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Chapter 61 – The Mysterious Black Egg

The gigantic black rock that was in front of Mu Chen was approximately dozens of Zhang 1 tall. There were shattered holes on it, yet it was particularly smooth as if was eroded by magma before.

Mu Chen’s palms lightly touched the gigantic black rock. He could feel the ancient copper piece within his palms becoming abnormally hot.

“Could the Nine Nether Bird be inside?”

An idea flashed through Mu Chen’s mind and his eyes twinkled. Then, he looked at Liu Mubai, who was on the other side, and clenched his fist. A dark black Spiritual Energy surged through his palms and the Limitless Death Seal emerged on the surface of his fist.


Mu Chen drew his arm back towards him before blasting out a fierce punch. The sounds of the winds breaking broke out from the short distance. It smashed heavily onto the gigantic black rock as the arm was wrapped by Spiritual Energy.


Mu Chen’s fist landed on the gigantic black rock and a deep sound rang out. The giant rock shuddered for a bit. Then, Mu Chen was able to see cracks quietly spreading out from behind the fist.


Pieces of rubble continued to fall down endlessly from the gigantic rock. The speed of how fast the cracks spread accelerated and it soon filled the enormous rock.

Seeing this scene, Mu Chen took a step backwards carefully. After that punch, he had already discovered that the inside of the rock was hollow…

The gigantic rock continued to tremble and pieces of rubble constantly fell down. Just when Mu Chen was staring at it, his eyes narrowed. This is because he saw a black light emitting out from the cracks of the gigantic rock.

The commotion over here also attracted Liu Mubai’s attention. He also stared in surprise at the trembling rock and a hint of surprise appeared in his eyes.

Black lights shot out from the cracks in the rock. A wave of fluctuation spread out and the gigantic rock exploded open after a banging sound.

The rubble shot out and a few crossed through Mu Chen’s body. However, he remained motionless and stared at the location where the rubble shot out from. At that location, the gigantic black rock had already erupted and a dark black light quietly appeared as it floated in the bottom of the crater.

As the light floated in the air, a 1 Zhang tall black egg seemed to be inside the light. The black egg was smooth and completely black. On the surface of the egg’s shell, there were a couple of exceptionally obscure and mysterious engravings on it. The engravings seemed to be a mysterious black bird spreading its wings out and it protected the egg.

“This is…”

Mu Chen’s eyes twinkled when he saw the shining black egg. He hesitated for a moment and joy filled his eyes. From the image within the copper piece, the Nine Nether Bird seemed to have turned into a black egg and landed here in the end. Could it be the one in front of him?

When Mu Chen saw the black egg, Liu Mubai was also aware of it. Greed instantly gushed out from his eyes and he charged straight for the black egg.

Seeing this, Mu Chen’s eyes flashed. However, he did not recklessly rush over. He did not believe that it would be that easy to obtain the Nine Nether Bird.

Liu Mubai quickly approached the black egg. But just when he was about to enter a couple of Zhang distance away from the black egg, a black light blasted out from the surface of the egg.


The black light fiercely bombarded Liu Mubai’s body. His originally moving body was shot backwards and he landed heavily on the ground. He could not help but spit out fresh blood.


After the black egg caused Liu Mubai to fly backwards, it seems to be activated and a black light wrapped around its surroundings. Then, it slowly flew up to the sky above the crater.

Seeing this, Mu Chen hurriedly rushed out of the crater and appeared on the peak of the volcano.


The black egg finally suspended itself on the sky above the crater. Black lights emitted out and caused the Spiritual Energy within the world to become violent.

This commotion soon attracted everybody’s attention. Mu Feng and Liu Qingtian both retreated backwards and stared bewilderedly at the mysterious black egg that appeared.

“Dad, the black egg is formed by the Nine Nether Bird. Hurry and take it away!” Liu Mubai also helplessly followed him above and let out a cry.

“The Nine Nether Bird?!”

Liu Qingtian’s eyes narrowed and ecstasy flowed out from within his heart. His body turned into a blurry figure as he charged like a lightning towards the mysterious black egg above the crater.

Seeing this, Mu Feng did not want to fall behind and immediately followed.

The two of them were extremely fast and charged to the crater in an instant. They both extended their palms and wanted to capture the mysterious black egg.

“Dad, don’t!”

Mu Chen’s eyes remained fixed on the mysterious black egg. However, he suddenly remembered the skeleton that he met within the Black Eerie Swamp. His heart was suddenly filled with anxiety and he immediately shouted out.

Mu Feng, who was about to seize the mysterious black egg, heard this cry and was slightly surprised. His eyes twinkled and he gritted his teeth. Then, he actually forced himself to stop his body from moving.

Although this was a rare opportunity, he still suppressed the impulse he had within his heart because of the trust he had for Mu Chen.

On the other hand, Liu Qingtian let out a sneer when Mu Feng stopped and touched the mysterious egg with a finger. Just when he was able to take it for himself, his face suddenly changed.


A strange sound came out from the mysterious black egg. Liu Qingtian’s finger, which touched the mysterious black egg, actually quickly became charred and an enormous pain emitted out from his finger.

This sudden change of events made Liu Qingtian’s expression change. He struggled frantically, but found that his finger was stuck to the black egg as if it was glued on. No matter how he struggled, he was unable to get rid of it. Moreover, what made him terrified was that the Spiritual Energy within his body actually quickly flowed into the black egg through his finger.

“Damn it!”

Liu Qingtian let out an angry howl and his eyes turned ruthless. He raised his blade and actually cut off the finger that was in direct contact with the mysterious black egg.

The finger dropped down and blood spattered out. Liu Qingtian endured the pain from it and desperately retreated backwards.

All this events happened in an instant. Mu Feng was the closest and he clearly saw the scene. He immediately trembled as he stared at the mysterious egg. This item wasn’t a weakling. It was fortunate that he was stopped by Mu Chen earlier. Otherwise, he would probably pay an even greater price.

“Big Brother!”

Seeing the desperately retreating Liu Qingtian, Liu Zong and the others hurried over towards him. Their eyes twitched when they saw that Liu Qingtian’s finger was chopped off.

“Be careful, this damn thing is a bit strange!” Liu Qingtian hurriedly circulated his Spiritual Energy, stopped the blood at his chopped of finger and said with a grim expression.

Liu Zong and the others nodded. It seems that it wasn’t that easy to obtain the Nine Nether Bird.

Mu Feng also landed at this moment and reunited with the Mu Territory’s men. He patted Mu Chen’s shoulder and said with a bitter smile: “It’s lucky you warned me quickly.”

Mu Chen’s eyes turned serious. His eyes remained fixed at the mysterious black egg above the crater. Then, he said softly: “Dad, be careful. I feel that something is wrong.”

Mu Feng also nodded his head. The Nine Nether Bird wasn’t any ordinary Spiritual Beast. It was a super existence that was ranked 11th on the Beast Record’s Earth Ranking. Compared to the Nine Nether Bird, his Dragonfire Bird was worth nothing.

The atmosphere suddenly became strange. The two groups of men that were originally fighting in a life and death battle while refusing to let the other get the slightest lead suddenly did not dare to act. They only stared vigilantly and greedily at the mysterious black egg.

A breeze blew in from afar and relaxed the tensed atmosphere slightly.

Mu Chen’s eyes were also fixed at the mysterious black egg. However, his eyes suddenly turned cold. This is because he discovered that the mysterious engravings on the mysterious black egg suddenly began to light up.

A strange fluctuation was quietly born from within and emitted outwards.

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