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At the moment when the final champion emerged, the originally tense atmosphere also quietly loosened up. The previous battle had too many ups and downs. Therefore, when the fight ended, many people heaved a heavy sigh of relief in their hearts.

The battle had already been very exciting. If it had continued, many people would probably not have been able to tolerate it...

Because of the closure of the Spiritual Academy Competition, the light screen enveloping the battle stage and the various spiritual academy zones also dissipated. At this final moment, the restriction on the students was finally weakened.

In the sky, the huge Mirror of Judgment slowly turned with light circulating on its surface. Just then, a few figures were ejected and they landed on the ground looking ragged. They were the ones who were trapped in the Mirror of Judgment earlier.

Shen Cangsheng, Li Xuantong and Su Xuan landed near Mu Chen, after which they gave the thumbs up to the latter. Looking at this, it seemed that although they were trapped in the Mirror of Judgement, they were still able to watch the earthshaking battle.

Mu Chen grinned at them and then turned his head. Looking at Wen Qingxuan, who was stretching and did not mind at all that her actions made her perfect body even more attractive, he said, "After this, you will be going back to the Million Phoenix Spiritual Academy directly, right?"

"Yup." Wen Qingxuan nodded. After the Spiritual Academy Competition ended, this space would be closed and all the students would return to their own spiritual academies. If they wanted to meet again, they would have to wait for the Academy Exchange sometime later.

"Why? Will you miss me?" Wen Qingxuan's eyes were smiling as she looked at Mu Chen and said, "Then you can apply to join the Million Phoenix Spiritual Academy. Although the academy only accepts female students, you are the champion of the Spiritual Academy Competition. I think our chief will be happy to open a back door for you."

In response to Wen Qingxuan's tease, Mu Chen could only give an awkward smile.

Wen Qingxuan pushed aside the hair on her forehead and said with a charming smile, "Don't worry, we should still be able to meet in the future. But at that time, I think that I will probably be in another position."

Mu Chen also nodded gently. By that time, he would have already left the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy in order to seek greater power. On the other hand, Wen Qingxuan's background was not weak. When they met again, perhaps both of their positions would have really changed.

"Mu Chen, if we do meet again, I hope that you will not look dispirited. After all, you are the champion of the Spiritual Academy Competition. Although the Five Great Academies are extremely tiny compared to the whole Great Thousand World, if you have lost your sharpness and confidence by then, I think that I will be very disappointed. Also, I will feel disappointed for Luo Li." Wen Qingxuan stared at Mu Chen. Although her tone was joyous, she did not seem to be saying it for fun.

Mu Chen fell into a brief silence. He knew that the path in the future would not be easy and it would be more difficult than the one in the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy. There, he could at least cultivate in peace. However, after he entered the endless Great Thousand World, he would need to bear much more.

Even though he was close to reaching the sovereign level, that was only the starting point on the road to becoming one of the top powers.

However, on the path to the top, talent was only secondary. A heart that would not be shaken by any external factors was the most important thing. Over these years, Mu Chen had experienced a lot, and if his heart was ever shaken before, it would be difficult for him to reach where he stood at the moment.

Lifting his head, Mu Chen stared at Wen Qingxuan's exquisite face and said gently, "We shall see."

Wen Qingxuan's beautiful face was filled with a smile. Nodding, she said, "If you do not disappoint me at that time, maybe I can consider changing my boyfriend."

As she spoke, her teasing look switched between Luo Li and Mu Chen.

Luo Li glanced at her with a helpless look.

"Brother Mu Chen, congratulations."

As they talked, Wu Ling and Wu Yingying from the Martial Spiritual Academy, as well as Wen Busheng and the other teams, came over to give their congratulations. Mu Chen also had a good impression towards them and his face was filled with happiness. All of them knew that after they parted from the place, it would be uncertain when they could next meet. That was because the spiritual academy was only a stop along their cultivation journeys. In the future, they would all enter the wonderful Great Thousand World that everyone longed for.

By then, everyone would probably have different states of mind and it would be difficult to remain as pure as they were at this moment. Thus, Mu Chen really cherished these friends whom he gained through fighting.

Wu Ling, Wen Busheng and the rest gazed at Mu Chen with complicated looks. In the first place, nobody would have imagined that the final champion of the Spiritual Academy Competition was not the most famous Ji Xuan and also not Wen Qingxuan whose reputation had similarly spread far, but a young man who was really a dark horse...

When Ji Xuan and Xie Tianhe teamed up and caused Mu Chen to be trapped in the Mirror of Judgement, they all felt somewhat sorry for him. However, unexpectedly, the fierce young man actually made his way out and turned the fight around. In the end, he even managed to mightily defeat Ji Xuan.

In addition, the attacks Mu Chen used against Ji Xuan towards the end also made them feel slightly frightened. Although the young man usually looked harmless, when he really wanted to kill someone, he was indeed like a god killer and would not hesitate at all when attacking.

Wu Ling and Wen Busheng were rather arrogant, and even Ji Xuan did not manage to fully convince them of his superiority. But this time, towards Mu Chen, who was about the same age as they were, they had to say that they admired him.

Clearly, in the future, this young man would not be ordinary. Perhaps after a long time, he would even be reputed in the Great Thousand World.

"Hey, you still owe me a favor. Do you remember?" Wu Yingying stared at Mu Chen with her charming eyes and stood with arms akimbo. Still, she looked very proud, but the blush on her white cheeks could not be hidden.

"Missy, how do you want me to pay you back?" Mu Chen said and smiled.

