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A huge light beam shot up into the sky. It could be clearly seen within the radius of a hundred miles. Everyone could feel a familiar horrifying oppression from the light beam. They had felt it from their elders when they had advanced to the Sovereign-level.

This meant that the one who possessed the light beam had successfully advanced to the Sovereign-level.

Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong were on one of the mountains in the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy. They lifted their heads and looked perplexed as they watched the light beam.

"This guy is abnormal," Shen Cangsheng said with a wry smile. He was filled with admiration for Mu Chen, but at the same time, he could not take it lying down. When he had first met Mu Chen, Mo Xingtian was seeking to kill him. Within three years, Mu Chen had way surpassed him and entered the Sovereign-level before he did.

Li Xuantong nodded in agreement. He felt more deeply about Mu Chen's progress than Shen Cangsheng. In order to get out of the three rounds with Li Xuantong when they first met, Mu Chen had to put in a lot of effort. He had thought that Mu Chen was not good enough for Luo Li back then.

However, within three years they had seen with their own eyes how outstanding Mu Chen was and how rapidly he had progressed. Li Xuantong had to agree that Luo Li had good taste. Previously, when Luo Li had left with Mu Chen, Luo Tianshen was not very pleased with him. Now that Li Xuantong had seen his progress, he knew that one day, Luo Tianshen would change his view of Mu Chen, just like he had.

This youth was able to surprise people with his wonders.

"I don't think Mu Chen will stay in the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy for long," Shen Cangsheng suddenly said. He sounded a bit sad. He had known Mu Chen for some time, and he had a good impression of him.

Li Xuantong looked at Shen Cangsheng and asked, "What about you?" He knew that Shen Cangsheng was proud, and he would not be tied down and stay in the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy for long.

"I will go into seclusion so that I can enter the Sovereign-level. When I have attained it, I will wander around the Great Thousand World as well. Who knows? I may meet Mu Chen there. I would like to spar with him, given the opportunity, and see who is more powerful," Shen Cangsheng said with a smile. He was looking forward to the day he could spar with Mu Chen.

Li Xuantong smiled and said, "Let's do it together. I think I may advance to the Sovereign-level earlier than you."

"Hahaha, it is not easy to surpass me. Do you think that you are Mu Chen?" Shen Cangsheng burst out into laughter.

"We will see." Li Xuantong smiled and looked at Shen Cangsheng warmly. He had considered Shen Cangsheng an opponent with whom he could measure his strength and improve himself. As for Mu Chen, he was a scoundrel. It would be best to get rid of him. Li Xuantong did not want to keep receiving blows from him.

In the main hall of the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy, Northern Sea Dragon, Chief Tai Cang, and Hall Master Mo You lifted their heads and looked at the huge light beam. They looked pleased with Mu Chen. His achievements during the past three years were a rare case in the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy.

Hall Master Mo You said with a sigh, "This boy is powerful. It will be good if he can continue to stay in the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy."

Northern Sea Dragon looked angry and scolded Hall Master Mo You. "You are short-sighted and ruining his future."

Hall Master Mo You's face darkened after being scolded. He said awkwardly, "It was just a casual remark."

Chief Tai Cang laughed upon seeing this. He looked amused and said, "Mu Chen has great potential, but the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy is not able to help him develop it. He belongs to the Great Thousand World.

"If Mu Chen continues to stay with us, his strength will definitely increase, but he will not become a real Sovereign. Mo You, do you believe that in the future when Mu Chen returns, not only us, but Brother Northern may not be match for him?"

Upon hearing this, Mo You's face changed. He had not expected Chief Tai Cang to think so highly of Mu Chen.

Northern Sea Dragon stroked his beard and looked calm. He knew what Chief Tai Cang had said could be possible. This youth… had great potential. Most importantly, he possessed the desire of a top power to pursue after the path of cultivation.

Determination, perseverance, and holding fast to one's conscience...

What was most important to a Sovereign was not his talent, but having the desire of a Sovereign.

This youth would have a great future.

