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The courtyard was enveloped in a tense atmosphere as the two women stared at each other coldly. The imposing auras they emitted resulted in howling gusts of wind, causing the leaves in the courtyard to blow violently.

Afraid to get embroiled in the imminent conflict, Sun'er quietly hid behind a large tree as she secretly watched the confrontation between Nine Nether and Ling Xi.

Upon witnessing the scene, Mu Chen felt a headache developing. He could not understand why the two women in front of him were always fighting as soon as they saw each other, or why their conflicts were laced with overwhelming resentment towards the other party.

Ling Xi stared at Nine Nether as she stated coldly, "Everyone knows how to say pleasant words of reassurance. If I find out Mu Chen was hurt because of the Bloodline Bond, I won't let you off—even if you are a member of the Nine Netherbird Clan."

Nine Nether raised her eyebrow as she scoffed coldly, "How arrogant of you! I would really like to see how capable you are of backing up your threatening boast!"

"Oh really?" Ling Xi's expression turned chilling as sparks of light shimmered in her slender hand.


Nine Nether hmphed in disdain as a cold glint flashed in her eyes. A massive shadow that could engulf the heavens and earth emerged behind her back, emitting a terrifying aura.

However, just as the two women were about to engage in combat, Mu Chen finally shouted in anger as he grasped Ling Xi's hand, fury apparent in his expression. "Stop it, both of you! Haven't you both caused enough trouble?!"

Ling Xi and Nine Nether glanced at Mu Chen. He had not merely interrupted them this time. Instead, he was truly enraged. His usually gentle eyes became unusually harsh.

Upon witnessing Mu Chen's true fury for the first time, Ling Xi and Nine Nether's auras weakened, and with a light hum, both restrained their spiritual fluctuations.

Mu Chen looked at the two women, who looked away from each other, and rubbed his forehead in exasperation.

"Sister Ling Xi, the Bloodline Bond between Nine Nether and I was formed when we were both in perilous situations. Hence, even if there is a way to unravel this Bloodline Bond, I won't choose to do so. Nine Nether has helped me a lot over the years. If it wasn't for her, I might not have made it here.

"No matter what danger I will encounter in the future because of this Bloodline Bond, I am willing to shoulder the risk. As long as Nine Nether disagrees, then I will not let anyone get rid of our Bloodline Bond without permission." Mu Chen's voice rang out in the courtyard. Although his timbre wasn't low or deep, the determination and steadfastness in it was moving.

Nine Nether and Ling Xi's cold expressions gradually eased. Ling Xi shifted her gaze as she looked at the youth's determined and serious expression, and then quickly glanced away. Somehow, she was suddenly in a better mood.

Ling Xi stared at Mu Chen as she sighed lightly. "Since you have already said so, I shall not say anything more."

She then smiled brightly as she teasingly glanced at Mu Chen. "However, I didn't think that young Mu Chen would be so responsible. You have truly grown to be a man."

Mu Chen gnashed his teeth as he retorted, "How am I young? You are just older than me by merely two or three years!"

Ling Xi smiled nonchalantly as she lifted her head to look at Nine Nether. Her tone gradually softened.

"I'm not targeting you specifically, but you should also understand that what I am talking about is an underlying concern. After all, if the Nine Netherbird Clan catches wind of this matter, I'm afraid they would be unwilling to take things lying down."

Nine Nether said calmly, "I'm already of age, so this is my own matter. Even my parents have no say in it. If there is truly trouble in future, I will protect him."

The corners of Mu Chen's mouth twitched as he commented, "I'm not interested in relying on women."

However, Nine Nether ignored his protests as she took her leave. She told them only to take their time to chat as she left behind her beautiful silhouette.

"What a prideful girl. Mu Chen, it seems that you still have a long way to go if you want to subdue this proud little sparrow."

Ling Xi looked at Nine Nether's beautiful silhouette as she smiled. She then lazily stretched her arms, and the curves beneath her white robes immediately became increasingly apparent.

Mu Chen shrugged helplessly.

"Come to me when you have time these days. Don't neglect your Spiritual Array Cultivation. Before you leave, I will try to teach you everything I know."

Mu Chen smiled and nodded. "Alright."

For the next few days, Mu Chen remained quietly in the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy. Most of the time, he was in the Spiritual Courtyard where Ling Xi was located, as he communicated with her about Spiritual Array Cultivation. When he finished practicing, he would celebrate and have fun with everyone in the Goddess Luo Association. Prior to this, when he was in the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy he spent most of his time cultivating, but now that he would be leaving soon, he began to feel reluctant to part with everyone.

He liked the pure and innocent smiles of the members of the Goddess Luo Association. They could ignore their identities and status because in that moment, they were all just members of the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy.

