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In the sky, a gentle wind blew. Layers of clouds floated lazily by, projecting large patches of shadows on the ground.

Mu Chen and Luo Tianshen were in the shade. Their clothing swung lightly in the gentle breeze. At the moment, their whole surroundings fell into silence, and countless people gazed at them.

Even those who did not really know what was happening could vaguely feel that the atmosphere was somewhat strange.

In the distant sky, Chief Tai Cang watched the scene and frowned slightly. Afterwards, he glanced at the Northern Sea Dragon, who was also staring in that direction. The latter squinted a little, and waving his hand softly he said, "Don't worry. Mu Chen is a student in our Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy. Although it is not advisable to offend the Luo God Clan, I will not let him be bullied by outsiders in the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy.

"However... It is difficult for us to interfere with the event happening now. After all, Luo Tianshen is Luo Li's grandfather. It is perfectly justifiable for an elder to review the person whom his granddaughter likes."

Chief Tai Cang gave a bitter smile and said, "I'm afraid the old man will try to separate the affectionate couple."

"If things really go that way, it is not necessarily bad for Mu Chen," the Northern Sea Dragon said. He knew that Mu Chen was like an uncut jade. In order to become an exquisite jade, he needed some grinding.

Chief Tai Cang sighed lightly. Just as he was about to speak, his eyes suddenly turned and looked at a quiet green peak in the distance. There, spiritual light was blinking and a streamer flew directly towards Mu Chen.

On the two Lightning-Devouring Cranes were the two men who greeted Luo Li previously. One of the men's expressions changed slightly and as he moved, he appeared instantly on the path where the streamer was approaching.

"Please stop," he smiled and said loudly, as his long, black hair danced in the wind.


The streamer, however, showed no signs of stopping. Instead, its speed increased and it flew directly forward.

The long-haired man squinted slightly and the aggression hidden in his face suddenly burst out. Closing his palm, a spear blinking with silver thunderbolts appeared all of a sudden. In the next instant, he stabbed out with the spear.


In the sky, a thunderous noise broke out, and the entire space actually started to crack. A giant spear shadow penetrated the space directly and flew towards the figure in the streamer like a lightning bolt.

The figure paused slightly, after which she reached out her hand, and star-like light flickered at the tips of her slim fingers. As she flicked her fingers, the stars flew out and a very huge spiritual array instantly unfolded. In the spiritual array, a giant volcano actually appeared out of nowhere.


The volcano erupted, and violent spiritual energy swept across the sky, eventually colliding with the large spear shadow.

Loud noise spread, and the two terrifying powers collided and raged in the air.

Brief surprise could be seen in the eyes of the long-haired man. As he was about to attack again, his face suddenly turned solemn because the space around him started to turn dim. The space distorted, and formed a mysterious and sophisticated spiritual array. The array was filled with frightful spiritual energy fluctuations, trapping him inside.

The charming figure flew forward, past the long-haired man's interference, and appeared in the sky above the Goddess Luo Association's headquarters. However, she only stood in the air, and did not move close to where Mu Chen and Luo Tianshen were, even though everyone could tell that she came for Mu Chen.


A shocking spear aurora swept across and finally tore the mysterious spiritual array apart. Breaking free from the spiritual array, the long-haired man stared with surprise at the beautiful woman in a white dress and smiled. "You are a spiritual array grandmaster. I misjudged you."

The person who came was obviously Ling Xi. However, she did not look at the long-haired man, but rather stared at Mu Chen and Luo Tianshen.

Ling Xi's appearance startled Mu Chen for a second. He looked into the emotionless eyes of the former, feeling somewhat touched. He knew that Ling Xi had appeared at that moment only because she did not want him to endure too much pressure from Luo Tianshen.

Although she was also significantly weaker than Luo Tianshen, she showed no signs of hesitation.


While Mu Chen was moved in his heart, a clear, loud sound suddenly came out from his body. Then, everyone saw a purple light ascend from Mu Chen's body into the sky. The light diffused and actually turned into a huge black bird. A purple flame appeared on its body and soared into the sky.

It was the Nine Netherworld Bird.

She stayed in the sky and flapped her wings in the clouds, bringing about a terrifying hurricane. However, she similarly hovered in the sky and did not do anything else.

"Nine Netherworld Bird?"

The two men who had followed Luo Tianshen and who were clearly extraordinary changed their expressions again. They glanced at Ling Xi, and then at the Nine Netherworld Bird in the sky, and finally at Mu Chen.

For the first time, some surprise could be seen in their eyes. The youngster, whom they considered to be still too weak, indeed had something unusual. At least such a team would not appear beside an ordinary young man.

"Spiritual array grandmaster... Nine Netherworld Bird..."

Luo Tianshen also lifted his head to look at the scene, after which he smiled lightly. Turning and staring at Mu Chen, he said, "If you want to demonstrate your powers using these, maybe your means are still too insufficient."

"If I want to demonstrate my powers, I will do it myself in the future. They are only my friends," Mu Chen said calmly.

