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Ripples fluctuated on the ancient bronze mirror, and the deep and mysterious dark colors faded away like the tide. The blurry picture began to appear indistinctly.

Mu Chen and Nine Nether gazed at it intently.

In the huge bronze mirror, it seemed that there were endless continents. The mountains spread out seemingly without end. The overlooking point of view seemed to be from a high altitude, as if the sight were still rising…

Mu Chen stared blankly at the strange continents. He had no idea what godforsaken places they were.

Nine Nether, however, stared seriously at the outline of the mountains and terrain. Her eyebrows knitted together as though she were pondering something.

The pictures continued to emerge and finally seemed to transform into a continental map. The continent had an indescribable, overwhelming vastness.

Mu Chen stared at the strange terrain map and could only laugh bitterly. The world was too vast, and there were countless continents. Thus, it was not easy to tell where it was by a mere terrain map.

Furthermore, the Mirror of Judgment did not reveal to them the exact location of the Immortal Catalog. Were they going to search fruitlessly like headless flies on such a vast continent?

The odds of finding it were impossibly low.

Just as Mu Chen could not help but to force a smile, light faintly converged onto the Mirror of Judgment once again. It became an ancient palace above which the sun and the moon were suspended, and the light shone as if it had shrouded that vast continent.

Nine Nether looked at the ancient palace with the sun and moon hovering above it. Her body shook with surprise as astonishment surged in her eyes.

The picture did not last long and slowly dissipated. The surface of the Mirror of Judgment became dark again, and the light enveloping the Immortal Page also dissipated.

Mu Chen stretched out his palm as the Immortal Page landed on it and was swiftly absorbed into his body.

"We don't have any leads at all." Mu Chen sighed softly. He had no clue about the strange continent or the ancient palace.

"Not necessarily." Nine Nether, who had been staring at the Mirror of Judgment, smiled suddenly.

Upon hearing this statement, Mu Chen was stunned. Surprise surged in his heart when he understood the meaning of Nine Nether's words. Had she discovered something?

"If I'm not wrong, the continent that appeared within the Mirror of Judgment should be the Tianluo Continent, one of the ten supercontinents in the Great Thousand World."

"One of the ten supercontinents in the Great Thousand World… the Tianluo Continent?" Mu Chen muttered to himself.

"In the Great Thousand World, the most renowned would be that of the ten supercontinents, which are considered the core regions in the entire Great Thousand World. These regions are incomparably prosperous with countless powerful people, as many as the stars in the sky.

"I'm afraid that when compared with Tianluo Continent, your Northern Heavens Continent where your Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy is located cannot even match up to a firefly. In the Tianluo Continent, any top powers are no weaker than the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy."

Upon hearing this, Mu Chen clicked his tongue in shock. Even though he had known that the Northern Heavens Continent was nothing in this Great Thousand World, he did not expect it to this degree. After all, no matter what, the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy could be regarded as the ruler of the entire Northern Heavens Continent, but in comparison to those supercontinents, it was merely insignificant.

"You seem to be especially familiar with Tianluo Continent?" Mu Chen started at Nine Nether in surprise.

"Do you know where I came from before I failed to pass the tribulation?" Nine Nether smiled.

Shock and disbelief was written on Mu Chen's face as he replied, "It's this Tianluo Continent?"

"Bingo." Nine Nether nodded seriously.

"The Nine Netherbird Clan was also in the Tianluo Continent?" Mu Chen asked in astonishment.

"The Nine Netherbird Clan is not in the Tianluo Continent. I just went to the place when I first began my cultivation. Besides, I have my own territory there." Nine Nether smirked with self-satisfaction.

"You even established an influence and have your own forces?" Mu Chen was really astounded at this point.

"I didn't set up forces, but I was invited by an elder to join one of the top forces. After all, life would be very difficult if one had no background when journeying in the vast world, especially in the Tianluo Continent where there were many hidden top powers."

"Oh? There was actually a top force that you deigned to join?" Mu Chen smiled.

"At that time, I had not been successful in evolution, and I didn't even have the power of the Sovereign. The strength I had was simply insignificant in the Tianluo Continent. The top force I was in was called the Daluo Territory, but you should not underestimate it. It was one of the top forces in the Tianluo Continent, and I'm afraid that its overall strength would only be stronger than that of the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy. Moreover, I am also ranked as a senior leader in the Daluo Territory." Nine Nether smiled gleefully.

"You didn't even have the ability of a Sovereign-level then, and you could become a senior leader?" Mu Chen asked doubtfully.

"Heheh. Well, I do have strong support to back me up." Nine Nether's smirk grew increasingly proud.

Mu Chen was exasperated. So she got the rank of senior leader by pulling strings? He shook his head as he glanced at the Mirror of Judgment.

"If what appeared in the Mirror of Judgment was the Tianluo Continent, then what about the silhouette of the palace with the sun and the moon that appeared later? What does that mean?"

