale," Mu Chen exclaimed. The hall was like a prehistoric behemoth which had opened its mouth wide and engulfed the vast number of people inside. Even so, it did not seem to be packed at all.

"This hall..."

Staring at the hall, Mu Chen's eyes suddenly flashed and his surprise became more intense. He realized that the hall seemed to be emitting a strange fluctuation.

Amazement also flashed in Nine Nether's eyes as she said, "This is a Divine Artifact. Such an incredible effort. They actually used a Divine Artifact as an auction hall..."

The hall was actually not a building but was converted from a Divine Artifact. It was no wonder it had that special fluctuation.

"Terrific!" Mu Chen couldn't help giving his compliment.

"Let's go."

Waving her hand, Nine Nether brought Mu Chen into the magnificent hall. Entering the hall, they could clearly feel that the space around them rippled. The scene before them blurred slightly and then became clear.

The hall was unusually lit, and its floor was formed from dazzling crystals. Inside, people filled the place. However, even though so many people gathered there, it did not seem to be crowded at all. Instead, it felt very spacious.

Mu Chen walked into the hall and looked around. He exclaimed like a rural villager entering a large city. The place was many times larger than the Spiritual Values Hall in the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy and also looked more spectacular.

On the other hand, Nine Nether did not stop for long. She gave ten drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid to the lady at the counter and then took two tickets for the auction. Pulling Mu Chen along, they crossed the hall and entered a light door.

Through the light door was a place that looked like an arena. Its scale was so huge, it could accommodate over 100,000 people. At the moment, the place was already filled with people. Its popularity was incredible.

Mu Chen pursed his lips but did not exclaim again because he was already somewhat numb.

Nine Nether searched for seats while Mu Chen turned his head slightly and looked to his right. There was another light door not far away through which a few people were slowly walking.

When those few people entered, Mu Chen could clearly feel that many people were looking at them, and the looks were somewhat intense.

Mu Chen also looked at them. There was a lady in a fox fur coat whose body was exceptionally hot and enchanting. She had fiery red hair, and a charming smile on her white, oval face that caused many to feel attracted.

Her slim waist turned like a snake as she slowly walked over. Many eyes followed her delicate steps.

Behind the lady, there was an ordinary-looking middle-aged man. He was always just one step away from the lady. As he lifted his head occasionally, a frightening look could be briefly seen.

Mu Chen stared at the middle-aged man and his heart trembled slightly because he felt some pressure from him. This ordinary-looking middle-aged man was quite strong, and was probably at least a Grade Four Sovereign.

"They are from the Fox Fairy Clan. This clan is one of the top on the Continent of Trade and is extremely strong. They participate in most of the auctions on the continent," Nine Nether said in an emotionless voice.

"This lady should have quite a high status in the Fox Fairy Clan. If not, she would not have a Grade Four Sovereign as a bodyguard."

"Fox Fairy Clan..."

Mu Chem remembered this name in his heart. This was the first strong clan he learned of after coming to the Great Thousand World.

As Mu Chen and Nine Nether were looking at them, the middle-aged man beside the enchanting lady in the fox fur coat seemed to have noticed. He lifted his head and looked at where Mu Chen and Nine Nether were. His eyes stopped at Nine Nether and his steps paused briefly.

Although his action was subtle, the enchanting lady still noticed. She also looked in that direction as if she felt something, and her attractive eyes locked onto Mu Chen and Nine Nether.

Looking at those charming eyes, Mu Chen's heart rate suddenly increased. Even his blood started to flow faster. However, he quickly realized that something was wrong, and his look turned solemn. In his body, it was as if thunder was heard, which completely suppressed the weird feeling.

"Huh?" the lady in the fox fur coat said faintly in surprise. However, she did not do anything else and only smiled gently at Mu Chen and Nine Nether. Then, under the scorching stares of countless people, she walked to the frontmost part of the auction hall, eventually entering a small attic covered with thin muslin. Obviously, ordinary people would not be allowed to go into that kind of place.

After entering the attic, the lady in the fox fur coat finally smiled and said, "Uncle Liu, those two look unfamiliar. They are probably not from the Continent of Trade."

The ordinary-looking middle-aged man said, "That girl is very strong, probably no weaker than me. As for that young man, he should have entered the Sovereign-level as well. It is not easy to have such an accomplishment at that age."