"Sister Ling Xi, has Brother Mu Chen successfully made a breakthrough?" You Jing asked happily and looked at the huge light beam in the distance.

Ling Xi sat on her heels in front of the Bamboo House. The sitting position showed her breathtaking curves. However, no man had the privilege to see them. Ling Xi held the jade pot and poured a drink for herself. She glanced at the huge light beam and nodded casually, "I think so."

Sun'er pouted her lips and asked, "Sister Ling Xi, don't you care for Brother Mu Chen?" She was unhappy with Ling Xi's attitude.

"I don't have to worry about him. There is a beautiful woman helping him now," Ling Xi said flatly.

"Oh…" Sun'er smiled at Ling Xi and teased her, "Sister Ling Xi is jealous of the pretty sister!"

"Is she pretty?" Ling Xi raised her eyebrows and stared at Sun'er.

"She is as pretty as you… No, you are prettier!" Sun'er blurted out. However, when she saw that Ling Xi had raised her eyebrows, she realized that she had made a mistake and quickly changed her words.

"Ha." Ling Xi lightly snorted. She lifted up her face and looked at the spiritual energy light beam in the sky. She gritted her teeth and thought of the time when Mu Chen went into seclusion. She had taken the initiative to ask him if he needed her help to protect him, but Mu Chen had rejected her offer. He was unpardonable!

Sun'er stole a look at Ling Xi and was baffled. Although Sister Ling Xi treats people coldly, she is kind-hearted. She gets along well with Sister Luo Li. Why does she dislike Sister Nine Nether?

She had heard that in Goddess Luo Association, it was known that Sister Ling Xi and Sister Nine Nether were the most popular matured ladies… Although she did not know what matured ladies meant…

As Sun'er was scratching her head, Ling Xi stood up. She gazed at the huge light beam, and was pleased and proud. Mu Chen was indeed Aunt Jing's son. He should be as outstanding as Aunt Jing in the future.

When the day came, she might fall for him.

Ling Xi blushed at this thought and quickly put it out of her mind.

The huge light beam covered the heavens and the earth for a few minutes before disappearing into thin air. Before it disappeared, two streamers flashed across the horizon and appeared above the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy.

Many of the disciples looked in that direction and saw a youth standing in the air. He looked the same as before, and the strong spiritual energy fluctuation that had surrounded him earlier had dissipated. Everyone would have thought that he had failed to break through if not for his disposition in the air.

Nine Nether stood gracefully beside Mu Chen. She drew everyone's attention, even more so than Mu Chen. She was tall and slender, and had a graceful neck like a swan. She had delicate collarbones and a voluptuous bosom. Her long, flawless legs were especially pleasant to the eyes. Her eyes were beautiful and wild, and they sent out a message that it would be difficult to tame her.

Mu Chen looked at the people staring at them and smiled. He heaved a sigh of relief and gently clenched his fist. He could feel a horrifying spiritual energy surging in his body like a volcano. The Three Grades of the Spirit Disaster were not even comparable to the power of the spiritual energy.

He could now easily suppress a few hundred masters at the Three Grades of the Spirit Disaster.

The difference was not a matter of numbers.

The power contained pure spiritual energy. Once Mu Chen successfully cultivated the Sovereign Celestial Body in the future, it would be even more powerful.

What a fascinating power...

Mu Chen was enjoying the feeling, and after he came to himself, he brought Nine Nether to the main hall.

"Hahaha, Mu Chen, congratulations," Hall Master Mo You and the other Chiefs said with a smile as they saw Mu Chen.

Mu Chen cupped his fist and looked hesitantly at Chief Tai Cang.

"Why are you hesitating? Just tell me what you want," Chief Tai Cang said gently with a smile.

Mu Chen looked nervously at Chief Tai Cang and asked cautiously, "Chief, I would like to… use the Mirror of Judgment. Can I?" This was extremely important to him. If he was unable to use it, it would be difficult for him to locate the Immortal Catalog.

Chief Tai Cang and the other Chiefs were taken aback by Mu Chen's request. They looked grave and their eyebrows furrowed.

Upon seeing this, Mu Chen's heart sank.

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