Wu Yingying stared at Mu Chen for a while, after which she finally spoke hesitantly, "I haven't thought of it yet. I will tell you again when I think of something."

Mu Chen was slightly amused. This girl was clearly very adorable. He immediately nodded and said in a serious tone, "By that time, even if I have to climb a mountain of swords and plunge into a sea of flames, I will definitely not even frown."

"Words from a man cannot be trusted, especially when it's from a pervert like you." Wu Yingying gave out a soft humph.

Mu Chen cleared his throat in embarrassment.

"But just now you were... quite handsome. More handsome than my brother. I didn't waste my effort cheering for you." Wu Yingying's face was slightly red as she spoke frankly but her big, bright eyes stared at Mu Chen without the shyness of a typical girl.

"Err... Thank you." Mu Chen scratched his head and smiled brightly. The coldness he had when he fought Ji Xuan seemed to be completely gone.

Seeing the scene, Wen Qingxuan pouted her lips gently. She walked near Luo Li and said softly, "This guy really has a lot of luck with the ladies. After you leave, he will definitely get to know a lot more girls. You are really not worried? I suggest that you may as well kick him away early and come with me."

Wen Qingxuan's voice was deliberately kept low but just high enough for Mu Chen to hear. Mu Chen's eyelids twitched uncontrollably while Luo Li could only roll her eyes, slightly displeased.

Wen Qingxuan looked at Mu Chen mischievously. While Luo Li was talking to Shen Cangsheng and the rest, she walked near Mu Chen and glanced at the direction where the Million Phoenix Spiritual Academy students were. "But you have a friend at our Million Phoenix Spiritual Academy. You don't want to go and see her?"

"Sister Qian'Er?" Hearing that, Mu Chen first paused for a while, and then joy filled his eyes. He similarly looked at the Million Phoenix Spiritual Academy zone, where he saw a young lady in a light green dress standing elegantly and staring at him with those intelligent eyes.

Through the years, the lady was slowly becoming more and more mature and radiant. Even though she was just standing quietly among the many fair ladies, she was still very enticing.

Noticing that Mu Chen was looking in her direction, a gentle smile appeared on Tang Qian'Er's snow white face.

Moving his body, Mu Chen dashed directly into the countless pretty ladies in the Million Phoenix Spiritual Academy and went to Tang Qian'Er. Beaming, he said, "Sister Qian'Er, it has been a long time."

The young lady still had ponytails which fell gently over her thin waist. She looked at Mu Chen, grinning. With her hands at her back, her body leaned forward slightly and a mischievous smile appeared on her adorable face. "Looks like you are having a good time now."

"Sister Qian'Er, you are becoming more and more pretty. Unfortunately, you are at the Million Phoenix Spiritual Academy. If you were at our Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy, people would break their necks trying to chase you." Mu Chen looked at Tang Qian'Er. The lady at the moment was becoming increasingly attractive. Because her body was leaning forward unintentionally, the shape of her body was even more pronounced. Judging from her appearance and disposition, if she was in the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy, she would certainly have more admirers than Su Xuan.

"You dare to make fun of me." Tang Qian'Er blushed slightly as she raised her tiny fist at Mu Chen as if she were angry.

Mu Chen smiled and said, "Are you doing well in the Million Phoenix Spiritual Academy?"

"No, because she kept thinking about a heartbreaker!" Off to the side, a few young ladies laughed. They seemed to be friends of Tang Qian'Er's and were staring curiously at the brightest young man in all the spiritual academies.

Tang Qian'Er's face instantly turned red. She stared at those ladies with a knife-like look and they quickly ran away, laughing.

Mu Chen gave a dry laugh. Looking at Tang Qian'Er's smart eyes, he did not know what to say.

"Congratulations." Tang Qian'Er, however, did not say anything else on this ambivalent topic. Smiling, she continued, "I think that if Uncle Mu knows about this, he will definitely feel very happy and proud."

Mu Chen also smiled warmly. He missed his father, too.

"Is she the girl that you always liked?" Tang Qian'Er said softly and suddenly turned to look at Luo Li, who was in the distance.

Staring back at Tang Qian'Er, Mu Chen nodded gently.

"She is very outstanding, very beautiful." Tang Qian'Er's long eyelashes blinked lightly as she put on a touching smile.

"Thank you." Mu Chen beamed.

Tang Qian'Er lowered her head and her thin toe gently scratched the ground. After a while, she suddenly raised her head and said, "Actually, I somewhat regret coming to the Million Phoenix Spiritual Academy..."

Mu Chen scratched his head but did not dare to continue on the topic. After all, he and Tang Qian'Er grew up together and the two were extremely close. However, all along he did not take the relationship to be a romantic one.

"Mu Chen..."

Tang Qian'Er's smart eyes appeared to be particularly bright at the moment. It was as if she had figured out something. The smile on her cheeks also turned increasingly charming.

"I will work very hard in the future as well. I will catch up to you!"

The young lady clenched her fist firmly, and the deepest resolve could be seen in the depths of her eyes. She had already regretted a decision once, and did not want to keep regretting. Thus, she had to work hard to catch up. At least in that way, she could stand beside him, just like Luo Li.

Looking into the young lady's eyes, Mu Chen eventually nodded gently. It should be a good thing that she had one more target to work towards.

"Then, I will wait for Sister Qian'Er to surpass me."

Mu Chen smiled heartily. Then, he lifted his head and looked at the space filled with many people. Taking a deep breath in spite of himself, his expression turned nostalgic and relaxed.

The Spiritual Academy Competition finally ended.

After three years of cultivation in the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy, he finally submitted a perfect answer script, even though he knew that his real path had just begun...

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