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The Continent of Trade.

As the name implied, this was a trade-oriented continent, where there are numerous auction houses with great fame. Although this continent was not vast, it had a resounding reputation within the Great Thousand World.

The source of this fame came from the countless natural treasures gathered there, treasures from all around the world, which would be circulated to all of the major auction houses. Thus, the slogan promoted by the Continent of Trade was that, as long as one had enough Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, they could buy anything they desired. The slogan was arrogant, but one could see the essence of the Continent of Trade through it.

In this continent, even though it was not vast, there was an extraordinarily eclectic mix of people, ranging from hooligans to the rich. There were countless forces of varying degrees of power, and most of the auction houses had a strong background backing them. Hence, although there were countless treasures there, few people dared wreak havoc.

It was said that, hundreds of years ago, there had been a magnate of top power, who was interested in a Divine Artifact, but had failed to win the bid for it. He apparently then resorted to snatching it in the auction house. This figure even had killed the manager of the auction house, as well as the competitors who had also bid for the Divine Artifact, before leaving with the artifact himself.

This incident had shocked the Continent of Trade, causing them to respond immediately. In just over ten days, the top force in which the magnate was located was encircled and attacked by many powerful forces, resulting in heavy casualties. Even the magnate was severely injured.

In the end, he had to return the Divine Artifact in a state of embarrassment. He also had to pay an extremely large sum of compensation, as terms of reconciliation. Since then, no one has ever dared ignore the rules of the Continent of Trade, nor killed people to snatch the treasure in auction houses.

It was because of the perfectly comprehensive rules of the Continent of Trade that had first allowed it to gain fame in the Great Thousand World over the years, with countless treasure collectors rushing there to seek their coveted treasure. It was also where Mu Chen had first obtained news of the "Void Great Solar Fruit" and the "Undying Divine Leaf".

The City of Trade, the main city of the Continent of Trade, was the most majestic city on the continent, in terms of scale, and it was the hub of the whole continent. When Mu Chen appeared outside of the Continent of Trade, he lifted his head to stare at the majestic city, as if it had been crafted by the gods. A shocked expression flit across his face.

The walls of the city were hundreds of feet high, their dark surfaces glinting with a cold sheen and extended out so far that there was no sign of any corners. On the walls, massive light symbols could be seen flickering.

A terrifying spiritual energy fluctuation quietly rippled, one that would cause people's heart to skip a beat. In the sky above the city, a huge light column soared to the sky, forming a light barrier that enveloped the entire city.

The only way to enter the city was to pass through the city gates, and anything that descended from the sky would trigger the city's great battle array, causing it to immediately be attacked as an intruder.

"What a terrifying battle array." Mu Chen gazed solemnly at the vast light array above the city, which was so large that it shone with countless light rays, then coalesced into an extremely complex Spiritual Array.

"It was said that this was a Spiritual Array that was set up by a Spiritual Array Ancestral Master, and that, even a Sovereign like the Earthly Sovereign would not be able to overcome it in a short period of time," Nine Nether smiled and said, as she stood beside Mu Chen.

"Spiritual Array Ancestral Master." Mu Chen quietly clicked his tongue. This figure was a powerful existence, one comparable to the Earthly Sovereign. The City of Trade was very powerful, since they could invite such a figure to set up a defensive spiritual array for them.

"Let's enter the city, as the two objects you want should be auctioned in the City of Trade today. However, I'm not sure if you can get them." Nine Nether smiled and shrugged, as the "Void Great Solar Fruit" and the "Undying Divine Leaf" were extremely rare natural treasures, and one would have to pay a considerable price to obtain either in the auction houses.

Moreover, success was not guaranteed. This was because most people who came to the Continent of Trade to hunt for treasure had outstanding amounts of wealth, or came from illustrious backgrounds.

Mu Chen nodded, as he touched the Mustard Seed Bracelet on his wrist and sighed. Luckily, he had Nine Nether had broken the seal slightly on the "Spiritual Condensing Bowl" which he had obtained on the Continent of Ruins. Thus, he managed to obtain some amounts of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. On the whole, this was not a small number, but he did not have much confidence as to whether he could get the two key natural treasures he needed.

However, no matter what, it had not been easy for him to get news of them, so he would not give up easily. Mu Chen gritted his teeth. After all, he had even obtained the method of cultivation for The Great Solar Undying Body, so he wouldn't allow the lack of ingredients to cultivate it to stop his tracks!

Nine Nether patted Mu Chen's shoulder, and with a step of her slender legs, entered the city, attracting a lot of attention along the way. Her figure was tall and svelte, and her face was absolutely gorgeous. Her narrowed eyes gave off a charming aura, but also one that was full of untamed wildness. This aura gave men a strong desire to conquer her at times.

Aware of these heated gazes, Nine Nether knit her eyebrows together, as she suddenly held Mu Chen's arm and dragged him along. The softness of Nine Nether's hand on his arm stupefied Mu Chen for a moment, as he felt unfriendly glances being cast at him.

With this enviable beauty, the two walked into the city of extraordinary grandeur, and the moment they entered the city, Nine Nether immediately loosened her grip on Mu Chen, not giving him a chance to take advantage of her.

