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Chapter 607 - Black Pagoda Refines Spiritual Image

The black pagoda that formed behind Mu Chen attracted countless attention with the eyes of many filled with shock. Judging from the might itself, the black pagoda didn’t seem to be inferior to the Spiritual Image summoned by Liu Qingyun. Thus, they were wondering if Mu Chen’s trump card could defeat Liu Qingyun’s.

Only certain Deans that were more powerful compared to others could vaguely sense the peculiar fluctuations coming from the black pagoda as astonishment flashed across their eyes as they inwardly nodded their heads. Looks like the confrontation this time will be interesting.

Those two youths aren’t so simple.

When Liu Qingyun saw the black pagoda behind Mu Chen, he slightly narrowed his eyes as he issued a cold snort. He believed that even Ji Xuan would have a hard time dealing with this Spiritual Image that he had summoned, he refused to believe that Mu Chen could withstand it!

“Let me see just how capable you are!”

Liu Qingyun coldly sneered as he changed his seals once again, the palm that was approaching Mu Chen grew even more radiant as the terrifying Spiritual Energy ripples created huge cracks on the firm Golden Battle Stage.

When Mu Chen raised his head and pierced through the space to the pressing energy, although it was extremely violent, it was still unable to cause any harm to him with his current physique.

What he needed to pay attention to was the azure light figure that was incoming.


A white mist slowly exited from Mu Chen’s mouth as his black pupils turned exceptionally cold, like blades, and the seals that he was forming with his hands also changed.


The black pagoda behind him started to tremble as it issued buzzing noises, the golden dragon patterns on the surface of the pagoda also shone more brilliantly. Dragon roars resounded as a Golden Dragon separated from the pagoda. Sunlight shone onto its body, reflecting the radiant luster off the golden scales.

The Golden Dragon faced the sky and issued a roar that trembled the skies and turned into a ray of golden light that charged forth as it whipped its tail. A realistic dragon pressure spread out, compared to the Wind Dragon what was created by Liu Qingyun earlier, it was even more intense.

A bundle of golden light charged forth as it clashed against the azure light palm that was pressing downwards under the countless viewers.


The instant the two colossi clashed, golden and azure light turned into two brilliant light rays as they swept out. 

Beneath the brilliant color, it was an extremely ferocious clash between Spiritual Energies.

At the point of the impact of the two attacks, space was drastically distorted.

“Liu Qingyun’s attack is being blocked!” someone exclaimed since the azure palm was unable to land under the sweep of the golden light.

“Mu Chen truly does have some capability, no wonder he was the Numero Uno of the Elimination Round.”

Up in the sky, seeing as his attack was being blocked, Liu Qingyun frowned his brows as his hand seals changed again. In an instant, the brilliant azure light exploded with a deep thunderous roar. The azure palm was like a meteorite as it pushed downwards.

Boom! Boom!

The terrifying impacts wreaked havoc in the sky. What made everyone startled was that no matter how ferocious the azure palm was, it could not break through the golden light.

Liu Qingyun’s facial expression finally turned a little ugly.

“Since you’ve finished attacking, it’s my turn next.” Mu Chen faintly laughed as he strode forth, his feet were heavily stomping on the ground as the black pagoda behind him soared into the skies.


Under the countless gazes, the black pagoda descended from the horizon as the size rapidly increased. In just a few breath’s time, the size was already a few hundred feet in size as it enveloped the azure light image.


Liu Qingyun’s eyes grew gold at the sight of it as the azure light figure opened its mouth. It was letting out a substantial sound wave, like a tornado, as it charged towards the black pagoda.

There wasn’t the slightest trace of the black pagoda dodging the sound wave; however, the bottom of the black pagoda was like a bottomless pit as it sucked the sound waves in, it only created a burst of ripples before it perished.

“Get in!”

Mu Chen coldly barked as the black pagoda brought along a massive shadow, enveloping the azure light image and sucked it into the pagoda under the countless dumbfounded gazes.

“Sucking everything in, aren’t you afraid of overloading?!” Frost covered Liu Qingyun’s face as his seals changed. Violent Spiritual Energy ripples burst out of the light image as dreadful palm winds were rapidly smacking against the wall of the pagoda.

Boom! Boom!

A heavy voice constantly resounded as fine trembles were displayed from the black pagoda.

“Its appetite is too huge and your capability is too puny. Do you want to overload it? Fat chance.” Mu Chen smiled, but there wasn’t much of a smiling expression in his eyes. He sat down on mid-air and started to form hand seals.