Nine Nether's eyebrows knitted together as she pondered for a moment before stating slowly, "I have heard a rumor in the Tianluo Continent, that there is an Ancient Celestial Palace hidden there. Its owner is said to be a Sovereign Existence who could move heavens and earth in primordial times, and even the Heavenly Sovereign could not compare to this figure."

Mu Chen's expression changed in shock. Even the Heavenly Sovereign could not match up to this person? How terrifying is this figure?

"Rumor has it that within the Celestial Palace, there is the existence of a Divine Artifact that the Earthly Sovereign, even the Heavenly Sovereign, would desire. After so many years, however, it seems like no one has even caught a glimpse of the Ancient Celestial Palace, so it has always remained as a rumor."

Nine Nether ruminated over it, as she stated softly, "If the Immortal Catalog is indeed in the Ancient Celestial Palace, I think it is highly possible that this Sovereign Existence could be one of the ten Sovereigns who had control over the Primitive Celestial Body in primordial times. This person might even be the first master of the Primordial Immortal Body."

Mu Chen listened solemnly to Nine Nether's analysis. It made sense though. Perhaps the Immortal Catalog really had some links to the Ancient Celestial Palace, but this information brought him a headache, regardless of whether the Ancient Celestial Palace actually existed or not. Even if it did appear, it would certainly cause a great uproar, and if he wanted to obtain the Immortal Catalog from countless top powers, it was akin to snatching food from a tiger and was extremely dangerous.

However, come what may, he would not give up easily now that he had obtained some clues after going to all this trouble.

"Looks like we have a goal next," Mu Chen stated softly.

"Make our way to the Tianluo Continent? That is a good place to advance your cultivation." Nine Nether smiled.

"My goal now is to become strong enough to be able to protect the people I want to protect. The Tianluo Continent is one of the supercontinents, so I think it would be more exciting and dangerous than the Northern Heavens Continent."

The Tianluo Continent was indeed a good place, as he could practice his cultivation and ask around to collect information about the Ancient Celestial Palace. In that case, if there was an opportunity at that time, he would be able to have an edge over the others.

Of course, before doing this, he still must enhance his own strength. Otherwise, even if the Ancient Celestial Palace appeared, his limited ability would not qualify him to compete against the rest.

"I didn't expect to be able to go back to the Tianluo Continent, but I do miss it." Nine Nether sighed, feeling sentimental. When she left the Nine Netherbird Clan, she went directly to the Tianluo Continent. Later, due to passing the tribulations, she instead stumbled upon the small Northern Spiritual Realm after several turns of events. Under strange circumstances, she even forged a Bloodline Bond with Mu Chen.

Furthermore, what was even more coincidental was that Mu Chen now needed to go to this supercontinent. Destiny was truly unpredictable.

"Let's go. When we arrive at the Tianluo Continent, I'm counting on you, a local who is familiar with the place." Mu Chen smiled.

"Just give my name, and I guarantee you can do anything you want in the Tianluo Continent." Nine Nether smiled.

Mu Chen rolled his eyes as he ignored her. Despite how strong the Daluo Territory was that Nine Nether belonged to, it was but one of the top forces in the Tianluo Continent. Although Nine Nether was one of the senior leaders, it was impossible for her to do anything she wanted in the Tianluo Continent.

Mu Chen turned around and swept straight down the long stone staircase before stepping towards the spatial crack. Although he did not get specific information this time, the result was already quite satisfactory. At least he had a general direction, instead of having to go around and search aimlessly like a blind man.

Two figures appeared from within the spatial crack as spatial fluctuations rippled. They appeared directly in front of the main hall of the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy. In front of them, the Northern Sea Dragon smiled as he glanced at them.

"Is everything in order?"

Mu Chen nodded as he returned the copper seal to the Northern Sea Dragon and gave his sincere gratitude.

"Thank you, Elder Northern Sea."

With a flourish of the Northern Sea Dragon's sleeve, the spatial crack gradually dissipated. He glanced at the youth before him, his expression softening as he said, "You would be leaving soon?"

"Three days from now." Mu Chen took a deep breath as he suppressed his feelings of longing.

The Northern Sea Dragon nodded lightly, and a smile appeared on his wizened face.

"I look forward to hearing news about you. I believe you will astound everyone by then.

"You are the pride of our Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy. I do not wish for our ace disciple to be overshadowed by the countless talents in the Great Thousand World."

"I will do my best."

Mu Chen smiled brightly as he turned his head to glance at the familiar Spiritual Academy which had always been filled with vitality. In the lingering rays of the setting sun, countless silhouettes flitted across the sky towards various areas of the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy.

Goddess Luo Association… Lightning Territory… Spirit Convergence Array… Spiritual Values Hall...

In the dimming afterglow of the setting sun, the familiar locations began to fade away in his field of vision.

Mu Chen stretched out his hands, a smile pulling at the corners of his mouth. He couldn't bear to leave this place, but he also looked forward to the future journey. This was not his end, but only his starting point.

Farewell, Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy.

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