"How cold," Mu Chen commented sardonically.

Upon hearing this, a smile blossomed on Nine Nether's beautiful features, as she approached Mu Chen, stating teasingly, "Do you want to take advantage of me so much? Sure, when your capabilities surpass me someday, even if you want me to warm your bed, I would agree. However, before you even mention this request, you have to make sure that your small frame can take it."

Mu Chen rolled his eyes, as he thought: "This senior sure is bold."

Losing in the bickering match, he began to look at the magnificent city. He could tell that they had arrived just as the city's popularity was reaching a terrifyingly high degree.

Its unusually wide and vast streets were filled with people. On both sides of the street, were all kinds of shops, from which emanated powerful spiritual energy, as the artifacts present were clearly not mediocre objects.

Upon seeing this scene, Mu Chen gasped in astonishment. If the mere shops were already so extraordinary, what superior quality would the auction houses have?

"Let's go straight to the auction houses." Mu Chen glanced at Nine Nether, as he couldn't wait to see the two natural treasures he had been coveting for such a long time.

"Sure." Nine Nether did not object as she nodded, and the two squeezed into the crowds to make their way into the city center.

The shops along the way were filled with a wide variety of dazzling objects, all with strong spiritual energy, which Mu Chen were drawn by. Some of these treasures even tempted him greatly to purchase them. If not for the sake of preserving money and for the sake of competing for the two great natural treasures, he would have given in to the temptation.

In the distance, there was an extremely large auction house, the largest in the city center. That was also the largest auction house in the City of Trade.

Looking at the silhouette of the auction house far away, excitement filled Mu Chen's heart, as he eagerly quickened his pace. But suddenly, he heard the noise of rioting coming from beside him. He turned his head to look, seeing a shop. A plump man, who was mostly like the boss and owner, roared, his face turning red with agitation.

"How dare you mess in the City of Trade! Are you tired of living, you little rascal?"

In front of the now bellowing plump man, stood a young man in white, who was holding a folding fan. His face was as fair as jade, and he was very handsome.

He nonchalantly replied, "Why are you making such a fuss, as I merely ate a Century Spiritual Fruit of yours…"

When he spoke, his voice seemed particularly crisp and pleasant. Then, as Mu Chen looked at the young man closer, in disbelief, he soon found that it was a lady cross-dressed as a young man! The slender figure and the delicate features made a very clever little beauty.

"Then pay up! That Century Spiritual Fruit is worth two hundred Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, so you better pay up! " The plump man roared, as his expression twisted with rage. He previously looked at this "guy" in front of him, who had an extraordinary demeanour, and had thought that he was the young master of a certain sect. But then, suddenly, the "boy" took out the Century Spiritual Fruit, looked at it, and ate it directly!

The lady in white robes, who was really cross-dressed as the "boy", blushed with embarrassment, as she said, "I… I forgot to bring Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. I'll give it to you when I return next time."

The people around couldn't help but twitch their mouths in response, and the plump boss nearly fainted. Mu Chen couldn't help but laugh, as he thought that this girl was pretty amusing.

"If you are unable to give the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid today, then forget about leaving How dare you wreak havoc in the City of Trade? You must be tired of living!" The plump boss roared in rage, as guards rushed out aggressively after a wave of his signaling hand.

Upon seeing this, the girl dressed in white robes raised her eyebrows, exclaiming, "Don't you dare! Believe it or not, my father would destroy this rundown place of yours!"

The boss laughed, as his rage reached its tipping point. To dare speak such audacious words in the City of Trade, this little girl must not know her place.

However, just as he was about to command the guards to take action, Mu Chen, who had been watching in the crowd, threw out a jade bottle, announcing, "Here's two hundred Sovereign Spiritual Liquid."

The boss was stunned. He took over the jade bottle and scrutinized it carefully, a flattering smile appearing on his plump face. He then glared at the indignant girl, as he said, "Count yourself lucky this time!"

"A**hole!" The girl dressed in white stomped her foot in anger, as she gnashed her teeth. She had never endured such humiliation in her entire life.

Mu Chen smiled as he glanced at her. He had no intention of striking up a conversation, so he turned to leave with Nine Nether. The only reason he had helped was because of his compassion. After all, this little girl might not be aware of how much trouble would come if she offended someone here.


Mu Chen and Nine Nether had only taken a few steps, before a crisp sound rang out behind them. It was the girl dressed in white, quickly chasing after them, her pretty face flushed red.

"Uhh… thank you," she managed to stammer.

Mu Chen shook his head as he smiled. "You're bold indeed, to be a freeloader in the City of Trade," he commented.

"I left the house in a hurry and forgot to bring it. It was just an accident… That Century Spiritual Fruit…was too fragrant. I couldn't resist having a bite of it…" The girl dressed in white remarked in a huff, but the longer she spoke, the more guilty her tone became.

"Hey, you helped me this time, and I won't owe people a favor. What is your name, as I will definitely return you the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid." The girl dressed in white glanced at Mu Chen.

Mu Chen was about to decline, but as he saw the serious gaze of the girl, he smiled and relented, then replied, "Mu Chen."

He then turned to leave, without saying anything more.

The girl dressed in white waved, then called out, "My name is Lin Jing."

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