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Chapter 636 - Before Parting

Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy

Even when the hype that was brought from the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament lasted for nearly ten days, it showed no signs of dying down. The entire academy was covered with excitement and a cheerful atmosphere.

The academy side did not stop the students from cheering and celebrating, allowing them to act as they pleased. Even the higher-ups of the academy might probably be submerging in celebrations right now. After all, it had been a long time since such results were produced, aside from the peak period when the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was established.

After suppressing their emotions for so long, they coyld finally bask in joy this time.

At the headquarters of the Goddess Luo Association.

In a towering mountain peak covered in lush green, the entire Goddess Luo Association could be seen from above. The vast training ground was filled with silhouettes.

Over there, that direction was also filled with elation.

At the peak of the mountain, the youth was quietly lying on the grass as a breeze of wind blew over and swayed the grass rubbing on his face. Indolence and warmth made him involuntarily close his eyes.

This peace was delightful for him. After the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament that lasted for half a year, this was nearly an impossible luxurious enjoyment. Only after going through the pressing and intense tournament, would he know that this moment was incredibly precious.

A breeze blew over along with a strand of fragrance.

A girl in an azure dress, who was extremely elegant, quietly walked to the youth’s side, and stared at his handsome face as a gentle arc rose from the corner of her lips. She plucked out a strand of grass with her pearly-white fingers and lightly brushed it on Mu Chen’s face.

The tickling sensation made Mu Chen lazily open his eyes as he looked at the girl before him. He grinned and extended his hand, intending on embracing her waist.

Seeing his reaction, Luo Li quickly dodged as her absolutely beautiful face was filled with smiles as she looked at Mu Chen, “The entire academy is celebrating and you, the protagonist is idling here.”

“I really don’t have the strength for it.” Mu Chen lightly supported his body up and leaned against a huge rock, revealing a weak smile.

Seeing Mu Chen’s smile, Luo Li, who was intending to tease him, felt a little heartache. She squatted down, her crystal-clear eyes were flowing with gentleness.

“You have already done an outstanding job. Did you know? At that moment, when you obtained the Champion, even I felt proud of you.” Luo Li’s voice was gentle, the genuine tenderness shown in her eyes could even melt the stone heart of any man.

Hearing the voice that was as gentle as water by his ears, the weak smile hung on the corner of his lips quietly melted away and was replaced by an indescribable emotion and satisfaction.

In his eyes, not even the thousands or hundreds of praises from others was comparable to the smear of gentle care of this girl before him.

“Luo Li.”

“Hmm?” the girl smiled.

“Give me a hug.” Mu Chen smiled with narrowed eyes as he extended both his arms out.

Luo Li’s face was red as she shook her head, “I don’t want to.”

“I want!” Mu Chen bounced up as his arms quickly embraced the slender waist of the girl and pushed her down onto the grass in an overbearing manner with him on top.

Facing the familiar face that was extremely close to hers, and breathing in the blowing smell, Luo Li’s face flushed red as she raised her small fist and shyly hammered him. “Rogue.”

Mu Chen did not do anything else as he had only lowered his head and looked at the absolutely beautiful face. Unknowingly, the girl had grown even more attractive compared to before. That temperament of hers became even more stunningly charming, which made Mu Chen slightly daze off. As he had started to grow, the girl before him had started to change as well.

Perhaps one day, she would thoroughly shred the unripeness of a girl and become the true Empress of the Luo God Clan. At that time, her fame might be resounding throughout the Great Thousand World.

Although he had a powerful mother himself, she couldn’t do much for him; on the contrary, it brought him a danger.

However, Mu Chen hadn't issued a single complaint. All these years, he had depended on his own hard work and understood from the start that it was impossible to become a real expert by depending on those blessings.

Luo Li, who had initially accepted the fact that Mu Chen was going to be touchy, slightly narrowed her eyes when she discovered that the latter had not shown any signs of playing rogue. Her charming pair of eyes was staring at that handsome face.

The looks in the latter’s eyes was a little absent-minded, but it was also quietly fluctuating. In the end, the youth still revealed a faint smile. His smile was radiating with self-confidence.

That smile made Luo Li bite her rosy lips and showed a little rare infatuation because, what she liked about Mu Chen was this radiant self-confidence of his.

“Luo Li, you are leaving very soon, right?” Mu Chen spoke as he streaked his finger across Luo Li’s face.

