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Chapter 606 - Battle of the Captains

The vast space was radiating with golden light as terrifying Spiritual Energy ripples swept out in waves from the colossal Golden Battle Stage.

Silhouettes flickered on the Golden Stage as fearsome impacts exploded from every confrontation.

The eight teams were undergoing intense battles.

Only by giving their all, would they rise above the Best 8.

Amongst the eight teams, the most attractive battles were the battles between the Captains as everyone knew that in the seven points battle, the victory of the match would be more or less decided with the results of the Captains’ battle.

The results of their Captains was the crucial turning point for every team.

Thus, the one that attracted the most attention was the battle between the Captains, even the Deans of the various Spiritual Academies were nodding their heads as they watched the battles.

Violent Spiritual Energy impacts were constantly exploding from the battle between the Captains. Aside from the battle between Mu Chen and Liu Qingyun, Ji Xuan and Wen Busheng, as well as the battle between Wu Ling and Xue Tianhe, attracted the most attention.

As for the battle between Wen Qingxuan and Fang Yun, it was rather easy, generally speaking. Fang Yun could be considered the weakest amongst the eight Captains. After all, he relied on a Low-Rank Divine Artifact to boost his fighting power. But what a pity, the opponent he encountered wasn’t any weaker than Luo Li.

Thus, despite Fang Yun utilizing his Dragon-Tiger Cauldron, he was still thoroughly suppressed by Wen Qingxuan. That figure, who was holding onto a golden long spear, was like a goddess, her attacks were like torrential waves as they came in layers upon layers. At the same time, the Dragon-Tiger Cauldron was constantly shifting backward from the impact.

According to this situation, it was just a matter of time before Fang Yun was defeated by Wen Qingxuan.

While it was evident who held the upper hand in Wen Qingxuan’s battle, the other two Battle Stages was still a stalemate, especially the battle between Wu Ling and Xue Tianhe.

The both of them had fully exploded their strength without the slightest restraint. The Spiritual Energy fluctuation being emitted from them had clearly undergone the Third Grade Spiritual Disaster, having only the last step left to step into the Sovereign Realm.

Blood-red Spiritual Energy whistled out in every movement of Xue Tianhe, it was like a river of blood that pierced the heavens, rumbling in the skies as it made attacks towards Wu Ling.

Wu Ling held a black rod as the black light was being emitted from the surface of his body. His handsome looks now seemed like it was forged from metal. Clearly, he had also cultivated his physique to a considerable level.

Thus, when facing the rumbling blood river, he only made a sweep with his rod, which caused the space to distort and a surge with a dreadful power that shattered the blood river, causing blood light to rain down.

Their battle was the most erratic as they unleashed an attack upon an attack against one another without the slightest thought of defending. Cheers roared from their heart-racing battle.

But, generally speaking, their battle was locked in a stalemate.

The next most attracting battle would be the one between Ji Xuan and Wen Busheng.

It was a battle with unequal fame, since Ji Xuan’s name rang throughout the various Spiritual Academies, whereas no one knew of Wen Busheng’s name nor even the overbearing name of the academy behind him, the Undefeated Spiritual Academy. In fact, it was a nameless Spiritual Academy that many people had not heard of before.

Thus, they predicted that Wen Busheng would quickly lose to Ji Xuan. However, the truth made them a little dumbfounded as Wen Busheng was able to resist against Ji Xuan’s attacks.

Furthermore, he relied on his palm to confront the piercing spear in Ji Xuan’s hands.

This scene made many others startled as they now understood the reason why the Undefeated Academy’s team was able to rise into the Best 8.

This youth that seemed ordinary was, in fact, not. Looks like it didn’t matter how small the Spiritual Academy was, it was just a matter of time before a genius emerged.

However, although Wen Busheng didn’t look to be falling behind from Ji Xuan’s attacks, those Deans of the various Spiritual Academies could tell that Wen Busheng’s attacks were gradually being suppressed by Ji Xuan.


A light spear pierced the space as a sun seemed to be appearing on the speartip. The Spiritual Energy was so violent, it looked like it could shatter space.

That ray of spear light shot forth against Wen Busheng.

Faced with the increasingly sharp attacks from Ji Xuan, the facial expression on Wen Busheng turned a little heavier. His right palm emitted a radiant white light, appearing to be made of a jade-stone as he pushed his palm forth.


The spear and palm clashed, creating a metallic collision sound that spread out. A massive visible shock wave exploded, destroying the ground beneath those two.

Ji Xuan’s figure jolted, whereas Wen Busheng was sent back several steps, every single one of his steps left deep footprints on the ground.


The long spear in Ji Xuan’s hand trembled as he gazed at Wen Busheng and spoke in a faint voice, “If that’s all you got, then this is the end.”

As he spoke, his eyes turned increasingly sharp as the long spear in his hand thrust into the ground, both of his hands were placed together as a brilliant sacred light was emitted from his body. It was like a sun as it appeared behind him.

An astonishing Spiritual Energy exploded like a volcano from his body, the strength of his Spiritual Energy had nearly reached the pinnacle of Third Grade Spirit Disaster.

