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Chapter 609 - Emergence of the Best 3

When Wen Busheng was defeated, the battle between Mu Chen and Liu Qingyun had also reached the climax.

The black pagoda hovered in the horizon as the golden flames in the pagoda raged. The flames felt as if they could burn anything in the world. The flames were surging as they engulfed the azure light image.


A piercing noise constantly resounded, as if the Spiritual Energy was being burnt.

The might of the four golden dragons that turned into the pagoda’s flames was unbelievable. Under the raging flames, the azure spiritual image was rapidly being distorted. There was a suffering expression on the spiritual image’s indistinct face.

On the Battle Stage, Liu Qingyun’s face also drastically changed.


However, before he could react, Mu Chen’s cold voice rang throughout the heavens and earth.


Along with Mu Chen’s cold voice, the ferocity of the golden flames in the pagoda reached the limits and swept out. The azure spiritual image was incapable of holding out any longer as cracks started to appear and spread on the colossal body, a heavy sound came and it exploded.

Azure light dispersed but was quickly devoured by the golden flames.

As the golden flames spread, the place was soon empty as the azure spiritual image no longer existed.

That azure spiritual image was refined.


A mouthful of fresh blood spewed from Liu Qingyun’s mouth as paleness rapidly ran across his face. The Spiritual Energy ripples in his surroundings were also weakened. The spiritual image contained his blood essence, which was linked together with him, thus he suffered heavy injuries when it was refined.


When Liu Qingyun spewed blood from his mouth, a commotion roared around the battle stage. Many people widened their eyes, with shock covering their faces from the fact that Liu Qingyun actually lost…

“Liu Qingyun has already executed such a move and still lost to Mu Chen…”

“Truly well-deserving of being the Numero Uno of the Elimination Round.”


Many people couldn’t help gasping in surprise as Mu Chen’s strength was only at First Grade Spirit Disaster, whereas Liu Qingyun was at Third Grade Spirit Disaster. But despite the difference between them, Mu Chen was able to emerge victorious. His fighting strength was truly admirable.

“Big Brother Mu Chen won!” Yu Xi’s face and eyes were filled with excitement.

Ye Qingling, Su Ling’er, and Sun’er couldn’t hide the joy on their faces. As for the students of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, a tsunami of cheers had already broken out amongst them as every single one of them had their faces filled with excitement. It had been too long since their Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy had achieved such outstanding results in the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament.

In the past, when their academy participated in the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament, those students from the other Five Great Academies were always staring at them with mockery. But today, the gazes coming from them were stupefied, which made them feel great.

“The Nine-layered Pagoda does have a little maturity.” Ling Xi focused her gaze on the silhouette of the youth as she revealed a smile. She had also cultivated the Nine-layered Pagoda in the past and, thus, she had a considerable amount of knowledge for it. It was known as a powerful technique in Aunt Jing’s clan and when cultivated to the end, it could even refine Sovereign Realm experts that had been sucked into it, it was extremely fearsome.

However, it hadn’t been long since Mu Chen obtained the complete Great Pagoda Art; but with his talent, it’s not too difficult for him to have great accomplishments in the future.

At the location gathered by the students of the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy was a scene of myriad flowers blossoming, the beautiful scenery was pleasing to the eye.

At this instant, all of them were looking at the Battle Stage which Mu Chen was at. After all, their confrontation was extremely dazzling.

“This Mu Chen is so formidable that even Liu Qingyun is not his opponent.”

“It is said that Liu Qingyun was a genius in the Wind Spirit Clan, anyone that comes out from that clan isn’t weak. I never imagined that even he could not win against Mu Chen.”

“But… hehe, that Mu Chen is quite handsome.”

“Haha, go and hook him over, you little fox. Our Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy won’t mind having such an outstanding male student…”


As those girls were boldly chattering and laughing, an aroma spread out, which made the students of the other schools drool.

“Qian’er, this childhood sweetheart of yours is really from the Northern Spiritual Realm? Isn’t he a little too formidable? That Liu Qingyun is a genius of the Wind Spirit Clan.” Next Tang Qian’er, a girl with gorgeous looks praised.

“Yeah, even in the Northern Spiritual Realm, he was also very outstanding.” Tang Qing’er smiled as her gaze focused on that youth’s silhouette as well. Complicated lights flashed across her eyes and without her knowing, he was already so dazzling and the distance between them was getting further and further away.

The thought of it made Tang Qian’er’s spiritual eyes dim, but, she quickly firmly clenched her fist. The matters of the future were still far from them, no one knew what would happen in the future. Just like how the brat Mu Chen who had mucus dangling on his nose followed behind her, wobbling as he walked. Perhaps even he would not expect himself to be so dazzling in the future, right?

On the Golden Battle Stage.

