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In the auction hall, there were many people, but it did not seem to be crowded at all. Obviously, the planning had been very perfect. Mu Chen and Nine Nether sat down on the seats near the front.

The seats were made from jade and covered with soft fur. When one sat on them, one could even vaguely feel that a faint spiritual energy would gush into one's body. Clearly, both the jade and the fur were not ordinary.

The decoration in the auction hall indeed far exceeded any of the ones Mu Chen had seen before. After Mu Chen and Nine Nether took their seats, the girl called Lin Jing also sat down beside them. Her appearance was one of pure beauty, and her skin was as white as jade and as delicate as porcelain. At the moment, she was dressed up like a man, but still had a unique beauty that was pretty adorable. However, seeing that she followed immediately, Mu Chen stared at her.

"Don't chase me away. I am just following to take a look." Noticing that Mu Chen was staring at her, Lin Jing quickly put her palms together, and her miserable appearance became lovingly pathetic. But, her bright eyes were only filled with cunning and intelligence, like a little fox.

That, however, did not work on Mu Chen, who said gruffly, "Stop pretending."

"It's fate that we met. You really have no regard for people's feelings," Lin Jing said angrily.

"Since you came, just stay with us. But you must not stir up trouble," Nine Nether, who was at the side, smiled and said, while looking at the girl.

"Sister you are much better." Lin Jing complimented Nine Nether in a sweet tone and said, "Don't worry. As long as other people do not provoke me, I will not make trouble."

Mu Chen twitched his lips, but his eyes were filled with some laughter. Towards the girl that he just knew, he also had a favorable impression. Otherwise, he would not show up and help her twice. He had to say that a beautiful girl still had an advantage after all, although he did not have any other thoughts at the moment.

After the three sat down, Lin Jing was the first to feel bored, and she started to talk to Mu Chen continuously. However, her voice was very clear, like jade beads falling onto a silver plate, and was exceptionally pleasing to the ears. In fact, from the girl's behavior, her personality was not at all quiet, as her name at first suggested, but rather smart and refreshing.

As they were talking, Mu Chen saw a few groups of people that seemed to be from some strong clans enter the place, one after another. Their statuses were quite high, and they all went into the small attics at the front of the auction hall directly. Obviously, the auction this time had attracted many influential people to the place.

"For this auction, at least five famous clans have come. But I feel that the most threatening people are probably the ones from the Tian Xuan Hall."

Nine Nether said softly, "That guy should have quite a high status in the Tian Xuan Hall. The old man in black robes beside him is also very strong. I think that he is probably at least a grade five sovereign. With such strength, even in the Tian Xuan Hall, he is at least an Elder level."

"Grade five sovereign?" Mu Chen's look sharpened and his face was somewhat solemn. Since such a strong person was sent to protect him, the tender-looking young man must be an important person in the Tian Xuan Hall.

If that person also came for the "Void Great Solar Fruit" and "Undying Divine Leaf", then the situation at the moment would be very tricky. Although Mu Chen had quite some sovereign spiritual liquid, due to the Spiritual Condensing Bowl, that person had the Tian Xuan Hall as his backing, and would definitely be hard to deal with.

"That bastard is from the Tian Xuan Hall?" At the side, Lin Jing overheard the conversation, and gave a soft humph and said, "What's so incredible about that? Don't worry, if he dares to stir up trouble with you, I will teach him a lesson!"

It seemed that she was angry at this annoying person, who dared to flirt with her.

"Thanks." But towards her words, Mu Chen rolled his eyes in a displeased way. Clearly, he thought that she was only releasing her anger. After all, the Tian Xuan Hall was among the top in the Tianluo Continent, and was extremely powerful.

Mu Chen's attitude immediately caused the girl to raise her eyebrows in anger. However, she quickly realized that she snuck out of her house alone and did not bring anything else. Thus, she gritted her teeth and humphed.

As time passed, the atmosphere in the auction hall gradually reached its climax. Eventually, a light column shot upwards from the center of the auction hall, as if a bell ring had spread.Countless people stared at the place.

In the light column, an old man in white robes appeared. The old man had white hair, a white beard, and his face was solemn and unsmiling, giving people a feeling that he was extremely stern. Generally speaking, people with this kind of personality were not suitable to host an auction. However, when he appeared, the voices in the auction hall quietened, followed by some exclamations.

"This auction is actually hosted by Master Mo Qing. Seems like the standard is quite high."

"You're right. Master Mo Qing is the chief auctioneer in the City of Trade. Whatever treasure it is, he can identify whether it is genuine or falsified, by just taking just one look. On usual auctions, he would not even show up."

"Seems like it was a right choice to come here."


Hearing the whispering in his surroundings, surprise was also seen in Mu Chen's eyes. He glanced at the old man in white robes, as he did not expect the latter to actually be so famous.