“Great Pagoda Art - Flames of Pagoda Refines the Heavens and Earth!”

Along with Mu Chen’s hand seals constantly changing, he slowly closed his eyes and a solemn bark rang out from his heart.


When Mu Chen barked in his heart, an earth-shattering dragon roar resounded from the pagoda, everyone witnessed three Golden Dragons from the first to the third layer of the black pagoda that looked to have been resurrected. The dragons flew into the body of the pagoda and transformed, they started to blaze with golden flames.

The golden flames whistled in the pagoda. These golden flames were similar to the ones his mother had used to refine the Yellow Dragon Sovereign, the only difference was the size.

After all, when Mu Chen’s mother had executed it back then, there were hundreds of Golden Dragons transforming into pagoda flames. It was still far from possible for Mu Chen to achieve what she did.

However, it was more than sufficient to deal with Liu Qingyun.

As the golden flames appeared, the azure Spiritual Image in the pagoda turned stiff for a moment, as if it had sensed a fatal danger and the colossal body condensed a little more.

Outside, Liu Qingyun had a heavy expression on his face as he had clearly felt that threat as well.


Mu Chen paid no attention and pointed with his finger when the golden flames rushed in, they had instantly engulfed the azure light image.

The brilliant azure light was like a tidal wave as it swept out of the azure figure, forming a defense as it withstood the terrifying refinery process of the golden flames.

Tsssssssssss ssssssssssiiii!

When the two opposing forces came into contact, the azure light image was being dissolved at a rapid speed. The destructive power of the golden flames was simply frightening beyond expectations.

Through the pagoda, everyone could witness the scene as they felt a chill in their hearts in that instant. How could those golden flames be so dreadful? Even the Spiritual Image summoned by Liu Qingyun cannot withstand it?

In midair, Liu Qingyun’s face was ashen. However, he managed to calm his agitated heart in the next moment as he glanced at Mu Chen with a cold gaze, he sucked in a mouthful of air as he pointed his finger. Then, some dark-red blood appeared on his finger.

Rustle! Rustle!

His fingertips were dancing in the air as the blood formed into a blood-red ancient rune before him.


The moment the rune appeared, it assimilated into the space and at the same time, the body of the azure light image inside the pagoda jolted. The azure light started to turn denser and denser, the facial features of it also became clearer.

Faintly, there was an astonishing might spreading out.

“Liu Qingyun does have some means, to be able to summon his Spiritual Image to such a level.” Several Deans praised as they nodded their heads at that scene.

Clearly, the clearer the appearance, the Spiritual Image that was summoned by Liu Qingyun would be even more powerful. Once it was cultivated to the limits, the power of the Spiritual Image summoned by it could be comparable to the genuine Spiritual Image of the Wind Ancestor.

The azure light around the light image grew deeper and, at the same time, more refined. As the azure light surged, it was able to withstand those golden flames.


Two terrifying powers were eroding one another. Although the golden flames had the initiative, it was certainly not as violent as before. If this went on, Mu Chen’s Spiritual Energy might not be able to hold out for much longer; after all, he was in a disadvantage in terms of Spiritual Energy, compared to Liu Qingyun, who had gone through the Third Grade Spirit Disaster.

Countless gazes were nervously staring in their direction since they knew that the battle between Mu Chen and Liu Qingyun had reached the climax. The moment one of them fell to the disadvantage, the results would be determined.

Under the countless gazes, Mu Chen slowly opened his eyes as he stared at the pagoda. His expression was exceptionally calm as he formed seals with both of his hands again.


As Mu Chen’s hand seals changed, everyone witnessed that there was actually a golden rune appearing on the fourth layer of the pagoda’s walls, the golden rune was spreading out at a rapid speed and quickly transformed into a Golden Dragon Rune.

When the fourth Golden Dragon Rune appeared, Liu Qingyun’s face drastically changed.


Dragon roars resounded as the Golden Dragon Rune separated itself from the pagoda’s wall and turned into golden flames, joining the sea of flames that engulfed the azure Spiritual Image.


As the fourth Golden Dragon joined the array of flames, the golden flames became more radiant as its power increased.

“Flames of Pagoda, Refine!”

Mu Chen slowly extended his hand out towards the black pagoda and clenched his fist as a cold voice resounded from his heart.


When his voice stopped, the raging golden flames rolled in the pagoda and engulfed the entire azure Spiritual Image.

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