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"You wish to borrow the Mirror of Judgment…"

Chief Tai Cang and the other Chiefs frowned upon hearing Mu Chen's request. After quite a while, Chief Tai Cang looked at Mu Chen and said, "The Mirror of Judgment is jointly controlled by the Five Great Academies. One Academy alone cannot grant the use of it. The Five Great Academies have to vote. If more than three people agree, you can then use the Mirror of Judgment."

Mu Chen scratched his head and smiled wryly. He knew that it was not easy to borrow the Mirror of Judgment. However, he had to depend on it to get information about the Immortal Catalog.

Chief Tai Cang continued, "Among the Five Great Academies, the Saint Spiritual Academy is unlikely to agree to it. However, there might be a chance that the other Three Great Academies will agree."

Northern Sea Dragon, who had been keeping mum, slowly said, "Let me make a trip to the Three Great Academies. They may show me some respect and assent to my request."

Upon hearing this, Chief Tai Cang and the other Chiefs were stunned. Northern Sea Dragon had seldom interfered with the matters of the Academy. He made an exception for Mu Chen.

Mu Chen was stunned as well. He looked gratefully at Northern Sea Dragon and said softly, "Thank you, Senior Northern." 

Mu Chen knew that it was difficult to get an Earthly Sovereign to speak up for him. Given Northern Sea Dragon's pride, he rarely took the initiative to ask for favors from others. Mu Chen did not reject the offer. He knew that if he did, the eccentric old man would ignore him immediately. Mu Chen just had to remember his kindness.

"If you had not performed well in the Spiritual Academy Competition, the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy would not have retained our title. What is my dignity compared to this?" Northern Sea Dragon looked at Mu Chen and smiled, which was rarely seen.

"I am and will always be a disciple of the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy," Mu Chen said with a smile.

"Great. Since you have said this, it makes it worthwhile for me to lay down my dignity." Northern Sea Dragon smiled and looked pleased. He waved at Chief Tai Cang and the other Chiefs and said, "I will make a trip to the Three Great Academies. Mu Chen, you will stay in the Academy and wait for my news."

Having said that, Northern Sea Dragon stepped forth and entered the space warp before him. The space tore apart and he disappeared within.

As Mu Chen looked at Northern Sea Dragon, he was filled with gratitude towards him.

Chief Tai Cang patted Mu Chen on his shoulder. After pausing for a moment, he said, "After this has been settled, I believe that you will be leaving the Academy?"

Mu Chen nodded.

"Might as well. You will not go far if you continue to stay in the Academy. You belong to the Great Thousand World."

Chief Tai Cang gave him a big smile and continued, "I would like you to remember what I have told you before. As long as you do not do anything against the Academy, you will always be our disciple. No matter what trouble you get into out there, as long as you come back to the Academy, we will not allow anyone to bully you."

Mu Chen looked at Chief Tai Cang, who was smiling, and he was moved. He did not say a word but just nodded.

He would forever remember this place.

After chatting with Chief Tai Cang for a while, Mu Chen left with Nine Nether for the courtyard where Ling Xi lived.

When he entered the courtyard, he saw a lady in white sitting on her heels in front of the Bamboo House. When the lady saw him, she smiled at him. However, when she saw Nine Nether behind Mu Chen, she raised her eyebrows.

"Congratulations. You have finally advanced to Sovereign," Ling Xi said with a smile.

Mu Chen smiled and sat opposite her. He looked at her beautiful face and after a while said, "Sister Ling Xi, I might be leaving the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy soon."

Ling Xi was pouring herself a drink, and her hand shook upon hearing this. She looked at Mu Chen and nodded lightly.

"Sister Ling Xi, will you be going with me?" Mu Chen asked softly.

Ling Xi remained silent for a while before shaking her head and saying, "I will leave the Academy after you. But, I will not go with you. I have other things to settle."

"Other things?" Mu Chen was stunned. He looked at Ling Xi, who was biting her lips, and said with a frown, "Are you going to look for my mother?"

Ling Xi nodded lightly. Her expression turned slightly cold as she said, "My memory has been sealed, but I can still indistinctly sense bits and pieces of it. I intend to check it out alone. We need to know where Aunt Jing is."