When the lady in the fox fur coat heard the middle-aged man say that Nine Nether was no weaker than he was, she was also briefly surprised. However, her expression returned to normal in a second, and she just nodded slightly, not saying anything else.

Seeing that Mu Chen kept looking at the lady in the fox fur coat as she left, Nine Nether gave out a humph and said, "Stop looking. Based on your ability now, she would probably feel disdain towards you."

Mu Chen was resigned but did not bother to explain. Just as he was about to find a seat and sit down, a familiar clear and angry voice came from the distance. "Scram, I am not interested in men!"

Mu Chen turned around, stunned. At another entrance to the auction hall, he saw the girl in white clothes who was dressed like a man. Her face was turning icy.

In front of her was a young man who was also in white robes. His appearance was somewhat tender, and he was quite handsome. At the moment, his expression was slightly awkward because of the girl's angry words.

He had already seen the girl outside. Although she was dressed like a man, he was a womanizer after all, and could naturally tell the truth with just one look. Furthermore, the girl's exquisite face was emitting an attractive aura. When she grew up, she would definitely be exceptionally beautiful. Therefore, he went forward to strike up a conversation. He did not expect that before he could even speak, he would be scolded very impolitely.

"Ha, girl, I think that there must be a misunderstanding. I have no bad intentions. I saw that you are alone and therefore wanted to invite you to watch this auction with me." However, this tender-looking young man was also not an ordinary playboy. Although he was scolded, he still kept a gentle smile and spoke in an elegant and polite tone.

"Not interested."

His humble attitude was, however, completely useless against the girl in white clothes. She rolled her eyes and rejected him directly, after which, she started to walk away.

The tender-looking young man finally frowned slightly.

Behind him, an emotionless old man in black robes stepped forward, just blocking the girl in white clothes. He said tonelessly, "He already made the invitation. Girl, you should just accept it."

Seeing the scene, the girl in white clothes raised her eyebrows. But just as she was about to hit the people in front of her with her palm, a hand extended from the side and held her wrist.

The sudden contact made the girl's body stiffen, and she quickly wanted to break free. However, when she saw the familiar face she had met earlier, her struggle weakened.

"Ha, my sister is still immature. I hope that you two will not mind this." Standing in front of the girl in white clothes, Mu Chen smiled at the tender-looking young man and the old man in black robes.

The tender-looking young man squinted slightly and stared at Mu Chen. After which, he saw Nine Nether beside Mu Chen. Immediately, a spark could be seen in the depths of his eyes.

But before he could say anything, the old man in black robes stepped forward, separating him from Nine Nether. He stared at the latter with a cautious look.

Clearly, he had noticed the threat from Nine Nether.

Seeing that, the tender-looking young man lifted his eyebrows. Then, he glanced at Mu Chen and Nine Nether with a faint smile. Without actually saying anything, he smiled, turned around, and walked away. In addition, the place they were going was also an attic at the front of the auction hall.

"These two have an extraordinary background. If I am not mistaken, they should be from the Tian Xuan Hall on the Tianluo Continent," Nine Nether said softly, looking at their backs.

"Tian Xuan Hall?"

"That is also one of the strongest clans on the Tianluo Continent. It is no weaker than our Daluo Territory," Nine Nether said.

Mu Chen shook his head resignedly. He did not expect that before he had even reached the Tianluo Continent, he would have already offended one of the top clans there. Although the tender-looking young man seemed to be generous, he knew that this kind of person would probably be very stingy.

"Hey, let me go!" Seeing that the two had left, the girl in white clothes, who was called Lin Jing, quickly broke free from Mu Chen's hands. She held her own wrist and stared at Mu Chen with her clever eyes.

Letting go of her, Mu Chen said helplessly, "You are such a troublemaker."

Hearing that, Lin Jing was immediately displeased. She said as if she had been wronged, "What trouble did I make? I don't even know that bastard!

"Also, that bastard actually dared to flirt with me. I am so angry. I must tell this to my dad. No, I will tell Uncle Diao. I will tell Uncle Hu! I will ask them to beat this bastard until he dies or becomes handicapped!"

Lin Jing gritted her teeth and kept scolding. Probably it was her first time encountering someone who was so confident and who dared to flirt with her.

Hearing the scolding from the girl, Mu Chen twitched his mouth resignedly. Without paying attention to her, he and Nine Nether walked directly to the seats in front.

Seeing that Mu Chen had turned around and left, Lin Jing hesitated for a short moment and then also quickly followed them.

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