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Chapter 605 - Divine Wind Image

The black demonic pillar brandished down, issuing a sound that sounded like a Demon Dragon’s roar. Along with a terrifying power that even the heavens and earth could not withstand, it heavily struck against the body of the incoming Wind Dragon.


In that instant of collision, a deep ear-piercing sound rang across the horizon. Thereafter, it carried along a violent wind as it wreaked havoc. Fine cracks began to appear on the Golden Battle Stage that seemed to be forged from gold.

Clearly, the Battle Stage was forged with a special material that made it extremely firm. Even if a Spirit Disaster expert were to attack the stage with their full power, it would still be tough to damage it. But right now, the confrontation between Mu Chen and Liu Qingyun created cracks on that very same stage. Thus, one could infer how powerful the impact was.


A dreadful gale wreaked havoc as the azure Wind Dragon issued a mournful roar, it’s radiant azure eyes were being suppressed by the black light at this instant.

Faint changes occurred on Liu Qingyun’s face as well.


Mu Chen maintained a calm expression with his gesture of embracing the air as if he was hugging the colossal Great Meru Demonic Pillar as it swung it down once again. As the demonic pillar was brandished down, it caused explosions in the space.


The azure Wind Dragon finally could not withstand the dreadful power of the demonic pillar as it was sent flying away, the azure light flickered as the dragon exploded. An azure light shot back as it fell into Liu Qingyun’s hands, returning back to the form of a halberd.

Liu Qingyun firmly grasps onto the Divine Wind Halberd, but the power behind it had made him take several steps back before he could suppress the impact with his Spiritual Energy.

Lowering his head, he saw the Divine Wind Halberd shrouded in traces of a Baleful Aura. The Baleful Aura was exceptionally violent as if it was eroding the halberd in his hands.


Liu Qingyun made a cold snort as he poured the Spiritual Energy in his body into it in waves. The body of the halberd trembled as it dissipated the eroding Baleful Aura. Liu Qingyun raised his head and saw Mu Chen standing still on his original spot with the colossal demonic pillar hovering above his head as the Baleful Aura was endlessly emitting from the demonic pillar, almost like a pillar of the demonic gods.

“What a good Ominous Artifact.” The Deans of various Spiritual Academies in midair were startled in their hearts. They could naturally sense the astonishing Baleful Aura coming from the Great Meru Demonic Pillar. Clearly, it had a history behind it. The ancient boundless feeling that it was giving off was definitely not something that an ordinary Divine Artifact could rival against.

However, the Great Meru Demonic Pillar seemed to be in a sealed state at the moment. Otherwise, the Quasi-Divine Artifact of Liu Qingyun, the Divine Wind Halberd would definitely be gravely corroded by it.

Outside the Battle Stage, countless students were filled with astonishment. No wonder Mu Chen could rise above others amongst the countless Spiritual Academies and stand in the Best 8, he truly was terrifying. Such a confrontation could already be considered as the peak amongst those in their age.

“No wonder even Ji Xuan has fears against you…”

On the Battle Stage, Liu Qingyun looked at Mu Chen with a cold piercing gaze. He tightened his grip on the Divine Wind Halberd as his expression turned grave, he knew that if he wanted to defeat Mu Chen, he could no longer hold back any of his strength.


Liu Qingyun inhaled a deep mouthful of chilled air as his eyes gradually turned jade-green as an azure-colored Spiritual Energy swept out in waves, engulfing the heavens and earth in an instant.

Azure Spiritual Energy covered the skies, along with faint ripples that looked like steam that was quietly residing in midair. But, despite how quiet it was, those students with keen eyes had their faces changed.

They sensed a skin-chilling fluctuation spreading out in the sky.

Everyone felt the Spiritual Energy pressure as they lightly smacked their lips, the power of his Spiritual Energy had already gone through Third Grade Spirit Disaster. Liu Qingyun was indeed powerful.

“Mu Chen, you’re truly not bad.”

Liu Qingyun’s figure slowly rose into the sky as he became shrouded within the boundless azure Spiritual Energy. His jade-green pupils looked as if there were tornadoes forming in them as he stared at Mu Chen.

“Thus, to show that I am taking you seriously, I will use the strength of our Wind Spirit Clan to defeat you.”

Mu Chen’s black pupils were staring at Liu Qingyun as well. He naturally sensed the piercing ripples fluctuating behind the latter as his Spiritual Energy felt as sharp as a blade, spreading to every corner of this space.

The Spiritual Energy that Liu Qingyun obtained from his cultivation was different, to some extent, when compared to ordinary Spiritual Energy. The power behind his Spiritual Energy was stronger, which showed that the Spiritual Art that he had cultivated it wasn’t a simple one.

