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Chapter 610 – Demonic Blood Beast VS Divine War Ape

Three out of the four Battle Stages had concluded their battles as the Spiritual Energies calmed down. Only the one on the most right still had ripples of dreadful Spiritual Energy fluctuations, causing signs of faint distortion in the space.

It was the Battle Stage between Xue Tianhe and Wu Ling.

The team members of those two teams had their own victories and losses as according to the calculation of points, the two teams only had two points each. Which meant that two of their teammates in each team obtained a victory while having one tied; both of the teams had the same amount of points. Thus, the battle between their Captains would determine if they could get into the Best 4.

“This Xue Tianhe is truly formidable, to be capable of fighting with Wu Ling to such a degree.” Shen Cangsheng and the rest had astonishment revealed on their expressions. Wu Ling was the most prominent genius in the Martial Spiritual Academy. Due to the fact that he had been hiding his strength in the Elimination Round, he had yet to show his true strength. But even so, he still couldn’t defeat Xue Tianhe so easily.

“Xue Tianhe is a Prince in the Blood God Clan, his background would only be stronger compared to Wu Ling, not weaker.” Luo Li spoke in a soft tone. She naturally had a good understanding of the Blood God Clan. Although Wu Ling was the grandson of the Martial Spiritual Academy’s Dean, the foundation of an academy was still inferior to the Blood God Clan.

“I can’t tell who will win, as well.” Mu Chen nodded his head in agreement. In terms of relationship, he still wished for Wu Ling to emerge victorious. After all, he didn’t have the slightest favourable opinion of Xue Tianhe, since he hopes to personally slaughter this fellow who had ill intentions for Luo Li.

“This battle will be extremely intense.”

When everyone heard that statement, they nodded their heads in agreement as they looked at the colossal Battle Stage without batting an eye.

In this vast region, every single person had their attention gathered upon that Battle Stage at this moment, especially students of the Martial Spiritual Academy; all of them had nervous expressions on their faces. Right now, the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, Saint Spiritual Academy and the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy had entered the Best 4, if their Martial Spiritual Academy were to fail here, it would definitely be a considerable impact to their morale.

Under the innumerable gazes, two surges of boundless Spiritual Energy were frantically clashing in the colossal Battle Stage, separated by the colours of blood-red and deep yellow, splitting the stage into two regions.

Xue Tianhe and Wu Ling’s figures were practically engulfed by the boundless Spiritual Energies with only thunderous explosions sounding off every time the two surges of dreadful Spiritual Energy clashed. Judging from the Spiritual Energy impacts, the battle between the two had already reached the climax.


As the two surges of Spiritual Energies clashed, a violence-filled roar resounded from the Battle Stage. That roar didn’t seem to be something that could be produced by humans, it sounded like an ape’s roar. The roar was filled with endless ferocity as the sound waves spread out, pushing the blood-red Spiritual Energy back.

That scene instantly caused an endless uproar.

Mu Chen and Luo Li’s gazes also narrowed in an instant, shifting their gazes over, they saw the sudden appearance of a large silhouette in the boundlessly deep yellow-coloured Spiritual Energy. It was an image of about a few hundred meters, it seemed to be a deep yellow-coloured ape. The ape was holding onto a huge black pole with a savage expression, its eyes were also filled with ferocity and thirst for battle.

As the gigantic ape made its appearance, the Spiritual Energy between the heavens and earth started to boil.


Mu Chen could not help having his expression changed as he exclaimed in surprise, “Rank 15 of the Myriad Beast Record’s Earth Rank, the Divine War Ape?”

By his side, Luo Li also revealed an astonished expression as she clearly never expected Wu Ling to have previously refined the Soul Essence of a Divine War Ape. It looked like the Martial Spiritual Academy was related to this as well; otherwise, how could Wu Ling refine such a powerful Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence with his own strength?

“How dreadful, so Wu Ling had concealed such a trump card under his sleeve.” Shen Cangsheng and the rest also exclaimed in surprise, which was shortly replaced by envy. Such a powerful Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence wasn’t something an ordinary people could enjoy. Not only did one require great opportunity, it also required the aid of powerful experts. Otherwise, that person would only be counter-devoured by the Soul Essence instead.

Although all of them had refined Soul Essences back when they were in the Spirit Stage, their Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essences weren’t powerful. Thus, as they got stronger, the power of the Soul Essence would also slowly fade and would no longer be usable, unless they refined the Soul Essence of a powerful Spiritual Beast of the Myriad Beast Record back when they were in the Spirit Stage.

“Xue Tianhe is not going to last.” Li Xuantong looked at the stage. When Wu Ling revealed his trump card, the stalemate between them was instantly shattered. The torrential blood-red Spiritual Energy was being pushed back and, clearly, according to this situation, Wu Ling would probably win the battle.

“It’s not that simple.” Luo Li, however, shook her head in disagreement as her eyes fixed onto that silhouette covered in blood-red Spiritual Energy as a chill flashed.

Mu Chen was also closely watching the Battle Stage since he also wished to know what else Xue Tianhe had hidden under his sleeve. Facing the currently powerful Wu Ling, can he win?


Under the countless gazes, the large ape that Wu Ling had taken the form of waved its large pole, sweeping away an earth-shatteringly large amount of blood-red Spiritual Energy. Thereafter, Wu Ling drove his pole forth along with a windstorm towards the silhouette hidden in the blood-red Spiritual Energy.