Luo Tianshen stared at Mu Chen, who was still composed. After a while, he nodded slightly. He was not too disappointed by their first encounter. If the young man in front of him could not even leave a good first impression, he would not give the man any chance, even if Luo Li would hate him for life.

"What's your name?"

"Mu Chen," he said softly.

"I think that based on your relationship with Luo Li, she should have told you about things in the Luo God Clan," Luo Tianshen said slowly. "Therefore, you should be very clear how important she is to the Luo God Clan."

Luo Tianshen glanced at Mu Chen and said, "In the nearly three years that Luo Li was away, the Luo God Clan has fought hundreds of wars of varying sizes. We lost tens of millions of citizens."

Mu Chen fell into silence. It was as if he could smell the scent of blood in the air and see the flowing sea of blood. That kind of war was definitely extremely cruel.

Luo Tianshen turned his head and looked into the distance. There, Luo Li sat on a Lightning-Devouring Crane and stared at them. The old man heaved a sigh resignedly and said, "I stayed back to talk to you alone, but it's not to force you to give up Luo Li.

"You see those two?" Luo Tianshen glanced at the two men who had received Luo Li previously.

"One is called Luo Qingya. He is a rare genius in the younger generation of the Luo God Clan today. Furthermore, he does not have the arrogance that any genius should have. Over the years, he started training from the lowest level in the army and experienced many life and death situations. Eventually, at such an age, he has become the commander of the Lightning Crane Army. Even among the four great armies in the Luo God Clan today, he has quite a high reputation.

"The other one is called Luo Xiu. He is from an external branch of the Luo God Clan royal family and did not have a high status. When he was young, people even called him trash. During a war, his father threw him onto the battlefield. Back then, he was only ten years old. In that war, his father died, but Luo Xiu eventually climbed out from the mountain of corpses.

"Now, he has also become one of the best in the younger generation of the Luo God Clan. His future is very promising."

Mu Chen was silent. The two men were certainly not ordinary, and would definitely be among the best in the future. He could feel it; the two before him were even more dangerous than Ji Xuan.

"They are Luo Li's knights. Similarly, they also like Luo Li," Luo Tianshen said and stared at Mu Chen.

Frowning, Mu Chen looked at Luo Tianshen directly and said, "Clan Leader Luo, you are asking me to quit in the face of difficulties?"

"Not asking you to quit, but to let you know that all those who like Luo Li are very impressive. If you don't have the abilities to stand beside her, it will not be a good thing for either you or her," Luo Tianshen said slowly.

"She is way too outstanding, so if you stand beside her in the future, there will always be people who dislike you. By then, you will be despised or humiliated because you are too weak. At that time, do you expect her to block those annoying people for you?"

Mu Chen went into a brief silence. Just when Luo Tianshen thought that he had stirred up Mu Chen's feelings, the latter raised his head and smiled without any signs of overexertion.

He stared at Luo Tianshen and said in a serious tone, "Clan Leader Luo, although you may think that I am arrogant and ignorant, I still want to say that..."

Mu Chen glanced at the two men in the distance who were so extraordinary, that all the geniuses in the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy seemed to be overshadowed. In his black eyes, a sharp look burst out. " the time I am the same age as them, they will be far exceeded by me."

Luo Tianshen was stunned for a moment. He looked at the young man's bright, maybe even dazzling, eyes. Mu Chen's dashing spirit and confidence surprised him. The young man was quite brave.

"Seems like you don't agree with my theory. That being the case, I will not say much. We will verify everything with time. Whether Luo Li has chosen an ordinary stone or a brilliant diamond, I think we will all know someday in the future." Luo Tianshen did not say anything else. He knew how strong the dashing spirit of young people was. Over the years, he had seen too many geniuses, but in the end, most of them died young.

When the young man in front of him had been sharpened enough by reality, he would fully understand the difference between him and Luo Li.

By that time, maybe Luo Li would still persist, but he would give up quietly.

Luo Tianshen's voice paused for a second. He hesitated but still said in the end, "Maybe Luo Li did not tell you about this. She should be very opposed to me telling you this, but I still have to say it.

"The West Heaven War Emperor from the Great Western Kingdom... I think you may have heard of him, and should know what this means. After all, he is a real top power in the Great Thousand World. Once, he wanted Luo Li to enter the Great Western Kingdom. By doing that, the Luo God Clan would be protected by the West Heaven War Emperor and at that time, all the crises faced by the Luo God Clan would be automatically gone. It is just that Luo Li rejected it..."

Luo Li's eyes narrowed slightly. The West Heaven War Emperor was a superbeing in the Great Thousand World who was as famous as the Flame Emperor in the Endless Fire Territory, and the Martial Ancestor in the Martial Border.

That level was too far away from him at the moment.

The young man's face finally became much more solemn. Next, he took a deep breath and his black eyes stared at Luo Tianshen evenly. He said in a low and hoarse tone, "Clan Leader Luo, today you take Luo Li away from my hands. In the future, I will take her back from your hands. By that time, nobody will be able to stop me."

In the young man's eyes, it was as if blood was flickering, like a madman.

By that time, whether it was Luo Qingya, Luo Xiu, or the West Heaven War Emperor, he would be completely fearless!

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