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Chapter 63 – Divine Black Thundercloud

The black sound wave gently rippled and emitted outwards from the black basin. As the black sound wave passed through, all the Spiritual Beasts would instantly turn into dense bones. Not even a single trace of blood existed on the white bones.

Mu Chen and the others stared at this scene, stunned. Then, they shivered as this scene was too abnormal.


A dense light would surged out from the Spiritual Beasts that turned into bones and form a light rainbow as it surged through the sky towards the mysterious black egg above the crater.


And while facing the dense light rainbow filled with Spiritual Energy, the mysterious black egg also released a black light. Then, it sucked in all of the light rainbows like a bottomless pit.

Light rainbows endlessly rise up from within the Spiritual Beasts’ bodies. Under that brilliance, they devoted their lives.

Furthermore, the most horrifying thing was that the Spiritual Beasts would watch this terrifying scene occur without any panic. A hint of craziness was within their scarlet eyes. It was as if they were flies flying into a fire, yet they seemed to feel glory in their actions.

This strange contrast made Mu Chen shiver. Then, he stared at the mysterious black egg that was endlessly sucking in the light rainbows within the sky. This method had far surpassed the intelligence of all the Spiritual Beasts that Mu Chen had seen before. It was even more cruel and cunning than a human.

“That black egg is probably formed by the Nine Nether Bird…” Mu Feng’s face became serious as he stared in fear at the black egg absorbing many rainbows in the sky.

“The Spiritual Beasts in the Black Eerie Swamp seemed to be providing an enormous amount of Spiritual Energy to the Nine Nether Bird…” Mu Chen softly spoke.

Mu Feng also nodded and said: “Moreover, it’s not the first time that a scene similar to this has occurred. Over these years, the numerous Spiritual Beasts in the Black Eerie Swamp had turned into white bones and devoted all their Spiritual Energy to the Nine Nether Bird.”

“The Spiritual Beasts in the Black Eerie Swamp…” Mu Feng’s face turned strange as he said: “It seems that it was raised by the Nine Nether Bird. It will let them grow and fatten up before the Nine Nether Bird slaughters it to extract their Spiritual Energy.”

On the side, Duan Wei and the others all shuddered when they heard this. If it was done by a human, they wouldn’t be too surprised. However, this scenario was planned by a Spiritual Beast that was considerably powerful.

“And…Perhaps the copper piece that we obtained was also its intention. It used that to lure a few greedy humans over to absorb the Spiritual Energy away from our bodies.” Mu Feng said with a bitter smile and said: “This time, it might not think highly about us. Otherwise, I feel that we would end up no better than the Spiritual Beasts.”

Zhou Ye’s face turned pale. If this was all planned out by the Nine Nether Bird, then it would be too terrifying…

Mu Chen also sighed. He knew that what his father said was mostly true. There were probably many humans that came to this place like the skeleton he met in the Black Eerie Swamp due to greed over the past years. However, the skeleton was slightly luckier as he managed to escape. Yet, he still died due to his injuries being too severe.

“Then what should we do now?” Duan Wei and the others wiped the cold sweat off their foreheads. It was still the first time for them meeting such a terrifying Spiritual Beast. The terror didn’t just come from its strength, but also from how it was cunning and ruthless like a human.


There wasn’t the slightest hesitation in Mu Feng’s voice: “Don’t even think about the Nine Nether Bird. Nobody in the Northern Spiritual Realm will be able to capture this existence. We should immediately retreat while its attention is focused on the Spiritual Beasts!”


Duan Wei and the others let out a sigh of relief when they heard this. They could not see any hope in this bizarre situation. It would be a wise decision for them to leave as soon as possible.

Mu Feng seemed to have made up his mind on giving up on the Nine Nether Bird. After he issued out the order, he waved his hand. A group of men quietly climbed up the cliff and cautiously headed out of the black basin.

“Big Brother, the people from the Mu Territory are retreating!” The Liu Territory was aware of the movement caused by the Mu Territory and Liu Ming shouted out quickly.

