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Chapter 641 - Breakthrough to Sovereign


At that instant, when his aurasea exploded, Mu Chen’s figure seemed like it was struck by lightning. His body was trembling at a small frequency as cold sweat appeared on his forehead, dripping down along his face.

The indescribable pain that spread throughout his body nearly seized Mu Chen’s conscious.

But, fortunately, Mu Chen had already expected it, and right on the spot, he inhaled a mouthful of air and stabilised his mind. He had started to feel that along with the explosion of his aurasea, the vast Spiritual Energy that was initially stored in his aurasea was similar wild horses that had broken free from their restraints as it violently rushed out.

Without the restraint of the aurasea, the Spiritual Energy that Mu Chen had cultivated himself was breaking free from his control.

Spiritual Energy wreaked havoc, and if he was unable to restrain it, then the meridians in his body would be broken by it and would cause a severe consequence.

That was a situation that Mu Chen was unwilling to see happen.

“Come back!”

A bark rang out from Mu Chen’s heart and at the location which his aurasea exploded, there was suddenly a dot of faint flickering light. That dot of light was so small to the point that it could be disregarded. However, it was that dot that had unleashed a dominant suction force.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

That suction force spread out and instantly covered every single corner in Mu Chen’s body.

The Spiritual Energy that was wreaking havoc in his body slowed down in an instant as it swiftly flew in the direction of the dot of light.

Tsk. Tsk.

That dot of light was the Sovereign Sea that Mu Chen had established back then. It was faintly flickering with light as it welcomed all the approaching Spiritual Energy. It was like an abyss as it devoured all the Spiritual Energy.

It took an hour for the Spiritual Energy devastating Mu Chen’s body to disappear, and the dot of light, which represented his Sovereign Sea, hovered in his body. Compared to before, it was even more radiant at this moment.

Mu Chen’s consciousness dived into the Sovereign Sea, and in an instant, what displayed before him was an endless ocean with Spiritual Energy rolling in that ocean. However, the amount paled in comparison to the energy from the Great Meru Demonic Pillar.

Mu Chen’s shut eyes abruptly opened at this instant.

Nine Nether, who was seated beside him, was relieved of a breath upon seeing his situation and knew that Mu Chen had successfully shattered his aurasea. Now that the Sovereign Sea had successfully replaced the aurasea, what he needed to do next was to fill it up with Spiritual Energy.

This step required a considerable amount of time as it was the most crucial part of entering the Sovereign Realm from Third Grade Spirit Disaster. Only when the Sovereign Sea reached the perfect state, can one have sufficient foundation to cultivate a Sovereign Celestial Body.

“If you can refine and absorb the Sovereign Elixir that you have obtained from the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament, you should be able to ascend to the true Sovereign Realm. Furthermore, it will save you a lot of time as well,” said Nine Nether.

Hearing her words, Mu Chen hesitated for a brief moment and shook his head. “I plan to depend on myself to cultivate the Sovereign Sea to a perfect state.”

Nine Nether was stunned as she frowned her brows. “You do not intend to refine the Sovereign Elixir or the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid? I’m afraid it will take you a long time this way.”

Filling up the Sovereign Sea required a vast amount of Spiritual Energy. If one depended on himself to cultivate, it might take quite a while. Thus, most people had already prepared Sovereign Spiritual Liquids beforehand to speed up this process.

“I have lots of time, the Sovereign Sea is the foundation of the Sovereign Realm. Thus, I feel that it will be more perfect if I rely on myself to cultivate it.” Mu Chen smiled.

Nine Nether did not refute Mu Chen’s words. She cast an unusual glance at Mu Chen, and smiled. “I can tell you still have this sort of opinion.”

In her tone, there was a little praise in it, which was rare since she understood that the choice Mu Chen made was indeed astonishing. When many people break through to the Sovereign Realm, they would be impatient to refine Sovereign Spiritual Liquid to complete this step and experience the strength of a Sovereign. Although there weren’t many side effects, the concentration of that strength would definitely be inferior to the Spiritual Energy they cultivated themselves.

Since the Sovereign Sea was the foundation of Sovereigns, the importance of it was unimaginable. So Mu Chen temporarily giving up the temptation of strength and choosing the most primal method was the most stable method and extremely hard.

“It’s because my ambitions are big.” Mu Chen raised his head as he looked into the sky, which was covered by spiritual mist.

“I know, supreme experts…” Nine Nether’s lips rose as she looked at the youth before her. “But, this is not an easy path to walk. The number of geniuses in the Great Thousand World far exceed your expectations, and once you enter into the Great Thousand World, you will naturally realise this.”

“No matter how hard this path is, I still have to walk down it.”

Mu Chen revealed a brilliant smile to Nine Nether. “This is a promise that a guy has made to the girl he loves.”

Looking at his smile, Nine Nether was slightly stunned, before smiling. Compared to the past, this youth before her seemed to have matured a lot.

