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Chapter 608 - Untitled

On the Battle Stage that belonged to Ji Xuan and Wen Busheng.

Ji Xuan stood on midair as boundless Spiritual Energy swept out from his body. Behind him, the vast Spiritual Energy seemed to have formed into a huge sacred sun.

The sacred sun floated in midair while emitting terrifying power. Looking at it, the students outside the stage felt their scalps tingling, the level of that attack was something that not even Third Grade Spirit Disaster experts could withstand. To be able to emerge into the Best 8 and possess the most prominent fame, Ji Xuan did have his own capabilities.

While many people were sighing, Ji Xuan focused his gaze on Wen Busheng; and in that direction, Wen Busheng maintained a calm expression as the dark golden color in his hand grew darker. From the outer appearance, it seemed to be made of gold, but an ineffable pressure was being emitted.

“The hand bone of a Sovereign…”

Ji Xuan fixed his eyes on Wen Busheng as he slowly said, “What good luck you have there.”

Only now did Ji Xuan realise why Wen Busheng was able to lead his team of decent strength to surmount all difficulties and make it to the Best 8. It turns out that this ordinary-looking fellow had such a powerful trump card.

“The hand bone of a Sovereign?”

The surrounding students felt their hearts jolt upon hearing their conversation as they looked at Wen Busheng’s golden right hand in overwhelming shock. A Sovereign’s hand bone is in that fellow’s hand?

Similarly, Wen Busheng was also looking at Ji Xuan and smiled, “It was just good fortune. Fortunately, I was able to obtain a Senior’s hand bone that he had managed to leave behind by using his Blood Essence in an ancient ruin. I was able to succeed because I was compatible with his hand bone and there’s the fact that I know a little about the transplant technique.”

“What good fortune he has.” Someone involuntarily voiced out. Rumor had it that when a Sovereign expert dies, their body could last for a millennium, without being destroyed. Those that were fortunate to obtain the bones of a Sovereign could not transplant it directly into their body, since it wasn’t something that belonged to them, if they were to transplant it carelessly, they could be devoured by it instead, unless that person was really fortunate to have a high compatibility with the Sovereign’s bone… 

Even with such a small chance, Wen Busheng actually encountered it. That fellow’s luck was really envious.

“But, looking from the might of your Sovereign’s hand bone, the owner of it wouldn’t exceed Fifth Grade Sovereign Realm. So I’m afraid that it will not be that easy if you want to defeat me by just relying on it.” Ji Xuan spoke in a faint tone.

“If I don’t risk it, how would I know the results?” Wen Busheng showed an indifferent smile. Even when facing the powerful Ji Xuan, he still showed no trace of fear.

“Then, let me take a look at how much strength the Sovereign expert has left behind after his death.” Ji Xuan deeply looked at Wen Busheng as his gaze gradually turned cold. His body slowly rose up and the sacred sun formed from his boundless Spiritual Energy was becoming clearer and larger in size behind him.

Everyone could feel the violent movements of Spiritual Energy between the heavens and earth, the light shone from the sacred sun was actually causing the natural Spiritual Energy in the heavens and earth to boil.

Everyone could tell that Ji Xuan was intending to end this battle with his finishing move.


Wen Busheng deeply inhaled a mouthful of air as he suddenly clenched his golden hand, the clothes on his entire arm were instantly torn to shreds. With blue veins that were like earthworms wiggling on his arm, the blood in his body started to flow, endlessly pouring into his hand.

As the blood flowed, the dark color of his palm grew darker, the power being emitted from it also grew stronger.

Many people held their breaths as the two of them were preparing to have a decisive clash.

Rumble! Rumble!

Violent Spiritual Energy fluctuated in the heavens and the earth in ripples. The silence before the calm made the atmosphere between the heavens and earth a little frozen.

Up in the sky, the sacred sun behind Ji Xuan grew in size to a few hundred meters. Before the sacred sun, his figure, which was floating before it, looked extremely tiny. The sacred sun was like a blazing sun that had descended; it was extremely stunning.

When the sacred sun reached a limit, a radiant light shot out of Ji Xuan’s cold gaze. He looked down at Wen Busheng as he formed hand seals and his chilled voice resonated throughout the heavens and earth.

“Great Divine Sun Art - Sacred Sun Cleanse!”