“Forget about them!” Liu Qingtian said coldly: “Something is wrong with the current situation. We would feel safer if they leave since we wouldn’t have to remain alert against them.”

“Then, we…” Liu Ming hesitated for a moment. In fact, he was also terribly afraid when he witnessed the scene in front of him. The mysterious black egg was too bizarre and his instincts told him that it would be smarter for him to get as far away as possible.

“Just wait a little longer!”

Signs of struggling could be seen within Liu Qingtian’s eyes. However, he still gritted his teeth and said these words. The temptation of the Nine Nether Bird was too great. If he was able to obtain it, even if the possibility was extremely small, he would instantly become the lord of the Northern Spiritual Realm!

Liu Ming and Liu Zong exchanged gazes with each other and nodded. They had prepared a long time for this plan. If they were to leave now, they wouldn’t be willing to accept it.

Just when the Mu Territory was quietly retreating and the Liu Territory was remaining there without giving up, thousands of Spiritual Beasts in the black basin turned into bones from the black sound wave.


The numerous light rainbows in the sky whistled out and eventually all of them were sucked into the mysterious black egg. When the final light rainbow was sucked in, the world seemed to have become unusually quiet.


During this silence, a sudden cracking sound rang out. It was not loud, but the Liu Territory and the Mu Territory seemed to have been shocked by lightning. Then, all their eyes fixed itself onto the mysterious black egg in fear. They could see that subtle cracks actually emerged on the surface of the black egg.

As the cracks emerged, black flames surged out and wrapped the mysterious black egg completely. When the bizarre black flame rushed out, the Spiritual Aura in the world seemed to show signs of boiling.

“This is…” Cold sweat seemed to drip down Mu Feng’s face slowly. His voice became hoarse as he said: “The Nine Nether Bird seems to be coming out.”


Just when he finished saying those words, a cry rang out in the world from the mysterious black egg. A black flame instantly enveloped the sky like a storm.

The cracks on the surface of the black light egg were becoming increasingly concentrated. Then with a final crisping sound, it burst open.

As the black flames became increasingly violent, Mu Chen and the others were somewhat shocked to see a pair of black wings that could cover a mountain stretching out from within the flames.

The black flames continued to scorch the sky. Mu Chen and the others could vaguely see a huge shadow within the monstrous flames. It was elegantly stretching its large body as if it was resurrecting from Nirvana like a phoenix rebirthing from flames.

A horrifying Spiritual Energy pressure also emitted out at this moment. It caused the Spiritual Aura within the world to boil.

“Is this the Nine Nether Bird?”

Mu Chen watched in shock at the massive creature stretching its body elegantly in the monstrous black flames. Although he was not able to see its appearance clearly, the somewhat vague outline already feels amazing.

“This fluctuation…”

Mu Feng kept a close eye at the vague outline and immediately gulped. This Spiritual Energy pressure probably wasn’t something that a Three Heavens Stage powerhouse could compare with!

They actually had a wishful thinking of capturing this sort of existence. It was truly ridiculous.

“Hurry and run!”

Mu Feng took a deep breath and gathered all the drool he had within his heart. He let out a cry and prepared to retreat no matter what.


However, just when Mu Feng urged his people to retreat, thunder sounds rang out in the sky. They looked up and suddenly froze. A black thundercloud abruptly gathered above the black flames in the sky. Moreover, they could faintly feel that there was a black lightning dragon quietly surging within the thundercloud.

A destructive energy emitted out from the black thundercloud.

“This is the… Divine Black Thundercloud?”

Mu Feng stared at the black thundercloud and his eyes instantly narrowed. He could not help saying these words out as he suppressed the horror within his voice.

“Divine Black Thundercloud?” Mu Chen was stunned.

Mu Feng took a deep breath and suppressed the shock within his heart as he muttered: “The Nine Nether Bird…actually hasn’t given up yet. It is still attempting to evolve!”

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