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Chapter 612 – Sea of Judgement

The colossal ancient bronze mirror hovered in the horizon, distorting the surrounding space as space looked to be on the verge of shattering. As if the space couldn’t withstand the Divine Artifact.

Everyone focused their gazes on the Mirror of Judgement as awe and surprise was revealed on their faces. It was probably the first time everyone had seen such a dreadful Divine Artifact of such a grade in their lives.

“What has the upcoming Battle of the Best 4 got to do with the Mirror of Judgement?”

“According to what Dean Tiansheng said, it should be the case…”

“Then, it’s interesting.”


Innumerable whispers spread out as many people were a little curious since the Battle of the Best 4 this time seemed a bit different. It was not the usual lottery method, but another method. However, this was precisely the reason why everyone had expectations for it.

After all, the Five Great Academies wouldn’t normally take out a Divine Artifact like the Mirror of Judgement. Thus, it was a feast for their eyes.

Naturally, they were not the only ones curious, even the Best 4 teams were looking at the Mirror of Judgement in astonishment, since they had no idea how the Battle of the Best 4 would take place.

Under the myriad of looks, Dean Tiansheng stood with his hands behind his back and smiled, “In the Battle of the Best 4 coming up next, the four teams will enter the Mirror of Judgement, and you only have one objective, to walk out of the Mirror of Judgement.”

“If not even one member of the team can successfully walk out, that team’s qualification will be seized, and their journey in the tournament will come to an end.”

The eyes of Mu Chen and the rest grew cold, since it looked like the test in the Mirror of Judgement had a dangerous possibility of total annihilation. Although it was controlled by the Five Great Deans and thus, there wouldn’t be any danger to one’s life, they would lose their qualifications to fight for the Championship.

“Have you all understood?” Dean Tiansheng slowly spoke as he looked at the four teams.

The four teams nodded at his words.

“Since that’s the case…” Dean Tiansheng slightly nodded his head as he looked at the four other Deans and continued, “Then, let’s open the Mirror of Judgement.”

The four Deans stood up at the same time and made a gripping gesture with their hands, four ancient bronze seals flew out from their hands as they radiated with light. The five lights exploded with high speed as they entered the surface of the Mirror of Judgement, which was covered in dust.

Buzz! Buzz!

A peculiar buzzing noise rang out between the heavens and earth as the huge Mirror of Judgement slowly started to rotate. As the Mirror of Judgement moved, the surrounding space started to shatter, revealing hideous-looking cracks and a pitch-black abyss.

With the Mirror of Judgement rotating, the surface of the mirror, which was covered in dust, slowly started to turn clear as a faint light was being emitted from it, seemingly capable of penetrating through the obstructions of space.

On the stage, the four teams were looking at the clear mirror with heavy expressions.

“Let’s go!”

Mu Chen deeply inhaled a mouthful of air, let out a bark and waved his hand; speaking nothing else.


When he finished speaking, his figure was the first to fly out, transforming into a light ray as he streaked across the horizon, and charged directly into the Mirror of Judgement, before disappearing into it. After him, Luo Li and the other three of his team closely followed behind.

At the same time when Mu Chen’s team entered the Mirror of Judgement, the three remaining teams charged in without any hesitation as well.

As the four teams disappeared, the surface of the Mirror of Judgement radiated with brilliance, and a huge screen appeared, displaying the four teams.

Everyone widened their eyes as they looked at this region, the space where the Mirror of Judgement’s test would take place.

When Mu Chen and his team entered the Mirror of Judgement, their eyes were blinded by the dazzling light for an instant, before it disappeared.

As the light dissipated, Mu Chen and his team raised their guard, Spiritual Energy covered them as they tensed their bodies and looked at the surroundings with vigilance.

After that, they couldn’t help having their expressions changed.

The area which they were in seemed to be in the chaotic ocean depths. The ocean was extremely vast, since the end couldn’t be seen, it was inscrutable.

Furthermore, there was a dreadful pressure that existed in this chaotic ocean, a pressure that made Mu Chen and his team feel their scalps tingling.

There was a faint sphere of light around their team, it was this sphere of light that isolated them from the chaotic ocean. But despite that, the indescribable pressure still continuously invaded in.

“This ocean… seems to be formed entirely from Spiritual Energy.” Mu Chen’s gaze closely looked at the chaotic ocean outside the sphere of light as he spoke with his eyes twitching.

Hearing his words, the faces of Shen Cangsheng and the rest instantly changed as they looked around the chaotic ocean with fear in their eyes. All of this was purely formed from Spiritual Energy? It formed an entire actual ocean, just how frightening was that?