Creak! Creak!

Wu Ling did not hold himself back in that move as the windstorm of the pole left behind faint marks in the space as it moved and dense blood red Spiritual Energy exploded.

The boundless oceanic blood-red Spiritual Energy was suppressed until it was only to tens of meters. Furthermore, that Spiritual Energy was also shattered under the whirlwind of the pole.

Suddenly, just when the pole was about to completely shatter the blood-red Spiritual Energy, an unforeseen event occurred.


Suddenly, a mighty fist, covered in blood-red scales, charged out of the blood-red Spiritual Energy and clashed against the gigantic pole. Under the impact of the two terrifying powers, cracks started to spread on the ground below.

As the whirlwind from the impact wreaked havoc, everyone was shocked as they witnessed Wu Ling, who was currently in the form of a colossal ape, being pushed back, leaving deep footprint grooves on the ground.


Many people screamed out in astonishment as their gazes became filled with horror when they saw the blood-red Spiritual Energy. What did Xue Tianhe do, how is he able to push back the Divine War Ape?

The faces of Shen Cangsheng and the rest changed as well.

Mu Chen’s gaze was fixed onto the blood-red Spiritual Energy. Earlier, when that huge fist covered in blood-red scales appeared, he could sense the movement coming from the black egg, which was the current form of the Nine Netherbird.

“This Xue Tianhe has also refined a powerful Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence?”

Mu Chen’s gaze flickered as his expression was a little solemn. That fellow had truly deeply hidden that.

The blood-red Spiritual Energy slowly dissipates and, in the process, everyone could see a colossal figure gradually appearing in their eyes, getting clearer in their view.


When the colossal figure had cleared up, many people sucked in a mouthful of chilled air.

It was a colossal humanoid beast in blood-red scales, the colossal beast was also covered in a thick layer of blood armour, with blood-red bone spikes at its back. The appearance was very ferocious as a surge of savage aura was being emitted as it spread throughout the heavens and the earth.

“What is that?”

“Rank 13 of the Myriad Beast Record’s Earth Rank, the Demonic Blood Beast!” Luo Li said softly as her eyes were filled with chill.

“The Demonic Blood Beast of Rank 13?” Mu Chen’s heart jolted at her words. It was said that the Demonic Blood Beast was a species of extreme savagery, ranking in 13 and was only two ranks beneath the Nine Netherbird. From that point alone, one could deduct how powerful the Demonic Blood Beast was, but due to the fact of the beast possessing an extremely savage nature, it would affect the one that refined it, planting a savage nature into that person.

“In the Blood God Clan, there is a Blood Sea. The Blood Sea was made by the Blood God Clan from sacrificing the Blood Essence of countless people. Through it, they reached an agreement to beneficially strengthen both their clans.” At this moment, Luo Li’s clear pupils were filled with extreme hatred.

“All these years, the Blood God Clan has been boldly attacking the region of our Luo God Clan, taking our people to refine the Blood Sea and nurture the Demonic Blood Beasts!”

Mu Chen was slightly startled, despite being aware that the battles between clans were extremely violent, he never thought that the Blood God Clan would be so vicious. No wonder the Luo God Clan was filled with hatred for the Blood God Clan.

Mu Chen looked at the girl who was biting her rosy lips and couldn’t control the pity that was rising in his heart. The responsibilities on her shoulders had far surpassed his expectations. She had hundreds of millions of people to protect and she could only leave the Luo God Clan for two years to be at the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Her sacrifices made Mu Chen feel his heart being plugged.

She had been silently sacrificing so much for him.

He inhaled a mouthful of air as he extended his hand and held onto Luo Li’s. He did not speak as he knew that right now, he didn’t have any qualification to confront such a colossal figure like the Blood God Clan. But one day, he would overturn the entire Blood God Clan for her sake.

Luo Li also felt Mu Chen’s thoughts as her small cold hands were also gripping onto Mu Chen’s, she felt secured as she spoke in a soft voice, “Wu Ling is losing.”

Mu Chen raised his head as he looked. Indeed, the battle in the Battle Stage was overturned, along with Xue Tianhe activating the power of the Demonic Blood Beast, his strength had surpassed Wu Ling at this point. The colossal ape was constantly being pushed back from the fist of the Demonic Blood Beast.

From this scene, everyone understood that there was only one outcome to this confrontation.


Another collision occurred, the Demonic Blood Beast was pushed back as a portion of blood-red scales on its arm shattered, while the huge ape was sent flying. Its colossal body rapidly shrank in midair, returning to a human form as it drew long marks on the Battle Stage in a miserable manner.

Wu Ling spat a mouthful of fresh blood, every single part of his clothes was tattered as he fixed his eyes on the Demonic Blood Beast, filled with unwillingness and sadness. He never expected Xue Tianhe to be at this level of power.

Up in the sky, the Demonic Blood Beast rapidly shrank as well and returned to the figure of Xue Tianhe. He gave a mocking glance at Wu Ling, he tugged his arms to his chest as he swept his gaze out and in the end, fixed his gaze onto Mu Chen and Luo Li. A savage smile rose up from the corner of his lips.

Seeing his provoking smile, Mu Chen narrowed both of his eyes as he slowly extended his hand out with his thump facing up and turning it down in the end.

Under the sunlight, the youth had a slender figure with a calm expression. However, his gesture was filled with heart-trembling arrogance and overbearingness.

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