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The space was torn apart and a huge space vortex was formed as if it were connected to another world. A burly figure appeared before the dark, frightening space vortex.

At first, the figure was incredibly large but when it appeared, it had changed to a normal size. Everyone in the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy stared at the scene in awe.

It was an old man in black robes. His hair was completely white and his face was somewhat aged, but a fearsome pressure came from him. The pressure even caused the space around him to vibrate slightly.

It was as if the whole world submitted to him.

An indescribable pressure enveloped the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy, causing the originally joyous place to immediately turn silent. Even some of the Elders, not to mention the students, watched the figure as their faces turned pale. They had never experienced that level of pressure. Even the strongest in the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy, Lord Northern Sea, never had such a suffocating pressure.

Who exactly was this person who appeared suddenly? He was actually so strong.

In the distance, the space vortex wriggled. After the godlike old man in black robes emerged, some light spots appeared in the vortex, followed by some low, beastly roars.

After that, everyone saw that about a hundred giant cranes, which were silver all over their bodies and had violent thunderbolts circling around them, flapped their lightning wings and passed through the space vortex, eventually floating quietly behind the man in black robes.

Only at that moment did everyone notice that on each lightning crane, a knight in silver armor sat holding a silver spear in his hand. Although they were all silent, a solemn bloodthirsty aura spread from them like they were going to war. That pressure caused countless students to turn pale. Clearly, these knights on the lightning cranes had undergone many life and death fights. It was a real army, not one made up of undisciplined, disbanded soldiers.

If this group of lightning crane knights started to attack, even sovereigns would find it difficult to defend.

Mu Chen also stood up and stared at the old man in black robes and the lightning crane knights behind him with a serious expression. Those lightning cranes should be the Lightning-Devouring Cranes which were ranked 24th on the Beast Record. At the moment, so many appeared, it was sufficient to show how terribly strong the Luo God Clan was.

After the mysterious group appeared, the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy was obviously shocked for a while. However, the academy also quickly recovered from the surprise. Immediately, the sound of people traveling through air could be heard throughout the sky. One by one, the Elders in the academy flew over hurriedly, cautiously looking at the group in front.

After these Elders arrived, those in the Punishment Hall also started to be on high alert.

However, against the alerted Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy, the group did not move at all. The old man in black robes standing at the front only scanned around briefly, after which his eyes locked onto a particular direction.

There, an increasingly beautiful girl elegantly stood, looking at him with a calm face.

Seeing the girl, a very slight, kind smile appeared on his dignified face. Then, his eyes turned to Mu Chen who was standing beside Luo Li.

Although they were quite far away, at that instant, Mu Chen still felt a terrifying pressure penetrating the space and engulfing him. That pressure even caused tiny cracks to appear in the huge rock on which he was standing.

However, the range of the pressure was perfectly controlled. Apart from where he was standing, the pressure did not affect other places at all.

Luo Li seemed to have sensitively noticed something. Immediately, she frowned gently and wanted to stand in front of Mu Chen.

Mu Chen extended his hand and held her jade-like wrist. Shaking his head, he knew that if he needed Luo Li to stand in front of him for their first encounter, this ruler of the Luo God Clan would be totally disappointed in him, even though he might never have expected anything much from Mu Chen in the first place.

Mu Chen's face was calm. Only Luo Li, whose hand he held, could feel that his palm was trembling slightly. Sweat seeped out from his back, dampening his clothes.

The pressure from an Earthly Sovereign was really too terrifying.

If Luo Tianshen had a killing intent, he would be able to kill Mu Chen with a snap of his fingers.

However, no matter how much pressure his body was under, Mu Chen's face was still calm. Even though the pressure only continued for less than two minutes, it caused his body to be somewhat numb.

Therefore, when the pressure suddenly retreated like the tides, Mu Chen realized that his body could not move at all. Because his hand was using too much force, it caused a ring of marks around Luo Li's white wrist.

In the distant sky, Luo Tianshen withdrew his gaze slowly and said tonelessly, "Seems to have some endurance. Not as bad as I had imagined."

Behind Luo Tianshen, there were two Lightning-Devouring Cranes that were closest to him. Two men were sitting on top of them. They were about 27 to 28 years old, each wearing silver armor. Their looks were quite handsome and their temperament seemed to be unusual.

Clearly, the two had quite a high status. However, they did not stand too near to each other and conversation between them was seldom. It seemed that their relationship was not too close. However, aggression was hidden in their faces and they were like demons which had closed their eyes.

Looking at the backs of the two, heartfelt respect could be seen in the eyes of the lightning crane knights behind. Obviously, the two men were not that simple.

Hearing the toneless voice from Luo Tianshen, their originally motionless eyes moved slightly and looked towards that direction, their expressions turning somewhat strange.


In the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy, a shadow soared into the sky. Chief Tai Cang appeared and looked at Luo Tianshen solemnly. Before he could speak, a familiar laughter spread throughout the sky.

