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Chapter 611 – The Mirror of Judgement

Smoke gradually dissipated as the last Battle Stage put a closure to that intense battle.

Naturally, the outcome was certainly beyond everyone’s expectations, since no one expected Wu Ling to lose. After all, amongst the eight Captains, in terms of fame, Wu Ling ranked third. But even so, he was still defeated, the cruel reality made many people inwardly sigh. The Great Spiritual Academy Tournament this time truly was too intense.

Every student of the Martial Spiritual Academy looked at one another as they felt a little depressed. The defeat of Wu Ling had a huge impact on their morale.

However, they all knew that Wu Ling was not to blame as he had already performed very well. After all, he even used the power of the Divine War Ape in the end, but who could have expected Xue Tianhe to have such similar powerful trump card hidden as well?

The Dean of the Martial Spiritual Academy had his brows furrowed in midair as he looked at Xue Tianhe’s silhouette. He couldn’t help letting out a cold snort, “Those from the clans are really detestable, wanting to stretch their hands to everything.”

Looks like Wu Ling’s defeat made this Wu Tianwang a little unhappy.

When the four other Deans by the side heard his words, they knew that he was unhappy. Thus, they kept their silence, since it was impossible for them to do something like removing the qualifications of Xue Tianhe. If they did, the Blood God Clan would definitely not let this matter rest so easily.

“Cough, since the Battle of the Best 8 has concluded, let’s announce the next match.” Dean Tiansheng of the Saint Spiritual Academy dryly coughed as he spoke with a faint laugh.

Although the strength displayed by Xue Tianhe truly was powerful, he had absolute confidence in Ji Xuan. Thus, he believed that their Saint Spiritual Academy could get the best results in this Great Spiritual Academy Tournament.

The four Deans nodded at his words.

Seeing their reaction, Dean Tain Sheng waved his hand as his robust voice spread out like thunder in the sky, “The Battle of the Best 8 has ended, those in the Best 4 are the four strongest teams!”

“They will be the protagonists of this Great Spiritual Academy Tournament!”

“Saint Spiritual Academy!”

Along with Dean Tiansheng’s robust voice resounding, a brilliant pillar of light descends from the sky, enveloping Ji Xuan and his team under the countless gazes.

“Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy!”

Another pillar of light fell as Mu Chen’s team of five quietly remained as the light shone onto their bodies, causing a light arc to appear on their bodies as the amount trembling and ocean-rolling cheers resounded. Amongst those cheers, the cheers from the students of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy were the craziest.

“Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy!”

Another pillar of light descended, Wen Qingxuan’s left hand was tightly gripping her golden war spear with her hair draped down. Her right hand was on her slim waist, while the golden armour covered her voluptuous figure and wonderful curves. Her charming face had the similar pride of a phoenix and as her phoenix-like eyes moved, she emitted a startling charm.

Behind her, Pin’er, Le’er and the other two girls were all gorgeous flowers, attracting countless amounts of attention.

“Blood God Academy!”

The last pillar of light descended on the head of Xue Tianhe and his team with him standing at the front. He tugged both of his arms against his chest as he maintained a calm expression, except his cold gaze, which was constantly locked on Mu Chen.

The four pillars of light became the most focused of the entire heavens and earth. The four teams were undisputedly the strongest and no one would deny this point.

They had undergone half a year of the Elimination Round and in the Final Battle, they defeated opponents that were similarly powerful to stand in the position that they were in right now, receiving the earth-shattering cheers and admiring gazes.

“Since the Best 4 have emerged, the next confrontation will be even more fearsome. I wonder who will win.”

“I’m guessing that Ji Xuan of the Saint Spiritual Academy has the highest chance. The strength of this person is deep and unfathomable.”

“That’s hard to say, Wen Qingxuan of the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy is not an easy opponent. Don’t look at how normal she was from her performance in her battle, even Ji Xuan doesn't dare to belittle her.”

“Yeah, I’ve heard the Dean mention before that Wen Qingxuan is not simple.”

“Then, is Mu Chen of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy simple? Even Liu Qingyun lost to him and based on Liu Qingyun’s strength, he’s probably comparable to Wu Ling.”

“That Xue Tianhe as well. No one wouldn’t fear someone that could defeat Wu Ling.”

“This battle round for the Championship of the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament is probably the most intense in the last century…”

Whispers that filled the air burst out. The strength of the four teams was simply too powerful and without going through the final battle, no one was able to predict who would win.

As the heavens and earth were filled with the mountain-trembling and ocean-rolling cheers, the four teams stood on the four respective Battle Stages quietly as they welcomed countless heated gazes. Their expressions, however, were calm, without any ripples in their hearts.

Any of the teams that could come this far were the strongest amongst all the Spiritual Academies. Thus, their hearts were also the hardest to be shaken.