Mu Chen's expression changed, and he said in a grave voice, "No, you must not do it alone. It is too dangerous! I will go with you!" Although he had not dealt with the Mysterious Clan before, he could sense that they were horrifying. His mother's strength was comparable to a Heavenly Sovereign's, but she had been captured by them. Ling Xi was only at Grade Four Sovereign. If she were found out by the Mysterious Clan, she would be in danger.

"Don't be silly." Ling Xi smiled gently and said, "Aunt Jing would rather miss you than put you in danger. How can I let you risk your life with me?

"You don't have to worry about me. I know what to do. I will not be rash. I will only be checking secretly. When I have some clues, I will get in touch with you."

Mu Chen looked at Ling Xi. She was suddenly very gentle. She smiled and spoke softly, but her tone was filled with determination.

"After all, you will have to look for Aunt Jing in the future. You will need to be familiar with the surroundings. I will set out in advance and see if I can collect some useful information for you."

She looked straight into Mu Chen's eyes and gently shook her head to signal him not to dissuade her anymore.

After staring at each other for some time, Mu Chen's heart sank. He gritted his teeth and said, "In that case, make one Spirit Seal for me. If not, I will not let you go alone."

A Spirit Seal was made from separating a small part of one's spirit to form a seal. The Spirit Seal would be connected to its owner. If the owner was in danger, there would be a reaction in the Spirit Seal.

However, as the Spirit Seal contained a small part of the spirit, if the Seal was damaged, the owner would be injured. Unless they had a close relationship, no one would hand their Spirit Seal to another person.

Mu Chen and Ling Xi shared a special relationship.

Ling Xi looked at Mu Chen's determined look and finally gave in. She looked a bit helpless and felt cherished at the same time. She smiled and said, "You are really stubborn… All right."

She extended her hand and lights gathered on her fingertips. A golden light glittered and gradually formed a golden seal about the size of a palm. It was small and delicate, like a mini Ling Xi. It even carried her elegance.

"Here, take it." Ling Xi smiled at Mu Chen and passed the Golden Spirit Seal to him.

Mu Chen took the Golden Spirit Seal and played with it curiously. He stroked mini Ling Xi on her cheek and saw Ling Xi blushing and staring angrily at him.

She was connected to the Golden Spirit Seal. Because they were close, she could feel it as Mu Chen stroked the Seal. His action was disrespectful to her. If it had been anyone else, Ling Xi would have killed him.

Cough… Upon seeing this, Mu Chen coughed and quickly stowed the Golden Spirit Seal. He then said seriously, "Sister Ling Xi, no matter what happens, you must promise me not to be rash. I will take care of it in the future. I will protect you and mother."

"Wait 'til you surpass me." Ling Xi smiled. Although she was angry earlier, upon hearing what Mu Chen said, she became happy.

"By the way, even though you have advanced to Sovereign, you must not neglect cultivating your spiritual array. With your talent, you will be able to find the secret to the Spiritual Array Grandmaster. This is an extremely powerful skill. It will be dangerous in the Great Thousand World, unlike the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy. It will be better if you can know an additional skill." Ling Xi looked stern and warned Mu Chen.

Mu Chen smiled and nodded. Ling Xi had suddenly become sentimental and he felt warmth in his heart. 

"One more thing…"

Suddenly, Ling Xi turned and glanced at Nine Nether, who was standing aside. Nine Nether looked calm and did not go near her or speak to her. For no reason, the two ladies could not seem to see eye to eye.

"Although you are bonded by bloodline, it should be possible to break the bond."

Nine Nether raised her eyebrows and looked coldly at Ling Xi.

Ling Xi did not avoid her gaze but said flatly, "Don't look at me that way. Mu Chen did not know as he is still young. Do you think I don't know what you are thinking of?"

"What are you trying to say?" Nine Nether said coldly.

"You must hold a high position among the Nine Netherworld Birds since you are able to evolve at such a young age and possess the Unperishable Flame." Ling Xi sneered.

Nine Nether lifted up her chin and said, "So?"

"The Nine Netherworld Birds are extremely stubborn. If you hold an important position and they know that you are bonded by bloodline with a human being, they will be angry. Given your character, they may force Mu Chen to break the bond. If this happens, Mu Chen will be seriously injured," Ling Xi said and looked coldly at Nine Nether.

"No one can force us to break the bloodline bond."

Nine Nether stared at Ling Xi and emphasized each word, "No! One! Can! Do! That!"

As the two ladies looked coldly at each other, the atmosphere was nearing the freezing point!

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