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Chapter 62 – Unusual Change


The mysterious black egg floated above the crater of the black volcano. At this moment, a couple of the obscure light engravings gradually lit up on the surface of the black egg. As these light engravings emerged, everybody was able to feel that the Spiritual Energy within the world suddenly became extremely violent.

Mu Feng and the others all looked solemnly at this scene. He could feel the restless movements of the Spiritual Energy within the world. A hint of unease surged through his eyes. This situation was slightly beyond his expectation.

From the image brought up by the copper piece, the Nine Nether Bird should have been in an extremely weak state after failing its evolution. However, from the way the mysterious egg made Liu Qingtian cut his finger off, it seems that this item was not something they could just grab as they thought.

“Be careful.”

Mu Feng said in a low voice: “If the situation seems off, we will immediately retreat. We’ll give up on taking the Nine Nether Bird.”

Zhou Ye and the others were slightly taken aback when they heard this. However, seeing Mu Feng’s serious expression, they nodded their heads. It was apparent that they noticed that something was off.

Mu Chen’s gaze was also fixed tightly at the mysterious black egg in the sky. The Nine Nether Bird was too powerful. Although they did not know what level the Nine Nether Bird had reached before it failed its evolution, it definitely far surpassed the strength of a Spirit Stage.

And the Nine Nether Bird which possessed this strength would probably be something that nobody could subdue even if it only possessed a couple of percent of its power from before.

Not that far away, the Liu Territory’s men also stared at the mysterious black egg above the sky of the volcano as if they met a great enemy. Liu Qingtian’s face turned extremely grim. On the other hand, Liu Mubai’s face was turning red and blue alternately. If it wasn’t for his words earlier, Liu Qingtian probably wouldn’t have frantically snatched it. Moreover, in the critical moment, Mu Chen decided to shout something completely different than him and saved Mu Feng. After comparing their actions, his handsome face reddened and was filled with hatred.

“Big Brother, are you alright?” Liu Zong and Liu Ming stared at where Liu Qingtian’s finger was cut off and asked with concern. If anything was to happen to Liu Qingtian, it would be a severe blow for the Liu Territory.

Liu Qingtian shook his head with a grim expression. His eyes remained fixed at the sky and did not blink at all.

“All of you should stare at it. I don’t want to return empty-handed this time!” Liu Qingtian said in a gloomy voice. When the Liu Territory’s men heard this, their hearts jumped and they hurriedly nodded.

Under the intense gaze from both groups, the mysterious black egg’s light engravings gradually brightened up in the sky. Moreover, it followed a sense of rhythm. It would light up and darken as if it was breathing.


As the light engravings brightened up, the mysterious black egg suddenly trembled. Then under the surprised gazes of everyone, black light erupted out from the black egg.

The sky instantly turned dark at this moment. It seemed to have caused the day to turn into night. This change made everybody’s faces change.


Just when the darkness enshrouded the location, a clear cry resounded out in the world.

This clear cry seemed to have turned into a sound wave and spread outwards before it vanished at the end of their visions.

Mu Chen stared at the black light that enshrouded the sky. He suddenly jumped and a hint of unease appeared.

“Something’s wrong!”

Mu Feng’s face suddenly changed. He gripped his fist tightly and let out a horrified expression: “The Spiritual Energy within our body are rapidly disappearing!”

After he said this, Zhou Ye and the others’ expression changed. They hurriedly inspected their body. As expected, the Spiritual Energy within their body was vanishing abnormally.

It was as if something was sucking away the Spiritual Energy within their bodies forcibly!

After hearing Mu Feng’s cry, Mu Chen’s heart jumped. He was only at the Spiritual Movement Stage Late Phase, so he was not that sensitive to the feeling of losing Spiritual Energy. Instead, Mu Feng and the others with their Spirit Stage would sense it the most.

“It’s because of the black egg!” Mu Chen said in a low voice. At this moment, the mysterious black egg was the only thing that could explain this strange scene.