"Ha, a rare guest we have here. I really did not expect that the Luo God Clan would actually come to our Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy. We did not prepare a warm welcome. Our mistake." Beside Chief Tai Cang, a humpbacked old figure appeared. It was the Northern Sea Dragon from the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy.

When the many students saw the Northern Sea Dragon appear, they all heaved a sigh of relief. In the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy, clearly this was the real pacifier.

When the Northern Sea Dragon appeared, Luo Tianshen also looked towards him. Surprise appeared in his eyes as he became aware of the level of the former.

They were both Earthly Sovereigns.

"You must be Lord Northern Sea from the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy. I am Luo Tianshen. I came here without prior notice. I hope that you will not blame us for that," Luo Tianshen said and smiled briefly.

"Oh, you are Clan Leader Luo from the Luo God Clan. I have heard a lot about you." The Northern Sea Dragon also smiled as he bowed with his hands folded in front. Obviously, he had restrained his playful attitude and became much more serious. Although he was also promoted to Earthly Sovereign, he understood that there was still a significant difference between him and Luo Tianshen. After all, the latter had become an Earthly Sovereign a long time ago while he only broke through one year ago.

While Luo Tianshen was already famous, he only had an ordinary reputation.

"Clan Leader Luo, may I know what is your purpose in visiting the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy?" Seeing the Northern Sea Dragon, Chief Tai Cang also heaved a sigh silently, after which he folded his hands and smiled politely.

"I'm here to fetch my granddaughter home. I think that you two will not stop me, right?" Luo Tianshen smiled and said.

Chief Tai Cang and the Northern Sea Dragon looked at each other, and then at the direction where the Goddess Luo Association was. In the whole Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy, only that girl could possibly have some connection to the Luo God Clan. However, they did not expect Luo Li to actually be Luo Tianshen's granddaughter. That meant that she would be the next queen of the Luo God Clan...

"Students in the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy have their freedom. As long as it is not against the academy rules, they can come and leave as they wish. We will not intervene unnecessarily," Chief Tai Cang said and smiled.

"Thank you so much." Luo Tianshen nodded and stepped forward, disappearing into thin air. The moment he vanished, the two men right behind him disappeared as well.

In the sky above the Goddess Luo Association...

The space vibrated and three figures emerged directly. Then, under the stares of countless many, they appeared in front of Luo Li and Mu Chen.

Luo Tianshen looked at the girl in front who was becoming more and more outstanding. His dignified, old face seemed to be pleased. Smiling, he reached out his dry hand and said, "Li'Er, come home with me."

Staring at the old man in front of her, Luo Li bit her rosy lips tightly. Turning her head and glancing at Mu Chen, she nodded gently but with difficulty.

She started walking with extremely slow and heavy steps. A pitiful look filled her clear yet dim eyes.

Although Mu Chen was prepared for it, when he watched her back, his nose still twitched and the hands in his sleeves clenched tightly, uncontrollably. If he was sufficiently strong at the moment, maybe no one could bring her away from him.

He was still too weak.

Taking a deep breath, Mu Chen understood at the moment that he needed greater power, because he would not want to experience the scene in front of him for a second time.

Luo Li's steps suddenly stopped. Then, she turned around quickly and ran to Mu Chen. Her thin arms held around his waist firmly and she bit her lips so hard that even some blood could be seen.

Mu Chen also firmly held onto the girl in front of him.

This scene caused every member in the Goddess Luo Association to feel touched.

Luo Tianshen only watched the scene in silence. The look of the two men behind him fluctuated as they glanced at Mu Chen. Then, they turned their eyes slightly away from the scene.

Gradually letting go of Luo Li, Mu Chen lowered his head and spoke softly into her ear, "Next time, I will not let anyone take you away from me. Anyone!"

His voice was soft and slow but firm. It sounded so unquestionable that anyone hearing it would be moved.

Tears started to form in Luo Li's adorable eyes. She knew that for this one goal, the young man in front of her would pay a painful price, many times over. However, she did not say anything but only nodded heavily.

She backed off and finally turned around resolutely. Then, she walked past Luo Tianshen and did not hold his dry hands; obviously, she was still feeling resentful.

"Young Clan Leader."

The two men standing behind Luo Tianshen smiled at Luo Li. Bowing, they clenched their fists and put them at their chest, and said, "Your knights await your return."

Waving their hands, three bright Lightning-Devouring Cranes flew towards them from the distance, one of which was slimmer and more elegant-looking. Moving her body, Luo Li sat on the crane.

As Luo Li sat on the Lightning-Devouring Crane and was about to leave, Luo Tianshen looked at Mu Chen directly for the first time. His old face was emotionless.

Meanwhile, Mu Chen also raised his head and stared at the old man who was supporting the last few brilliant years of the Luo God Clan. His face was extremely young and calm.

He was fearless.

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