The body of the girl beneath him unnoticeably trembled, her crystal-clear eyes had also dulled down a lot at that moment. She had always kept quiet about this matter, but she never expected Mu Chen to be so keen and sense it.

She looked at Mu Chen’s face and softly said, “Grandfather only gave me two years of time, and the allocated time has already passed.” Her pupils were dull in colour as she knew that when they part this time, god-knows when they would meet again. She wanted to stay with Mu Chen, but she couldn’t because, she wasn’t alone. She was the future Empress of the Luo God Clan, she still had to protect the countless clansmen.

“Mu Chen, I’m sorry.”

Luo Li bit her rosy lips hard as the corner of her eyes turned red. She knew that perhaps in the next period of time, Mu Chen would be chasing after her steps, steps filled with thorns and she was well-aware of how much heart-aching effort he would have to pay to stand out in the Great Thousand World.

The Great Thousand World was too vast, and there were too many geniuses. Many of them quietly fell before they could even cause a ripple.

Those that could stand out in the Great Thousand World were those that had experienced innumerable hardships, in which many would forget themselves.

If it were possible, she would rather have Mu Chen stay ordinary. At least this way, he could still maintain that sunshine smile of his and wouldn’t be covered in wounds just to follow her footsteps.

At this point in time, she should be staying by his side. Mu Chen revealed a faint smile as he looked at Luo Li’s eyes that were turning red. “Although I want you to stay by my side, it will be too selfish of me to do that. I know that you feel sorry for me, but since you can temporarily push aside the Luo God Clan to be by my side, there’s no reason why can’t I work hard for your sake ”

“Luo Li, I love you. The Luo God Clan might be too far from me right now, and I can’t make your grandfather and clansmen accept me. It could be so much so that they might even doubt your eyesight and feel that you have only fallen for a guy that has good fortune, but…”

Mu Chen looked at the emotions stirred in Luo Li’s eyes as he continued, “Believe me. There will be a day when I will go to the Luo God Clan. At that time, I will let them know that you have not found an ordinary stone in the desert, but a stone that is even more dazzling than a diamond.”

“For that, I will give it my all.”

Luo Li covered her mouth with her small hands as tears were brewing in the depths of her eyes. She was filled with touching emotions and joy as she nodded her head.

“Okay, don’t just feel heartache for me, your time in the Luo God Clan will not be easy as well. No matter what happens, remember to wait for me, no matter what!” Mu Chen wiped the tears off Luo Li’s face with his finger as he smiled.

“I will definitely go to the Luo God Clan and find you, I will use this as a pledge.”

Mu Chen pulled away Luo Li’s hands and lowered his head, lightly kissing her rosy lips.

It was as chilled as jade.

A breezy wind blew past, she was submerged in passion and extended her arms and looped them over the youth’s neck as she offered her brightly-coloured and tender lips. A smear of redness flashed across her eyes, becoming the most beautiful scene on this peak.

In the next few minutes, Mu Chen and Luo Li stuck close together. The both of them could be considered the most dazzling pair in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. When innumerable people saw them, their eyes were filled with envy.

However, they did not sense that as time passed, Luo Li’s lively smile had also unknowingly dulled down a lot.

Although she displayed happiness on the outside, she couldn’t maintain that sort of peace.

And this gloominess lasted till the eighth day.

The cultivating platform of the Goddess Luo Association’s headquarters.

Luo Li and Mu Chen were leaning against each other’s back as they sat on the towering rock and leisurely looked at those members of the Goddess Luo Association’s training. Seeing how intimate those two were, everyone felt admiration from the depths of their hearts.

Luo Li lightly held onto Mu Chen’s hand as she wore a smear of a light smile on her lips. They had been maintaining this way till the sun set as the scarlet sunshine shone on the land.

Luo Li’s hand abruptly trembled.

Mu Chen felt her sudden action.

Luo Li turned her head as she lightly planted a kiss on Mu Chen’s face which was rare for her to do so in the view of everyone. After that, she stood up and raised her head, focusing her gaze towards the sky far away.

The space in that direction suddenly distorted and a large spatial vortex followed after. From the vortex, everyone clearly saw a colossal lustre shuttling through space as a foot stepped out. An imposing figure that seemed like he could cover the sky and earth slowly appeared in this horizon.

The entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was covered under this deity-like figure.

And judging from Luo Li’s expression, Mu Chen knew that this person should be the current Patriarch of the Luo God Clan, which was Luo Li’s grandfather, who was an existence at the level of Earth Sovereign.

Luo Tianshen.

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