Furthermore, what made their hearts jolt was the fact that they seemed to currently be in this Spiritual Energy ocean.

At the thought of that, the faces of Shen Cangsheng and the rest grew pale. Even if this Spiritual Energy ocean wasn’t controlled by anyone, the pressure itself was more than enough to suffocate them.

Mu Chen swept his eyes as he realised that there were three similar sphere of light, surrounding the three other teams. At this moment, they were also looking around at this unfamiliar place.

“In ten breaths time, the light shield that is protecting all of you will shatter. The end of this Spiritual Energy ocean is right above you, and in here, you are all allowed to execute any means you have. As long as you are able to reach the end, you will be able to walk out of the Mirror of Judgement. Similarly, the teams that a single member could not walk out will lose their qualifications.”

When Mu Chen was looking around, a robust voice suddenly rang out in their ears, it was the voice of Dean Tiansheng.

Hearing his voice, the eyes of Mu Chen and the rest narrowed as their bodies tensed up.

Ten breath’s of time passed in a flash as the atmosphere within the light sphere made them feel suffocated.


When ten breaths of time passed, the lights surrounding them dimmed as a cracking noise resounded, turning into sparks of light as the sphere dissipated.

As the light sphere shattered, the dreadful Spiritual Energy ocean swept forth, engulfing the five of them with the fearsome Spiritual Energy pressure that was mountain-trembling and ocean-rolling.

On the surface of Mu Chen’s body, black lightning burst out in nearly an instant as it flickered, he had clearly activated his Lightning God’s Physique. But even so, he still felt an instant of heaviness on his body as the terrifying pressure swept towards him from all directions, as if it was trying to tear his body into shreds from the pressure.

Beside him, Shen Cangsheng, Li Xuantong and Su Xuan had already circulated the Spiritual Energy in their bodies, forming a barrier on the surface of their skin. However, their bodies still felt tens of feet down, and their faces were a little red.

Only Luo Li was able to keep up with Mu Chen.

“What powerful Spiritual Energy pressure.” Luo Li also wore a heavy expression, but fortunately, the Spiritual Energy ocean wasn’t deliberately controlled to deal with them. Otherwise, they would suffer heavy injuries in an instant.

Mu Chen nodded in agreement as he looked into the distance, there was spiritual light as the three other teams had clearly used their full strength to resist the pressure of this Spiritual Energy ocean.

“Let’s charge!”

Mu Chen looked above, but the end could not be seen from the chaotic colour. Looks like it isn’t an easy task to get out of this Spiritual Energy ocean.

It didn’t matter how hard it was to get their way there or what would happen next, they had to leave this place, first.

“Okay.” Luo Li lightly nodded her head.

Looking at it, Mu Chen inhaled a mouthful of air as the black lightning radiated even more on the surface of his body. On his chest, six lightning runes appeared at rapid speed as he stepped on the empty ground, a wave of air swept out as the liquid of Spiritual Energy exploded. At the same time, his figure was like black lightning as he charged up.

Black lightning was being released around him to resist the terrifying pressure coming from the Spiritual Energy ocean.

Luo Li followed behind Mu Chen as the Spiritual Energy on the surface of her body rapidly flowed. She was using a clever method to negate a part of the pressure and maintained her speed.

Not far away from the two, Shen Cangsheng and the other two clenched their teeth as they closely followed behind. This place made them feel as if they were deep in the mud as the Spiritual Energy in their bodies was being rapidly exhausted.

Far away, the three teams had also moved, fifteen light silhouettes were shuttling in the Spiritual Energy ocean, travelling at a rapid speed towards the end of the ocean.

That scene was clear to those outside the Mirror of Judgement, there were twenty light silhouettes that were quickly tearing through the chaotic Spiritual Energy ocean.

Although they weren’t present in it, they could also sense the dreadful Spiritual Energy pressure emitted from the Mirror of Judgement, which made them feel inwardly startled. If it were them, they would probably not be able to move an inch forth, not to mention about reaching the end.

Up in midair, the Five Great Deans were also staring at the Mirror of Judgement, but each of them had a different expression in their eyes as they looked at the twenty light silhouettes.

“Haha, I wonder how many people will be able to walk out of the Mirror of Judgement this time?” Dean Tiansong of the Azure Sky Spiritual Academy smiled as he spoke with interest.

“It’s not so easy to walk out of the Sea of Judgement.”

Dean Tiansheng faintly smiled as his abstract eyes were looking into the clear mirror as he slowly spoke, “I believe the number of people that could walk out from it won’t exceed the fingers on one’s hand…”

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