“This must be the Wind Spiritual Energy of the Wind Spirit Clan… rumor has it that only those who belong to the Wind Spirit Clan can cultivate it. The attacking power of it is extremely powerful and it isn’t something ordinary Spiritual Energy can resist.” A few Deans slightly nodded their heads in the air. Generally speaking, only after stepping into the Sovereign Realm, would one experience changes in Spiritual Energy. Prior to that, the majority of the Spiritual Energy was similar, unless they had cultivated a special cultivating technique, but those were secrets that belonged to those mighty clans that ordinary people wouldn’t know about.

Thus, if ordinary people were to confront those belonging to those clans, they would definitely be at a disadvantage in terms of Spiritual Energy confrontation.

For ordinary Spiritual Energy, in order to hold the advantage, they would have to fork out Spiritual Energy that was several times more in order to achieve such an unusual Spiritual Energy suppression.

“The special Spiritual Energy of the Wind Spirit Clan…”

Mu Chen muttered to himself as he narrowed his eyes. His hands started to form peculiar seals, the seals of the Great Pagoda Art.

The Great Pagoda Art was a mysterious cultivating technique left behind by his mother. It was extremely profound to the point that Mu Chen still couldn’t completely comprehend it. However, the Spiritual Energy produced from the Great Pagoda Art was remarkable.

Since Liu Qingyun intended to compete with Spiritual Energy, then Mu Chen wouldn't mind giving it a try and compare, the Wind Spirit Clan’s Wind Spiritual Energy and his Great Pagoda Art, which was more superior.


A black and white mix of Spiritual Energy swept out from Mu Chen’s body as he finished his hand seals. The black and white Spiritual Energy whistled through the heavens and earth as they mixed together, similar to the fusion of Yin and Yang.

Compared to Liu Qingyun’s piercing Wind Spiritual Energy, the Great Pagoda Spiritual Energy didn’t show too many offensive characteristics. However, as it whistled, a surge of profundity started to spread out.

“He’s going to use the Great Pagoda Art?” When Ling Xi saw that scene, her eyes lit up. Ever since she passed the Yin Scroll of the Great Pagoda Art to Mu Chen, she had never seen him execute the completed Great Pagoda Art.

Although she knew that the Wind Spirit Clan was a considerable clan, even amongst those in the Great Thousand World, compared to the primordial clan behind Aunt Jing, it paled into insignificance in comparison.

In midair, when Liu Qingyun saw the majestic black and white Spiritual Energy behind Mu Chen, he slightly narrowed his eyes. Although the latter’s Spiritual Energy didn’t seem too special, he vaguely felt an abnormal fluctuation coming from it.

“The Spiritual Energy cultivated by Mu Chen doesn’t seem like the ordinary ones?”

When that thought flashed through Liu Qingyun’s mind, he quickly suppressed that thought. He couldn’t afford to have his mind wandering around at this moment as he refused the believe that Mu Chen could resist the Wind Spiritual Energy of their Wind Spirit Clan!

“No matter what other means you have, I will definitely emerge victorious in this battle!”

Liu Qingyun spoke in a deep voice. In the battle between their two teams, his match here was the crucial one as Mu Chen’s team still had Luo Li and she would definitely win her match. Perhaps the others might not be able to achieve results like her, there wasn’t a high chance in their victory. The ones called Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong were very powerful as well. Thus, unless he was capable of defeating Mu Chen, it was basically impossible for their team to get into the Best 4.

He definitely had to win this battle!

Liu Qingyun’s gaze grew heavy as he spat a mouthful of white mist from his mouth, and formed seals with both of his hands. He couldn’t afford to hold himself back, even in the slightest!

“Mu Chen, if you are truly capable, then try to receive this attack of mine!”

Liu Qingyun rapidly formed his seals and at this instant, the torrential azure Spiritual Energy swept out, turning into countless rays of light as it turned into a colossi-complicated rune with the size of a few thousand meters up in the sky. From the looks of it, those runes appeared to be a Spiritual Array, but at the same time, there weren’t any ripples of a Spiritual Array.

Hoooooooof Phoooooooof.

A mouthful of Blood Essence was spewed from Liu Qingyun’s mouth as it went into the colossal light array.

“Divine Wind Art - Requesting Image of the Wind Ancestor!”

Liu Qingyun’s expression was grave as he kowtowed towards the light array.

Buzzzzz Buzzzzzzzz

As Liu Qingyun kowtowed, violent winds started to sweep between the heavens and earth as everyone was startled to see gigantic tornadoes forming, they were wreaking havoc between the heavens and earth, emitting fearsome destructive powers at the same time.

Mu Chen’s gaze was fixed onto the colossal light array as an azure light suddenly soared into the skies. Within the azure light, a huge azure light image slowly took form.

The instant that azure light image appeared, an indescribable pressure started to spread throughout the heavens and earth.

Some Deans in midair had their faces uncontrollably changed as they nervously stared at the azure light figure as their gazes fluctuated, along with mutters from their mouths. “To actually be able to summon the Ancestor of the Wind Spirit Clan, the Wind Ancestor’s Spiritual Image, out… that kid from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy is in trouble.”

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