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Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy, back hill.

The area was enveloped in dense spiritual clouds. Majestic and vast spiritual energy whizzed through the air, and the sound of waves could be vaguely heard.

Mu Chen stood on a lush mountain peak, on which there was a stone lotus platform. It was connected to the only Eighth Rank Spiritual Convergence Array in the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy, and was considered to be the place in the academy where the spiritual energy was the strongest.

Generally speaking, this kind of place would not be open to students in the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy. However, at the moment, Mu Chen, to some extent, had exceeded three grades of the Spirit Disaster, and was already half a leg into the Sovereign level. His powers had far surpassed those of ordinary students.

In addition, he won the championship of the Spiritual Academy Competition for the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy. At present, Mu Chen's status in the academy had reached an extremely high level that normal people were unlikely to obtain. The Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy would definitely fulfill his requests, as long as they were not too unreasonable.

Thus, opening the cultivation platform that was connected to the only Eighth Rank Spiritual Convergence Array was justifiable.

Mu Chen took a deep breath, and dense spiritual energy entered his body through his nose, bringing about a relaxing sensation. He sat down cross-legged. A light ray dashed out from his body and turned into a pretty figure beside him.

Nine Nether looked at Mu Chen and said, "You have basically opened up your sovereign sea today. However, your sovereign sea is empty and lacks spiritual energy. It is only a decoration."

Mu Chen nodded. When he was fighting with Ji Xuan, he could use such an enormous power only because he filled his sovereign sea with the aid of the Great Meru Demonic Pillar. As for his own spiritual energy, even if all of it entered the sovereign sea, it would be a drop in the bucket.

Therefore, after the power of the Great Meru Demonic Pillar dissipated, his sovereign sea became empty. What he needed to do at the moment was to condense spiritual energy, and fill the sovereign sea completely. In that way, he would be really considered as having entered the Sovereign level.

Nine Nether sat down beside Mu Chen. Her perfect, slim legs curled slightly and she placed her chin on her knee. Then, she looked at Mu Chen and asked him in a low voice, "After you promote to the Sovereign level, what are your plans? I think that the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy will not be able to provide much help to you now. If you continue to stay here, you will probably never in your life be strong enough to go to the Luo God Clan."

Mu Chen nodded slightly. Naturally he would know that if he really wanted to become stronger, he must not stay at the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy.

"We are bloodline bonded. You should also know some of my secrets... for example, this." Mu Chen closed his hand. When he opened it, a piece of mysterious black paper appeared in his palm and began glowing faintly.

Seeing the mysterious black paper, Nine Nether's body tightened uncontrollably. After all, she had suffered greatly in the past because of the black paper.

"Have you heard of the 'Primordial Immortal Body?'" Mu Chen gazed with a scorching look at the Immortal Page in his hand and then smiled.

The Primordial Immortal Body.

When these four words appeared, Nine Nether raised her head abruptly and shock could be seen in her eyes. After a while, she slowly calmed down, but still said in a surprised tone, "The Primordial Immortal Body which was ranked fourth among the legendary 99 Sovereign Celestial Bodies in the world?"

Mu Chen nodded gently. Although the secret was extremely important, he totally trusted Nine Nether. After all, their lives were tied together.

"If I can obtain and successfully learn it, do you think that... I can become one of the top powers?" Mu Chen asked softly.

"Impossible!" Nine Nether said without hesitation.

"I can't?" Mu Chen was stunned.

"No... I mean, it is impossible for you to learn the Primordial Immortal Body..." Nine Nether immediately shook her head. She stared at Mu Chen with a weird look and said, "Do you know what the Primordial Immortal Body means?"

This time, it was Mu Chen's turn to feel puzzled. He only knew that the Primordial Immortal Body was ranked fourth and should be incredibly powerful, but did not know much about its other details.

"The Primordial Immortal Body is ranked fourth among the 99 Sovereign Celestial Bodies. But you probably do not know that it was one of the ten 'Primitive Celestial Bodies' in the ancient times," Nine Nether said slowly.

"The ten 'Primitive Celestial Bodies?'" Mu Chen was dazed, as he did not know what that was.

"These ten 'Primitive Celestial Bodies' are the strongest Sovereign Celestial Bodies in the world. You cannot imagine their powers. In the ancient times, there was a crisis brought about by an 'extraterritorial race.' At the start, the Great Thousand World retreated in defeat again and again, and countless lower planes were occupied by the extraterritorial race, until ten sovereign masters who cultivated the ten 'Primitive Celestial Bodies' appeared, and turned the defeat into a stable situation. However, when the catastrophe ended, the ten sovereign masters almost all passed away, and five 'Primitive Celestial Bodies' were totally destroyed. Even their cultivation methods were lost. Thus, only five 'Primitive Celestial Bodies' remained. Those are the top five Sovereign Celestial Bodies in the 99 Sovereign Celestial Bodies. Even so, I have never heard of anyone obtaining them. Therefore, the top five Sovereign Celestial Bodies have only existed as legends.