Not far away, the Liu Territory’s men also entered in a commotion and sounds of exclamation rang out endlessly. It was evident that they detected this strange situation.

“Territory Lord, what should we do?” Duan Wei urgently asked. If this continues, the Spiritual Energy within their bodies would completely be exhausted. How would they leave the Black Eerie Swamp then?

Mu Feng’s eyes changed rapidly and he gritted his teeth: “Leave, we’re retreating!”

This situation here was too strange. Mu Feng understood that the trip this time was too recklessly. Just what sort of existence is the Nine Nether Bird? Even if it failed to evolve and was in an extremely weak state, how was it possible for them to easily get a bargain with their strength?

At this moment, there was no use being greedy anymore. No matter how precious the treasure was, it would be useless if they could not protect their lives. Therefore, Mu Feng decisively acted and led the others away.


However, just when Mu Feng let out the order for retreat, the ground seemed to tremble like an earthquake.

“Territory Lord, look quickly!”

A voice filled with horror suddenly rang out. Mu Feng, Mu Chen and the others hastily looked up and stared behind them. They saw various lights emerged from within the Black Eerie Swamp. The lights were all powerful Spiritual Beasts. In the lead, there were at least a dozen of High Rank Spiritual Beasts!

These Spiritual Beasts were rushing over crazily towards this direction. The scene of dozen of beasts rushing over made Duan Wei and the others turn pale.

Mu Chen could not help but suck in a breath of cold air. What is this situation? Could it be that all the Spiritual Beasts within the Black Eerie Swamp would rush over?

“Hurry and dodge!”

Mu Feng’s eyes twitched. He suppressed the horror within his heart and led them to a cliff. Against such amounts of beasts rushing over, even a Spirit Stage powerhouse would have to hide.

When Mu Feng and the others hurriedly gave way to the beasts, the Liu Territory also discovered this scene. Many of the men felt powerless in their legs. This formation was definitely too terrifying.

Liu Qingtian was also shocked as well. Luckily, he did not lose his cool and brought his men away. They did not dare to appear in front of the beasts rushing over.

The two groups were separated by some distance and did not dare to make a sound. They carefully crouched down and stared at the group of Spiritual Beasts charging over from a distance.

Mu Chen fixed his gaze on the Spiritual Beasts as they charged over. His eyes instantly became serious and he noticed that signs of madness appeared in the Spiritual Beasts’ eyes. It seems that something mysterious had caused them to turn berserk.

Mu Chen frowned and finally thought back to the Spirit Bug User’s skeleton. He became even more alert to the Nine Nether Bird that he never met. It seems that it was not simple at all.

The herd of beasts brought a trial of smoke and charged into the black basin. The dense bones that existed there earlier were squashed under their foot. However, they ignored it and charged in the direction of the mysterious egg above the crater.

Mu Chen stared at the herd of beasts and watched as they charged into the basin towards the mysterious black egg. Then, his eye narrowed when he witnessed the black bird light engraving on the mysterious black egg gently fluttering its wings as if it resurrected itself.

The originally dark sky turned even darker again.


Another clear cry emitted out like a black sound wave again. This sound wave was as gentle as the flow of water and it spread over towards the berserk herd of beasts galloping over.

The heaven and earth seemed to have become completely silent at this moment.

Mu Chen fiercely sucked in a breath of air. A hint of astonishment surged out from his black eyes. This was because he saw the Spiritual Beasts instantly freeze when they were affected by the black sound wave whether it was a High Rank Spiritual Beast or Low Rank Spiritual Beast. Then, their flesh would be stripped apart and revealed dense bones in the form of running over as it stood within the basin.

Mu Chen exchanged glances with Mu Feng. They both saw the shock within each other’s eyes. Afterwards, they thought about the white bones that they saw earlier. So the white bones appeared like this…

In other words, it wasn’t the first time that this situation occurred.

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