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Chapter 64 – Evolution


Mu Chen and the others were stunned. They stared at the massive shadow within the black flames which covered the sky. Then, he said: “Didn’t it fail before?”

“That’s why it would like to try again.”

Signs of surprise could be seen within Mu Feng’s eyes as he said: “It seems that this Nine Nether Bird is extremely prideful. It had to use many schemes in order to resurrect after failing the evolution last time. Who would have thought that it would attempt to evolve again when it had just reappeared?”

Mu Chen was also surprised at the courage that this Nine Nether Bird had. If one was ordinary, he would unconsciously avoid doing whatever he had failed at doing. However, this Nine Nether Bird wanted to climb back up from where it had fallen. This courage, this pride…, it amazed everyone.

“Will it succeed?”

Mu Chen asked in a low voice. He lifted his head to stare at the sky filled with black thunderclouds. Within the thunderclouds, the black lightning seemed to creep around like a massive black dragon as it released an indescribable power.

“Who knows…The Nine Nether Bird is originally an extremely powerful existence. It possesses the 11th rank on the Myriad Beast Record’s Earth Ranking. Moreover, if it successfully evolves, it would have the qualifications to charge at the Myriad Beast Record’s Heaven Ranking. At that time…It will truly become a Divine Beast.” Mu Feng said.

“Divine Beast…”

Mu Chen could not help but bite his lips. This simple phrase gave off an unparalleled pressure. This is because each and every one of the Divine Beasts were super-existences within the Great Thousand Worlds. Even Sovereign-class existences would be afraid of these overlords belonging to different species.

“However…the Divine Black Lightning isn’t that easy to overcome.” Mu Feng also said gently as he stared at the enormous shadow within the black flames in the sky. In the world are many Spiritual Beasts, but, just how many of them would be able to evolve into these super-existences?

A Spiritual Beast and a Divine Beast may only be different by one word, yet there is an unsurpassable gap between them.

“It has already failed once before. Normally speaking, once one fails to overcome the lightning, the one who was attempting would be annihilated by the lightning. However, this Nine Nether Bird seems to have escaped with its life before. If it fails again this time, it might not be that lucky.”

Mu Feng’s pace of retreating gradually slowed down. If the Nine Nether Bird is going to attempt to overcome the lightning, then they would be safe. This is because they were just like ants in the Nine Nether Bird’s eyes. They simply weren’t worthy enough for it to pay attention to them.

Mu Chen felt a bit of regret when he heard these words. If the Nine Nether Bird was to vanish due to the lightning, nobody would be able to obtain its Spiritual Beast Soul Essence. This way, the Mu Territory would not have gotten any harvest for coming here.

However, who would have the ability to ingest the Nine Nether Bird’s Soul Essence even if they obtained it? Mu Feng was extremely lucky back then when he ingested the Dragonfire Bird. Not to mention the Nine Nether Bird, who was even more powerful than the Dragonfire Bird?

While Mu Chen and the others stared at the sky with regret and admiration, a clear cry resounded throughout  the world from within the black flames in the sky. Moreover, it was possible to hear a deep unyielding fighting spirit from within the cry.

It was issuing a challenge towards the Divine Black Lightning!


The Divine Black Thundercloud seemed to have noticed the Nine Nether Bird’s provocation and immediately let out a deep rumbling sound, which echoed throughout the region. Under the rumbling sound, Mu Chen and the others could feel the Spiritual Aura within the world trembling, as if it was fearful of that terrifying heavenly might.


A clear cry rang out once again. The Nine Nether Bird’s wings stretched out from within the black flames and suddenly black flames surged out all over the place. It turned into numerous black flame pillars and fiercely charged at the black thundercloud.

The Nine Nether Bird actually dared to take the initiative to launch an attack at the Divine Black Lightning.


The black thundercloud quietly surged and a black lightning started winding and swirling. The black lightning dragon stared coldly at the black flame pillars charging over. Then, a black lightning filled with destructive power immediately rushed down.

Bang Bang Bang!

The black lightning and black flames collided fiercely. The entire world seemed to have exploded at that moment. Then, the loud rumbling sound made the earth tremble violently and cracks spread out from the black basin.

Mu Chen and the others stared in shock at the terrifying battle in the sky. At that location, the black flames and black lightning were wreaking havoc crazily.

It was evident that the black lightning is an extremely terrifying thing. The lightning descended down as if it was attempting to destroy everything in the world and shattered countless black flame pillars.

After the black lightning shattered the countless black flame pillars, it used a terrifying momentum to fiercely descend down into the black flames within the sky. In the end, it descended down onto the massive creature hidden within the black flames.


Within the cry this time, pain could be heard. But following this, anger emerged in the cry again. The Nine Nether Bird flapped its wings and the black flame sea furiously whirled together. Then, it finally turned into several interconnected black flamestorms.


The earth began to shatter due to the rotation of the black flamestorms. Luckily, the Nine Nether Bird’s primary target was the Divine Black Lightning. Thus, the black flamestorms whirled over towards the Divine Black Thundercloud once it was formed.

Facing against the Nine Nether Bird’s crazy attack, the Divine Black Thundercloud also quickly moved. A dark lightning vortex appeared at the center of the thundercloud and numerous black lightnings gathered inside the vortex.


Within the vortex, numerous black lightnings gathered together and eventually formed into a massive lightning pillar. It fired out and bombarded the black flamestorms in a direct confrontation.


The black lightning pillar was like the Thunder God’s punishment and forcibly tore apart the black flamestorms. The entire world seemed to have become dim in that moment.

The black flamestorms that were formed by the Nine Nether Bird’s full strength were stopped once again and the Nine Nether Bird issued out an extremely furious cry again. This damn lightning had already stopped it once. Could it again be planning to prevent it from evolving?

Its prideful self would never be willing to admit defeat!

The black flames within the sky suddenly shrank abnormally. It was as if all the black flames wormed itself into the Nine Nether Bird’s body.

As the black flames shrank, the Nine Nether Bird’s body finally entered everybody’s view.

It was a massive creature approximately the size of 10,000 Zhang and its wings were able to cover a mountain when it was spread open. On its body, mysterious black feathers had a hint of black flames surging through them. On its tail, long tail feathers extended out elegantly and clusters of black flames slowly burned at the tip.

Although the Nine Nether Bird was extremely massive, it did not have a shred of fat. Its curved body made it seem extremely elegant, slim, mysterious and beautiful. It truly was a fascinating creature.

However, the Nine Nether Bird’s eyes were showing a fiery red color at that moment. Unacceptance and rage were filled within its eyes as it stared at the entrenched thundercloud in the sky. Then, it flapped its wings and furious winds suddenly appeared in the world. The black flames covered its wings and the Nine Nether Bird itself turned into a black flame as it flew up high. In the end, it mustered all its power and rushed straight towards the black thundercloud.

It was going to do a final showdown against the Divine Black Thundercloud!

Mu Chen stared at the flapping wings as it charged without fear into the black thundercloud, which even the Nine Nether Bird felt horror from, like a moth to a flame. His heart was filled with shock.

The Nine Nether Bird’s unyielding and stubborn personality made a spectator like him feel amazed.

However, when this amazement rose up, a sense of regret also emerged. This is because Mu Chen saw the Divine Black Thundercloud contracting intensely and all the lightning within it seemed to have gathered together at this moment.

This blow would definitely shock the heavens and earth.


At that moment, the world became silent. Only the sound of thunder resounded out. Then, a black lightning dragon, which was almost the same size as the Nine Nether Bird, pierced through the skies and landed furiously on the approaching Nine Nether Bird’s body.

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