Compared to the time he fought with Mu Chen, he seemed to have grown stronger.

Wen Busheng sensed the dangerous aura coming from Ji Xuan and knew that the latter no longer intended to waste any more time, he inhaled a deep breath as he slowly extended his right hand forth.

His right hand was exceptionally slender and fair, and as it sparkled, it looked like it was crafted from jade-stone. At this instance, dark golden runes started to spread out from his palm.

The golden runes flowed into his palm, almost like blood. In that short moment, his right hand had already turned into a dark golden color as a peculiar pressure spread out.

That bizarre pressure made the eyes of Ji Xuan shrink, he fixed his eyes on Wen Busheng’s right palm as a smear of doubt flashed across his eyes.

“These ripples…”

The Deans up in the sky were looking over in astonishment, their faces were soon replaced with shock as their eyes flickered.

“That lad from the Undefeated Spiritual Academy… he actually transplanted the hand bone of a Sovereign expert? No wonder his right hand is so powerful…”


The colossal azure light array hovered in the sky as an extremely large azure light Spiritual Image appeared on the light array, it was like a divine being that had traveled here through space, looking down on the land from high above.

An indescribable pressure spread throughout the heavens and earth.

Countless gazes were filled with astonishment as they looked at the azure light figure. The appearance of the light silhouette wasn’t clear, but the powerful pressure that was emitting from it gave others an understanding of how powerful it was.

“What is that?”

“After hearing Liu Qingyun’s words, it should be the Wind Ancestor of his Wind Spirit Clan…”

“Wind Ancestor? The almighty being that founded the Wind Spirit Clan? Is he not dead yet?”

“That naturally can’t be the real body of the Wind Ancestor, it should be a Secret Art that Liu Qingyun executed from his Wind Spirit Clan and paired with his bloodline, thus he could summon a Spiritual Image of it. But even so, the power coming from it is extremely frightening.”

“Looks like Liu Qingyun is not going to waste any more time, he has even revealed such a trump card…”

Fine whispers circulated amongst the countless students. Many had shock contained in their voices as they were clearly startled by this move from Liu Qingyun. Not even an expert that had gone through the Third Grade Spirit Disaster could resist that large azure light Spiritual Image.

“To be able to walk this far and is not the slightest bit afraid of Mu Chen, who was the Numero Uno of the Elimination Round, he truly does have his trump card.”

Many students in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy region had worries in their eyes.

“This Liu Qingyun is indeed formidable.” Ye Qingling sighed, not a single one of those Best 8 were easy to deal with. The Elimination Round was probably just a warm-up for them and right now was the time for them to truly unleash their trump cards and fight.

“Can Big Brother Mu Chen withstand it?” Yu Xi spoke in an anxious voice as she clenched her fist.

Ye Qingling bitterly smiled as it was impossible for her to give an opinion on a battle of this level. Right now, they could only see if Mu Chen possessed a similar trump card as well.

“Although the Wind Ancestor’s Spiritual Image that Liu Qingyun summoned isn’t weak, Mu Chen is not someone to be easily messed with.” Ling Xi lightly smiled as she appeased their worries. The Wind Spirit Clan might be powerful, but Ling Xi didn’t think that they could be stronger than the mysterious clan behind Aunt Jing, a clan that even Aunt Jing feared would definitely not be an existence that the Wind Spirit Clan could compete against.

Seeing the smile on Ling Xi’s face, Ye Qingling and the rest slightly felt relieved, but their eyes were still fixed on the Golden Battle Stage.

Mu Chen’s black pupils were also fixed on the huge azure light Spiritual Image on the stage.

“Mu Chen, if you can withstand this attack, I’ll admit my defeat!” Liu Qingyun coldly looked at Mu Chen as his hand seals changed. The azure light Spiritual Image strode forth as it sent a palm down, pressing towards Mu Chen.

Under that palm, the Spiritual Energy residing between the heavens and earth was being dissipated, before that palm even land, a huge shadow already engulfed the Battle Stage.

Mu Chen’s clothes stuck close to his body from the pressure as he looked at the terrifying azure light Spiritual Image, he inhaled a deep breath as his expression became solemn, and started to form seals with both of his hands.


As he formed the seals, the black and white Spiritual Energy behind him abruptly whistled as it started to converge together at a rapid speed.

As the black and white Spiritual Energy started to converge, everyone could see a three hundred meter black pagoda slowly taking form.

The colossal black pagoda stood towering in the sky as the surface of the primordial pagoda looked as if there were golden dragon Spiritual Images coiling around it. Vaguely, vast and ancient dragon roars rang out.

When the colossal black pagoda appeared, the corner of Dean Tai Cang’s lips uncontrollably twitched, since he still clearly remembered how Mu Chen’s mother used a black pagoda to refine the Yellow Dragon Sovereign…

And, right now, Mu Chen could also execute such a terrifying means?

However, can that black pagoda of his withstand the Wind Ancestor’s Spiritual Image summoned by Liu Qingyun?

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