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The wind blew and the clouds moved, but the rigid atmosphere could not be blown away.

With his eyebrows furrowed, Luo Tianshen stared at the young man in front of him. He was somewhat surprised at the frightful stubbornness and madness that could be seen in the blood-red eyes of the latter.

The young man indeed had a very strong confidence. Furthermore, the confidence did not just appear blindly, but instead came from his bones or even his bloodline.

At the moment, Luo Tianshen finally understood why her granddaughter, who was so outstanding and had so many admirers, would like this young man.

Compared to other young people, he was indeed quite extraordinary.

However, even though that was the case, Luo Tianshen still laughed off Mu Chen's words. He shook his head, and a faint smile appeared on his stern, old face. "My first impression of you is not too bad. If you want to do so in the future, I hope that you will do more than just talking. Luo Li is my granddaughter, and as long as I am alive, I will not allow her to be bullied at all. If you want to take her away from my hands, next time, use your actions to speak for you.

"Also, it is not possible for Luo Li to wait for you forever. So, if there is a time when you feel that you really cannot catch up to her, then just give up. It should be good for both you and her."

Mu Chen also smiled and said softly, "Then, Clan Leader Luo, please help me to take good care of her. I think that, one day, you will change your opinion of me."

"Hope so. I look forward to our next encounter."

Luo Tianshen smiled faintly and finally spoke no more. He waved his hand at Mu Chen, and then he turned and left by stepping in the air.

The young man had a stubbornness and persistence beyond his expectation. It seemed that he would not be able to dissuade Mu Chen, but that did not really matter, as time would prove everything. Time would also gradually let him understand the distance between him and Luo Li. By that time, he would no longer be that stubborn.

Watching Luo Tianshen depart, Mu Chen's fist clenched slowly but uncontrollably. Finally, he lifted his head and took a deep breath. Although the conversation was short, he felt an immense amount of stress from Luo Tianshen. Even though Luo Tianshen did not sting him with any biting words, there was still a vague feeling that the two were very distant.

Obviously, he did not think that Mu Chen could really reach a level that he would need to pay attention to.

Actually, Mu Chen did not feel any resentment towards this. After all, with Luo Tianshen's experience, he must have seen many geniuses in the past. At the moment, no matter how firm Mu Chen's words were, he would definitely not be able to change Luo Tianshen's mind.

In the distant sky, Luo Li watched with some anger as Luo Tianshen approached, and even her voice became much colder. "What did you say to him?"

"Why? You are afraid that I would threaten him? If some threatening can cause him to give up, I really doubt my granddaughter's taste," Luo Tianshen said, laughing.

"I have promised you that after I go back this time, I will start to gradually accept the inheritance of the Luo God Clan, and also take over the managing of the clan. No matter how difficult it is, I will persist to the end."

Luo Li's eyes looked down slightly and she said in a soft voice, "However, I hope that you will not interfere with his decision. He is the first person I have ever liked, and will also be the last. Even if in the future, he does not accomplish as much as you would expect, at least..."

She raised her head and stared at Luo Tianshen directly. The expression that burst out on her face suddenly like a crystal actually had the dignity of a queen. "...there's still me!"

Luo Qingya and Luo Xiu, who were standing behind Luo Li, blinked at her statement. They glanced at each other with complicated looks, and stared at the young man in the distance who was gazing at them. Their expressions became unfathomable.

On the other hand, Luo Tianshen stared at Luo Li. The resolve in her eyes caused him to fall silent. He had underestimated the affection between Luo Li and Mu Chen.

After remaining silent for a while, Luo Tianshen eventually smiled bitterly and said, "I really don't know what's so good about that kid that can actually make you protect him so much."

"If it's not for him, I will not have the courage to bear the burden of the Luo God Clan," Luo Li said softly.

"Then it seems that I have to thank him instead."

Luo Tianshen smiled, after which he walked up, gently patted the girl's soft shoulders, and said, "I do not object to your feelings towards him. But sometimes, what a man needs is not protection. In addition, I can see that although this kid is gentle on the surface, the pride in his bones is no less than anyone else's. I actually want to see if there will be one day in the future when he really can take my good granddaughter back from my hands."

"I think that grandfather, you will lose," Luo Li said and gave a faint smile.

"We shall see then." Luo Tianshen did not take it seriously. Then, he said, "Let's go?"

Luo Li stared at the figure in the distance who had been looking in her direction the whole time. Her eyes turned slightly red again. Biting her lips tightly, she finally nodded resolutely. Her hand pulled on the lightning feather of the Lightning-Devouring Crane and the latter gave out a thunderous roar. Flapping its wings, it dashed quickly towards the huge space vortex.