“I wonder how the next battle will be conduct.” Shen Cangsheng looked at the three other teams as he spoke with a heavy expression. Every single one of those three teams was extremely powerful and any single one of them would probably be a tough battle for them.

“No matter who our next opponent is, we just have to do our best.” Mu Chen said with a faint smile.

“Since we have you and Luo Li, our burden will be easier.” Li Xuantong said with a smile as their team had two hearts, Mu Chen and Luo Li.

The two of them, one in the light, while the other stayed in the shadows. Perhaps many people were unaware, but this girl that had not shown any ability was actually a powerful figure that wasn’t inferior to the four other Captains.

When Mu Chen heard his comment, he couldn’t help staring at his team and just when he was about to speak, he suddenly felt something and he raised his head with his eyes narrowed.

At the same time, Luo Li, Ji Xuan, Wen Qingxuan and Xue Tianhe had also realised it as they raised their heads as well.

Their line-of-sights were directed at the horizon and up in the horizon, space suddenly started to violently distort as a colossal object that was roughly a few thousand meters in size exited from the distorted space.


When everyone saw that colossal object that broke out from the space, they couldn’t refrain from sucking in a mouthful of air.

It was a bronze mirror that was roughly a few thousand meters. The rim of the bronze mirror was filled with extremely profound runes, ancient and obscure. The surface of the mirror was dark ash-grey as if it was covered in dust and could not be seen.

The instant the bronze mirror appeared, the space in this region showed signs of disorder, as if an incredibly powerful object that it could not withstand had appeared.

The bronze mirror quietly hovered in the sky. The surface of the mirror that was covered in dust gave off a feeling as if it could reflect anything that was in the Great Thousand World.


Shock was revealed in Mu Chen’s eyes as he felt that the Great Meru Demonic Pillar within his body have fine trembles. Furthermore, he was even more stunned when there were slight ripples from the “Immortal Page”.

“That’s the Divine Artifact of the Five Great Spiritual Academies… the Mirror of Judgement.”

Sword lights also uncontrollably surged out of Luo Li’s hand as a sword cry rang out as if it was trying to struggle free from her hand to compete with the mysterious bronze mirror.

“The Mirror of Judgement?”

Hearing this name, everyone felt startled and even Mu Chen’s gaze was complicated. Generally speaking, the Mirror of Judgement more or less had something to do with the fact that he could enter the Spiritual Road and meet Luo Li, since the Mirror of Judgement that was before him selected the people that were qualified for the Spiritual Road.

“What rank of Divine Artifact is it?” Mu Chen looked at Luo Li as he asked with a soft voice.

“Probably above High Rank.” Luo Li said after a brief ponder.

Mu Chen inhaled a mouthful of air again. Above High-Rank Divine Artifact? Probably only those ancient clans with powerful foundations could possess such a powerful Divine Artifact, he never expected for it to appear in the Five Great Academies.

“Legend has it that this Mirror of Judgement has been handed down since the ancient times. The light ray from it could penetrate the barrier of any plane. When it shines onto a Lower Plane… no one can hide from its light.” Luo Li continued explaining.

“It is said that in the ancient times, the light of this Mirror of Judgement could even reduce Sovereign Realm experts to dust.”

“So dreadful?” Mu Chen’s heart shook. If that was the case, didn’t it mean that he could use this Mirror of Judgement to locate his mother?

However, the thought flashed for only a moment before it was dispelled. His mother had gone through so much effort in order to keep him hidden, if he went poking his nose around, it might be sensed by that mysterious clan. At the current moment, Mu Chen didn’t think that he had the qualifications to confront that clan.

“It’s just a legend… but this Mirror of Judgement seems to have undergone a tribulation during the ancient times and thus, it was damaged. It shouldn’t have any dreadful power anymore.” Luo Li spoke as she smiled.

“I wonder what the Five Great Deans are planning by suddenly summoning the Mirror of Judgement.” Su Xuan was a little confused as she spoke her doubts.

The Mirror of Judgement did not belong to any of the Spiritual Academies but shared amongst the five. It could only be summoned with the Five Great Deans acting at the same time.

“Is it for the Battle of the Best 4 next?” Shen Cangsheng spoke in astonishment.

“That should be the case.” Mu Chen and Luo Li exchanged looks as only this reason would explain it. Otherwise, the Five Great Deans would definitely not take this Divine Artifact out so easily.

Just when everyone was lost in their guessing and doubts, Dean Tiansheng of the Saint Spiritual Academy in midair revealed a light smile as he pointed towards the Mirror of Judgement as his robust voice rang out within everyone’s ears.

“All of your guesses are correct, the Battle of the Best 4 will be started by the Mirror of Judgement.


As he spoke, mountain-trembling and ocean-rolling cheers rang out in an instant, even Mu Chen and his team had shock in their eyes as they exchanged looks.

The Battle of the Best 4 seemed to be more and more interesting.

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