Perhaps when he began to explore the Great Thousand World in the near future, it would be difficult to see these kinds of purely innocent and happy smiles. After all, he would no longer be in a worry-free ivory tower.

Every day when the night came, Mu Chen would sit alone on the mountain and look up at the starry sky. Once upon a time, a young girl would sit quietly beside him, and she would gently lean her head on his shoulder. He loved the feeling of being relied on so much. During those times, he felt as if he had become her world, supporting her…

But now that the girl he loved was no longer beside him, that kind of feeling could only exist in his memory.

Mu Chen slowly laid on the grass. His eyes gently closed as he gradually clenched his hands tightly into fists.

Luo Li, wait for me.

Over the next ten days, Mu Chen remained quietly in the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy awaiting the return of the Northern Sea Dragon.

Upon receiving news of the Northern Sea Dragon's return, Mu Chen rushed to the main hall immediately. He saw a smile etched on the Northern Sea Dragon's ancient features.

Seeing his smile, Mu Chen heaved a sigh of relief.

"As expected, among the Chiefs of the Five Great Academies, Chief Tian Sheng of the Saint Spiritual Academy—that old humbug—didn't agree to it. Thankfully, the three other Chiefs did agree, so that fellow couldn't say anything." The Northern Sea Dragon looked at Mu Chen as he smiled.

At this moment, even with Mu Chen's usual calm focus, his heart was filled with excitement.

"When would you want to access the Mirror of Judgment?"

"Can I do it now?" Mu Chen asked, as he couldn't restrain his excitement.

"Alright. Now, then."

The Northern Sea Dragon nodded with a smile. He was not surprised by Mu Chen's urgency. With a wave of his palm, the void in front of him tore apart as a spatial crack appeared. He then stepped forward.

"Follow me."

Mu Chen nodded and immediately followed. Nine Nether also followed behind him.

As Mu Chen stepped into the spatial crack, changes immediately emerged before his eyes. The space seemed to be small, but it was a mass of chaos. Within this small space, a huge ancient bronze mirror approximately 1,000 feet tall was suspended quietly in the air. An indescribably terrifying wave rippled subtly, so that the space was in constant shock and motion.

There was a stone staircase in the space extending all the way out until it reached the ancient bronze mirror. The Northern Sea Dragon led Mu Chen and Nine Nether to this point, and then handed a copper seal to Mu Chen.

"Trigger this item, and you will be able to access the Mirror of Judgment. However, you are unable to use it to attack, as you are incapable of activating this Divine Artifact with your current ability. If you were to misuse it, you would get severely injured with the backlash."

Mu Chen nodded as he received the copper seal.

"I will take my leave first then."

The Northern Sea Dragon smiled as he vanished. He did not insist on staying, although he was curious why Mu Chen had asked to borrow the Mirror of Judgment. However, he did not probe. After all, everyone had their own secrets.

With the Northern Sea Dragon's departure, the space became silent. Mu Chen lifted his head to look at the massive Mirror of Judgement as his spiritual energy surged into the copper seal in his hand.

A faint beam of light shot out of his palm and directly into the dusky surface of the Mirror of Judgment.


Tiny ripples moved across the mirror, and the Mirror of Judgment gradually became clear. However, the surface of the mirror had a fathomless depth, as if it were the night sky, and emitted a mysterious aura.

Mu Chen took a deep breath as he spread out his hand. Amid the flickering lights, a page of the mysterious Immortal Pages appeared in a flash.

With a snap of his fingers, the page from the Immortal Pages fluttered out, finally stopping in mid-air in front of the Mirror of Judgment.


As the surface rippled, streams of light flickered and transformed into a beam of light. It surged out, enveloping and entering a page of the Immortal Pages.


As the light engulfed it, the Mirror of Judgment suddenly quivered violently, and the ripples on its surface showed signs of losing control.

Mu Chen and Nine Nether looked on anxiously. The Immortal Catalog was indeed terrifying, even though they had used a page of the Immortal Pages as a priming source, the Mirror of Judgment nearly lost control.

Their eyes were fixed on the surface of the Mirror of Judgment, but minutes passed and there was still only darkness.

Seeing this, Mu Chen's eyebrows knitted together tightly.

"Is the Immortal Catalog that formidable, that even the Mirror of Judgment is unable to detect its trace…"

Nine Nether sighed. Indeed, it was worthy of being the legendary Primitive Celestial Body.

Mu Chen remained silent, but he stared at the scene unblinkingly.

A few more minutes passed as the disappointment in Mu Chen's eyes grew. Nine Nether could only pat his shoulder lightly in consolation.

However, just as Mu Chen and Nine Nether thought that all hope was lost, the surface of the mirror, which had remained still all the while, finally rippled violently as a blurry picture began to appear on the dark surface.

Mu Chen and Nine Nether brightened in surprise as ecstasy surged in their eyes. Had the mirror finally detected something?

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