Gazing at Luo Li as she was about to leave, Mu Chen took a sudden, deep breath and shouted, "Luo Li, wait for me. When I become one of the top powers, I will come find you and defeat all the bastards who dare to bully you!"

Enveloped in strong spiritual energy, his voice spread throughout the place like thunder. All the students in the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy were dumbstruck.

"This kid..." The Northern Sea Dragon and Chief Tai Cang were also both stunned. In the next moment, they laughed in spite of themselves, their eyes filled with commendation.


Even Luo Li laughed as she was about to enter the space vortex, although her eyes turned more red. Her hand covered her mouth and she did not turn around. Instead, she only nodded firmly, and eventually dashed into the space vortex and disappeared.

Behind her, the Lightning Crane Army immediately followed.

Luo Tianshen was the last to leave. He first looked at Mu Chen with a weird expression and then an unnoticeable smile appeared on his stern, old face. However, in the end he still gave Mu Chen a cold humph. Finally, he folded his hands towards the Northern Sea Dragon and Chief Tai Cang, after which he turned and entered the space vortex.


The space vortex rotated slowly and eventually dissipated bit by bit. The sky was once again calm.

As they left, the pressure enveloping the entire Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy was finally gone. This caused all the students to heave a sigh of relief and wipe away their cold sweat.

Mu Chen still stood in silence. His eyes were locked onto the spot where the space vortex disappeared, and he did not move for quite a long time.

Many nearby members of the Goddess Luo Association looked at him, but none went to disturb him. Ye Qingling and the rest also heaved sighs and asked everyone to leave so that nobody would disturb Mu Chen.

Mu Chen stood in silence for nearly an hour. Eventually, he slowly sat down on a tall rock. Then lying back, he spread out his hands and closed his eyes.

Ling Xi quietly appeared behind Mu Chen. She glanced at Mu Chen but did not say anything to distract him.

The Nine Netherworld Bird in the sky also descended and transformed into a slim, beautiful figure. Seeing Mu Chen's appearance, she frowned and said, "You are becoming dispirited just like that? If this is the case, it is really very disappointing."

"If your understanding of him is only so shallow, your bloodline bond is really too useless," Ling Xi said tonelessly and glanced at Nine Nether.

"Huh?" Nine Nether raised her eyebrows and turned to look at the beauty who was in a white dress and appeared to be somewhat icy. She smiled, but only coldness and danger could be felt from her smile. "Seems like you have a lot of opinions on our bloodline bond."

"If I have the ability, I will definitely unlock the bond. I don't want Mu Chen to be affected for some reason just because he was tied up."

"Unlock the bloodline bond? You are overestimating yourself," Nine Nether said and curled her sexy red lips.

"In that cause, do you need me to try it?" Ling Xi said in a cold voice.

"You can come and try it!"

The two stared at each other and neither was willing to compromise. For some unknown reason, their first face-to-face encounter was filled with the smell of gunpowder, even to the extent of being aggressive.


However, just when there were vague signs that they were going to fight instead of talk, a roar finally sounded off abruptly. Mu Chen suddenly opened his eyes and stared at them with a dignified look.

However, the dignity was completely useless towards the two in front of him.

"Little one, you are very prestigious, huh?" Nine Nether moved her perfectly slender legs and walked towards Mu Chen, the smile on her face looking dangerous. She closed her palm gradually and a crack sound was actually produced.

Ling Xi also looked at Mu Chen emotionlessly and star-like light blinked at her slim fingertips.

"Ahem... You two continue." Mu Chen quickly stood up and gave a dry laugh. A wise man knows when to retreat. According to the powers of the two women in front of him, either one could defeat him easily.

Seeing Mu Chen's reaction, Nine Nether and Ling Xi both lifted the corners of their red lips in spite of themselves. However, when they looked at each other, they both gave out a humph and turned away again. They were actually unable to get along with each other at all.

"You are ok now?" Nine Nether asked.

"I am not that weak." Mu Chen laughed and raised his head again, staring at the place where the space vortex vanished. A smile appeared on his handsome face.

"Now, I am really anticipating the day that I go to the Luo God Clan. For that day, I will try my very best.

"Nobody can stop me!"

Looking at the familiar, confident smile on Mu Chen's face, Nine Nether and Ling Xi gently heaved sighs of relief and felt somewhat glad.

Mu Chen stretched. It seemed that the time he would stay in the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy was soon to end. But... before that, he must make a real breakthrough.

Only when he got promoted to the Sovereign-level, would he have the right to graduate from the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy!

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