"The Primordial Immortal Body you have mentioned is one of them."

Mu Chen was dumbstruck. He did not expect the Primordial Immortal Body to have such an incredible origin.

"If you can really cultivate the 'Primordial Immortal Body,' then congratulations, you can become one of the top powers in the Great Thousand World."

Suddenly, Nine Nether stared at Mu Chen doubtfully and said, "But why are you so confident that you can obtain the cultivation method for the 'Primordial Immortal Body?'"

Mu Chen smiled gently and waved the piece of mysterious black paper in his hand, and said, "You know the legendary 'Immortal Catalog?'"

"Divine Law of the Ancient Antiquity, Immortal Catalog?" Nine Nether said and opened her rosy lips slightly in shock.

Mu Chen was surprised by Nine Nether's knowledge. However, he was relieved after thinking about her background. The Nine Netherbird Clan had a deep heritage and should have a lot of ancient books as well. Naturally, Nine Nether would also know a lot of ancient secrets.

"This piece of black paper is a piece from the Immortal Pages, which is also part of the 'Immortal Catalog.' From the information I know, the 'Immortal Catalog' has been divided into three pieces of 'Immortal Pages.' If I can get the remaining two Immortal Pages, I will get the real 'Primordial Immortal Body,'" Mu Chen said in a soft tone.

Nine Nether stared blankly at the vaguely glowing black paper in Mu Chen's hand. After quite a while, she took a deep breath to suppress the astonishment in her heart. She then gazed at Mu Chen with a complicated look. She did not expect Mu Chen to actually have such a heavy treasure.

"You... are so lucky!" In the end, Nine Nether could only heave a sigh and say in a jealous tone, "If one day, you can really gather the three pieces of 'Immortal Pages' and cultivate the 'Primordial Immortal Body' successfully, even Heavenly Sovereigns could not defeat you, not to mention that old man."

Mu Chen smirked but then said in a troubled tone, "However, the world is so large. It is kind of impossible to find the other two 'Immortal Pages.'"

Nine Nether also pondered slightly, after which she hesitated and said, "Actually, I have a suggestion."

"Yes?" Mu Chen's eyes glittered.

"Your Five Great Academies have a special divine artifact... that thing can penetrate any barriers and sense everything in the world. Maybe, it can be used to detect traces relating to the 'Immortal Catalog.'"

"The Mirror of Judgement?!" Mu Chen's eyes grew brighter and he was somewhat excited. Although he could not know the results, it indeed seemed to be a method worth trying.

As for how to use the "Mirror of Judgement," maybe he could ask Chief Tai Cang for help.

"But now, I suggest that you stop thinking about it. With your strength now, even if you get the Immortal Catalog, it would be a disaster," Nine Nether said tonelessly.

Mu Chen smiled and did not deny it. At the moment, if he obtained the "Immortal Catalog," he would not have the ability to keep it. However, he also did not expect to obtain it in a short time. After all, even for the "Great Solar Undying Body" recorded on the Immortal Page, he could only stare at it because the materials were incomplete.

At the moment, he should wait until he got successfully promoted to the Sovereign level.

Mu Chen took a deep breath to pacify his swirling emotions. Gradually, his mood calmed down. Then, he turned his palm and kept the "Immortal Page" in his body.

"Guard me for a while," Mu Chen said softly. After that, his hands formed a cultivation seal and he slowly closed his eyes.

As Mu Chen closed his eyes, the dense spiritual clouds in the surroundings started to fluctuate and rush towards him at a shocking speed, eventually continuously entering his body.

Mu Chen's mind started to focus on the interior of his body. At the moment, waves of spiritual energy were whizzing over him with a speed far greater than that of previous experiences. Hence, in only an hour, Mu Chen's aurasea was filled with an impressive amount of spiritual energy.

The spiritual energy was so strong, that even his aurasea felt a faint pain, the feeling that it could not tolerate much more.

A sharp pain came, but Mu Chen showed no signs of stopping. Using his mind, the speed at which he was absorbing the spiritual energy became more and more violent.

Spiritual energy gushed in crazily and the aurasea soon reached its limit.

Mu Chen's face also turned extremely serious at that moment, because he knew that the next step was the most important one. Only after the aurasea was completely cracked could he replace it with the sovereign sea.

If this step failed, his situation would be very dangerous.

"Just be cracked. My sovereign road starts now!"

Suddenly, Mu Chen opened his eyes and a sharp look could be seen. Breathing in with his mouth, spiritual energy turned into a torrent and gushed into his body, eventually into the aurasea which had already reached its limit.

Due to the pressure, the spiritual energy there finally totally exploded.

The aurasea instantly cracked!

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