"This old man is about a grade three sovereign," Nine Nether stared at the old man in white robes and said.

Mu Chen twitched his tongue quietly. It was indeed the Great Thousand World, as even a chief auctioneer was a grade three sovereign. If he was in the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy, he would be one of the strongest Elders. But of course, even in this place, this Master Mo Qing had an extraordinary status.

In the whispering that filled the entire hall, the old man in white robes called Mo Qing scanned around, his eyes stopping at a few attics. Then, he folded his hands and said, "It's nice to meet all of you. The auction today officially starts now."

"Maybe all of you already know my rules. Whenever I hold an auction, only ten items will be sold. However, I think that their quality will make all of you satisfied."

The words from the old man in white robes contained some arrogance, but nobody refuted him. Clearly, they already knew that the master had some rules.

"Interesting." Mu Chen also smiled. It was his first time seeing such a unique auctioneer, who would sell only ten items. In that case, the items should have been picked carefully. This caused him to be somewhat curious as well. He really wanted to see how rare the ten treasures picked by this master would be.

Under the many anticipating stares, the old man in white robes closed his palm and a light ball appeared. In the light ball, there was actually a small boat, which was emitting a seemingly infinite amount of light. Faintly, there were some space fluctuations coming from it.

"This is a space boat, a low rank divine artifact. It has no offensive powers, but when it is travelling at maximum speed, even a grade six sovereign will find it difficult to follow," Master Mo Qing smiled faintly and said. "The starting bid is two thousand drops of sovereign spiritual liquid."

Everyone started to exclaim. It was actually a speed type divine artifact. Although it was only a low rank one, and also had no offensive powers, its speed, which was even faster than a grade six sovereign, was astonishing.

As long as a person had this kind of a divine artifact, even if he was hunted down, it would be very easy for him to escape. Hence, although this divine artifact had no offensive powers, its speed was enough to make up for it.

Seeing that, Mu Chen also felt exceptionally tempted. However, its price, which was at two thousand sovereign spiritual liquid, made him give up on his thought. After all, the amount of sovereign spiritual liquid he had was not so abundant that he could spend extravagantly. He had to wait for the two treasures that he needed to appear.

"Two thousand and one hundred!"

There were many strong people in the place, who wanted the space boat. After all, life is the most important thing in the world. After having this kind of escape artifact, one would obviously be much safer.

"Two thousand and three hundred!"

"Two thousand and five hundred!"


In just one minute, the price of the space boat had already increased rapidly, rising from two thousand sovereign spiritual liquid to three thousand! Only after that, the voices calling for outbids decreased gradually. After all, three thousand drops of sovereign spiritual liquid was already not a small amount. If a grade five sovereign was here, he would also need to condense continuously for almost half a year to get that amount.

In the end, the space boat was sold to a middle-aged man with a skinny face at the price of three thousand and one hundred drops of sovereign spiritual liquid. Watching this, Mu Chen also gave him compliments in silence. It seemed that he indeed was not wasting his time by coming to the auction, as the treasures here were indeed eye-opening.

"The second auction item..."

After the bidding ended, the old man in white robes closed his palm, and yet another light ball rose up. In the light ball, a fiery red liquid was flowing. The liquid was like the magma, and as it flew, a flame was drifting and an abnormally intense heat was emitted, causing the temperature of the entire auction hall to increase.

"This is the Heavenly Fire Chalcedony. It is formed from the fire jade that condenses at the deepest part of the magma sea. Only when the fire jade condenses for ten thousand years, can it turn into the chalcedony. In the 99 Sovereign Celestial Bodies, it is said that some of the stronger celestial bodies need this item," introduced the auctioneer. "The starting bid is one thousand drops of sovereign spiritual liquid."

Countless stares were projected onto the item. This Heavenly Fire Chalcedony was indeed not ordinary, but its uses were limited. Only those, who were cultivating the sovereign celestial bodies that required this item, would need it urgently.

After scanning the item, Mu Chen stopped looking at it. Obviously, he was uninterested in it. Then, he turned his head slightly and was momentarily stunned, because at the moment, Lin Jing, who was beside him, was starting at the Heavenly Fire Chalcedony eagerly, her white teeth biting gently on her lips. She was actually interested in the item.

However, the eager Lin Jing very quickly lowered her head unhappily, because she simply did not have that much sovereign spiritual liquid for bidding. Although she needed the item, the girl would not ask for help from Mu Chen recklessly. After all, she knew clearly that one thousand sovereign spiritual liquid was not a small amount to everyone.

She bit her rosy lips, then turned her head around stubbornly. As long as it was out of sight, then it was out of mind.

Beside her, Mu Chen saw her reactions by using the corners of his eyes, which cause him to want to laugh uncontrollably. However, he still sat indifferently and his hand rubbed on the jade armrest, as if he had no intentions to help.

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