Mu Chen looked at the emptied Nine-layered Pagoda as he made a summoning gesture with his hand. Following it, the Nine-layered Pagoda turned into a black light and flew back into his body. He then shifted his gaze and looked at Liu Qingyun and said, “Are we going to continue?”

At the current moment, the Spiritual Energy ripples around Liu Qingyun was extremely weak. Evidently, he had suffered a huge injury and he wouldn’t have any chance of success, even if he carried on fighting.

Liu Qingyun wiped the traces of blood off the corner of his lips as he deeply glanced at Mu Chen. “I always keep my promises, you are the victor of this round.”

He had already revealed his strongest attack, which was still defeated by Mu Chen. If they were to continue, he would only be embarrassing himself, so he decided to admit defeat while showing elegance at the same time.

“Thanks for letting me win.”

Mu Chen cupped his hands as he smiled, there weren’t any deep grudges between him and Liu Qingyun, so there’s no point in forcing his opponent to a dead end.

Liu Qingyun stood up as he glanced at Mu Chen and spoke with indifference, “Although you have defeated me, don’t get too proud of yourself. Your greatest opponent is Ji Xuan, and he isn’t so easy to deal with.”

“I know he’s not easy, but I think that I’m not easy to deal with, as well.” The unerasable self-confidence held in Mu Chen’s calm tone raised the eyebrows of others.

Liu Qingyun went silent. Indeed, although Ji Xuan was powerful, this youth before him also wasn’t a simple figure. If the two of them were to clash, it would probably be an earth-shattering battle between those two.

Up in midair, the Five Great Deans were looking down as they each had different expressions on their faces.

A smile hung on Dean Tai Cang’s face because Mu Chen’s performance had surpassed his expectations. He never expected Liu Qingyun to be defeated by Mu Chen’s hands. With that, their Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy would be able to enter into the Best 4, such results were already pretty good.

“Haha, Dean Tai Cang, my congratulations to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, a formidable Freshman has emerged.” The Azure Sky Spiritual Academy’s Dean Tian Song sighed with an elegant smile.

“Dean Tian Song is flattering me. Mu Chen was just lucky. That Liu Qingyun of your academy is a dragon amongst men as well.” Dean Tai Cang smiled as he replied.

“Right now, basically the Best 3 have already emerged in the battle of the Best 8.” Dean Tiansheng of the Saint Spiritual Academy lightly laughed.

Amongst the four Battle Stages, Mu Chen defeated Liu Qingyun and Luo Li had also easily defeated her opponent. Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong also obtained victory, while Su Xuan maintained a tie. However, their results no longer mattered since their team had already obtained the advantage.

Whereas Ji Xuan defeated Wen Busheng and his team obtained a result of total victory, defeating all of their opponents.

As for the other two, the team led by Wen Qingxuan had expectedly won. Compared to Mu Chen and Ji Xuan’s battle, Wen Qingxuan’s victory was pretty easy. After all, Fang Yun’s strength was the weakest amongst the eight Captains. If it wasn’t for the Dragon-Tiger Cauldron, he might not even be able to last so long in the hands of Wen Qingxuan.

As for the Wen Qingxuan’s teammates, all of them had their own victories and losses, but according to points, they had already surpassed the Nine Cauldron Spiritual Academy. Thus, this battle ended in their victory.

Therefore, there were already three teams that emerged into the Best 4.

Mu Chen stood on the Battle Stage as Luo Li, Shen Cangsheng, Li Xuantong and Su Xuan, who had ended their battles, flew over towards his direction.

“You guys had it tough.” Mu Chen smiled at them.

“How can it be compared to yours?” Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong said helplessly. Although their battles were intense as well, compared to the battle Mu Chen had with Liu Qingxuan, it was beyond comparison.

“I didn’t manage to obtain a victory.” Su Xuan was a little embarrassed as she spoke. In the entire team, only she had ended her battle in a tie.

“It’s enough if we can get into the Best 4.” Mu Chen casually spoke. The other members of the Azure Sky Spiritual Academy’s team weren’t easy opponents and it was already a good result that Su Xuan could obtain a tie with her strength being the weakest in their team.

“Only Luo Li ended her battle the fastest.” Shen Cangsheng smiled, in the battle between the eight teams, Luo Li was the first to have ended the battle. Her efficiency attracted countless gasps of surprise.

Mu Chen nodded his head as he smiled as well. Even placed amongst the eight Captains, Luo Li’s strength could be considered amongst the highest and now, putting her against a team member was naturally an easy task.

“Right now, there is still one ongoing battle.” Luo Li said softly as she shifted her gaze towards a Battle Stage faraway as a chill flowed in her clear eyes.

It was the stage that Xue Tianhe and Wu Ling was fighting.

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