“I’ll have to trouble you for the next period of time.”

Mu Chen showed a smile towards Nine Nether and shut his eyes, entering into a cultivating state without waiting for her reply.

“Damn it, you’re really treating me like your bodyguard!” Nine Nether clenched her teeth as she waved her fist at Mu Chen. However, she could only glare at him with hatred and sat down next to him.

As Mu Chen submerged into his cultivating state, a dominant suction force swiftly surged from his body. In an instant, it caused the dense spiritual mist in this region to start boiling and whistle down. It was like a gale that enveloped him.

Boundless Spiritual Energy was continuously pouring into Mu Chen’s body, and after refining it, it was endlessly devoured into his Sovereign Sea. Facing such a long-lasting pouring, the Sovereign Sea was like an abyss as it swallowed all of it up…

However, Mu Chen understood at this instant why Nine Nether would say that it would take a long time to fill up his Sovereign Sea to the perfect state.

He realised that after cultivating for an entire day, there wasn’t an increase in his Sovereign Sea. Clearly, the amount of Spiritual Energy refined in this day was comparable to a hair on nine oxen to his Sovereign Sea.

According to this speed, it would take at least three months for him to fill up his Sovereign Sea.

“This refining speed is too slow.”

Mu Chen muttered in his heart as he sunk into his thoughts. After a long while, he abruptly changed his hand seals.

Mu Chen, who was seated on the lotus platform, already had his entire body enveloped in dense spiritual mist as it gathered into a high current that was pouring into him.

At this instant, the Spiritual Energy between the heavens and earth suddenly started to violently fluctuate. Nine Nether, who wasn’t far away, had also sensed it as she hastily raised her head and focused her gaze.

A large black pagoda suddenly formed outside of Mu Chen’s body. The instant the pagoda appeared, it exploded forth with dreadful suction force, causing the spiritual mist within a myriad foot radius to gather together. Looking from afar, it looked like several dragons made of mist as those dragons dived into the pagoda.


Along with the mist dragons pouring in, golden dragons seemed to have come to life on the surface of the black pagoda, issuing dragon roars as they turned into golden flames and entered the pagoda.

Tsk! Tsk!

The endless mist dragons were rapidly being evaporated the moment they came in contact with the golden flames. They turned into fine drops of rain that fell and entered l Mu Chen’s body, which was within the pagoda.

Those fine drops of rain were incomparable to Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, but they still contained extremely refined Spiritual Energy. Thus, it was purer and much easier to absorb.

“What overbearing flames.”

A trace of astonishment surfaced on Nine Nether’s face as she looked at the golden flames. She was a flame expert herself. In the past, she had the Nine Nether Flames, and right now, she possessed the powerful Undying Flames. However, the golden flames before her eyes didn’t seem to be any ordinary flames.

After utilising the Nine-layered Pagoda, Mu Chen’s refining speed soared at a fearsome pace. The intense fluctuations of Spiritual Energy could even be felt by some Elders in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

During the next period of time, Mu Chen had submerged into a cultivating state and it was nearly his instinct to refine and absorb Spiritual Energy. Any disruptions from the outside world were blocked out by him.

The entire process lasted for a whole month.

In this month, he had not stopped to rest. The commotions caused by refining and absorbing the Spiritual Energy was getting bigger and bigger. At the end, not only was it the Elders of the academy, every student could sense the intense fluctuations of Spiritual Energy coming from the back mountains.

But, fortunately, Dean Tai Cang had already issued an order, so they knew that Mu Chen was cultivating in the back mountains. Thus, no one went over in fear to disrupt him.

The month swiftly went past.

A month later, in the back mountains.

Nine Nether, who had her eyes shut, suddenly opened them and looked at the cultivating platform. She saw the black Nine-layered Pagoda suddenly fluctuate as it faded away, bit by bit.

As the black pagoda disappeared, a figure appeared seated on the sky.

Within a hundred foot radius of that figure was emptiness, as if there was a formless shield, not even the Spiritual Energy between the heavens and earth could enter it.

He was quietly seated on the air, there weren’t any fluctuations around him, but vaguely, there was an indescribable pressure being emitted from him.

The eyes of Mu Chen, who had been like a stone with his eyes shut for the entire month, had slowly opened his eyes.


Light flowed through his black pupils that caused the space before him to distort. His figure moved, and in an instant, he had mysteriously appeared in the air. He slowly opened both of his arms as he suddenly roared towards the sky!


His roar was like thunder as a Spiritual Energy light pillar that was a few thousand feet soared from his body. That light pillar linked the heavens and earth as it emitted a formless pressure.

Within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, countless students were looking at that large light pillar in shock. Coming from that light pillar, they felt a familiar pressure…

It was a pressure that belonged to Sovereign Realm experts!

At this moment, Mu Chen had finally successfully stepped into the Sovereign Realm!

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