Buzz! Buzz!

The colossal sun emitted a buzzing noise and as Ji Xuan formed his seals, everyone witnessed the sun abruptly shoot up to the horizon.


The sun rose towards the nine heavens and after a few breath’s time, it dived down, a descending sun from the sky, along with unimaginable destructive power. Under the countless gazes that were overwhelmed with shock, it descended towards the Battle Stage.

Under the terrifying attack, the firm stage caved in as cracks started to spread.

Wen Busheng’s face turned even more solemn as he looked at the dreadful power falling from the sky. He raised his head as the sun that was reflected in his pupils grew bigger and bigger.

In that instant, he slowly raised his right hand, a dark golden liquid seemed to be circulating in his golden hand, his face turned pale as he waved his hand down in the air.

“Sovereign’s Hand!”

A faint voice resounded from Wen Busheng’s heart.


The space violently trembled when Wen Busheng waved his hand down, so much so that the ripples were visibly seen spreading out like waves.

Golden light burst forth and everyone could clearly see a golden palm print flying from Wen Busheng’s palm. The palm grew in size and in a short amount of time, it had already grown to a few hundred meters.

The massive golden palm soared, it was as if a giant was waving his palm and, under the countless startled gazes, it heavily clashed with the descending sun without fear.


The heavens and earth became silent from the moment of contact. However, the silence only lasted for an instant before an eye-piercing radiant light exploded.

That scene was similar to two meteorites clashing together.

Dreadful Spiritual Energy impacts violently swept out as everyone raised their heads, looking at the clash between the sun and the golden palm in astonishment. The two constantly eroded one another, trying to destroy the other party.

However, due to the fact that the two abilities were extremely powerful, the two attacks fell into a stalemate.

On the stage, Wen Busheng was watching the clash as he waved his hand down in the empty space again and at this same time, his face turned even paler.


The golden palm was abruptly strengthened and everyone saw that the golden palm had suddenly clenched, crushing the sun.


Innumerable people sucked in cold air because no one expected Wen Busheng to be so powerful, even such a powerful attack unleashed by Ji Xuan was crushed by him.

The hand bone of a Sovereign was, indeed, formidable.


After the golden palm crushed the sun, taking advantage of the extremely violent Spiritual Energy explosion, it charged towards the direction of Ji Xuan in the sky.

Space was distorted by the impact of the Spiritual Energy, rendering others incapable of seeing Ji Xuan’s expression. But facing Wen Busheng’s attack, he didn’t seem to have any signs of dodging.


The golden palm appeared before Ji Xuan in almost an instant as it waved down.

There wasn’t any fluctuation in Ji Xuan’s expression. On the contrary, a cold chill flashed across his pupils.


A primordial hawk cry resonated in the sky. When many people raised their heads, they saw an illusory hawk’s wings tearing the space apart as it skimmed past the golden palm and disappeared.

The illusory hawk’s wings only appeared for an instant and it only took a skim for the golden palm to disappear. Many people rubbed their eyes at the sight of it as the previous scene felt like an illusion.

When the golden palm was half a foot away from Ji Xuan, it suddenly froze and wasn’t able to budge an inch.

Ji Xuan indifferently extended his palm as he lightly slapped the golden palm.


Along with Ji Xuan’s light slap, many people were filled with astonishment as they saw the indestructible golden palm crumbling and turning into golden flickers that filled the sky.


Below on the stage, Wen Busheng spat a mouthful of blood as the Spiritual Energy ripples around him dropped. He felt the weakness in his body as he kneeled on the ground with one leg as fresh blood dripped from the corner of his mouth.

He slowly wiped the bloodstain off the corner of his lips as he raised his head. At this time, Ji Xuan slowly descended as he looked at him with an apathetic gaze.

“I lost.”

Wen Busheng bitterly smiled and issued a soft sigh.

As Wen Busheng declared, cheers that filled the skies and covered the earth rang out. No one imagined that Wen Busheng, whose attack was at a slight advantage, would suddenly lose.

That Ji Xuan was simply too powerful.

Hearing the cheers, Wen Busheng turned his head around as he looked at a Battle Stage far away, which was similarly emitting astonishing Spiritual Energy ripples.

Ji Xuan’s name truly is not for nothing, it's all up to you to defeat him… 


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